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  1. Well i wont play the dlc that soon...10 rerolls and still no ace's coin lol
  2. Personally i had no issue whatsoever...all the trophies popped in do time. Just having a hell of a time with Ace coin. 10 adventure reruns and Still no link.
  3. If i get the DLC..is it possible to get glowing fragments on hard difficulty on the main Campaign? Or its only available on de dlc "world"?
  4. Untouchable Defeat a world boss in offline mode without taking damage Remnant from the ashes was a complete surprise, loving the game so far. its hard but managable for noobs like me, highly recomended.
  5. Re rolled adventure mode 5 Times on earth and Still havent found Ace's coin..This is getting ridiculous...atleast im farming simulacrus
  6. How does gear drop work? I heard that you can start the fight with singe with a low gear rank, die and then upgrade the gear to get him on a lower lvl. Can i equip a low lvl gear..start the match, die and then get back to my normal +20 gear? Dont know if it works like that
  7. I really dont get why people would have an issue with either side. I never buy games day One simply because i dont have the disposable income to do that regularly. People that give other explanation are just lying, who wouldnt buy everything day One if they could? I wait for sales and im ok with that. Im not buying a ps5 day one either, waiting for more games to BE released so psn store start having discount sales.
  8. Well people in europe are doubly fucked. First the ps5 its around 100$ more expensive because of the currency. 499 dollars its not 499€...so from the start we are paying more. (499€= 591$) Second, on most european countrys games already had a price jump with the PS4 from 59.99€ to 69.99€..so now we are having another price rise from 69.99€ to 79.99€ (79.99€= 94$)
  9. Hi guys, im on my second Run trying to kill the bosses that didnt appear on my first Run and the Quest items also. If i get a quest item does that mean that you Will automatically find the Quest NPC? I got the root mask but didnt found the tree ( found the tree but not the mask on my first run) and i found the mudtooth watch but not brabus on this run...still no ace coin on both runs do.
  10. So there is not better sets then others with the same perks? Just different armor sets? Im really enjoying the game but i was never good with stats and data like that...i use what i like so with weapons/armor im afraid 2 dump "+" upgrades and then find better Ones and not using them afterwards
  11. This is a pipe dream..but im still wishing for a Allan Wake remake on a Sony platform. My favorite game of all time.
  12. Hey, so...im 5 hours deep in 2 this game and loving it so far. Mainly using the "Uzi" and the shotgun so far. My question is ..should i focus on getting Money to buy better armor or the ones that i find on the world its enough to go by. Is there any preferable set to buy/find and upgrade and stick with it..or its fluid?
  13. I just finished the ultra Run ...jebus even with the sling it took me 9 minutes to take down the last boss ...even wasting 30k on resources for the sling..it depleted all of my resources lol only the last boss was any kind of issue in the entire Run.
  14. So weapons from the DLC and armor from the main game.
  15. Im almost done with the main game and i was wondering what weapons/Arnor 2 bring for the ultra hard new game+ run. Is the hunting lodge/power cell Armor the best of the game for the Run or are the armor/weapons of the DLC better for the ultra hard Run? I cant find a decisive decision or a break down of what to bring.