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  1. Thanks for the guide, i played this game like maybe more then 10 years ago, now i can try and finish it, i never had the platinum
  2. I have it glitched to, so the only solution is a new game, thats a bummer
  3. Assist is when they ask for help when fighting a monster, so you join them with these gates on the map
  4. I think you need to help other people
  5. Kingdom Hearts have his own rhytem game, i think ff16 and octopath traveller 2
  6. I think it's a normal usb c cable you find in every store
  7. I did use it much on my Vita, but now i use my steam deck for it
  8. First game was a masterpiece
  9. I don't now, i moved my character from ps4 to ps5
  10. It's the normal version with no dlc, if you want the dlc buy the ps4 dlc and then download the ps5 versions of them
  11. I did give the tonberry the knife, got the trophy thx
  12. I have the tonberry and cactuar in my Rift room, i dont now if it works if people join my game and get affinity with the cactuar by doing rifts with me, if that works i can people let me join me. I still need the trophy myself but building up affinity goes slow because im weak lol
  13. I think after floor 22, if you defeat the boss from the dlc, the mission will appear
  14. Where is the button? I dont see it