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  1. Katz Person You must really love katz to have collected so many katz spirits! That's the spirit, meow!
  2. The Honorable Warrior Proof Rokurou knows 50 or more skills. He will pay the debts he owes. That's the Rangetsu way.
  3. Magilou's Magnificent Menagerie Proof that Magilou's Menagerie performed perfectly. A capacity crowd! A standing ovation! No refunds!
  4. Distinct Worlds Revisit and complete Traverse Town as both Sora and Riku.
  5. Best Friend! Maximum value for Bond
  6. This was in the mail today:
  7. The Beloved Farmer Reach a 10-heart friend level with 8 people.
  8. Steins;Gate 0 25% CG Unlocked Saw 25% of CG. Earned it at 8:57 am
  9. Polyculture trophy is mine at last, but... screw you Coffee Beans <_< Also, I'm a mum now, and decorating the house is fun once you have the catalog : )

  10. A Stray Sheep Cleared “A Stray Sheep”.
  11. I wonder what I'm missing for the "Polyculture" trophy in Stardew Valley. As flowers don't count towards it (?), I should have shipped every item 15 times... 

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    2. TheFinalEmblem


      Berseria I will definitely play, I have the CE preordered. Digimon, I'll more than likely get. I loved Cyber Sleuth and I'm totally ready for another Digimon adventure.

    3. Zoushi


      Me too. What do you think about the censored scene? I saw people rage about it quite a bit. I understand why they have to censor it, but I don't get why the scene should be for mature audiences only. Cyber sleuth was a great game : ) Hopefully Digimon World will live up to it. 

      I'm still not sure about Persona. If I should get the CE or not.

    4. TheFinalEmblem


      I'm not talking about the censorship, I've already said my piece on the first page in the thread about it, and I'm leaving it there. If I said something here, the weebs would probably flock automatically and start attacking because I don't agree with them.

  12. Local Legend Restore the Pelican Town Community Center.
  13. Closed Epigraph Cleared “Closed Epigraph”. Poor, sad Okabe (。•́︿•̀。) I want to give him a hug.
  14. I'm happy with "This War of Mine" ^^
  15. Cook Cook 10 different recipes.