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  1. So..Im in Old Town roaming around trying to get the 15 survivors saved from Rays man..done..and sometimes i get a survivor but surrounded with all black dressed enemies...are this guys from the DLC? Does it count for the trophy?
  2. At the Room where the Treasure chest is ( after you do the book puzzle), if you go to the end of the Room and smack the wall you hear the sound of a secret Room and you can go inside but the character gets stuck. Is There another hidden Room or its just a Glitch?
  3. So, if im reading right, if i fight the boss for the normal ending it will put me on the last checkpoint and i can go do the 100% stuff and the alternate ending?
  4. Cant find the information of a point of no return..because i want to 100% before the last boss fight.
  5. I killed the head with the hands and the first boss to get there visages...dont know where is the third boss só i can enter the catedral. Im assuming that the way to the Next boss its the blocked passage way that we are talking about
  6. Is that the catedral where i need the 3 visages? Because i need One more..Im assuming that this blocked pass that he Will open for me..its the area for the last visage boss.
  7. The last time i Saw him i cutted down a tree to let him cross the spikes..dont know where to find him Next.
  8. Is There anyway to do this jump? He doesnt teach the Edge because of the water. I need to reach the other SIDE to get to the lever. This is the other SIDE I need the last visage and this is the only locations that i have unopen passways
  9. Why does cleofas meeting redento negates the 100%?
  10. Well the strategy to plat this game is confusing 2 me..só Im just playing until i get a walkthrought. Its super enjoyable regardless. Can i stop before the last boss and 100% the game..or doing some trophies Will negate others?
  11. Sooo...on a Run i can not use her and She Will Stay Alive and on another Run i can use her to not consume flasks.
  12. Do we win or lose anything by having the npc girl helping US on boss fights? I dont see any throphy attached to using or not using her..thats why Im asking.
  13. Yep
  14. Im looking for a collectibles guide on text but i can only find vídeo ones.
  15. You cant buy both versions..it says that i cant buy it... atleast the digital version..since i already have the default digital version