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  1. that is some nice amber love
  2. They are compatible, I use the save file from my disc version into the digital version, I had the platinum and did go straight to the dlc because I never buyed that
  3. I can finally play the dlc so I'm happy
  4. Thx it worked
  5. Can someone help me with this trophy of the new dlc? Now or never Cleared PORTABLE 3 track with MAX COMBO wearing PORTABLE 3 Gear I tried to max combo a song with the hanz up gear and the hanz up girls gear but the trophy don't pop is there a third gear? And yes I'm trying songs from p3
  6. i just checked and yes its collectables and not normal gathering, se made this trophy 1000x more grindy now
  7. Wait only timed unspoiled nodes, no wonder the trophies don't pop if I gather the normal way and only crafted collectibles to, I need to check that out
  8. My gathering trophies don't unlock to, I now for sure I gathered more then 1000 Allready, i tried now with my miner, botanist and Fisher and they don't pop, they even stay at 0% like I never gathered something in my life. Crafting trophies don't pop to
  9. Lol I was doing the new nier raid and I was clicking a coffer in a quest and every story trophy until the end of schadowbringers popped
  10. I think they are. Because the achievement system in the game hold your score of everything, so for fates or gathering if you have completed 8000 Allready in the game do one more for popping the trophy
  11. I think with good gear and doing them unsynced the ones from realm reborn and heavensward are not that hard, but the stormblood and schadowbringers can be a challenge
  12. Wow these trophy list looks awesome with some nice challenge, I see some savage trophies lol
  13. i had error nw-2304-9 on my vita, i was thinking i had a ip ban, but it seems everyone got the problem and its the fault of the sony servers, maybe the big in japan sales giving the server to much trouble
  14. im using your girl trick, but after 15m still nobody joining lol
  15. Get the co-op player get the trophy to? Or do you need to do it in your world?