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  1. Well, in video games sequels are really often better than the original. Uncharted 2 and 3. Uncharted 1 was good but 2 and 3 were amazing. Red dead redemption. Far cry 2,3 and probably 4 ( haven't played it yet. ) Far cry 1 was bad. Mass Effect 2 ( Haven't really played it yet, but from what i've heard it's a lot better than the first one who is quite bad besides the story.) Pokemon Gold and Silver. The first ones were really good but GS was a 10/10, still the best pokemon games to date, not even arguable. Borderlands 2. the first one was really bad, this one's just bad. Those were the ones i thought really fast about, there are a lot more, like Assassin's creed, i think every Assassin's creed is better than the 1st one.
  2. Well, honestly both games are bad but they are a bit enjoyable if you like that type of game. However they are way too overpriced. Which one is the best depends on what you want, Terraria has more content than Minecraft but has even worse graphics. I'd say it comes down to how you prefer to play them because they are very similar. The main differences are : Terraria : 2D, more action AND better action. Minecraft : 3D, better building. That's probably it, also Minecraft offers maybe 2-3 hours of gameplay, maybe 7 hours if you are a completitionist, while Terraria is more like 15-20 hours i think. ( I never completed Terraria and i've played for about 10 hours, However I did have both health and Mana or whatever it's called maxed out AFAIR). People who say Minecraft offers lots of hours of gameplay are fanboys who lie just to make their little game look better. Of course you can play for 1000 hours if you want, but you can do that with ANY game. Both Terraria and Minecraft are extremely repetitive games, but you must know that, it's the case for every single indie game AFAIK. Now, Minecraft fanboys/fangirls will think i'm a minecraft hater, but i really am not, i'm only honest, i've played Minecraft and enjoyed it for what it was, but it is without a doubt a bad game.
  3. Ok, i can understand why PS4 gets indie games, the console is still new and has few games, but why the F___ does the PS3 get that crap ? There are plenty of good old games on the PS3, they could actually put any retail game and it would at least be acceptable. Indies are bad, i have never seen a single indie game that was worth its price. A bad AAA game>The best indie games.
  4. I was an Xbox 360 gamer since 2007 but i always thought the PS3 exclusives looked amazing, especially Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid 4, so in 2012 when i saw a 160gb PS3 with all 3 uncharted games for only 200$ at Wal-Mart i couldn't resist. Since then i game nearly only on PS3,
  5. I'll probably get Demon's souls, i've been wanting to play another souls game lately, i love Dark Souls 2. I already tried Dark Souls on Xbox 360 and frankly it was great but there was way too much FPS drops for it to be on the same level as 2. Anyway most people i've asked said Demon's souls is the best in the series and that it is pretty much constant 30 FPS. I know it's not open world like Dark Souls/Dark Souls 2 ( Which are honestly more like semi-open ) but i don't really care, i like both open-world and linear games. I'm not like those people who hated on FF13 because it was linear ( FF13 is still a great game, if you don't like linear games then just don't play it. It is one of the most underrated games of the generation. ) Back on topic, i really want to try Demon's souls ! I'll also probably buy Dark Souls later and try to platinum all 3 if possible . By the time i have all 3 platinum'd Bloodborne will come out and i'll buy the Bloodborne Special edition PS4 .
  6. Spelunky, the game is fucking bad in every single way. It has lots of bugs, the dark levels when you need a torch are just dumb, ennemies can hit you before you can even get up. Well the game is hard but it's not a good hard, it's an extremely cheap hard. Fallout 3, Freezes, extreme FPS drops ( like 5-10 FPS in some DLCs ) and LOTS of bugs and glitches. It's still not a bad game but it has a lot of problems and is definetely not on Oblivion or Skyrim's level. I tried Fallout New Vegas on my brother's PC and it's quite bad, the graphics are worse than 3's even though it was made later and everything is worse than 3's besides the way you aim. Also, Far Cry 3's coop mode, that mode is worth 0/10 and im not even exagerating. I only did it because i had all other trophies for the game, but it took my rating for the game from 9 to 8. At least my brother helped me beat that piece of shit of a mode.
  7. Yeah it's like Borderlands. I think some of the people who hate on Destiny are unfair, i've seen lots of people say Destiny is a bad game but those same people thought Borderlands 1 and 2 were great... Borderlands 1 was a lot worse than Destiny and deserved about 4/10. Borderlands 2 was fine, i'd give it 6/10. I'm not really biased when it comes to giving scores. Borderlands 2 was the same as Destiny, you buy the game and then you have tons of paid DLC. Companies need to stop that, especially Activision/Blizzard, they are by far the worst about that. The differences between Destiny and Borderlands are : Borderlands 1 and 2 had shitty graphics while Destiny has pretty good graphics. Borderlands games have better stories and storytelling ( But still not really good ). Borderlands 2 ( and maybe 1 i don't remember ) had computer generated weapons ( Which isn't a bad point but neither a good one, it is lazy, but makes more content. ) Destiny has a better soundtrack than Borderlands. I still haven't played that much of Destiny so i can't say which one has the most content. I've played Borderlands 1 and 2 on Xbox 360 and played them enough to know what score they deserve ( Both are really overrated ! ) and i still haven't played Destiny enough to give it a score yet. Also, Dark Souls 2 is the best game of 2014 yet ! Looking forward to ME : Shadow of Mordor, Assassin's creed Unity and Farcry 4. Also, this is a new PSN account that i've created because i wanted a new account, i've played way more games on PS3 and A LOT more on 360. I joined this site because i got interested in trying to platinum a couples games and the gaming sessions tab looks great, i might need it when i try to platinum Uncharted 2. So yeah, I'm happy to be part of this community ! Edit : Off Topic : It is really funny that Destiny get 7/10 in average but Minecraft, who is a lot worse in every possible way gets 8-9/10, So yeah people are stupid. I'm not even a minecraft hater but i'm unbiased when it comes to seeing how bad it is. Bad graphics, no story or objective or anything ( Please don't tell it's meant to be that way, that's like saying Poseidon Rex isn't a bad movie because it was made to be bad... ) and Minecraft doesn't even have that much content, especially at a price of 20$ which is way to high. Minecraft is worth about 2-3/10. I played it over 30 hours ( The PC version of course ), i liked it but there's no way it's even close to being a decent game, let alone a good one.