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  1. In the mission where you rescue Malak, I took too long scoping out the initial area and a couple of prisoners got executed, including the transportation specialist. I'm now in Africa, and realise I can't fulton heavy stuff because I didn't get that guy. If I replay the mission, can I just enter the fort and fulton him, and then leave the mission, or will I have to complete the entire mission again?
  2. Thanks! No need to conserve my challenge tokens then, been only using them on suits
  3. Just wondering, if I'm unable to collect enough challenge tokens from the Taskmaster challenges in the main game, can I get more from the three DLC? Do the Screwball challenges give the same tokens? I understand I can repeat the challenges and try to improve, but if there's more available anyway later on, I'd rather not
  4. Ah didn't realise I could track back. Managed to pick up a couple of medkits, that should make the fight a lot easier that I thought (I hope)
  5. So as the title says, I used up all my medkits before getting to the bear boss fight. I have a Kalash 2012, Sniper rifle (Preved) and shotgun (Saiga). Any strategies that would allow me to survive? Thanks!
  6. Thanks a lot for the tip, got me the platinum!
  7. Thanks! Stuck at the Shinra Mansion safe now. That thing's a real pain!
  8. How important is it to play the piano correctly at Nibelheim? I played it correctly as Cloud during the flashback, and apparently the second time you visit Nibelheim, playing correctly will get you 1 Gil. How important is it to get this? Because nothing seems to happen once I'm done playing the piano. Does it affect any of the trophies? I realise of course that I'll have to play it correctly much later in the game to get Tifa's Level 4 Limit Break, but right now I'm referring to the second visit to Nibelheim, still in Disc 1
  9. Thanks! Took me a while to realise that this was more about defence than offence. As you mentioned, recognising her attacks and how to react was key. Hands still shaking as I type this but finally done!
  10. Wow that sounds like a plan. Will try that. I'm level 9, but more thanks to the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages with its three enchantments (Andvari's Soul, Ivaldi's Corrupted Mind, and a third generic one as for some reason I'm missing Asgard's Shard of Existence, Eye of the Outer Realm and Muspelheim Eye of Power (costs too much right now). I haven't fully upgraded my chest armor as that would require way too much grinding in Muspelheim. Might be forced to do that anyway if I'm still struggling.
  11. Obviously facing real trouble with the Queen, at level 8. Will levelling up to 9 make a considerable difference?
  12. Not sure if you managed to get past this point, but I was having the same problem, even with the mammoth in my inventory and selected. Finally figured out, as mentioned above, you have to first talk to him about a specific topic before you get the prompt to hand it over. In this case, discuss 'Hans'. Once the conversation is over, you should be able to hand over the mammoth and progress.
  13. Just in case anyone cares, collectibles do carry over. I got the platinum the moment I collected that video game in Chapter three in my second playthrough
  14. Sleep mined the last two guards in Chapter 3, got the video game from one (Haske - Continue?987654321), but nothing from the other (Lam - Broken Age). Can't find it anywhere. Is there anyway to rectify this apart from starting all over again?
  15. Reached Level 10 in the Remastered edition, and I seem to have unlocked the Dawnguard Main Quest. This of course means random vampire attacks on NPCs in towns, anyway around this without using mods? Or would the safest thing be to go ahead and finish Dawnguard first, to avoid any unexpected NPC deaths?