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  1. I did it bare hands without any drugs.. just go around it and punch, punch, punch..it takes a minute or 2 but they die
  2. really dont understand the amount of people complaining about This...the mp sucks but it ONLY took me like 3 hours to do all the mp crap
  3. Just wondering What is your Weapon of choice...for most of the game i was playing with the M60, Its a great Weapon and really fun to use untill i tried the UZI...God damn This Weapon its broken as hell lol Longe and close range it just destroys the baddys and the sound ir makes its just so fun
  4. Well i really dont CARE about sport but my entire family are hard supporters of FCP ( Futebol Clube do Porto)...a Portuguese Soccer team
  5. Loved This game...a true beacon of good free to play model ...working
  6. FarCry 5 and Danganronpa on ps Vita
  7. I dont get ejection problems..just the rest mode one
  8. A fantastic deal! 20€ for all of them from a local private seller
  9. I tried cleaning up to no avail, i theorise that when its a more humid weather ir triggers the button
  10. Did all of that already...
  11. Started FarCry 5 and Danganronpa on the PS Vita
  12. Im searching for a decent priced "the nonary games" physical copy for the Vita..can someone help me out? Cant find it anywhere on the normal UK sites where i shop
  13. I have a first gen PS4 and im having an issue for about a year now that alot of people are having and i just cant fix. It can happen every hour sometimes or months at a time without happening. My PS4 Will automatically get in rest mode while um playing and if i leave it on rest mode it Will eventually Turn itself on...i see alot of people complaining about it...i tried everything but still no luck..any tips?
  14. Drive Girls for the PS Vita..its just horrid
  15. Mass effect...i just cant play it...it doesnt seem bad..just cant get in to it