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  1. Will it even have internet features for that matter, much less trophies(most likely not). The nes and snes classics dont as far as i know and you would need internet access in the first place to even make having trophies viable.
  2. Seems like you dont need to 100% spyro 3 since gnastys loot in 1 requires you to 100% every other level to get access, and the permanent superflame in 2 is also in the bonus level dragon shores that requires 100% completion. There doesn't seem to be anything about spyro 3s super bonus round(which is the level that unlocks after 100%ing every other level) so spyro 3 may end up being the easiet to plat dispite being the hardest to 100%.
  3. Ugh, they go back to this crap after the awesome lists of the 2 megaman x collections. We have 7 games here and this is the best they can do,no plat, 11 trophies and not even a gold trophy. Man capcom are inconsistent.
  4. Shouldn't be too hard a plat if theres no changes outside of vr support. Shame they didn't include the first game as well.
  5. Wow, not a single gold trophy. Thats the polar opposite of the main games list.
  6. Another thing to consider is that maybe this might require multiple playthroughs. Telltale games always had multiple endings to some extent but since this is the final season they can go nuts with multiple endings without having to worry about future seasons canon too much.Case and point the first 3 episodes trophies seem like either story related or are random easter eggs but some of the trophies in episode 4 seem kinda suspicious as 3 of them(and one of the collectible trophies) seem to hint at the possibility that you know what will die, but the other 3 could possibly relate to the alternate ending where you know who actually survives as its kinds suspicious that half of episode 4s story related trophies hint at death while the other hint at something more hopeful.
  7. Im surprised theres two stackable lists considering they dropped ps3 vrsions last season.
  8. ps4:tales of berseria and undertale ps3:fist of the norh star kens rage 2 and sonic generations vita: the legend of heroes trails of cold steel and megatagmension blanc
  9. Lets just hope this gets a reprint in a year with all the games on disc(with a new extra dlc level for spyro 1 and 3 ala the crash collection that was recently reprinted with the dlc levels on disc, if there is gonna be dlc levels(doubt it, but you never know).
  10. One good thing to know is you dont have to rescue them in one run. As long as one doesn't die it doesn't void the trophy. One tip i can give is once you enter a new area, you can kill yourself and run out of lives, and when you save on the results screen it also saves the reploids you rescued, that way incase one dies in the second area you wont have to worry about rescuing the reploids in the first area when you restart(you still have to start the level from the beginning though), doing this cuts back on a lot of frustration.
  11. who names thier platinum trophy trophy platinum. Must be some weird middle eastern developer that doesn't know english very well(only assume its middle eastern going by the trophy card image, no offense to any middle eastern game developers who actually strive to make a good game)
  12. Oh crap, maximum games. Well there goes any hope of this being good considering thier track record. And gamemill aren't exactly stellar developers either.
  13. Why is gamemill publishing, didn't thq nordic get the nickelodeon license a few months back. Thats kinda weird.
  14. The only reason games like the cdi zelda games were notoriously bad was because the developer wasn't exactly a top tier developer(thier only other claim to fame is im meen and its sequel chill manor which are almost as bad and have just as lulzy cutscenes) amd combined with the fact that the cdi was quite the mess of a console is why those games turned out the way they were, it wasn't being on a non nintendo console that caused them to be bad. Besides nintendo have been known for sometimes letting third parties handle thuer ips look at the zelda oracle games and f zero gx, those games were devloped by capcom and sega and turned out great. While we will probably never see mario or pokemon on a non nintendo console, it would be total misinformation and baseless speculation to claim thier games would be bad on non nintendo consoles.
  15. Ugh, with a name like thug life youd think theyd slip in some amusing tupac references for trophy titles. Why couldn't the plat be called the thug life chose me. What a waste.