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  1. If you like jrpg then the vita is the way to go
  2. You can do that, but I think the 4 save files making it easier and you can do them at the end of the game
  3. Best news no mp, easier to get the platinum
  4. Looks like a basic borderlands trophy list, good that there are no character trophies
  5. its so bad this don't come to ps vita in the west
  6. i just received my 15 mod trophy, you need to have 17, then it unlocked for me. only need one more armor set and the platinum is mine
  7. lol i log in with the new update and get asap the two scrap trophies and the dragonheart trophy
  8. the update is out that will fix all the glitched trophys, here are the patch notes, hurray back 200k scraps
  9. what about the 15 mods, i see i have 15 (not the boss mods) but the trophy didnt pop
  10. wow nice trick, thank you, so the scraps are 2mil and not 200k, so the trophy description is wrong? no wonder it taked so long to get it
  11. Grats, do you have a hint for getting the trait trigger happy, killing 100 enemies with 10 weapons, does it need to be in one playtrough? So the 2mil scrap don't need to be in your inventory, the game nows how much you gather in your playtroughs?
  12. oh no, i was trying to get the sleight oh hand but didnt now you had to do it in onbe playtrough, now i need to do it all again, because i rerolled strange it is still 0% here, i see nobody get it yet
  13. If the game notice you need them, they will begin spawning in the next world
  14. Borderlands 3 and code vein for me
  15. I get many crashes now to, but I try to upload my save always before it get corrupted