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  1. This is a common issue it seems, if I were you before you achieve a trophy, make a manual save so if it does glitch for you, you can just reload that. That's what I've been doing anyway. I don't think putting your console into rest mode is the issue, I never leave my PS4 in rest mode yet 2 story related and 2 DLC trophies glitched out for me so I had to re attempt them.
  2. Ahh thanks for clearing it up, I know who the person is now πŸ˜‚
  3. At the end of the mission you get an option either automatically taking over a littlr section of the map or recruit Nyte Blade as your homie. With the assassinations being given by your homies is Nyte Blade one of them that gives an assassination challange? So if I decide to take the first option with the ability to take over one section of the map will that lock me out of getting the last remaining assassination contracts? It's been years since I got the platinum this game on the PS3 so I've totally forgotten πŸ˜‚. Thankyou
  4. I've had few instances where some trophies won't unlock the first time in the DLCs resulting me to restart the mission to see if it will unlock when I do it again and instances where some trophies has a huge timing delay when it should unlock. It's a shame really because I think it's a fantastic game and having a blast playing it! However I obviously need to be aware when each trophy should unlock and see to it that it does before proceeding on with the game.
  5. Forgive me if I'm missing something but isn't that just a bit of a ridiculous question? Imagine getting told "oh you've been flagged because you synced late", why does it matter at all when someone syncs up their trophies?
  6. What I did, right after you do that mission where you have to blow up the construction building early into the game, a firetruck appears when the mission finishes (even though you shouldn't be able to get one till the second part of the map), I took that and did it there and then so I was guanteed they a fire wouldn't spawn on the second part of the map which is more trickier to get around.
  7. I've not even started the game and I'm already stumped, when I start the game up shouldn't it take me to a main menu or something? Because as soon as I start the game up, there's no main menu, it just puts me in the lava fighting arena type area. It won't let me pause it, nothing? Well this is getting off with a good start πŸ˜‚πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ EDIT: I apologise for the stupid question, I've figured out what has happened, the game has only downloaded enough data to start the game but that's it, the rest of the game has to download, why let me start the game if you can't do anything until it's fully downloaded? I initially thought it had fully downloaded due to it letting me start the thing πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
  8. Weren't there a guide on here though? Where did it vanish to?
  9. Are you missing one of the stadium missions? There's 3 of them: HOTring, BLOODring and DIRTring, I couldn't see DIRTRING on your stats
  10. You like playing a different variety genre of games, however you do seem to like action/open world games more ☺
  11. Thanks for letting me know, I defiantly will wait till this is patched in before attempting the stupid level again β˜ΊπŸ‘
  12. My plan for the game is when I unlocked the second part of the map, I wil collect all collectables and unlock all the miscellaneous trophies before continuing on with missions. I've got the tank from collecting the packages but even after blowing up everything to the point my tank explodes too yet I only can only reach 5 stars? Is there something I'm missing? I've attempted it about 4 time sand still no luck, now I'm stumped with what to do. Thanks ☺
  13. Even so though, with many positive reviews from critics and awards it's won/nominted. The game is pretty bad in almost every aspect.
  14. I guess I'm the only person who thought the DLC was pretty much trash, seeing that you're 'The Director' you sure don't feel like you're one as you're well underpowered compared to the groups of enemies that swarm around you and have perfect detection when hitting you from a far as getting hit 3-4 times you're dead. The last boss was an absolute pain to get through which I think luck comes into it as the enemies in the fight including the boss can just disappear and re-appear right infront of you, I guess it would be more manageable without nearly the entire the screen turning red making it harder to see where you are when you're low on health which happend after getting hit 2-3 times. The side mission 'Jesse Faden starring in swift platform' is a nightmare and after many tries I've still not been able to complete it. Also the find all collectables trophy 😀 EDIT: After trying many times I finally got the 'Jesse Faden starring in swift platform', the key for me was not to get hit once until you get to the boss but then I lost 80% of my health on those guys that turns up while on the boss. Still felt like a cheap boss though 😁
  15. The only issue for me would be the multiplayer trophies (unless you can do local co-op with a second controller) as I doubt the game will get a huge player count so they will be hard to get those... Why couldn't they just not include the MP trophies 😐