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  1. Like the title says.. Just wondering if the extra 4€ are worth it.. Or its irrelevant.. To get the dlc bundle
  2. I know i can return to them.. Just dont know if enemys will reappear
  3. Going for the plat.. Trying to do the Max possible on kill related trophys but what i cant tell is.. They are not labeled as missable.. But if i finish the game will i still be able to find enemies on free roam?
  4. Just wondering if the saved data currupted.. From fast traveling if its still a problem or as it Been patcher by now
  5. I have Been playing co op missions for 3 hours and only 2 deadsec events have poped up.. Im Master rank already.. Everywhere i try to look i see People saying that it appears everytime after a complete co op mission.. I dont know what to do
  6. Its the glitch of quitting of the game still working? Im terrible bad at the pvp and cant find a good player either
  7. Found it at a decent price, dont know if its rare but never seen it in the Wild. https://i.imgur.com/l87cLSa.jpg What non-LRG games should i be looking out for?
  8. #69:MONSTER JAM: BATTLEGROUNDS Monster Jam Elite Obtained all trophies. #68:THE WALKING DEAD: A NEW FRONTIER A New Frontier Completed The Walking Dead: A New Frontier #67:HITMAN GO: DEFINITIVE EDITION Agent 47 Collect all trophies for Hitman GO: Definitive Edition. #66:MIDDLE-EARTH: SHADOW OF WAR The Bright LordMiddle-earth has been saved. For now... #65:RESISTANCE: BURNING SKIES Platinum Earn all trophies
  9. Still cant get the trophy. The brother that i Control always betrayes me mid fight
  10. Im playing the game on PS4 and now i want to finish it on my vita...but when i try to download the save Via Vita..it just doesnt appear anything...and i know that the game its cross save and i checked and i have the game on the cloud
  11. Every time i try to do This trophy...the moment i injure one of the bloodbrothers the One on my control betrayes me...or the target fleds...ending the mission. I dont know if i send both to the pit...if the trophy still Pops.
  12. Plat #64 - South Park The stick of truth PS4
  13. Any news on the eu release? https://i.imgur.com/zEX5Y4x.jpg New game!
  14. New babys. Chaos Child, fate extela and summon nights 6 on its way. Going to have a 3 weeks vacations ..really soon so..going to enjoy some Vita games.
  15. thanks for the tips