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  1. I actually really enjoy the game but 245 games A.I and only found 2 games agaisnt other humans so...this is near the end.
  2. With the end of season 4 its more and more likely that the termination of this game its almost certain. With the improvements that they announced: Increased the XP per second of gameplay time to speed up character leveling Several event modes added as ongoing options in Private Matches Rocket Part prices added as an option when purchasing Mythic and Legendary outfits Looks like they finally throwned the towel. Get your plat while you can.
  3. I found the information that there is region stacking..just wondering if i can stack on both systems.
  4. It appeared the symbol on a water site
  5. Well looks like i got lucky! I installed the game after 6 years and the scrap location just appeared on the map! Just need to do The death Run trophys and 2/3 challenges that im missing.
  6. At the time non of the workarrunds worked and i didnt know that making the challenges at the end game would make it tougher. Im probably just going to finish the challenges and start a new save for the scrap trophy
  7. I got the scrap bug and im thinking about starting another save to try it again, does the challenges counter transfers on different saves or i need to make sure that i finish all the challenges on the Same save? I know that i did the crew challenges..i just dont remenber if i still have the save...and i know that if i did the rest before end game that it would be alot easier.
  8. I have been trying to find a complete list of games that are able to double stack but cant find a complete ir crompheensive One.
  9. Well maybe my trophy list didnt synch with my Vita and thats why i earned the trophys again? I was staying in a place without internet connection and ONLY synched my Vita with the internet after i got home.
  10. I won the day of the tentacle platinum a few years ago on PS4. Yesterday i went for the plat on my Vita and something weird is happening. I finished the run and after the platinum poping and synching with the server the plat doesnt appear on my list of games or on my overall platinum count! I tried multiple Times and nothing. I tried a different game and after getting a trophy i refreshed here on the website and it appears just fine!
  11. I started the game a few days ago and was confused since they dont really explained what happened. Going to look for That OVA then. Thanks for the info.
  12. The problem is that at the beginning they are way 2 powerfull..so i die in 2 hits. Is there any way to cheese so i dont miss any?
  13. Is there any possible way to cheese this lvl? Im trying to play the lvls as Clever as i can but this game its so luck base that sometimes i get some of the harder missions on th first balls and other Times i can do 20% of them before the game Over...any tips whatsoever for this lvl?
  14. Well the Portuguese Vita store havent been updated since suicide squad came out so...deals...im not cauting on it.
  15. Hey guys, i havent touched my Vita for a couple of months.I charged it and after that the power button didnt work and PS Button doesnt work. THe weird thing is that if i try to boot on safe mode, it works! So they are both working, just not seperatly 0.o after the Vita is turned on neither the power button or the ps button ( it lights up) works. i cant get out of aplications via the ps button or Turn off the system. if i get the console to go to sleep the PS button works to bring the console on but after i swipe, it automatically shows the turn off screen and even if i press cancel The console stills turns herself off..and then i need to turn her on again with the safe mode. its a really weird set of quirks I did everything ..factory reset..rebuilding database and still nothing. The only thing i didnt tried is to update the firmware. Any ideias?