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  1. PSA, i would advise against starting to boost this game if you do not have the dedication trophy. Reason being is because its very glitchy and not guaranteed to pop after 6 months. It has a high chance of popping on new years but since the shutdown is almost 3 months after the shutdown date i wouldn't risk it. If it wasn't for that trophy this boost would be pretty doable in 3 months.
  2. I believe challenge mode is just fighting 2 bosses at the same time(so no buster only no damage runs required). Basically in x collection 1 you get a combination of mavericks from x 1-4(i think one of them had chill penguin from x1 and frost walrus from x4 at the same time), but collection 2 only has x5 and x6 bosses(which i speculate is because x7 has weird 3d gameplay sections(with several of the mavericks being 3d sections themselves) that wont mesh well with x5 and x6 so x7 bosses would need a huge overhaul to work well, and x8 while it goes back to full 2d gameplay is still 3d graphics which is why its being excluded from this mode as well)
  3. Yes, this is much preferred over what they did with the classic series collections. Because these games are not only much longer then the classic series games(ranging from 2-4 hours for x 1-6 and 4-8 for x 7 and 8), theres a lot more additional and secret content(like zero parts in x2, 2 campaigns in 4, multiple endings in x5, unlocking x in x7(yes thats a thing), ect.) compared to the classic games. so the kind of trophy list the classic series had just wouldn't cut it as far as fair representation of content goes. Not to mention x7 and 8 are ps2 games which could have been treated as one of those ps2-ps4 ports had this collection not existed.
  4. Finished flcl progressive, and the second arc of full metal panic invisible victory(episode 8 if im correct), flcl 2 honestly was kinda dissapointing compared to the original but it was enjoyable, hoping flcl alternative is better(despite the preview episode that aired as a part of toonamis april fools day prank hinting at it being quite different from flcl 1 and 2). Full metal panic was great as always(though i am mad at a certain character for dying since i liked that character a lot more then chidori and hoped she would stick around until at least the next season(which is supposd to adapt the final 3 novels) )but im waitng for the final two episodes to drop so i can watch the full arc in one sitting.
  5. For me shining resonance refrain fist of the north star lost paradise team sonic racing tales of vesperia tales of whatzitcalledia(name i made up for that new tales game namco is teasing) kingdom hearts 3 ghost of tsushima guacamelee 2 yakuza kiwami 2(and whatever they call that new yakuza game with the new protagonist) beyond good and evil 2 insomniac spiderman spyro trilogy rocksteady superman(not announced, but theres enough proof that its existance is confirmed)
  6. Ugh, why couldn't they have removed or toned down the multiplayer trophies(like 50 matches instead of 250 would have been more reasonable). This was one of the most notorious online grinds back in the ps3 era, and its stupid to keep the grindy multiplayer trophies when they know the multiplayer isn't gonna be as active as it was back when this game first came out.
  7. Theyd better not discontinue psn physical cards. I refuse to use my bank card/debit card unless its something truly expensive and important like a car or paying bills. Id rather just go down the street to my local dollar general and pick up a few codes there when i want to buy digital games as its easier then risking my bank account because you never know when theres gonna be another major hack, and even if i was more heavilly into xbox/nintendo/steam id still prefer to use prepaid codes.
  8. I just hope this lets me play the downloaded games offline similar to how xbox game pass lets you play offline up to 30 days(barring online multiplayer and other type of online modes) because my internet is too slow for full streaming.
  9. Hopefully local multiplayer counts for the 1000 matches, but that one million blocks trophy. Bomberman act zero had an achievement like that and the achievement guide estimated that games 1000g at 430 hours just because of that achievement. Unless someone finds a way to afk this crap(like respawning blocks in some levels and a powerup that makes you invincible to your own bombs) its gonna be one long plat.
  10. In all fairness i believe the reason innocence r didn't get localized was because the localization team was too busy playing catch up due to the long localization gap prior to graces f and unfortunately for innocence they didn't have the resources for both and decided to bring over hearts instead because it was the better recieved game(and it was more recent at the time), it wasn't just innocence that got shafted, the 3ds card game spinoff tales of the world reve unitia also became a victim of the localization catch up as well, but now we haven't had any new tales games released japanese or otherwise since the western release of berseria so now we dont have to play catchup anymore. It was the same situation with yakuza where it took 3 years to get yakuza 5 out and unfortunately yakuza issin became a casulty in the 2 years sega didn't want to bring any yakuza games over.
  11. The achievement list for the xbox one version is out, its the same list minus the co-op trophies. So its safe to say it will have a separate list on ps4 since they removed the multiplayer.