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  1. I cant buy that edition since i already have the default one
  2. Ok thanks! Just waiting for a sale...
  3. So, i bought the default edition and now i want to 100% the game...do i need to buy the season pass or just the following DLC?
  4. Sorry guys havent been in the fórum for a while. I just refished every fish until it popped. I was missing One..but it Said on the challenges that it was caught
  5. So i catched every fish possible, i checked the challenges and its all done and the trophy didnt popped, dont know if There is a fish connected to a specific side story or the trophy glitched on me.
  6. A indie month ...well there are worse AAA games around
  7. Look! A white whale!
  8. A cool 10€ find
  9. Im really having a bad time with this plat. Now that i deleted everything and tried a new run, the white choice at the beginning doesnt appear anymore..but the One that should appear, doesnt appear either...this is so weird.
  10. I cant do it right now but its a white trigger after the second blue choice...right Next to the beginning of the game...weird that i dont see it in any guide
  11. I did a Run right now next to a video guide...i did the exact thing and Still skipped me 2 true world. Probably its the first white trigger, dont know why ir doesnt appear on any guide or on the vídeo 0.0
  12. I dont know either...i made a new run 7 Times now and it goes 2 true world instead of resistance 2. Most guides dont talk about the first adicional near the beginning of the game. Dont know if it has anything to do about that
  13. I just cant get this damn trophy...i follow the guide EXACTLY and after the resistance 1 chapter it jumps to true world instead of resistance 2. Every guide is consistent, i dont know What 2 do.
  14. Same crap. Game doesnt act like the guides says.
  15. Hi guys! Can someone share with me the guide they used? I tried 2/3 different ones but i always get stucked on the part that i need to load save 2. It never happens what it says in the guide at all.