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  1. I love my vita games like persona 4 golden, tearaway,ys,freedom wars
  2. I am a bit disappointed with it so far ere hoping farcry is better
  3. Any news on separate trophy list ?
  4. Is persona 3 or persona 4 better just want to know people's thoughts ?
  5. Everybody hating on Indies when games like this are being made by indie developers No Man's Sky Gameplay Trailer | E3 2014 | PS4:
  6. batman since its back to rock steady thats doing it , asylum and city were 2 of my favourite games past gen and all the other games will be awesome as well 2015 the year of movies and video games
  7. Dragon age game looks awesome
  8. add me on ps4 for fifa 15 andrewemm1992 <<<<<<id
  9. add me on ps4 for trophies if u need them
  10. final fantasy 12 rogue galaxy dragon quest 8