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  1. does anyone knows of a guide for the missable npcs quests? I cant find any chronological one so i dont miss a npc
  2. Yesterday i did my first color tattoo and the tattoo artist told me because of my skin she needed to do more passes and be a little rough. Its normal go get the skin this torn up? Is this going to heal fine? https://s27.postimg.org/4fer16uv7/WP_20170813_19_43_18_Pro.jpg
  3. #56 - GTA Vice City Kingpin Unlock all trophies. Difficulty:4/10 Fun:8/10 Time: 54 hours
  4. I'm Famous! Earn the Stuff of Legends media attention rank. Keepie-Uppy Okie Dokie Earn a high score of 5 with the Keepie-Uppy beach ball Done it All Earn 100% completion. Kingpin Unlock all trophies.
  5. my favorite game on the psp was DJ Max Portable 2...i was obssesed with it! im so so so so happy
  6. i think i fucked up ....for what i can tell you need to have the cards on the inventory...i sold all the cards and now i think i fucked the chance to get this trophy
  7. there is a weekend deal...probably thats the reason i suppose
  8. there was always a deal of the week, regardless of all the other promotions. the PT "branch" its incredibly late with email announcements etc so i was wondering if it was only on the PT store.
  9. since the last deal (shadow of mordor) there is not deal of the week on the PT store, on browser or console. its everyone having the same issue?
  10. Daredevil Complete 36 Unique Jumps. Put 'Em Up Knock off 15 stores. High Quality H2O Extinguish 10 fires.
  11. Just Like the Real Thing Win the RC Bandit Race. Pie Guy Deliver 10 pizzas. Grand Theft Auto Retrieve every wanted vehicle at Sunshine Auto's Import Garage.
  12. Vice City Mogul Own 10 properties. Going Green Destroy 100 road vehicles. Gun for Hire Complete all assassination contracts. Chicken of the Sea Snipe a seagull. Chauffeur Complete the "Publicity Tour" mission. Tommy Two-Wheels Complete the "Hog Tied" mission.