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  1. Theres no online trophies but apparently the grind is much easier if you do it in co-op since you can finish missions faster then doing it solo.
  2. You can add me to the list too( jgm4789 ). It gives me a nice change of pace to listen too when im tired of flat earth/anti mask covidiot/anti evolution/conspiracy theory/ect. dumpster fire debates/debunking videos(which are always hillarious btw)
  3. Honesty the co-op was pretty easy to do solo on the ps3 version. Only the final boss posed a challenge and anything up to that point was more puzzle related then actual combat from what i remember.
  4. Even odder that its the ps5 version that lacks a plat considering its supposed to be the superior console and all. Youd think it was the ps4 version that got the 100%. Another possible theory i thought up in 5 minutes is that sony may crack down on ratalaika type lists on ps5 and while im not gonna lump this game in with those games it would be funny if that ends up being true once actual ratalaika stuff starts popping up on ps5.
  5. Its all on disc, it even has a separate trophy list as well from the vanilla version.
  6. Look on the bright side, at least the game is only 2gb which is pretty damn minuscule compared to warframe and killing floor 2. Like sound shapes back in the day(before updates stopped for that game) theres really no point in deleting this knowing more dlc is coming(at least until they finally announce a sequel) since it takes so little space.
  7. Absolutely do not play 6 until you at the very least play 5. Gameplay wise it was the worst in the main series because it was the first game in the dragon engine and they didn't quite get it right yet(in terms of content it feels really stripped down compared to kiwami 1+2, 0 and especially 5 though its almost on par with 3 and 4 as far as the amount of minigames and side content go) and while the story is great it will not give that good of a first impression of what the series has to offer. Honestly kiwami 1 is a better game to start with if you dont want to do the daunting task of platting the 100 hour plus yakuza 0(though i would play it before kiwami 2 because the extra majima chapters are basically an epilogue to his arc in 0) though storywise it is best to play 0 first.
  8. Not until late 2021-mid 2022 at the earliest because i just dont have the money at the moment, i just had to deal with the headache that was hurricane zeta (as well as having to evacuate from 4 other storms over the course of 2 months) so the last thing on my mind is getting a new console when i have a sizable enough backlog to last me until 2024.
  9. At least the vendetta mission will be more likely to pop up now that theres gonna be a spike in people playing this.
  10. I will never permanently retire from trophy hunting for one reason(unless i permanently switch to nintendo consoles). And that reason is that i dont need to plat everything in one sitting and unless theres a server shutdown i can always return to a game if i feel like playing it again. I always try to 100% games i like and trophies are literally just no different to me then when i showed my 100% complete files for say bomberman 64(which would be a pretty tough plat if it had trophies, getting all 120 gold cards under 3 hours to unlock the golden armor is no easy feat), star fox 64 or crash bandicoot.
  11. Heres mine I liked Mystical ninja starring goemon better then ocarina of time and ganbare goemon is konamis best franchise bomberman hero was a good game and the n64 and gamecube bomberman games(generations and jetters(the anime this one was based on was great as well)) are the best in the series and are much better single player then traditional bomberman Sonic 06 is only a 4/10 game, not one of the worst games of all time and sonic unleashed was the best 3d sonic game ys has more interesting lore then zelda
  12. Is this one of those weird movie tie in games that are based on sequels that dont actually exist(like the goonies 2 on nes)
  13. Yeah, they couldn't even be bothered to use the current logo of the show. Which both of the other wwtbam games did(granted the special edition had a unique image of a trophy on top of the logos background). It makes the whole game look like an unauthorized bootleg like any other crappy 2$ shovelware game farted onto psn.
  14. I really wished they did what prey did and make the multiplayer trophies its own separate list. It makes me wonder if when the tlou2 multiplayer thats supposed to be standalone comes out will they add them to the main list like this game did.
  15. Honestly its a bit harder then the first on ps4, but the vita version of 1 is way harder because of the janky touchscreen controls which the ps4 version thankfully fixed.