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  1. It may depend on the game if the ps2 games are any indication. Syphon filter will definitely have a platinum but tekken 2 possibly wont due to the fact its a barebones fighting game where a playthrough is around 30 minutes and it doesn't have much to offer as far as single player modes go(but to be fair this was standard for fighting games of the time)
  2. From what i remember megaman x8 ended on a cliffhanger but its not that important as its basically just the final arc before the elf wars begin thats missing (which was the transitory period between the x and zero series) and the games do a decent enough job of giving us the cliffnotes of what happened between x and zero and zx and legends(zx advent also ends on a cliffhanger as well but we at least know that series was supposed to end with a global flood) but there is a japan only book that largely explain the timeline between the x and zero series if you want to read into it more(theres wiki pages explaining it in detail). Also the classic series is largely unimportant as aside from the fact that wily created zero and x was dr lights last creation before he died we know absolutely nothing about what happened between classic and x(though there are fan theories that wily found a way to stick around and eventually became dr weil in the zero series).
  3. The ps2 games on the list will definitely have trophies since they are all ones they released during that short lived ps2-ps4 program. But well find out within the week if the ps1 ans psp games do have them.
  4. I hope they up the amount the required amount of clicks to a million or have some way to fail this time. I want this game to troll, AND TROLL HARD.
  5. The fact that these leaks are getting dmca'd on twitter tells me it is probably legit as honestly if you showed me those pics without context i wouldn't exactly guess silent hill at first glance.
  6. Im honestly more likely to go with a switch and pc if i were to drop ps as honestly xbox is kind of redundant nowadays since all thier exclusives are on pc and pretty much any benefit i could possibly get i can get better on pc. Only reason i stick with sony is because no other platform has as good an achievement system as trophies and honestly im not a fan of how xbox handles drm in comparision.
  7. So basically its this games equivalent to bloodstained curse of the moon. A smaller more simple game to tide people over until the nain course is ready.
  8. That makes sense as none of those games were developed by the studios square is selling. Dontnod in particular has 1 ip tied up by capcom(remember me) and thier relation to square only goes as far as life is strange(thier upcoming game twim mirror is self published iirc) and just causes developer is one of the studios most expected to be aquired by microsoft(they are partnering with them for an exclusive).
  9. Considering a lot of us regularly buy dlc for 10$ that sometimes has only 2-5 trophies most of us would be hypocrites for saying we wont. The real question is whether wed pay 10$ for this game as i bought the crocs world games(albiet on sale for a dollar)despite them only having 4 or so trophies its more dowb to interest in the game.
  10. Yeah, marvel always seems to be some of the first games to get axed(rip ultimate alliance and the ps3 spiderman games) . I think guardians will be fine because the license to both marvel games transfers with them and maybe embracer will consider a sequel due to its positive reception in spite of certain circumstances but i cant imagine avengers getting too much support going-over forward as the real decision maker is disney as its possible they may let the deal expire asap.
  11. Yeah were only gonna get about 100 or so games or less max for each platform so if mgs 1 isn't day 1 its possible it may be added at a later date. And it may depend on the publisher as i cant imagine say classic or x megaman games, klonoa, sotn, chrono cross coming because it would cannibalize sales of the already available/upcoming legacy collections or remasters(and if they are they would offer the collections or remasters as register additions rather then making a redundant emulated port)
  12. Why the hell is dragon quest builders 1 more expensive then 2. Its strange as i literally paid 10$ for a physical copy of 2 a few months ago and the general consensus is 2 is the better game so i dont know what kind of crack square is smoking charging 12$ more for dqb 1 then 2 with all the dlc(i can understand physical because maybe they printed less copies then 2 but not digital and with all the dlc as well)
  13. I assume sonic 2 is peer to peer because when i did the online legit years ago i noticed the game was much laggier when i was playing as tails(as the host is always sonic by default) so i doubt theres any servers to shutdown(barring ps3s entire psn servers)
  14. I actually thought this was a raid shadow legends spinoff at first(but in all honesty id totally get the platinum/100% in that game if it ever came to consoles just for the meme)
  15. I agree, they could still potentially return to that new plus premium service but as far as returning to regular sale on ps3/vita. Yeah, the delisting is pretty much permanent at this point as sony pretty much stopped submissions for those platforms as relisting them would probably be more complicated then just porting to current platforms.