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  1. http://imgur.com/cvQTU4nI think in order to get the "big leagues" you need to be placed in a devision if there is no more seasons you can't be placed right?
  2. * Fastest Warrning this is a glitch if you want to do it legit then leave, No need to say in the comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3TbcZ0TEk8&ab_channel=AlexSaysSmile This glitch ONLY works for PS3/Xbox360 since the current gen ps4/xone got patch 1.29 ps3 still has patch 1.28 I tried it and it works but pay close attention to the video
  3. not sure if its a glitch or bug but when I completed The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday it also unlocked prisoner 627 but when I looked at the description it said i also completed the gulag ? evey trophy poped just fine. has this happend to anyone else ?
  4. its the servers most of the time they suck but just keep trying
  5. I see people here and on ps3 trophies asking for co op frends to hug but couldn't you get one co-op friend make a new account and repeat or will that not work
  6. If you rent the game or borrow it just for the ps3 you have to buy portal 2 for the pc and link it to your psn to even play co op online me and my friend could not co op since we both reneted the game
  7. Likes to plat easy and common games
  8. (title edit: Requiring) since this game is dead there is no one playing and heres the kicker if you want to play with your friends to help you plat the game you will need to spend $10 as most if not all servers are dlc only I don't know what EA was thinking when they this
  9. If you're from over seas then yes this post is wrong since you can get the dlc free. But if you're from the states you do not get the dlc free and you need it to join the lobbies I cheched everywhere including ps3trophies.org for information to join a empty server. And you need the dlc. You could say there are servers that don't need them but after hours of searching on multiple accounts including EU the ammount of servers that don't need the dlc is only a couple and the players in them rang from 0-5 through most days
  10. They patched the US version and the dlc is region locked so you can't make another account the store will say there is nothing here
  11. yes you are right but not having the dlc makes boosting with others 10x harder YeaI will keep trying. luck has never been on my side . Thanks
  12. You need (the hunt dlc) it has two maps and most servers require that you have the dlc even if the map is not in rotation or atleast thats my case when I was looking for servers
  13. Is vice city only for the ps4 version I see SA is for ps3/ps4 ?
  14. Ok thanks. I see threads about this trophy on how you must use steam, not to use steam, you can only get it with steam, It gets so complicated not knowing whats true
  15. I kow they made some big nerfs to items in extinction I was wondering if I uninstall the patches and play extinction will I still be able to get the trophies? Also how would I set up a game since the "solo" feature is in the multiplayer menu when you uninstall the patch You can't select it. thanks
  16. all i need to get is escape in 1:30 before the nuke and get all the challenges and the beat the game with a rellic
  17. *SAVINGS TIME) STUPID AUTO CORRECT .In america we use this stupid time switch to move 1 hour back and 1 hour ahead but I can't seem to make a switch on psn profiles So when someone host a session the timmer will be off how can i fix it ?
  18. After getting the decorated trophy I can say you DO NOT need the DLC ribbons you might see some ribbons like "win superiority matches" don't worrie you do not need them and also for people having troube with "air warfare ribbion" it also counts if you are second gunner not just a pilot so if you see a teammate in a choper ride with him it counts and its eaiser if you have not gotten used to flying in BF3 EDIT: sorry if this is more of a tip than a disccusion I couldnt add tips :/
  19. Hello everyone I am new to this session thing I Started one and was wanting to know some things when it says the session is in play now but my time is a couple of hours away do i start or wait until it is the time i put
  20. sort of like the trophy level the more you boost with people the higher the lever it removed people who are there just to cause trouble. An rating for other trophy boosters did they fallow direction know what to do you reccomend them so other boosters know that you are reliable but its just a suggestion
  21. ok i got thank you
  22. I set the time for later but it started early It
  23. Have you tried to see if its in the store or inventory I have heard of some people getting this glitch but its extremely rare