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  1. Thankfully it doesn't look like you have to do co-op on the highest difficulty unlike double dragon neon, so it shouldn't be nearly as hard to solo. Also, wouldn't shareplay kind of be a decent enough workaround to the no online multiplayer problem if wayforward never patches it in. Its not perfect but its better then juggling 2 controllers.
  2. I hate this shit, assasins creed odyssey did the same crap too and i think its stupid as hell. If youre add challenges like this thats required for trophies why cant they just release them all at once. Its not even an online only game for god sakes.
  3. As a fan, dont play yakuza 6 before 5. 6 Literally spoils the ending of 5 in the first few minutes.
  4. And unlike pes 14 they offered all those years back(which was a really easy plat btw) this one actually has online trophies that will become unachieveable sometimes early-mid next year, i wont even add this one to my backlog since i dont have internet at home for the time being, but hey. At least its not 2k which sometimes tie trophies to ongoing seasons and youre out of luck when they end. Thankfully horizon chase looks decent enough so the month isn't a total bust.
  5. One thing i did like about this dlc is the fact that it significantly drops the difficulty of the lair of the lost lord trophies to almost nothing due to the level cap increase. Otherwise this dlc is almost as bad as any dlc for a multiplayer from a last gen game that nobody played.
  6. Nobody from the first game appears in 2(aside from the rabbit conductor in the timeless tone dlc). Theres references here and there(mostly in the timeless tone dlc but i remember a statue of the ding dong dell king from the first game in the sewers and one of the kingmaker trials has statues of characters from 1) But nothing that could potentially spoil the first game.
  7. I figure theyre doing this to promote the upcoming film later this year since ni no kuni 3 is still years away from being ready and now is as good a time as any to promote the franchise with a remaster now that the dlc for revenant kingdom is out and hype for the film is ramping up.
  8. At least other platless live services like apex legends and h1z1 were free to play so thier lack of an interesting trophy list was understandable to an extent. If youre gonna charge 50$ for this then i expect a platinum at the very least.
  9. The only reason modern warfare was called call of duty 4 at the time was because that was before the series turned into the global monster it would quickly become, there weren't that many games yet, and treyarch only just started to develop its own equally good style shortly afterwards(cod 3 was thier first main game that wasn't a console compromise title like the ps2 cods iirc). They pretty much dropped numbering them afterwards in favor of just letting each new game either do its own thing or be part of a separate numbered subseries. Thats why modern warfare remasteder isn't called call of duty 4 mw remastered and is just call of duty mw remastered.
  10. Be thankful it isn't like final fantasy 15, which has at least 5 different stacks and with all the dlc it adds up quick, at least here we have that re:mind expansion which will likely add trophies and thats it.
  11. The street fighter collection trophy list was really insulting because capcom had the nerve to charge 40$ for it so for that price i would expect a plat since it qualifies as a full retail game. Another thing that bothers me is the inconsistency, the other two konami collections got plats but to see this one not get one kind of feels fishy(and would be even more fishy if the contra one gets one after castlevania didn't) since at least with the capcom collections most of them didn't get plats so megaman x having one can be seen as a pleasent surprise meanwhile konami does the opposite and only makes me think wha happun.
  12. Ill probably pick up the mafia 3 season pass and whatever easy plats i see. Only have 25$ to spend anyways so i aint passing that up.
  13. If this was offered by ea back in the ps3 era(back when they made stuff like dead space, the saboteur, or actual good bioware games) id be tempted but current ea ill save my money. I myself am hoping other publishers follow suit with a similar service as id love to see something similar for sega, bandi namco, or even ubisoft since outside jedi fallen order i have no interest in eas current output.
  14. My ideal episode 5 would be that kenny(if you picked the wellington ending in season 2, otherwise kenny will be replaced by someone else who was friends with him back during his fishing days)is in the convoy hinted at in the ending and after a tearful reunion clem gets a peg leg, rounds up the rest of the season 4 survivors and they travel to kennys hometown in florida, once there they find his old boat and remember his old plan of going on the sea that ended up in failure they decide to try his plan again now that theres no roadblocks stopping them, episode ends with a cliffhanger of them reaching an island that seems safe and walker free but in season 5 would prove to be a huge magnet for pirates and the main story arc of that season would involve clem building up her crew to defend the town from the pirate problem plaging it as well as any potential walker infestations that pop up(as these pirates know how to weaponize walkers like the new frontier did in season 3).
  15. Just be warned that korra has been delisted and there has been no physical versions to my knowledge so unless you have a gameshare partner that has it youre out of luck on playing it.You can still get transformers devestation(which has also been delisted but thankfully physical versions are plentiful) which uses a similar gameplay style.
  16. Honestly cars 3 would be a massave improvement over mg survive imo because at least that game was somewhat fun. Metal gear survive fails at even being a live service cashgrab, seriously for the first post kojima mgs game you cant find a bigger slap in the face to fans, they should have made something more in the vein of mgs portable ops which was a decent installment dispite not having involvement from kojima, but instead they made what is basically umbrella corps which is the resident evil equivalent of mgs survive.
  17. ^thats pretty much why im playing them at this point. They really dont take much out of my free time as i can play 3 hours or say a 4 hour session in some long rpgand use my last hour chipping away at a ratalaika game or sometimes you(who are possibly more greedy then ratalaika because most of thier games aren't crossbuy) title or any other of these easy plat farm companies. Besides, not every game this publisher puts out is ezpz as people say, i had trouble in league of evil at points and blasting agent was pretty annoying, so there is some skill required as its not like a point and click like telltale games or artifax mundi affair.
  18. I just hope its a new disney world and not extra rooms in twilight town or something.
  19. One thing i actually find weird is that some of thier games you dont even need to beat the game to get the plat. Take metagal for example, its a solid megaman clone(and honestly its my favorite game by them by far) but the trophies feel like i got a plat just for beating metal man in megaman 2 and thats it. Compare that to gal gunvolt burst which dispite requiring multiple playthroughs and a speedrun trophy can still be gotten in under 5 hours. At the very least they should require you to beat the game for the plat because like undertale the trophies dont represent the actual quality of the game.
  20. Considering how many of the games that have been on plus this last year have been online only live service type games(or have elements of it like onrush), it wont surprise me if mg survive is also for na/eu.
  21. Wow, and i thought the fiasco with the latest telltale walking dead game was scummy. This will literally one up it in the end once the inevitable news about starbreeze/overkill closing down starts to get finalized. Btw, mattmcmuscles did a great video on this game(cant link it now since im on vita) and after watching that it didn't surprise me one bit that this cancellation happened.
  22. Shouldn't be too hard a plat if theres no changes outside of vr support. Shame they didn't include the first game as well.
  23. Got these since my last post grim legends grim legends 2 grim legends 3 persian nights
  24. Not counting ezpz stuff im using to get me close enough to 500 for kingdom hearts 3 my main 3 big planned plats are(not counting kingdom hearts 3 which is gonna be 500) 3.shenmue 3 2.fist of the north star lost paradise 1.tales of vesperia definitive edition And if these actually release or get localized(not likely but you never know) 3.the legend of heroes trails of cold steel 4(but will settle for 3 if it takes too long) 2.ys 9 1.yakuza issin(gotta have one pie in the sky wish)
  25. Seriously, no matter what i do as soon as i got to this chapter the game keeps freezing on me. Does anybody know how to fix this glitch. I dont want to restart because im trying to get the duo mode trophies on my first playthrough.