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  1. @Infernopommes I'd second this - I got my cards done on a completely fresh save, and there's not enough information available to say if missed cards reposition or not on subsequent playhroughs.
  2. Glad I could help - it's not your average collectibles system, that's for sure!
  3. I would like to think that this will be 'it' for Railway Empire DLC, but I can totally see the devs making Russia, India or Africa DLC if the Japan content sells well. It's that weird problem where they're too supportive post launch and this ends up conflicting with complete editions.
  4. Snowrunner fans might be interested to hear that there will be a second season of Phases and Expansions, which is being presented as 'Year 2'. The season pass for this is already available on PS Store, along with free anniversary DLC and the Year 1 Phase 4 expansion. I'm not sure if this will mean additional trophies (given that there wasn't anything for Year 1's maps/missions), but it's nice to see continued support for the game.
  5. I managed to platinum Blacksad earlier this year (February) playing on PS4, so it should definitely be doable on PS5/with a more recent patch. I think my version was 1.05 at the time (?). It takes about 6 playthroughs to get all the ending scene variants and the card collection system is a bit buggy (mainly in the final location), but this post should help with the cards. I didn't have that many performance issues at the time, mainly crashes as the game was initially starting up.
  6. Many thanks for this - I did replay H1 via H2 when it came out, so hopefully that will minimise any HDD legwork. I linked my profile during H2 as well (for 3 extra suits, iirc), so transferring should be straightforward.
  7. I'll be getting Hitman 3 in a few days - I bought H1 on the PS Store when it came out and had the H2 gold edition on disc. I still have my H1 and H2 profile saves on my system but don't have either game installed - does this mean that I will need to temporarily install both games to trigger H3 recognising that I bought them so that I can download the H1 and H2 bits for H3? I'm hoping the answer is "No", as from memory H2 was around 100gb and my hard drive space is nearly maxed out!
  8. That's another way of doing it, thanks! I was mainly writing from an 'on the store' perspective - it was so esoteric to find the game on the console store that I half-thought that it had been delisted.
  9. Now that the wishlist function is back on the PS Store website, I've been re-adding games to my wishlist. One of these is COD: Modern Warfare Remastered, but it took a bit of searching to even find it in the first place. Basically, search for "mwr" on the store and you'll get the variety map pack as the only result. Go on this item then you should be able to choose "game page" for Modern Warfare Remastered and be able to buy it. I couldn't find MWR as the base game through a normal search which is weird, but it is still on the store and available to buy.
  10. Currently selling (to UK buyers only, unfortunately): Uncharted 1, 2 & 3 (PS3) - I can do all 3 for £12 or individually for £5. LittleBigPlanet 2 (PS3) - £8. Virtua Tennis 4 (PS3) - £8. Prototype (PS3) - £8. Railway Empire (PS4) - this is the US version of the game, so unless you have a US account you won't be able to use any DLCs bought on the UK/EU PS Store. The base game still installs and runs normally on a UK/EU console. £12.
  11. I personally had the alcoholic debuff which messed up the ending of the quest, but from initial research on Steam forums, being drunk (whichever stage) also appears to prevent the proper ending/trophy unlock. It's an odd glitch, because the cutscene played, the game autosaved and I had a quest completion notification, but noticeably didn't receive the shirt or the trophy popup. The good news is that the drunk/hungover effects are much quicker to get rid of than alcoholic, which seemed to last about an in-game week before it expired naturally.
  12. Just a quick post to say that if you are under the effects of alcohol when completing 'At Your Service, My Lady' (and choosing to romance Stephanie), you might be unable to get the Casanova trophy or the gifted shirt. I had the alcoholic debuff active when finishing the quest and didn't get the trophy or the shirt, so it's a pretty easy fix to reload a previous save and wait until the effects (drunk, hungover or alcoholic) wear off. When I was debuff free, this quest finished properly and Casanova popped up.
