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  1. Was just wondering if the rewards were really useful for later boss fights, e.g.
  2. How important is Chocobo Hot & Cold? The lagoon surprisingly is proving a more difficult challenge for me after clearing out the forest. I'm playing high speed mode as that worked well for me in the Chocobo forest. Can I ignore the whole minigame if I'm not planning to go for the plat?
  3. Metal Gear Solid 4. Wow!
  4. Hey thanks so much both of you, that was really helpful. I seem drawn towards Bloodborne just based on recommendations from people telling me how there's also a Lovecraftian element to it. Will probably give it a shot. Also since Nioh and Sekiro are not strictly similar, which of those two would be a) a better game; and b ) somewhat easier?
  5. I'll be honest, the toughest battle I've ever won was beating the Valkyrie Queen in God of War (easy). I mostly play games to relax and release stress, and avoid games where you die repeatedly until you 'git gud.' Mostly into RPGs, and my favourite combat system is VATS from Fallout, as it literally allows me to pause and choose where I want to hit the enemy. Having said all that, I really want to try one of the 'Soulbourne' games. What would be my best option on the PS4 - Any of the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, Nioh, or Sekiro? Not going for the platinum, but really want to finish the game. Which of these is relatively friendly for beginners of this type of combat?
  6. Never mind, it was the other way around. The quests appeared once I completed the Adam and Eve main quest
  7. Are there any level requirements for Side Quests to show up? I'm currently level 17, about to handover oil to Pascal, and a walkthrough suggested I complete all side quests before I complete this main quest. But a couple of side quests are not appearing. Sorting Trouble (the Resistance Member does not give any quests and just complains) and Stamp Collecting (there is no receptionist at the entrance to the amusement park). I have exited and entered both areas multiple times, and reloaded the game multiple times as well. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Is there any way to track how many of each collectible (pizza, bobblehead, etc) I have?
  9. I currently have 60+ golden keys in this game, and I'm hardly likely to use even half of them. Will they carry over to Borderlands 3, or should I use them up anyway?
  10. Thanks a lot! One last thing. Does my co-op partner have to be with me from the start of the mission, or is it okay if he joins right before I fight Krom/any of the bosses?
  11. First question is, playing as a solo player and relatively new in New Haven, I find that quite a few side missions are now trivial. Will I receive less XP for these quests? Second, and more importantly, do the two players need to be levelled closed to each other for the United We Stand trophy? My next boss will be Krom ,I'm assuming I'll be Level 26-27 at the time. If a local co-op Level 1 player joins me and we beat the boss, will both of us get the trophy? Or do the two players need to be closely levelled to each other for the trophy to pop? Thanks!
  12. Mass Effect 2. By far my favourite from the series, really would love to have that plat on my list. Got 2 from Dragon Age but none from Mass Effect series
  13. In the mission where you rescue Malak, I took too long scoping out the initial area and a couple of prisoners got executed, including the transportation specialist. I'm now in Africa, and realise I can't fulton heavy stuff because I didn't get that guy. If I replay the mission, can I just enter the fort and fulton him, and then leave the mission, or will I have to complete the entire mission again?
  14. Thanks! No need to conserve my challenge tokens then, been only using them on suits
  15. Just wondering, if I'm unable to collect enough challenge tokens from the Taskmaster challenges in the main game, can I get more from the three DLC? Do the Screwball challenges give the same tokens? I understand I can repeat the challenges and try to improve, but if there's more available anyway later on, I'd rather not