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  1. Question, do you need a second vita to do the two soul sacrifice games mp trophies or can you just do it with one vita.
  2. Honestly 2 is probably the easiest of the 3 because a lot of the firefights can be skipped and unlike 1 and 3 theres no real final boss(its been a while i could forget) and theres much less mandatory killing and in the worst case scenario you can just hide until the enemies lost thier alert.
  3. I managed to do the entire plat without patches(have no internet at home atm and in another state due to hurricane ida) and honestly the only thing i encountered was the music constantly stopped playing at random points and the game did crash once during my first egg shuttle run. It wasn't anything severe thankfully.
  4. Im pretty sure they planned on the next saints row game being a full reboot from the start considering that they chose the recreate earth but the series resets back to before sr1 ending as the canon one in gat out of hell. I assume they did that to quietly retcon red faction out of the saints row multiverse(but leave it open incase the ip becomes available to volition again) since at the time deep silver wasn't under the embracer/thq nordic umbrella(they even referenced it in the game if you listen to the ultor guys random sayings) and both ld saints row and red faction shared the same universe.
  5. At least with stuff like ghost of tsushima, minecraft and killing floor 2 you aren't paying 10-30$ for each dlc that has trophies so those are more of a minor annoyance then anything(ghost has iki ialand, but even that is only just one paid expansion compared to like 2 others that are free updates). You can literally buy a ps5 at scalper prices with the money it takes to 100% this game.
  6. I bought the bundle with all 3 and i got both versions.
  7. At least ratalaika most of thier games have enough content to sustain a trophy list that takes a good 2-5 hours(its just they choose not to). Most of these games are basically warioware microgames and even thier so called rpgs aren't even as long as a dungeon in any real rpg. People ragged on wisdom tree back in the day but at least thier games are legit real games with the standard amount of content at the time.
  8. The best grinding method for chao is to use the exploit where you give it an animal then take it away at the last second so you can reuse it(this exploit also works in sa2 as well). Its useless for stamina(but you really dont need it absurdly high to win the races anyways) but you can easily max out everything else fairly quickly and unlike sonic adventure 2(which has much harder races) you can easily win all the races without evolving your chao and i remember my chao was around 13 stamina and 99 everything else and absolutely demolished everything.
  9. Licensed games may be a good bet as on ps3 some of them are going for ridiculous prices like saw 1+2, the harry potter titles, even the family guy game is hovering between the 30-60$ mark. I also second koei tecmo titles because most of them barely go on sale and when they do its rarely below the 25-30$ mark as at least nis or idea factory regularly put thier games on sale after a while. Koei is almost as bad as nintendo for price gouging.
  10. I always found it stupid when devs dont lump games in a particular ip together through thier titles. Something like say yakuza and judgment is understandable since dispite sharing the same universe they are technically different ips or neptunia with its stupid super/mega/cyber/hyperdevotion stuff but then you get something stupid like asterix and obelix xxl2 which displays as royal rumble in las vegum on console and forgot to put the asterix add obelix xxl2 while both asterix xxl1 and 3 have thier correct titles.
  11. I dont really recall too many fighting games shutting down thier servers that soon or at all(you can still play the original blazblue, dead or alive 5, marvel vs capcom 3 vanilla and street fighter 4 online if you still need trophies). The biggest i remember was mortal kombat vs dc universe(and later mk 10) and even that only shut down because of gamespy going out of business. Compared to sports games the lifespan for fighting games are quite generous.
  12. Kind of surprising considering bandai namco never really shut down servers other then thier f2p games. I expected theyd shut down the old naruto and dragonball games on ps3 before they shut this down.
  13. Rugrats recently got a reboot and zim, hey arnold and rocko got new films so aside from wild thornberries, catdog, ran and stimpy and danny phantom those ip have been reasonably active in the last 5 years. The only real glaring omissions are fairly oddparents and jimmy neutron since they were nicks no 2 and 3 most popular shows when they were still running.
  14. After the fiasco about the initial store closing i doubt they would reannounce the closure this soon. If anything its a sign that mass delistings are indeed gonna happen very soon(we already had one with the need for speed delistings) and that sony is not gonna allow any more contract extensions for ps3/vita content. The store will close eventually but they are waiting until theses fuck all left before announcing it for real this time.
  15. I wonder why red dead is only download only and not available for streaming. I know the game is around 150 gb but some of the call of duty games the service had are around the 100gb or higher mark and they were available for streaming as well as downloading.