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  1. Well, i keep trying but the bag just doesnt Open when i press square.
  2. If i get 2 lvl 250 can i do Theo bozak dlc Alone? I tried the Glitch but its not working for me, just thinking if i can do does trophies Alone at lvl 250 it may be Worth to lvl up
  3. Im disconnecting the net via the menu since im using wifi...im assuming that its why its not working
  4. Can someone confirm if the lvl up Glitch still works? If not the trophies are just not worth the ton of hours that i need to lvl up.
  5. Well im lvl Legend 6 and i cant do it alone..thatd why i was wondering if i could do it at max lvl
  6. So..Im in Old Town roaming around trying to get the 15 survivors saved from Rays man..done..and sometimes i get a survivor but surrounded with all black dressed enemies...are this guys from the DLC? Does it count for the trophy?
  7. At the Room where the Treasure chest is ( after you do the book puzzle), if you go to the end of the Room and smack the wall you hear the sound of a secret Room and you can go inside but the character gets stuck. Is There another hidden Room or its just a Glitch?
  8. Cant find the information of a point of no return..because i want to 100% before the last boss fight.
  9. So, if im reading right, if i fight the boss for the normal ending it will put me on the last checkpoint and i can go do the 100% stuff and the alternate ending?
  10. I killed the head with the hands and the first boss to get there visages...dont know where is the third boss só i can enter the catedral. Im assuming that the way to the Next boss its the blocked passage way that we are talking about
  11. Is There anyway to do this jump? He doesnt teach the Edge because of the water. I need to reach the other SIDE to get to the lever. This is the other SIDE I need the last visage and this is the only locations that i have unopen passways
  12. Is that the catedral where i need the 3 visages? Because i need One more..Im assuming that this blocked pass that he Will open for me..its the area for the last visage boss.
  13. The last time i Saw him i cutted down a tree to let him cross the spikes..dont know where to find him Next.
  14. Do we win or lose anything by having the npc girl helping US on boss fights? I dont see any throphy attached to using or not using her..thats why Im asking.
  15. Why does cleofas meeting redento negates the 100%?
  16. Well the strategy to plat this game is confusing 2 me..só Im just playing until i get a walkthrought. Its super enjoyable regardless. Can i stop before the last boss and 100% the game..or doing some trophies Will negate others?
  17. Sooo...on a Run i can not use her and She Will Stay Alive and on another Run i can use her to not consume flasks.
  18. Yep
  19. So, i bought the default edition and now i want to 100% the game...do i need to buy the season pass or just the following DLC?
  20. Im looking for a collectibles guide on text but i can only find vídeo ones.
  21. You cant buy both versions..it says that i cant buy it... atleast the digital version..since i already have the default digital version
  22. I cant since i already have the normal edition
  23. Hi guys! Can someone share with me the guide they used? I tried 2/3 different ones but i always get stucked on the part that i need to load save 2. It never happens what it says in the guide at all.
  24. I cant buy that edition since i already have the default one
  25. Ok thanks! Just waiting for a sale...