  13. Disclaimer: Much of this is owed to the author of the PS3Trophies trophy guide, who put me on the right track to getting Sports Illustrated in the first place. I finally got the Sports Illustrated trophy today; I was playing on the digital EU version of Blacksad, on the latest patch (at the time of writing). It took a lot of research to find out how the card system worked and most of the info on other forums is misleading, so this post is to demystify the process and hopefully make it much easier for everyone to get all 100 cards. Most notably, if you are missing a certain card, e.g. #56, there's no guarantee that it will be where another player found it, given the number of variables in play. Basically, there are 160 potential spawn points for sports cards when you start a new game, but only 100 of these will actually be used. Any card could be in any location, with the exception of cards 21-22 (Tim Thorpe) which are always in the final location of the game. Additionally, you will only be able to find so many cards per area. The total cards per area are as follows: Dunn's Gym: 24 Blacksad's office (while you are looking for lockpicks): 3 Sam's Diner: 3 Yale's apartment: 6 Mary's apartment: 1 Hospital: 6 O'Leary's (alleyway, restaurant corridor, basement & office): 14 Farnham's hotel room flashbacks: 5 Dunn's apartment: 9 Green-wood Cemetery: 4 Weekly's darkroom: 1 Docks (outside area & roof): 6 Docks Warehouse & basement: 7 Thorpe's office: 11 Total: 100 The Microids card locations guide shows you where every card spawn point is, so use this to check every potential spot and tick off each card that you find in each area. I started an entirely new game (deleted old saves) and made sure that I had found all of the area's possible cards before moving on to the next area. Once you have found the max number of area cards, it is safe to move on to the next area without checking the remaining potential spawn points. General tips Be extremely thorough - use the right stick to pan and look around during zoomed-in sections, and make sure that you check every area carefully as it can be very finicky to get the prompt to appear, even when you are looking at/next to a card. Additionally, sometimes cards are completely invisible, but the prompt will still show up. Press carefully - there are a number of times when you will irreversibly move on in a scene (e.g. going through a door or window), so make sure that you are hitting the card prompt (which will have a star on it). Some card spots, notably the one outside of Dunn's office, are visually glitched, and a card is visible even if the spot is or isn't in use. Quit to the menu and backup your saves regularly; there are apparently some issues with cards not appearing due to long session times, although I didn't encounter any of these. This also allows you to re-check spots if you do something irreversible and didn't collect enough cards in an area. Card-Specific tips (using the Microids guide for reference) Dunn's Gym #19 - This is visually bugged, and will appear whether or not the card spot is actually in use. #22 - This card will usually be out of sight, so it takes some wiggling around of Blacksad to check the spot. You will only be able to check Dunn's office after obtaining the lockpicks, as Jake will prevent you going in otherwise. Yale's Apartment #56 - Make sure that you pan all the way to the left to check this spot. Mary's Apartment #58-59 - Pan right to see #59; #58 should be immediately visible. Hospital #65 - If you only find 5 cards in the Hospital the first time, the 6th card will be #65. Collect it immediately, as checking the cupboard and looking at the anteater will progress the scene and block you from going for the card. O' Leary's #69 (Alleyway) - A very fiddly spot; I only managed to get the prompt by walking past/under the lit-up sign away from the camera then turning around to face the camera. #76 (Alleyway) - Another tricky one - make sure that you pan all the way up to see the fire escape and possible prompt. #79-84 (Basement, before freezer) - The PS3Trophies guide suggests that these spots are lighter/torch dependent, i.e you will only be able to collect 79, 80 and 84 while holding the lighter, and 83, 82 and 81 while holding the torch. I didn't have any lighter-specific cards on my successful run, but when using the torch these spots are extremely precise, so do a very thorough sweep before you enter the freezer. #85-86 (Basement, freezer) - Pan with the right stick, up and right respectively to spot the prompts. #87-90 (Basement, past freezer) - These are torch section cards, so do a very thorough check while moving the torch light around with the right stick. Farnham's Hotel Room Flashback(s) #95 & #97 - There is a strange glitch relating to the cupboard doors here, where you open the left cupboard and get the right cupboard's contents appearing (or vice versa). If you close the cupboard and try it again, sometimes it shows the correct contents. To maximise your available time/opportunities to search for hotel room cards, do the following during each flashback: (1) Only look at the left-most item on the table (to the left of the exit door). (2) Look at Farnham's pocket. (3) Open the cupboard with Farnham's jacket/address book in it. (4) Look at the other cupboard, which will have Farnham's gun in it. (5) Look at the remaining item on the table to the left of the exit door. If you look at the gun and the Ding Dong chip before being asked about them, you will skip two flashback sequences and miss two chances to look for cards. Cemetery #117 - Very easy to miss; go behind the tombstone and have Blacksad face towards the camera to get the prompt to appear. Weekly's Darkroom/Tennis Flashbacks #122 - The physical card is usually invisible even if this spot is being used, so pan very slowly to get the prompt to appear. Docks (Outside & Roof) #124 - Very convoluted. When the docks arrival cutscene finishes, look at Gill's gun then Mitchell's head while using cat sense. Mitchell will leave, and you can pan to the right and look at the roof, which will transport Blacksad to the alleyway. From here, go all the way back around to where you started the scene (at the entrance to the warehouse that Gill is guarding). Walk towards Gill; Blacksad will flatten himself against the truck and you will be able to do cat sense again. Instead, hold the left stick left so that Blacksad leaves the area again - this will cause the camera angle to change and allow you to check card spot #124. If you try looking without changing the camera angle, the prompt will not appear. Getting on the forklift or driving it into the alleyway spot are irreversible actions, so make sure that you check the docks area before doing this (or use a backup save to restart if there aren't enough cards on the roof). Thorpe's Office #160 - I only found 10 (of 11) cards when first going through Thorpe's office, and checked every spot carefully. Having only found 10, I made the final deductions and finished the game with 99/100, then went on load/continue and went back into the office sequence from the very start (which has Blacksad talking to Stone & Yale, meeting Weekly then arriving at Thorpe's office). I went through the office again and found this card (my last one, and one half of the 21-22 Tim Thorpe pair) in the #160 spot, which is a filing tray on Thorpe's desk.
  14. Just to add, I was playing on the digital EU version of Blacksad and used @Chapomon's 48-deduction list, which worked perfectly! I got the trophy after the final deduction, and this was from starting a fresh new game (deleting my old saves beforehand). Some observations - for deductions 3-6, make sure that you look at the card index on Dunn's desk before you start to make these deductions, as if you go too far down the 'Mary was seeing Dunn' route the game will effectively skip one of these deductions and prevent you from getting the required deduction. When you are in the hotel room flashback sequence, there's plenty of time to get all of the deductions done, and I managed to get 2-3 per flashback while also picking up trading cards. I also didn't call Smirnov while in Thorpe's office (regarding the broken Gill deduction), just to be safe.
  15. Thank you for this answer - I'm relieved to hear it! I know what you mean about missing cards, even knowing where things were with the Microids guide, I've had to really search for the card spots.