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  1. Off the top of my head Ps3 binary domain littlebigplanet 2 and 3 call of juarez bound in blood lollipop chainsaw red faction armageddon fuse dead island riptide dead space 3 ps4 assasins creed 4 assasins creed unity red faction guerella remarstered table top racing world tour nascar heat 3 dead nation(all 3 consoles)
  2. Stop playing other games until you get the online done as this game is incredibly time consuming and the servers will likely be shut down within 1-2 years. A 300 hour plat is one thing but with this one you have a strict time limit to get the online done because 2k are assholes that shut down servers after 2-3 years.
  3. Id at least try to get sharing is caring out of the way since that might become more problematic as the years go by if splinter cell blacklist is anything to go by. I just got it 2 hours ago on the ps4 version and about a month ago on ps3 so its still doable.
  4. The 10$ price increase isn't gonna stop microtransactions up the ass, day one patches, games releasing broken at launch, and sports games shutting thier servers in less then 2 years. This is just greed on the publishers part as most games that also have ps4 versions aren't gonna look that much better on ps5 to a casual(next gen exclusives on the other hand might look better) so unless the price increase includes last gen versions most casuals are just gonna buy the ps4 version of say cod or assasins creed valhalla to save 10 bucks.
  5. More then likely they will only offer 1 game a month and even then it will probably jusf be indies if ps4 in anything to go by. But considering that ackwards compatibility is a thing i wouldn't be surprised if they only give ps5 games every 2-3 months (especially if they raise it to 3-4 games a month).
  6. In all fairness they usually put out at least 2 games a year(not counting handheld spinoffs, mobile games and other weird side projects like lego worlds or dimensions that are typically done by tt fusion of some other team) so of course quality is gonna suffer if they have to put out a game a year and they dont have a rotating series of teams like call of duty(they have multiple teams but they still have to get out games yearly). but considering thier only major release last year was lego movie 2 and they are no longer doing 3ds/vita alternate versions theres a chance quality might start increasing with the upcoming star wars game.
  7. Worked fine for me, i got it within 5 minutes of seeing this thread as you never know when the servers will shut off permanently(just like how im glad i went ahead and did the one trophy in darksiders 2 all those years ago when the servers briefly stopped being crap)
  8. Now this is what the first game should have been. I also see aang in a screenshot as well so i guess both last airbender and korra will get representation in this as well. Though honestly im surprised they would even put ren and stimpy in the game after all the sexual assult accusations the creator went through and the fact that there was a rumor going around that they will never use the ip again after the flop that was adult party cartoon(and john k himself being kind of a nutcase doesn't help either).
  9. It technically pops at the point disc 1 ends in the original gamecube version iirc.
  10. I wonder whats gonna happen to the lego games since travelers tales/tt games will be included in the deal. Pretth much all the ips they worked on have either come from wb or disney owned properties. And if at&t stupidly sells its gaming division(i dont care what some idiot shareholder or ceo says. Dc characters are a sacred cow and them getting rid of dc would be like disney selling off mickey mouse or viacom selling spongebob and is gonna hurt them in the long run) pretty much cuts off or significantly makes harder to aquire pretty much half thier pool of potential ips to work with.And to top that off lego could possably pull the license once this goes through depending on who buys them leaving travelers tales to have to do something else for a change. But on the flipside it would be interesting to see them develop something entirely original after almost 2 decades of developing nothing but lego(maybe a sonic 3d blast 2 or haven call of the king sequel or something)
  11. Really surprised this didn't get a plat considering that the 4 standalone arcade games they released a while back each had a plat with much less content.
  12. I think the rings in episode shadow count, but the dlc is so short and isn't really a good place to grind rings at you might as well get it done.
  13. Its easier then generations but a lot more grindy imo.
  14. Thats AAA gaming for you. Pretty much every big budget game is made with the intent of starting a franchise and Its much easier to spit out endless sequels then it is to create a new ip from scratch. Not to mention that the lore of the series is certainly deep enough that anything can happen at this point(we could even see the focus shift to a new character for horizon 3 for all we know).
  15. The least they could have done is waited until cities skylines was off of psnow in a month or two before adding it to plus since its one of those time limited games and if you downloaded it through now you wont be able to play it once it leaved the service(farming simulator is permanent i think). They really should have spaced these two games out more.
  16. I haven't platted akibas beat yet. But considering the only missable trophy is only missable because of a few one time enemies appearing in a single sidequest it shouldn't be anywhere near as difficult as persona 4 golden.
  17. One good thing about already having these games is that it makes the trophy for meeting 10 unique players a lot more easy.
  18. Yeah, the game is similar in length to doom 1 and 2(at least without expansions). This not getting a plat seems so weird when both doom 1 and 2 got one.
  19. This is alright. But where is the saints row 1 and 2 remasters.
  20. Its the rare sonic game thats so okay its average. Its not bad enough to be put on 06 or sonic rise of lyric type of ridicule. But its also nowhere near as good as the adventure titles, colors and generations, or even unleashed(and i didn't mind the warehog sections and thought the gameplay style was decent enough(but a few of the later warehog stages like eggmanland and empire city are a bit poorly designed ill admit))
  21. Any idea which games are time limited. I dont want to risk playing control right now knowing were getting at least 2 dlc packs in the future that will likely add trophies in the event the last dlc pack doesn't release until after it gets removed.
  22. Yeah, sonic forces was the weakest boost era game(my main issue was the pathetically short stages). But it didn't deserve to be lumped in with the actual bad sonic games like 06 or boom wii u, its a solid 7/10 game for me. For a freebie its absolutely worth giving a shot(and its probably one of the easiest sonic plats as well)
  23. Dissapointed theres no defeat saitama with a character that isn't him trophy considering you have to wait 100 seconds for him to show up if you select him.
  24. Yeah, these games are much longer then the typical megaman games(the zx games in particular are 8-10 hour metroidvania titles) so of course a plat is justified. Btw any megaman fan is in for a real treat since the zero series is imo the best and most consistantly good out of all the different megaman subseries(zero 3 being my 3rd favorite megaman behind x4 and battle network 6 with legends 2 and megaman 3 being 4th and 5th respectively) and unlike other subseries actually has a definitive ending.
  25. I was able to get into singularity just fine(just nobody was playing it lol)