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  1. Same crap. Game doesnt act like the guides says.
  2. Hi guys! Can someone share with me the guide they used? I tried 2/3 different ones but i always get stucked on the part that i need to load save 2. It never happens what it says in the guide at all.
  3. If i Cant...i cant ..like i said i need to deliver the game in 2 days..and im not going to make myself hate the game because of a plat.
  4. Actually its my first time doing Shareplay lol i dont even know if my net Can handle it lol im not a trophy Hunter by all means...i plat games that i find enjoyable...if i Can get someone to help me...cool...if i dont..i wont die..its not that important. This is the last trophy that i need.
  5. Anyone Willing to helping me kill the valkyrie Queen, via Shareplay? I tried around 40+ times and i just cant do it and in 2 days im giving the game back to the owner.
  6. Im missing Intel n°4 on Mission 3. All the guides say that there are 2 officers on the last área that you hack 2 posts but i played 5 Times already and there is only 1 officer...as anyone got this bug?
  7. Im getting a copy of the game from Canadá and Im from europe...just wondering if This game got some lock. I know that most games are not but i know that developers can inforce the lock.
  8. I did it bare hands without any drugs.. just go around it and punch, punch, punch..it takes a minute or 2 but they die
  9. really dont understand the amount of people complaining about This...the mp sucks but it ONLY took me like 3 hours to do all the mp crap
  10. Just wondering What is your Weapon of choice...for most of the game i was playing with the M60, Its a great Weapon and really fun to use untill i tried the UZI...God damn This Weapon its broken as hell lol Longe and close range it just destroys the baddys and the sound ir makes its just so fun
  11. Well i really dont CARE about sport but my entire family are hard supporters of FCP ( Futebol Clube do Porto)...a Portuguese Soccer team
  12. Loved This game...a true beacon of good free to play model ...working
  13. FarCry 5 and Danganronpa on ps Vita
  14. I dont get ejection problems..just the rest mode one
  15. A fantastic deal! 20€ for all of them from a local private seller