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  1. i don't like this, so other sites cannot sell codes anymore, psn store is the only place for buying digital then
  2. steam is full with pc exclusive games, there you will find some stuff you like
  3. The trophies looks like a lot of fun, I think this game will be pretty nice to play so the grind will be not so bad
  4. world of warcraft, i tryed it but never liked it
  5. Hmm I don't now what that rank 100 trophy is, it's looks the most grindy
  6. Let's hope a patch is coming, I was planning to start this game, so now it's maybe better to wait
  7. i love one piece, but this game really don't say much to me, maybe i buy it in a sale
  8. time for my first update i2: god eater 3 i4: demon gaze 2 g2: cosmic star heroine
  9. eat this sony, its not because you ban it i cannot play it from another region lol
  10. Wow worldwide
  11. Demon souls, it is the start of the souls franchise
  12. happy birthday vita-tan, we will always love you
  13. cosmic star heroine is ready to pop, just in time for tomorow i played to much ps4 so i forgot about the vita a bit, so my third game world of final fantasy i will not finish, but still i got two games for tomorow, im exited