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  1. Shadow complex remastered also left as well without warning as well as holow knight(thankfully i was able to claim it as a plus game during the lapse period with my sub).
  2. My second copy of red faction armageddon came in the mail a few days ago because my first copy had a scratch on it and wont work so i had to order a second one. First copy i paid 8$ for with case and manual but the second i just ordered from a disc only seller for 4$(including tax and shipping) since fuck it, i have the case so its not like im losing much by ordering a disc only copy. Thankfully the second disc works so im good to go for platting this game.
  3. I guess this is the reason why they killed communities on ps4 and are shutting down the vitas messaging system. Since more then likely theres gonna be a huge firmware update that overhauls the whole messaging system to work with discord.
  4. I remember launch copies of animal crossing on gamecube shipped with a memory card. But the catch was that the games save filesize was so big you need most of the space just for that game(and the rest will graduallyfill up later as you play the game and your town gets bigger). Memory cards were even more annoying on n64 because half the games required one to save while others had battery backup(first party nintendo and rareware games usually had the battery backup but they were at the top of the n64 developer totem pole so of course they got special treatment)
  5. Mine usually puts it at 60/70$ on release date then bumps it down to 50/60$ a week or two later.
  6. At least ratalaika games are somewhat decently put together for what they are. These games are literally warioware microgames if they lasted more then 3 seconds. Wisdom tree(who are still around believe it or not) needs to port thier back catalogue to ps4 asap as bible adventures was 1000 times better then these trash games.
  7. Yeah, sonic 4 is basically the lowest point of the sonic totem pole you can go while youre still in the reasonably decent/average titles before you hit the legit bad games like sonic 06 or boom. Its certainly at the bottom of the dimps sonic totem pole at the very least so mania will definitely be a night and day quality boost in comparison.
  8. Id still take this as more of a delay of the inevidable more then anything because we still have mass delistings to worry about(some of those contracts have to be expiring soon). The stores may still close in 1-3 years so id still buy whatever you need from the vita/ps3 stores for when that day comes for real. Im just glad i have more time to buy whats left that i need as im still gonna be in a mostly ps3/vita only mode for the time being.
  9. heat 3 is also on psnow if you want to go for it.
  10. Nascar heat 2 only needs you to win a single race online, while 3 requires you to win 10 so easily doable in about an hour for both.
  11. Yeah, outside of the original versions of 1 and 2 it is easily the jankiest of the series. The engine got a big upgrade between 4 and 5 and its really noticable coming off of 0 and kiwami 1(some people prefer this engine over the dragon engine titles from 6 on). It also doesn't help that the minigames aren't as good as 5 or 0s and all the best minigames were reused in 4.
  12. 5.wild arms 5 4.shin megami tensei nocturne 3. shadow hearts covenant 2.klonoa 2 1. kingdom heatrs 2 Those are my top 5.
  13. I managed to plat kens rage without patches because my internet was down for 2 weeks when i was doing the plat. So its definitely not needed if the worse happens.
  14. Am i the only one who really liked unleashed. I personally thought it was the best of the non adventure 3d sonics and the only real problem i had with it is a subpar framerate in certain stages*cough*adabat*cough* and the fact that eggmanland was a bit too long.
  15. Iirc sound shapes had its infamous cross save feature that let you get 5 additional plats with no effort disabled when that games servers died so its possible this games cross save servers might be controlled by konami itself rather then sony.