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  1. If i get the PS4 physical version will i still able to get it for the ps5 version or is That ONLY possible with the digital version?
  2. Hey, so...im 5 hours deep in 2 this game and loving it so far. Mainly using the "Uzi" and the shotgun so far. My question is ..should i focus on getting Money to buy better armor or the ones that i find on the world its enough to go by. Is there any preferable set to buy/find and upgrade and stick with it..or its fluid?
  3. Still on the assembly line..so im assuming horizontaly? First release of anything that at day One (Europe) you cant find 1 unit at any store or website its uncanny.
  4. So there is still no update on the discount of the week, atleast on the Portuguese store. Maybe preping for Black Friday discounts? There is still no word on that either.
  5. I seen being late for a couple of hours but not 24h ..atleast in my region..thats why im pondering the announcement of black friday deals on the store.
  6. Second week? Its a new game every week They could have changed the day...atleast on the Portuguese store its every wednesday on the dot.
  7. Sometimes they stop the deal of the week when a big discount event its going on...Thats why um theorising that they will eventually announce black friday deals
  8. Its the same as last week. It chances every wednesday. Probably didnt phrase it right. There is a discount of the week, just not a new One.
  9. If you plat the game on PS4 Will it appear plated on ps5 or will you be able to do it again?
  10. Just wondering if i need PSN plus to challenge my friends Times...for the trophy
  11. Hey guys im on The hunt for a new TV for the ps5..i was going to buy the nano866 that already have 120hz and hdr / 2.1 but at the store the 916 model that is always more expensive its at the exact same price right now. Im not an expert on tv's so im Wondering if i should go with the 916 or the 866 model.
  12. Thank you for clearing it up! This will take alot of grinding off the table since im scared of survivor mode and i was thinking of doing it on normal.
  13. So...i dont need to do a new Run for each 25 glowing fragments?..i just need to reset the world save and keep picking up the glowing fragments ? Thats the part that im still confused..if i need to do new runs and the save exploit just let me get 2 keys in one or i just do The exploit and get all the glowing fragments i need in One go.
  14. So if my noob mind understands correctly your method turns a 2 run process of getting 2 keys in to a 1 Run afair with save manipulation.
  15. Now im just scared of the survivor even on normal..dont know if i got the skill for 10 bosses
  16. It took me 32 re-rolls to find the ace's Key so i got so overpowered that i eventually done with agaisnt the dragon
  17. So...its been 23 re-rolls on Adventure mode on earth, 12 on normal and 13 on hard and still no ace's coin...probably im ONLY extremel unloncky..because there are some events and bosses that even after 23 re-rolls it only appeard once, like the protect 2 NPCs event and the riptide boss encounter. After rerun Numbers 5 simulacrums stop appearing on the map..i searched everywhere...i may have missed One or 2 ..but 18 Times not finding it..im a little suspicious.. Does anyone knows if there is a cap on how many simulacrums you can find on a save?
  18. Mass effect trilogy its a big One. Sci-fi Rpgs are just not my thing. Then Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Witcher 3. Both are just 2 big time sinks. I enjoyed the Witcher 3 for a couple of hours but red dead after 2 hours i was done...the minimal diviation its mission failed and that rubbed me the wrong way.
  19. #123:From the Ashes Acquire all trophies - Remnant from the Ashes. Im not the biggest fan of souls-like style of games, bloodborne and BLasphemous being the exception. Im not that good of a player 2 begin with and time wise this type of games demand time and dedication that i dont have , but remnant took me by surprise...the ideal lvl of difficulty to my taste and totally doable in off line mode just the way i like it. I doubt that i Will get 100% to the dlc because of survivor mode but im going to enjoy the dlc either way.
  20. Still no update in Portugal and the normal PSN store its not working that great either.
  21. Well i wont play the dlc that soon...10 rerolls and still no ace's coin lol
  22. Personally i had no issue whatsoever...all the trophies popped in do time. Just having a hell of a time with Ace coin. 10 adventure reruns and Still no link.
  23. If i get the DLC..is it possible to get glowing fragments on hard difficulty on the main Campaign? Or its only available on de dlc "world"?
  24. Untouchable Defeat a world boss in offline mode without taking damage Remnant from the ashes was a complete surprise, loving the game so far. its hard but managable for noobs like me, highly recomended.
  25. Re rolled adventure mode 5 Times on earth and Still havent found Ace's coin..This is getting ridiculous...atleast im farming simulacrus