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  1. i just platinumed this game, game is pretty good
  2. I think the medals carries over, so you don't need to find them all again anymore only the new one
  3. from the sale
  4. The second one was much better
  5. finally they show some new gameplay
  6. looks like a normal neptunia list, good that there are no lily trophies
  7. so they fixed it, i did it when the game just was out, it was pretty easy then
  8. looks like a great game, but no co-op for me
  9. Oh so much games, but I only buyed sword art online fatal bullet dlc
  10. because of this site i begon hunting for trophies, i think without this site i will maybe stop with it
  11. wow only one online trophy nice
  12. This will be censored like hell
  13. lets kill some ants, edf!!