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  1. Considering how easy it was to set up new accounts and popping easy 20 minute games like my name is mayo im not surprised theyre getting rid of it. Damn it, i hope that this doesn't means that once i earn the pass im currently working on its gone forever and i can still keep reearning them until i hit the limit or cutoff date, otherwise i saved all these easy games with lots of golds for nothing.
  2. They pretty much announced episodes 3 and 4 were delayed without saying it was(thier comments about not having a timetable yet could easilly be interpretated as a delay announcement). Most of the fanbase pretty much accepted theres gonna be a delay considering the situation this past month.
  3. Thats because they changed the url and haven't made it so the old url redirects to the new site yet. The old site is sonyrewards.com the new one is rewards.sony.com
  4. Its definitely middle of the road in terms of difficulty. Its not as crazy hard and/or long as 0,3, or 5 but it isn't as crazy short and/or easy as 4, 6 and dead souls either. Id definitely place it in the middle in terms of difficulty.
  5. Oh crap, they have the nerve to put revelations persona on it. This was one of the most notorious localization botch jobs of all time. They changed several characters races and personality(most notorious making a character that was originally white the most ghetto wannabee black guy you can imagine), several story elements were changed, and worst of all they removed the snow queen route(which isn't a mere sidequest, its large enough to be 20-30% of the game on its own). Atlus themselves is embarrassed by this hackjob so its surprising that they would even considerputting this one over persona 2 eternal punishment(which actually has a decent enough localization unlike persona 1 ps1)
  6. Wow, they only had 4 shows represented(and not even loud house is featured which is odd since its nicks no 2 catoon atm). Thats dissapointing, the ps1 nicktoons racing had more love put into it then this game and it had characters all these shows(except tmnt) plus angry beavers, catdog wild thornberries, aah real monsters and ren and stimpy.
  7. Its supposd to be one of those saitare games that pokes fun at the lootbox plague infecting modern AAA gaming. I might give this a look if its cheap enough(its 5$ on steam so id expect a similar price here) and the plat isn't too overwhelming or glitched.
  8. This better be a continuation of the cliffhanger 3 ended on(maybe this nightmare prince has the final fragment of the trine or something). Dispite trine 3 being quite polarizing it would be a dick move not to finish the story since trine 3 literally ended on what should have been the world 1 boss.
  9. you can always just not sync your trophies until then. They go by the date you do the sync, not the actual day you earned the trophy, not to mention it takes a minimum of 5 days to update in the first place. Worst case scenario it just takes an extra 2-3 days to process your latest plats/golds/silvers so unless they remove the trophy passes entirely theres no risk of trophies not counting.
  10. Yeah, call of duty has been the no 1 franchise for a while now(maybe fortnite is more popular nowadays but that game is one game thats meant to last for as long as its profitable while cod releases yearly and has 3 different developers who have radically enough differences in approach to split the fanbase into dfferent camps) and theres still tons of people who only play that one game and nothing else. And theres people who only like the treyarch but not the infinity ward and/or sledgehammer(or any combination of the 3 devs) and thats probably why the dlc never drops in price
  11. If my name is mayo and other 30 minute games can get a plat and only cost less then 5$, then why does a full retail game that costs 40$ and has at the very least 3-5 hours worth of content not get one. At least sonic mania or metal gear ground zeroes had quality content to justify the purchase dispite the lack of a platinum, im not paying 40$ for something that will likely only be 2 hours long cash grab that isn't much better then hannah monrana or any of the with ther notorious shameful platinums in terms of quality.
  12. Its kinda ironic that its happening to the more serious installment(for senran kagura standards) but the goofy spinoff games where everyone in bikinis which is 10 times more fanservicy and the cooking installment that literally has the losers bodies being used as a plate got by unscaved. And to think this company used to allow sex minigames in its biggest action series god of war.
  13. I want it simply for the fact that it would make the final ps3 game something other then a soccer game. We almost had it with rainbow skies but ea insisted on crapping out another fifa game on an almost dead platform(while pes flat out dropped last gen platforms).
  14. Cool, now im waiting for the updated release date announcement since there is definitely gonna be a delay and the old scedule is now likely officially out of date due to the fallout over telltales death.
  15. Considering megaman 10s speedrun trophy was pretty easy for a competent player i dont expect megaman 11s to be that much different. Its not like megaman games are known for being long(outside legends, battle network and star force) and none of the levels i seen of 11 seem like they are any longer then the ones from 10 so 1 hour seems reasonable.