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  1. happy birthday vita-tan, we will always love you
  2. cosmic star heroine is ready to pop, just in time for tomorow i played to much ps4 so i forgot about the vita a bit, so my third game world of final fantasy i will not finish, but still i got two games for tomorow, im exited
  3. and they where right, world is much easier then the previous games
  4. I think that is bad, I never heard of that company and now we never see a western release
  5. thanks this will help alot, when the game releases in the west
  6. i really wanted a nice popular game for the vita but we get something weak as ending
  7. me as a belgian can for proud for once that my goverment did something good for once, so yeah im happy
  8. im a little late to the party, but i want to join, here is my card looks like a fun card with some easy and hard challenges
  9. Oh lol I did overlook it then, thank you for finding me
  10. Hmm I'm a blind, I don't see myself in the participants for the Western birthday 🤓
  11. Kittet I see you have like 8000 unearned trophies so like me, I say use the trophy advisor you will be surprised how many easy trophies you will find, not every easy trophy is on the first page sometimes I find some good one like 20 pages further. or something else I do is when a already get my trophy for the day but I see I gonna pop another one stop the game and pop it the next day, or you can buy some easy games as a backup if you don't find a trophy to pop
  12. I'm at 500 days now, I'm doing it good if I say myself, are there people that still doing this because there is really not that much action here lol
  13. thats nice only one playtrough for once
  14. I think a year later like the did with the first and second game