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  1. tales of zestiria is on psnow so i doubt being too niche is something that would prevent vesperia from coming.
  2. LMFAO, who would buy this when you can get an avatar from your favorite character/sprots team/waifu/ect. from capcom/neptunia/rdr2/wwe/nfl/ect. for 50 cents-1 dollar max. Thats what i dont get about these psn avatars, whos stupid enough to buy a shitty meme for 2$ when avatars from games people actually like are 50 cents much less a 100 dollar palette swap that looks like a photoshop i can do in 2 minutes.
  3. Question, outside of the games added last month or this month like god of war and persona 5. Do any of the games have an estimated date on when they get removed from the service. I recently got a year subscription gifted to me and i plan on exhausting as much of the downloadable ps4 and ps2 games(sadly cant do ps3 as i dont have access to fast enough internet for streaming) as i can, so i need to know which games to prioritize so i dont get locked out of one mid playthrough.
  4. Is this a stealth reboot of buck bumble. I remember loving that game as a kid even though it was kind of shit in retrospect.
  5. My guesses for december are far cry primal(ubisoft) and gravity rush 2(sony).
  6. I find it ironic that the plat image is the iconic circle of life lion king scene from the beginning and end of the movie, but theres only 3 trophies for the entire game.
  7. If by playing 3 different telltale games at the same time means having 2 tvs with one having a ps3 and the other ps4 with the vita on the side each running a different version of the walking dead i wouldn't see how that would be flaggable considering it would be quite difficult to juggle all 3 while having all the trophies pop at the same time on all 3 consoles considering all the failable qte events, point and click sections, and just general load time difference would make such a feat difficult. Even just the load times alone would make enough of a difference in timestamps.
  8. Seriously, if this was elder scrolls online(you know, the bethesda live service game that isn't a major trainwreck) i can see people paying for this. But who is seriously gonna waste thier money on this. Fallout 76 is on life support at this point and the joke of the industry, and the only thing that can save it it to nuke it entirely and restsrt it final fantasy 14 style.
  9. Probably singularity because i dont have internet at my house at the moment(greedy isp raised the prices so i have to rely on my librarys wifi thats thankfully only 1 street over until i am able to move(and im not about to pay 50-80$ a month if im gonna move to an area they dont provide for within 6-9 months) sometimes next year since theyre the only option where i live) which kind of prevents me from doing any large scale boosts(unless its something i can chip away at alone like agents of mayhem or tomb raider or isn't anything long like far cry 4).
  10. You should definitely do fifa first as sports games are typically the first games to be shut down. And the older they are the less time you have to do them(2k and pes are much worse about this then any ea game in recent years). Rayman has no sequel in the near future so id assume that will be safe and doom will probably remain online until the ps4 servers is close to shutting down as bethesda isn't known for shutting servers.
  11. So what trophies does this affect, i remember one of the cabellas games as well as the michael jackson game on ps3 had a trophy tied to facebook that became unachieveable after facebook dropped ps3 support.
  12. And lets not forget the servers. Most sports games only last 3 years max before they shut down the servers(some even shut within 1-2 years like 2k and pes) and considering sports games are known to always have the most bullshit online requirements(like ultimate team grinding pushing you toward buying lootboxes just to get it done in a reasonable timeframe, tying modes to real life seasons, community challenges that never get fixed, ect.) its no wonder why sports game have more ultra rare platinums then any other genre. At least this game only has something that looks like it can easilly be boosted once the community migrates to the 2020 game.
