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  1. 1 i think this game can be fun when playing solo, but will be more difficult offcourse 2 playing online is pretty easy, you can always ask help from randoms or you can join them if you looking for sos rooms
  2. im gonna play it when im done with trails of cold steel 3
  3. here is mine if you guys want to help, I will play your levels to
  4. Maybe it's the story how gollum get the ring and changed into the being we all now, so you will play with a normal hobbit then
  5. metro exodus looks like a nice sale, 70% off, is it a good game?
  6. Nice trails of cold Steel 3 have a discount, I was waiting for that
  7. found for like 10€ on ebay
  8. i liked the outer worlds on ps4, so when i heard they did fallout: las vegas i wanted to try that game to
  9. If you like jrpg then the vita is the way to go
  10. You can do that, but I think the 4 save files making it easier and you can do them at the end of the game
  11. Best news no mp, easier to get the platinum
  12. Looks like a basic borderlands trophy list, good that there are no character trophies