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  1. I think the rings in episode shadow count, but the dlc is so short and isn't really a good place to grind rings at you might as well get it done.
  2. Its easier then generations but a lot more grindy imo.
  3. Thats AAA gaming for you. Pretty much every big budget game is made with the intent of starting a franchise and Its much easier to spit out endless sequels then it is to create a new ip from scratch. Not to mention that the lore of the series is certainly deep enough that anything can happen at this point(we could even see the focus shift to a new character for horizon 3 for all we know).
  4. The least they could have done is waited until cities skylines was off of psnow in a month or two before adding it to plus since its one of those time limited games and if you downloaded it through now you wont be able to play it once it leaved the service(farming simulator is permanent i think). They really should have spaced these two games out more.
  5. I haven't platted akibas beat yet. But considering the only missable trophy is only missable because of a few one time enemies appearing in a single sidequest it shouldn't be anywhere near as difficult as persona 4 golden.
  6. One good thing about already having these games is that it makes the trophy for meeting 10 unique players a lot more easy.
  7. Yeah, the game is similar in length to doom 1 and 2(at least without expansions). This not getting a plat seems so weird when both doom 1 and 2 got one.
  8. This is alright. But where is the saints row 1 and 2 remasters.
  9. Its the rare sonic game thats so okay its average. Its not bad enough to be put on 06 or sonic rise of lyric type of ridicule. But its also nowhere near as good as the adventure titles, colors and generations, or even unleashed(and i didn't mind the warehog sections and thought the gameplay style was decent enough(but a few of the later warehog stages like eggmanland and empire city are a bit poorly designed ill admit))
  10. Any idea which games are time limited. I dont want to risk playing control right now knowing were getting at least 2 dlc packs in the future that will likely add trophies in the event the last dlc pack doesn't release until after it gets removed.
  11. Yeah, sonic forces was the weakest boost era game(my main issue was the pathetically short stages). But it didn't deserve to be lumped in with the actual bad sonic games like 06 or boom wii u, its a solid 7/10 game for me. For a freebie its absolutely worth giving a shot(and its probably one of the easiest sonic plats as well)
  12. Dissapointed theres no defeat saitama with a character that isn't him trophy considering you have to wait 100 seconds for him to show up if you select him.
  13. Yeah, these games are much longer then the typical megaman games(the zx games in particular are 8-10 hour metroidvania titles) so of course a plat is justified. Btw any megaman fan is in for a real treat since the zero series is imo the best and most consistantly good out of all the different megaman subseries(zero 3 being my 3rd favorite megaman behind x4 and battle network 6 with legends 2 and megaman 3 being 4th and 5th respectively) and unlike other subseries actually has a definitive ending.
  14. I was able to get into singularity just fine(just nobody was playing it lol)
  15. Finished dr stone season 1(really tempted to read the manga for this one, but the ost was so good that it wont be the same), jojos bizarre adventure golden wind(not quite as good as diamond is unbreakable imo, but still solid. My ranking of the parts goes 4>5>2>3>1 atm) and sword art online alicization war of the underworld(now with 95% less kirito because of what happened last season). Also following my hero academia, somali and the forest guardian, and black clover(i really hope they take a year long break soon because we are awfully close(just one 14 chapter arc before the latest manga arc) to the point where we can expect the trademark pierrot filler arcs that every long running shonen eventually gets, and im not looking forward to that)