  13. The lego movie 2 was the first release this year, so yeah theyre still averaging 2 games per year. Id love to see these games remastered if only to get a plat for lego batmsn 1(hey, if naruto uns 1 can get remastered with a plat why not this)
  14. My list, btw does it have to be games you actually currently own at the moment, or can you put on games you intend to buy before then or have already preordered(As i have final fantasy 12 and xmen origins coming in the mail within the next week and megaman zero/zx legacy collection preordered) . A apotheon B beyond eyes C catlateral damage D darksiders 2 E earth's dawn F final fantasy 12 zodiac age G guacamelee 2 H harvest moon save the homeland I I am setsuna J Jak x combat racing K Kona L legend of kay anniversary M megaman zero/zx legacy collection N Nier automata O okage shadow king P pheonix wright trilogy Q queens quest 2 R red faction 2 S Shantae and thepirates curse T Tales of vesperia U Uncharted lost legacy V Valkyria chronicles W wheels of aurelia X X men origins wolverine Y Yakuza 3 Z zero escape nonary games
  15. That didn't stop them from making megaman x6. Inafune intended to end the x series with 5 but capcom had other plans. Besides, im sure they already had the story for legends 3 already mapped out and sitting in a vault somewhere with the prototype version that they broke thier promise about, so if they decide to start legends 3 from scratch they still could use the story outline he made(star force 4 also had story concepts and concept art leaked recently as well)
  16. The only way well ever get legends 3 is if we buy these collections. And im definitely buying this day 1 since megaman zero 3 is hands down my favorite megaman game ever and imo the zero series is the most consistent in quality out of all the megaman subseries(id rank them 3>2>zx>advent>4>1)
  17. Supposidly, the walking dead final season was gonna be the final game using the old engine and the wolf 2 and stranger things teams already moved to unreal or something so i dont think they are going back to that old decrepyt old engine. But hopefully, they learn to slow down and not waste so much money on ips that dont sell. Its not like lego where they have a sucessful toyline as security to offset any losses from a lower selling game. We certainly dont need 3 games a year like they were making in thier later years.
  18. They should really localize issin now that the main series(barring shin yakuza) is taken care of. If ghost of tsushima is getting so much hype and nioh being a big hit i dont see why diasuki sato wuld be hesitant in bringing it over, they brought over the fist of the north star spinoff and id argue thats even more of a niche spinoff then kenzan or issin were.
  19. It could be they they are just issuing a 2 disk set that repackages the walking dead collection on one disk and the final season on disk 2 similar to the kingdom hearts the story so far release(or if both is on the same disk could install 2 different aps ala the shenmue remaster). The collection already has those improvements advertised for seasons 1-3 and michonne so id be surprised if theres a new trophy set.
  20. Thankfully it doesn't look like you have to do co-op on the highest difficulty unlike double dragon neon, so it shouldn't be nearly as hard to solo. Also, wouldn't shareplay kind of be a decent enough workaround to the no online multiplayer problem if wayforward never patches it in. Its not perfect but its better then juggling 2 controllers.
  21. I hate this shit, assasins creed odyssey did the same crap too and i think its stupid as hell. If youre add challenges like this thats required for trophies why cant they just release them all at once. Its not even an online only game for god sakes.
  22. As a fan, dont play yakuza 6 before 5. 6 Literally spoils the ending of 5 in the first few minutes.
  23. And unlike pes 14 they offered all those years back(which was a really easy plat btw) this one actually has online trophies that will become unachieveable sometimes early-mid next year, i wont even add this one to my backlog since i dont have internet at home for the time being, but hey. At least its not 2k which sometimes tie trophies to ongoing seasons and youre out of luck when they end. Thankfully horizon chase looks decent enough so the month isn't a total bust.
  24. One thing i did like about this dlc is the fact that it significantly drops the difficulty of the lair of the lost lord trophies to almost nothing due to the level cap increase. Otherwise this dlc is almost as bad as any dlc for a multiplayer from a last gen game that nobody played.
  25. Nobody from the first game appears in 2(aside from the rabbit conductor in the timeless tone dlc). Theres references here and there(mostly in the timeless tone dlc but i remember a statue of the ding dong dell king from the first game in the sewers and one of the kingmaker trials has statues of characters from 1) But nothing that could potentially spoil the first game.