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  1. Plat #64 - South Park The stick of truth PS4
  2. Any news on the eu release? https://i.imgur.com/zEX5Y4x.jpg New game!
  3. New babys. Chaos Child, fate extela and summon nights 6 on its way. Going to have a 3 weeks vacations ..really soon so..going to enjoy some Vita games.
  4. thanks for the tips
  5. but do i need to get all of it or just the missable?
  6. i have seen that...but they have a different "equipment" location guide...so i was confused
  7. i just cant find a 100% guide to the game...that have all collectibles, equipments and misseble trophies all in one...i just scouted google for one but i cant find it...anyone had any luck?
  8. so, i downloaded the game on the free weekend and its still active but with the trophies locked. looks like i can play the entire game....can injust complete de game and when i get a copy...will the trophys unlocked?
  9. Fun: 10/10 Difficulty:3/10 Fun:6/10 Difficulty:1/10
  10. #60 Platinum Obtain all other trophies, and be an all around Zed slaying machine Done it legit, it feels amazing when you get a good team and you beat the hell on earth. Its not easy at all but trully amazing when you finally do it.
  11. is there any difficulty selection? Or its just like souls?
  12. #58 - Ride Born to RIDE Unlock all trophies #59 - Lara Craft GO A true adventurerCollect all trophies #57 - Nier Automata Final WordsThank you for playing.
  13. well, it works via the library. its still strange that you cant transfer via store or the website
  14. for what i researched im not the only one complaining...this as been going atleast since the release on the ps4. Going to try it via library later today. via store or website its not working ATM
  15. Anyone having the some problem? I bought the game a few days ago and i cant download it, It ask me to choose an edition, theres only one choice..the full game one, after clicking transfer it just doesnt start downloading.