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  1. Just to update, I'm done with Outward now, and the armour test mentioned in this post was only going to take place during the free MP weekend in August (I don't have PS Plus).
  2. Also out on the UK PS Store now - has gone right on my wishlist!
  3. From memory, I think I stockpiled jerky using the dog item carryover method, which can be used to keep you alive at the start until you are able to hunt animals for meat. Starting with a stash of jerky is also super useful for the vegetarian trophy (I was more than a little amused to find that you can still obtain Vegetarian by spending the whole 20 days eating dried meats!)
  4. Selling Railway Empire in the UK, for £15.99. This is the 'vanilla' version, but it's also the US version so you'll need to do some region switching if you want to buy/use the DLC. Disc and box are in excellent condition (unplayed) and the box includes a small poster/chart of the game's trains, along with a download link for the soundtrack (which still works).
  5. Thanks for documenting all of this I've seen that 17 people have the platinum now, so I'll take that as meaning that everything is (mostly) working with the game!
  6. Hi all, I've finished Outward and my guide (plug), but as there's a free multiplayer weekend coming up (8th-9th August), I feel that I might as well fine-tune the guide and help some people out in the process. The Perfect Defense trophy requires wearing a full set of Tsar armor - I made a set the hard way across three playthroughs, but I haven't confirmed if temporarily trying the set on (via co-op sharing) will unlock the trophy. With that in mind, would anyone like to be a guinea pig for testing this trophy's requirements? I can set up a game and drop my Tsar set to see if wearing it gives the other player the trophy. If you're after the platinum it'll still require three playthroughs, but at least you might be able to tick one of the lengthiest trophy requirements off the list!
  7. I'm glad to announce that the guide is now finished and published - check it out here! I tried to maintain a balance between covering all the trophy requirements and not forcing people to play a certain way, so let me know what you think 👂.
  8. Hi all, Just to update, I'm nearly done with the guide and expect to finish it (for submission) this weekend - the end of a long in-game journey!
  9. I used a tiny piece of blu tack on the middle of the crosshair - other things are available but I can't vouch for whether they'll leave a mark or not. Blu tack just left a small smudge on my screen, which I was able to remove afterwards using a cloth.
  10. I can second this as a good strategy - the pattern of balls/speeds is the same every time, so if you have a list you can at least be slightly prepared for the next ball. For EX Hard, it's as follows - 1. Fastball (fast) 2. Curveball (slow) 3. Sinker (fast) 4. Fastball (slow) 5. Sinker (fast) 6. Curveball (slow) 7. Sinker (fast) 8. Sinker (slow) 9. Curveball (medium) 10. Fastball (fast) 11. Sinker (medium) 12. Curveball (medium) 13. Curveball (medium) 14. Fastball (medium) 15. Fastball (fast) 16. Sinker (slow) 17. Curveball (fast) 18. Sinker (fast) 19. Fastball (slow) 20. Fastball (fast) n.b Fastballs come in a straight line from the 'pitcher', sinkers curve around to Kiryu's right and curveballs curve around to Kiryu's left. I've finally beaten this ghastly minigame, but had the most difficulty with slow curveballs and fast sinkers.
  11. Assuming you've negated the lack of crosshair on EX Hard with Blu-Tack (other stickers are available), there's still the challenge of actually scoring 1800 points or higher. I've still yet to crack this minigame, but I have realised that you can have a 3-ball leeway before you have to restart (assuming that you hit the 10-ball bonus target, that is). It all boils down to the pattern you go with - after clearing 9 balls and hitting the target, the board will be reset and you'll have 1280 points. If you go with a 'plus' shape (e.g 2-5-8, then 4 & 6, then the corner squares), you'll can only miss two balls if you want to get 1800 or higher. If you go in an X shaped pattern, however, the arrangement of panels means that you can now miss a third ball and still go on to clear 1800. An example is 1-5-9, then 3 & 7 - assuming that you can hit two more panels, you'll be able to clear 1800 points in 17 balls, not 18 as with the above pattern. It's not much, but hopefully this helps some people to clear this fiendish challenge quicker!
  12. Thanks for this - I'll give it a try. I've had a few more goes at golf since the original post and my main problem is now focused on the green. I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but it you over/undershoot the green it seems incredibly difficult to get from the rough to the green in a decent number of strokes due to the putter being underpowered and the other clubs being overpowered (even at half power). I've also been having a lot of difficulty with accurate putting - there seems to be a very fine (invisible) line between the ball going in and it jumping over the hole because of too much power.
  13. I've finished the story and am tidying up the minigames & substories, but have hit a bit of a rut (or bunker) with golf. Does anyone have any advice to make this minigame easier? I've just about managed to make a few drives, but am still bumbling through it!
  14. To answer my own question, it seems to be around 17.6gb for Uncharted 1 - I've finished the story and can access all the rewards on this amount.
  15. Melee combat is certainly very Souls-like - waiting for enemies to attack, dodging this and then attacking them, plus the limited stamina system means you can't just go in swinging wildly and hope for success. After my first playthrough, I'd say it's almost harder than the Souls games - the early game has a steep learning curve and the addition of hunger, thirst and depleting health/stamina bars means you need to pay attention to a lot more than just chugging estus/blood vials. It's also harder to improve your character in Outward, as you need to physically travel to trainers in different parts of the world instead of just doing it easily at a central hub/bonfire.