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  1. I appreciate the help but i need to insert my phone Number to enter? Fuck that.
  2. I AM polite so it shouldnt BE hard i Guess...ill keep on playing until i get to the raid part and see how i do. Btw how can i join the discord?
  3. Hey guys i done all i can with the single player trophys and i would like to 100% the trophy list but im not a fan of MP Gameplay of any Kind but i Will do if its easy enough. I dont mind if its time consuming i just dont have the skill or Patience for most of it. With all This Said how easy or hard it is skill based to finish the Legends trophys? Should i take a Gamble or not even bother because its 2 hard?
  4. I got everything that matters upgraded to the fullest and im now doing the extra content. When i tackle the DLC Will there BE more upgrades or can i just ignore wasting my time searching for more iron/steel etc?
  5. I never Said for you to fly the region. You need to jump between safe places and the guys that give you clipboards Will eventually give you the missione if you jump between points long enough
  6. Well i did that but it skipe it but super slow..and im using that walkthrough....pressing the button Over and Over skips the game alot faster. The game ONLY skips super fast texto that you already seen
  7. All the walkthroughs i have seen always talks about 25-35 min plat but i cant make the game automatically keep skipping the text... I need to BE keep pressing the O Button to keep running throw the storie but it still takes alot of time ...im 3 hours in and im still not done. What AM i Doing wrong?
  8. Just Wondering if its possible to Boost the quad kill or the trickster trophy on custom maps. I did multiple quad Kills on a custom map but the trophy didnt pop...but i won xp like normal.
  9. The only trophy that im having problems with is the trickster...enemys just normaly dont jump in other people portals. .
  10. Thats why i asked, i plated the game a long time ago but seen the promotion.
  11. Well i Platted the game because...someone loan it to me..but as someone that Platted all of them since farcry 3...This is the worse by far. The story its boring and ends with no twist or actually choices like the prior ones...the map looks the same in its entirety and One trophy that you need to wait 3 weeks to complete...and you can ONLY do it after finishing the story its just a nono...and even worse...its bugged ( a made a post here on a working workaround on This fórum). If like me you just like to plat This games go for it...but i still think that its 2 expensive for what it offers. I still Think that farcry 5 its still the best One in my opinion. I personally dont care for 100% a game and the DLC seems meh at best. Buy the normal version on discount if you dont care for 100% as i dont.
  12. Well it happened to me and it worked..but that is no guarantee off course
  13. Hey guys, i dont know if This work around has been found but it worked for me perfectly. If a base/ checkpoint etc doesnt appear from a Insurgency mission..on that location keep jumping between bases and receive the information of the guerrillas..they Will eventually talk about a objective that you are missing and if you talk to them on the area of the Insurgency like i Said prior..the objective Will be added.. Try it out.
  14. Its stupid that there is not really a list of what i receive if i buy it
  15. Cant really find any information of what the year One actually have if i buy it...Will i receive any of the content dlc? Or do i need to buy the content packs One by One?