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  1. wow only one online trophy nice
  2. This will be censored like hell
  3. lets kill some ants, edf!!
  4. found it cheap to on ebay, only 18 dollar
  5. Looks like a little bit of everything you can do in the game, I gonna buy the game but will wait for a sale
  6. nice i don't have these two games yet, so its a win win for me
  7. i see you can play the game with other people, is the game easyer then? and if you play solo you can use npc's instead then in your party to help you?
  8. i don't like this, so other sites cannot sell codes anymore, psn store is the only place for buying digital then
  9. steam is full with pc exclusive games, there you will find some stuff you like
  10. The trophies looks like a lot of fun, I think this game will be pretty nice to play so the grind will be not so bad
  11. world of warcraft, i tryed it but never liked it
  12. Hmm I don't now what that rank 100 trophy is, it's looks the most grindy