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  1. My fat backwards ps3 is Big Daddy Game and my ps3 slim is The Iceberg Slim
  2. Lego marvel collection for $15 looks like a good deal. The crew 2 gold edition for under $22 looks good too but I think I’d rather wait for the base game to get to $10 then maybe I remember when most sales had plus discounts now we’re treated to it as a special deal, sad times
  3. Thanks for the heads up, will be sure to grab it
  4. I got the game from plus & the dlc is showing free for me. thanks for the heads up br1anstrike3k
  5. Thanks for the heads up. They’ve done a poor job of advertising these stay at home games on the store
  6. I started zombie Vikings recently. It’s just a side scrolling beat ‘sm up but it’s hilarious. would also suggest you try out some different multiplayers of games & use a mic & talk to people. Interacting with people could help
  7. Didn’t an official Sony entity leak that the crash collection was going to be on plus a month or two ago? I guess we’ll see when they do the official next week. Seems kinda fast to uncharted again
  8. Got this today. Didn’t max the sword before getting the Armageddon blade. Only bought the 5K scythe. Trophy didn’t pop until after leaving the shop after buying the last upgrades I needed
  9. 3 on 3 freestyle man of the year (gold) - mvp 200 times and hall of fame (plat) - collect every trophy
  10. #97 3 on 3 freestyle finally got the 200 mvp’s. Free to play game that I’d always come back to between games or when I’d didn’t have a lot of time & wanted something to zone out to. Big grind if you’re looking for trophies unless you’re really good or want to drop some money on it. Fun arcade basketball different from nba jam if that’s what you want though
  11. Tekken 6! I’d also be down for tekken tag tournament 2 also. Was not big on 7 between the terrible story mode, the small roster & gameplay change with the super moves it left me rather flat. Eventually deleted it for hard drive space & doubt I’ll go back to it
  12. Much like the borderlands collection the bioshock collection kept going on sale for $15 and I was waiting for it to hit $10 before I’d buy it but it’s coming to plus first so a win for me I guess have never played the sims before, don’t know if I’ll add it to my library yet
  13. I just renewed my subscription using the site, $36.59. Worked well, didn’t take long at all
  14. Women’s: shayna is the lock unless rousey is coming back or they change it because it’s so obvious mens: I don’t have a read on. I’ve seen Romans mane out there but it feels like picking the top guy with no better options. Feels like they can stretch Bryan/Brey to mania and Brock is getting set up in the rumble. Would cool with drew or getting Lashley/Brock. Could see Seth as a way to cement his crew with them being in & protecting him until the end. I can also see if the men’s happens first it being more of a surprise winner or an nxt guy. I’ll call men’s goes on early & (Heyman pushes for) Aleister Black to win
  15. They also announced the multiplayer probably won’t be out until after 2021