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  1. It has a lot of bad sectors,I didn't want to risk losing everything again. I bought an SSD for only £25. There are only a few PS3 games I want to plat and after that I can put the SSD in my PC.
  2. I really wanted to save this HDD because of the unsynced trophy data, I've tried HDD Regenerator to see if it can fix the problem. Once the initial scan was completed I was really "happy" to see that there were some bad sectors on the drive because I thought that they can be fixed. Once the repair process has finished it was a bit weird that a lot less sectors were fixed but I was still hoping it was good: So I put it back in my PS3, turned it on, it gave me the "File system is corrupted" message, I clicked ok and I was really suprised that the process was really fast up until 25% where it gave me the following error: So I was like, F it, I bought a new HDD and started to play that stupid Prince of Persia from the beginning. 🙄
  3. Since I cannot get past the "system is corrupted" message unfortunately this is not an option. Guess I have to play the games again which I really don't like. 😟
  4. Sooo, the restoring process has finished, the PS3 restarted but now it shows the same "The file system on this system is corrupted and needs to be restored." message. Is it worth a try to check the hard disk with some program like HDD Restore and try to fix the bad sectors? Also, I just checked today that my trophy progress in PoP Trilogy hasn't been synced. If I cannot fix the current hard disk and I replace it, then copy the saves to the new one and start to play, will I get flagged because of unrealistic timestamps?
  5. Well, these options only work IF the system comes back from the restore process. 😟
  6. How can I restore the data? I put in a new HDD then how do I connect the old one? Do I need an external HDD rack or something like that?
  7. Yes, it's going up slowly. I have actually timed it and it takes 15-16 minutes for 1% to go up. In the beginning it was "fast" until it hit 14%.
  8. It seems that my PS3 Slim's HDD is pretty much dead after playing with that buggy ass game called Prince of Persia Trilogy. While I was playing with Sands of Time my PS3 froze a couple of times and the same thing happened when playing with Warrior Within as well. After a froze I have restarted my PS3 by holding the power off button but this time I didn't get the "The system was not turned off properly last time it was used" message rather I got a "File system is corrupt and will be restored" message. I freaked out a bit but it did the thing and I was able use my console. I remembered, that my original fat PS3 got YLOD after a similiar situation so to be on the safe side, I copied all my saves to a USB stick and started to play with Warrior Within again. I finished the game, got the platinum and quit from the game to the XMB. It took a really long time for the XMB to come up but when it did the system completely froze. So, yet again, I pressed the power off to shut off the system then on the next startup I got the same corrupt system message, I pressed X and it started to do the thing. This is going on for 7 hours now. 😵 I don't want to turn it off because I'm afraid that it'll cause more damage to the HDD. So here is my question: Is it possible to fix the HDD in any way? I have many games & DLCs downloaded, also got some pictures/videos which I don't really want to lose.
  9. What about region lock? I have the game from EU region but my account is US. Will I be able access the store and purchase the coins or is it region locked like any "normal" DLC so my EU game won't recognize it?
  10. Does anyone know if the PS NOW version of the game includes the DLC?