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  1. Same shit, minor changes.
  2. Not exactly sure when I'm going to sleep before working a 12 hour shift but fuck it.
  3. Just because you have to leave your country due to the acts of a few doesn't mean you can't be proud of your heritage. I know people from war-torn countries who are patriots and live for their country.
  4. If you can't be proud about who you are how can you be proud about anything else? There's a bad side to everything, nothing only positive.
  5. Anything under $20 is usually a steal for the amount of time you will spend on it.
  6. Reviews really don't give you an idea how much you'll like a game at the end of the day.
  7. That doesn't look cheap at all.
  8. This will come to use.
  9. The Galaxy S5. It's not all that bad. Actually pretty sturdy.
  10. I'm not really sure if it has much practical use being in the player card.
  11. I really believe that limiting tlwhat games you play because you believe your current system is superior is a horrid mindset. However, I do have friends who do such things.