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  1. I think it's a terrible idea because it wouldn't reflect your real gaming history and only show what you want that will most likely a 100% completion profile which defeats the purpose of your trophy hunting history. However if they did introduce this I would think a max cap will be a good idea like for instance you can only delete 3 games with trophies involved on your profile (I'm looking at you Batman: Arkahm Asylum) 😁. Other than that nope.
  2. I'm planning on getting this game soon especially that it's on sale on the PS Store. But my plan was to complete the game as intended and the using the infinite ammo weapons (bought from the PS store) to clean up the speed run trophies, does doing this lock the trophies? Apologies if this has been asked before, but with myself, when 'speed run' trophies are involved I usually panic and make mistakes more often due to being on a time limit but with the infinite ammo weapons I won't have to panic about running out of ammo, thanks ☺
  3. I'm not bashing the game or anything but I was curious what people felt about the last level because for me i feel like the Impossible Lair is difficult because you get hit by cheap shots? I'm not saying that because I haven't platinumed the game but I felt at least a third of myself getting damaged and losing a bee were over a cheap difficulty spike which is random with its timing at random parts. I think I'm pretty good at platform games in general but most of the impossibe Lair mission is difficult for the wrong reasons as there's a difference with a mission being difficult and another thing being cheaply difficult which I feel this mission definitely is. I feel if things were more 'synced' it would be more manageable but because the patterns are random with when something shoots, rotates, moves. I do understand too that patience and timing is key with getting past some parts, but I feel you get punished for trying to take it easily as possible. For the Capital Bee boss parts (where I lose a lot of my bees) feels unpredictable with what he's going to do next. I have for the most part enjoyed this game but with the Impossible Lair, it's kind of ruined the experience I had with the game tbh. Rayman did it right as it felt difficult for being difficult not being cheaply difficult like this. As I said I'm not bashing the game because it has been a fun game, but oh boy, what a bad game design this mission is. As I said what do you lot think of the mission?
  4. So I've got 47/48 bees and I've got one more missing, M.I.A and on the bee chart she's the very last one, I've scanned checked all 40 levels in the overworld to see if I've collected every bee which I have and I've now twice gone through the hub World twice and still not there. Does anyone know the location for her as I've even watched YouTube videos and followed the videos? Thanks EDIT: Found it now, the intitial video I were watching only showed 7/8 but not according to its description. My mistake 😁
  5. Why does this question constantly get asked? Shouldn't it be obvious? I'm not trying to sound like a douche or anything.
  6. I'm guessing I'm the only one who wants a Alice: Madness Returns remaster and a Sims Busted Out remaster 😁😁😁
  7. Platinum 86 Detroit: Become Human If you've played a Quantic game you'll know the basics of how the game works as it's a cinematic gameplay where it's like you're watching a film play out but you interact with the game with minimal effort involved I.e, walking around and pressing certain buttons to move the game along with its story. I was keen on playing this game eventually as I absolutely loved Beyond Two Souls with its story and theme and I was too interested with the the story and theme of this game for the most part. I liked the 3 characters you controlled as you follow their journey that they took for their 'freedom' as they might be robots but could feel human emotions, it really did remind me of the TV series 'Humans' with how the story goes but obviously less furutrisitic. The graphics, voice work are one the best I've seen I any game as for thr story it does try hard for you to invest in the characters, but the one I felt more invested in was with Kara and Alice because not only do you follow their story with being free but alsowith the emotional bond between them as a mother and daughter. Even though I really did enjoy the game, I do prefer Beyond Two Souls however as I felt more invested in Jodie story more than the others in this game. I'm so happy too that there weren't a 'see all endings' trophy because even though there's not many different ending you can see a characters death technically as an ending and oh boy, there's quite a lot of ways they can die. Also the biggest gripe I had with the game was with Markus and his love interest as there is only one (North) and no other potential romances which to me is odd as they could have made Simon another potential love interest. Difficulty 3/10 Enjoyment 7/10
  8. HI everyone, Every time I finish playing a game for the day I always take advantage of the PS+ option with uploading the saved data fro your console to the cloud, I've done this from the very beginning of getting the PS+ subscription as I always like to have a back up so if my PS4 dies out of the blue I don't have to reset everything. My question is what does it mean when a game constantly fails to upload to the cloud? I've never had an issue with it failing to upload to the cloud but I'm currently playing Detroit: Become Human and it literally takes around 10 times with 7ish minutes per try before it finally uploads to the cloud (without the error message popping up)? This message has never popped up before when doing it with my other games just that one. Sorry if it's a stupid question but it's testing my patience πŸ˜‚ Thankyou
  9. I'm so glad that there isn't a trophy for completing the impossible lair without having any bees for protection!
  10. I'm actually pleasantly suprised that it is a 100% completion rate trophy list only and no 'complete the game on hard mode', 'complete a level without getting hit/with a certain character' or any other miscellaneous trophies as other titles in the series did have those included.
  11. Batman Arkham Asylum: Predator/Combat challanges. I take my hat off to people who have the platinum to this game because damn, those predator and combat challanges are so hard to do with a 3 star (bat) rating, I couldn't even complete one without getting hit or losing a combo. After trying a few a couple times with a few of the chalanges and only achieving 1 star (bat) I knew there were no chance I could do them πŸ˜€
  12. I hope this doesn't become a trend with trophies, one for completing a game on the hardest difficulty and the other for completing the game on new game plus on the hardest difficulty and then another for new game plus ++ hardest difficulty, added on... It's just ridiculous.
  13. As there are 6 different sub tour options and only 6 trophies left to reach 100, I wouldn't be suprised if you get a trophy for each completed sub tour option
  14. Spoiler ahead I'm just curious to see people's opinion with this DLC and where it could lead to the next game? I really enjoyed this DLC far more then the First Blade DLC due to the Isu's being involvement as I've always enjoyed the Isu's story more than the main story in the entire series πŸ˜‚. I do feel for the 'present day that' it ended poorly with a cliffhanger(ish), apart from that though I thought it was a breathe of fresh air as thr story felt different than the main game story unlike The First Blade DLC which were meh. I also loved each of the realms as they felt different to each other and not just the same to explore and I really like they included Juno into the DLC as she was the main villain in in the series (until Ubisoft decided to kill her off in the comics?) No doubt with Layla and the staff with the Isu's connection will carry to the next game for the 'present' day which is a big impovement as it's no longer that you were just a nameless employee of Abstergo, it can actually go somewhere now. I just hope in the main game that it changes it up a bit with the mission structure and pointless quests as it felt tedious at times.
  15. Hopefully this will help me finding the remaining 8 crystals left, the game is good no doubt but the collectable and location finder (power up) for the gems is absolute trash, so sick of going back and fourth trying to find the exact route to them