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  1. I do it for the fun
  2. The voice acting omg
  3. wow didnt now vita still get the third game, that is a nice suprise
  4. nice i can play tonight allready collection of mana, that was good suprise, and i never played the third game in the mana serie
  5. Finally it comes to the west after 8 years, but I Allready platinum it on ps4, so don't now if I play it again if it comes to English ps4, but it's a great game for people that like some science fiction mmorpg
  6. The first one I never really played, so I'm happy the remaster it for ps4
  7. I like it that they try something new, and the loli looks nice
  8. I'm doing the trophy every day Challenge, so for that reason I have some visual novels around so if I need a fast trophy I just do a game like that, pop a trophy in the a minute or so and then it's done for the day
  9. i just platinumed this game, game is pretty good
  10. I think the medals carries over, so you don't need to find them all again anymore only the new one
  11. from the sale
  12. The second one was much better