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  1. Wow, and i thought the fiasco with the latest telltale walking dead game was scummy. This will literally one up it in the end once the inevitable news about starbreeze/overkill closing down starts to get finalized. Btw, mattmcmuscles did a great video on this game(cant link it now since im on vita) and after watching that it didn't surprise me one bit that this cancellation happened.
  2. Got these since my last post grim legends grim legends 2 grim legends 3 persian nights
  3. Not counting ezpz stuff im using to get me close enough to 500 for kingdom hearts 3 my main 3 big planned plats are(not counting kingdom hearts 3 which is gonna be 500) 3.shenmue 3 2.fist of the north star lost paradise 1.tales of vesperia definitive edition And if these actually release or get localized(not likely but you never know) 3.the legend of heroes trails of cold steel 4(but will settle for 3 if it takes too long) 2.ys 9 1.yakuza issin(gotta have one pie in the sky wish)
  4. Seriously, no matter what i do as soon as i got to this chapter the game keeps freezing on me. Does anybody know how to fix this glitch. I dont want to restart because im trying to get the duo mode trophies on my first playthrough.
  5. This game just went from one of my most anticipated games of 2019-2020 to one of my most least anticipated games. GG ubisoft, all i wanted was another solid zelda clone like the original but what do they do, they turn it into a crappy destiny like mmo where the only resemblance to the original is the pig. As a massive fan of the series whos been waiting for a new game for god knows how long im beyond pissed. I can tolerate thats a prequel instead of following up on that dangling cliffhanger the first game left on, i can tolerate that jade is no longer the protagonist(and might even be working for the supposed bad guys), i can even tolerate the unneccesary amount of swearing from the monkey(which still puzzles me as the original was quite family friendly), but making this game online only is where i draw the line. Seriously, speaking as a fan i do not want this and personally i feel this game will be dead on arrival as most of the audience who play the games as service type stuff will likely pass on this game because it will be lost in a sea of other games as service type cash grabs and fans wont like it because it spits all over the legacy of the original. I guarantee this game will flop way worse then the original did at launch.
  6. Im currently mr loan shark yakuza 0 yakuza kiwami yakuza 4 yakuza 6 yakuza dead souls Also one suggestion i might add. How about doing a bonus rank for the japan only titles(issin and the 1+2 remaster(not to be confused with kiwami 1 and 2) as well as the two spinoff titles(judgement abd fist of the north star lost paradise)
  7. Yeah, the search button of nsfwyoutube doesn't work on vita unfortunately. But as far as actually getting videos to play it works really well for me(i never encountered any ads and videos load much faster). Thankfully this weird new youtube still works for me as far as searching goes but unfortunately unless we find a better solution nsfwyoutube will have to do.
  8. Klonoa 3 megaman legends 3
  9. Psa, you can use nsfwyoutube.com to make videos work in the vita browser. In fact videos tend to load faster (just replace the m. with nsfw) using this method and ive even gotten videos up to 2 hours long to load(when normally they stop loading at 40-60 minutes).
  10. I think they said the upcoming ys game is supposed to take place directly after 8 prior to announcement, and of course adol will be the protagonist. The whole series is built around being adaptations of adols journals(which justifies remakes being drastically different dispite telling the same story), You cant have a ys game without adol(ys origin is the one exception but thats justified since its a prequel taking place thousands of years before the series) thats like having a zelda game without link.
  11. Thanks, worked like a charm. Btw i think the ps3 steins gate is also stackable with us versions as well. Might be worth doing that as well since its also a quick ezpz plat and easally doable during the 2 day trial.
  12. Id like to join, so far ive platted clockwork tales dark arcana eventide eventide 2 eventide 3 lost grimoires lost grimoires 2 nightmares from the deep nightmares from the deep 2 nightmares from the deep 3 And i plan on doing several more over the course of the next month and a half(trying to make kingdom hearts 3 my 500 plat) and since ive bought every single one except noir chronicles and enigmatis 1(will buy those soon) i might as well join.
  13. Welp, this will only encourage hackers further(which is a good thing for this kind of system as a significantly better game list like this will only encourage it) but it kinda makes me wonder if sony has plans to rerelease updated versions of this thing with some of those games included ala those crappy sega genesis consoles from atgames(which somehow have better game lists dispite piss poor emulation and half the games being 2005 java cellphone like homebrew crap and not real genesis games).
  14. Seems like its the exact same list as the 360 achievements. The guide there says its a 5/10 90-110 hour plat, just a heads up assuming nothing changed.
  15. More then likely this is the b team game(tt fusion i think, lego ninjago movie was last years project and i think they were responsible for the incredibles game as well) so i would expect it to be the weaker of the(usually) two games releasing next year since usually the b game doesn't get dlc and is slightly lower budget. We still have the a teams game to announce(my moneys on lego avengers 2 infinity war but it could be something different entirely). edit:preorder is up for 40$, so yeah definitely the b team game.