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  1. Im all for getting rid of the jumping stroke the Animal q type games. But i hope this doesn't screw over the legit indie games that have easy 30 minute plats. Ratalaika games have a lot of stuff thats fairly decent in spite of thier easy trophy lists so id hate to see them get screwed over as a lot of thier stuff is what i would consider a real game and not a heres a picture of a cat, click this 50 times for platinum. As theres a much bigger difference between awesome pea 1 and 2 then these jumping Animal letter games.
  2. Marsupilami isn't really disney anynore because iirc disney intentionally sabataged thier version(in addition to the raw toonage shorts the contract mandated the main show be full half hour episodes while the actual show was just shorts with the middle short being something else like snookums and meat and only the last one being new as the first short was typically recycled from raw toonage) after thier own ips started getting popular(the deal was inked when the disney renaissance was in its infancy and disney had yet to start the disney afternoon block) and they wanted to focus on inhouse ips rather then aquisitions. The creator sued disney and actually won which is why raw toonage will never be on disney plus(aside from those 2 episodes of bonkers that compiled the shorts and hosting segments where he was hosting) and the ip holders of Marsupilami are free to do what they want with the character.
  3. true, judgment is actually canon to the main yakuza/like a dragon series so it should stay lumped in with yakuza. Compare that to say fist of the north star lost paradise which dispite being a yakuza game in everything except ip exists in its own bubble where its only continuity is whatever parts of the manga that happened up to where the game is supposed to take place in the fotns timeline so of course we lump it in with kens rage 1 and 2 and not the yakuza/like a dragon franchise.
  4. 1 for my main psn account, 1 for an alt account, 1 for work and online shopping related purposes, and 2 for free rewards programs and coupon sites i sign up for(speedy rewards, microsoft rewards, swagbucks, prizerebel, ect.) to contain most of the spam.
  5. Its on the quicker and easier end as far as difficulty and length go(basically its second to the bottom on the yakuza difficulty totem pole above yakuza 6). Can be done in around 50 hours if youre efficient.
  6. I remember renting a few of the comics at my local library and seeing one of the animated movies pop up on a public access channel once(this same station also regularly aired other eu imports like red dwarf and doctor who). But yeah, this franchises reach in the states is quite limited because none of the big 3 kids networks or the big Saturday morning blocks ever aired the animated adaptations as far as im aware and the comics weren't really syndicated in most newspapers. Compare that to another eu import wallace and gromit which was constantly in rotation on cartoon networks Saturday night movie block and as a result more people are familiar with that. Asterix may be huge in the eu but at best the only way a kid in the states would be familiar with the franchise is if you stumble upon one of the films in a blockbuster or find a compilation of comics in a library or book store. An unfortunate victim of poor marketing and limited interest by the outlets by the outlets that could give it potential to succeed.
  7. Snes:donkey kong country 2, mario world, zelda lttp N64:diddy kong racing, zelda oot, bomberman 64/hero Ps1:megaman legends, spyro 2, final fantasy 9 Gba:megaman battle network 3, pokemon sapphire, final fantasy tactics advance Gcn:smash melee, Sonic adventure 2 battle, tales of symphonia Ps2:kingdom hearts 2, klonoa 2, disgaea 2 Wii:zelda twilight princess, mario galaxy, wii sports Ps3:sonic unleashed, yakuza 5, modnation racers Vita:danganronpa, tales of hearts, trails of cold steel Ps4:god of war, ys 8, yakuza 7 like a dragon
  8. Picked up mechwarrior 5 mercenaries from the recent sale.
  9. Platinum looks way easier then the old ps3 list as theres no beat the game in 1 sitting and the boss rush is now 15 minutes instead of 10. But on the flipside the co-op trophies will probably be a pain because its local only(maybe doing it with share play could make them bearable)
  10. Its probably because its the only cod offshoot that consistently features the same core cast in its campaigns as black ops is all over the place in terms of which characters are in which game and where it fits on the timeline(cold war wasn't even gonna be a black ops game originally as the campaign was recycled from sledgehammers cancelled game that was supposed to release before cold war)everything else have largely been standalone but modern warfare 1-3 had an ongoing storyline that continued through each game and the new reboot continues that trend.
  11. Yeah, honestly they should have followed black ops and drop the numbers in favor of a fitting subtitle. The last modern warfare made sense as the original was called cod 4 modern warfare(only dropping the 4 with the remaster) but mw II needed something other then replacing a number with a roman numeral.
  12. Ill support this, mainly because supposedly the developer is gonna finish the long cancelled glover 2 and the game was reasonably fun 7/10 romp back in the day.
  13. Nba 2k More then 10 games CHECK An average difficulty of 8 or above, CHECK Average plat times going up in the hundreds of hours with say around 100 being on the lower end CHECK Average plat rarity is below .50% CHECK Bullshit trophies tied to real world events CHECK Its popular enough to make boosting hellish CHECK Trophies made internationally grindy to encourage spending money on microtransactions CHECK Average time to realistic knock out the online due to server shutdowns is 2 years CHECK I cant think of any series can possibly be less trophy hunter friendly then this.
  14. This game will be forgotten in 2 weeks when the bratz game releases.
  15. It works the same way the ezio trilogy does in that both games are included with the app and you select the game on the title screen. You cant download liberation separately.