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  1. im using your girl trick, but after 15m still nobody joining lol
  2. Get the co-op player get the trophy to? Or do you need to do it in your world?
  3. When is the 1.01? so I now how fast I need to be adventure lv20, I'm now lv11
  4. the game is on the belgium store here
  5. i really dont like white, but yeah notting we can do about it
  6. It looks like silica lost her place as best loli to ronie
  7. 1 i think this game can be fun when playing solo, but will be more difficult offcourse 2 playing online is pretty easy, you can always ask help from randoms or you can join them if you looking for sos rooms
  8. im gonna play it when im done with trails of cold steel 3
  9. here is mine if you guys want to help, I will play your levels to
  10. Maybe it's the story how gollum get the ring and changed into the being we all now, so you will play with a normal hobbit then
  11. metro exodus looks like a nice sale, 70% off, is it a good game?
  12. Nice trails of cold Steel 3 have a discount, I was waiting for that
  13. found for like 10€ on ebay