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  1. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Will the person playing on "Friend's Pass" unlock trophies?
  3. I finally finished #100 Ni No Kuni 2
  4. Social chest at 292,410
  5. White whale at 167,650 2 hours left
  6. The PS3 no doubt about that.
  7. Who all are still looking for this. I just started this game and would love if I finish this over the course of the game rather than grinding over it.
  8. I'm Happy to report that the Hell that was The Under dome is now over. All trophies earned. Now onto Play through 2 for Lvl50 & the rest DLC trophies.
  9. Thats what i do, play sth on the laptop & mute the console. By the last 5 rounds even that doesn't help, bcos by that time you're ready to kill yourself.
  10. i was so close to the last trophy last night, was on Round 16 when the power went off.. It was literally for just 2min but the damage was done.The game booted me back to the Main Menu & all that progress & time down the drain... 😠 Plus not once did i get any player to join me for the Under Dome. I'm currently playing it split screen using the Dummy Host Method. I read that for Knoxx one ought to play it Offline..
  11. Thanks for the update guys. I have decided to finish the Underdome right now & its hands down so mind numbing boring. After that thinking of doing the General Knoxx due to its high difficulty & being glitchy. Rest i'll finish in 2nd playthrough. What are your thoughts?
  12. Hey guys, i just finished my PT1, im currently Lvl 36 Soldier wondering how should i play the game that'll make it easiest for me to get 100% for Borderlands.
  13. I believe this is our best course of action.
  14. Upto 6 Plats, the only one left are All 4 One & Q-Force.
  15. Promote me to "Q-force Cadet" got the Whole Trilogy...