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  1. Spec ops: The line. What an amazing third person shooter with a breathtaking story.
  2. i didnt finish this game, i bought it digitally and i dont know why, it runned terrible on my ps3. Frame drops...weird glitches...map would disappear...all the works!
  3. #52 Just Cause 3 + 100% the DLC pack King of Medici Earned all Just Cause 3 Trophies And im done with this game! i was looking for a lay back check list kind of game to fill my time and this was perfect! around 60 hours but i cant tell with accuracy since there no gameplay hours tracker in the game. People always complain about the challenges, expecially the wing suit ones but i actually loved them and does where the easy ones, so peacefull gliding around does rings! Its not hard at all and its a 0.4% plat on PSN! i really recommend it if you want to sink a couple of dozens hours and you dont mind a collectathon!
  4. A True Master Earn 5 Gears in all Challenges of the Sky Fortress Expansion. Done with the full game and got the platinum, now 100%'s the dlc! The only challenge that got on my nerve was the sky fortress tour 1..it took me 2 full hours but i done it.
  5. well i already got the plat ...i did by mistake the sea expansion and the spark weapon really helped in alot of missions from the main campaign. Challenges where not hard at all. The only pain in the ass one was the first wingsuit course from the sky fortress dlc
  6. never got does. Thats why i only add people that i know or that helped me out on boosting or something
  7. well personally i enjoy platting some games but at the end of the day they dont have any value and i think its for the best. on a company perspective they are useless, why would they care if you played 10 minutes or 100 hours? You already bought it. since there are no incentives or rewards only people that use it as a hoobie,relaxation etc will get together as a community like this one. If there was always a candy afterwards, in my opinion it would defeat the purpose all together....i enjoy the fact that they are meaningless...
  8. its not difficult at all, im only missing the no deaths run and at the end of the day its not extremelly hard, i just dont have the patience lol
  9. i want it so bad
  10. Spec ops: the line Alice Madness Returns Puppeteer
  11. Chaos Millionaire Get 1,000,000 Chaos.
  12. to each its own, i really dont care. I you give alot of importance to trophies and get them leggit etc good for you and if you just want to take it easy and have someone helping you out. Thats great also