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  1. Why didn't I think of this when doing the bosses?!? Would have saved me from a lot of panicing at the time 😂
  2. Old topic but as I've just bought this trilogy, what a waste of £20, these issues are still present here, and even when starting a new mission the game will always crash... What a waste 🤷‍♂️
  3. Ahhh right, I didn't know you had to collect everysingle gold orbs in the community challanges, hopefully after doing the no jumps (which will lead me to have 105) the other 3 community ones will gain me an extra 6 by collecting everything. You know what l, I only discovered today how you claimed them, I was wondering if they were hidden items in the level themselves at first 🙈 All I can say really, is don't stop moving about as they're really fast and will most likely hit you if you linger in a spot for too long l, apart from that it just resorted to panicking when I did it and jumping around everywhere 😂🙈
  4. I know the Seal the deal DLC only came out a couple days ago but I've done everything in the Death Wish map (including the ribbons) except from the 'No jumps' ribbon which you have to do on the train level but my tally comes up to 102/111, I'm really really hoping this isn't glitched because I can't play it again, it's absolutely done me in this DLC? 😐🤞🏻 Thanks
  5. They patched this in later on which is actually useful but when i went to platinum the game, they hadn't patched this in yet, as far as I'm aware a lot of things did get patched in that really did needed to be which at times made the game frustrating to play... my fault, i know to always wait till things are patched before playing games but didn't on this occasion. Lesson learnt 😏
  6. The fact that this got a platinum trophy beyond me.
  7. Out of curiosity, have Ubisodt stated why the game has been delayed again? If not i reckon it's probably because of the graphics of the models in the game as they look trash for 2021 standards but weridly enough the environment looked really nice.
  8. You can tell when playing the game that the game wasn't designed to be sped through as the AI is way too unpredictable, for example, when they from to A to B, sometimes they won't go to a certain place as they did on a previous run, one playthough they will notice you or not, even though you did exactly the same actions as you did on previous runs. Also the chase sequences, especially the chef chase where you have to grab the meat hook, if you go too fast you'll not get a chance to grab a hook without getting caught. Sometimes six will rufuse to grab an item to pull or push it even though you need to do so to get through the story. If the game expects perfection from me, I expect perfection from the game but because it's temperamental with how the AI is and whether you can perform an action or not. What the hell where they thinking adding such a strict tight time trail with no deaths trophy?
  9. I've followed what the guide says, I got a crank gun from the patriot from stage 1 Wave 11 and when I place it in the weapons room it doesn't refill its ammo but the rest of the guns do? Now I'm onto stage 2, the crank gun isn't in the weapons room anymore, does anybody know where I'm going wrong because all the guide says is to place it in the weapons stands with the other weapons which I have done? Thanks
  10. Platinum 112: Bioshock Infinite (PS4) After completing and loving the other 2 Bioshock games, I had to play this one also! There were a few minor things I was concerned before starting this game up. The first was the save system, I liked the save system of the other 2 games because it allowed you to experiment with you're tonics with how you approach killing enemies and if it didn't work out, you could load an old save up and secondly that this installment weren't based in Rapture with it's dark and claustrophobic environment which Bioshock is know for, instead it was a bright and colourful Columbia. The more I played the game, the save system didn't bother me in the slightest as checkpoints were frequent enough. When going through the game I had ziltch knowledge on what the game was about and oh boy! I'm glad that it weren't spoiled because what a journey! You start of with the world being all bright and colourful to a dark war destroyed world. Character wise I really liked the character you play and Elizabeth as you get sent to rescue her to wipe away your debts which it constantly reminds you of this. Without spoiling anything, I really did like how fleshed out especially Booker and Elizabeth were as I could sympathise with Booker due to his guilt and Elizabeth with being caged up while being a pawn in someone else's game. Even though I really liked Elizabeth her A.I got on my nerves at times because when exploring and looting items she would constantly run slowly in front of you or simple push you out the way and there was an instance where she refused to morph an object into the world which you needed for the story to continue on as I had to search it up and it turned out it was just the game being temperamental. The other thing I was worried about when going into the game was the 1999 mode as I heard this game was tough as nails to do on that mode. I know what people find difficult is subjective but I would have liked the game to have been more difficult as by the end of the game I still had $8,400 which means I could have died another 84 times and I'm the person who is just okkay at shooters, it was easier then Bioshock 1 hardest difficulty which that game difficulty did really test my patience. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying the game was really easy as it weren't, especially when you reach an area towards the end of the game called Emporia and after that as by then the game will be throwing everyone at you at once. I also thought the Handyman were the worst enemy in the game! What a cheap enemy as he's super fast, kills you in 2 hits and he just swings himself all over the place which makes it difficult to actually shoot and hurt him without yourself getting hurt. Also on a side note, I understood racism and sexism played a part in the story and the world of Columbia with it mostly being about racism which to me was absolute bonkers that made me hate Comstock even more but I did think what it's opinions of homosexuals were as it literally didn't say, like is the game telling me there wasn't atleast a gay person in Columbia (no doubt they would have gotten killed for it as it was 'back in the day', but still) A little spoiler ahead: Even though I stated before that the game isn't in Rapture, the very end of the game you end up in an area of Rapture where your character Jack from the first Bioshock starts of the game which I thought that was so brilliant and if you looked across the ocean you could see a little sister with a dead daddy on the floor. Such a good reference to obviously connect the games together. Spoiler Ended Difficulty: 4/10 Story: 9/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Now on to the DLCs which as far as I'm aware 2 of them is based in Rapture. So I'm looking forward to playing them soon!
  11. He is right though, when a question gets asked and someone answers that question, someone else will ask the same question yet if they looked through the thread they'd see the question has already been answered. It's just common sense to read the thread first but no, let's ask the same question that has already been answered that they didn't bother to check the other replies first 😂😂😞😞
  12. With people moaning that this game seems unfinished and glitchy on the PS4, what did you expect? I have no interest to buy this game in the near future and I even knew that it was going to be a mess, from what the developers said about struggling with the PS4 version to fix the game
  13. Oooo I'd like your opinions on mine but mine is more causalish games so I've not got like 100s of UR trophies , that's if yous are still accepting more as you're probably swamped. ☺
  14. I never played GTA 3 as a kid, I played Vice City and San Andreas a ton of times as a kid. Going for the platinum was the first time i actually played it, I found the game the easiest out of the 3 as it had less side activities to do and when I start any game I always got much of the side content out the way before the story anyway. I actually thought it played nearly identical to Vice City
  15. I'm only on the fourth chapter but I've encountered some issues already On chapter 3 Father and Son, where you have to follow a schedule for Shaun, there's a trophy for completing it correctly but after asking shaun about dinner the refrigerator prompt wouldn't show so I had to restart that chapter. The trophy you suppose to get after the mall didn't pop so on the father and Son chapter I just clicked continue and then it popped with the Happy Birthday trophy which I thought weren't suppose to pop till after the Father and Son chapter? I've played their other games before and not countered any issues? EDIT: Oh my god I'm such an Idiot, I thought I was on the PS4 version of the forum not the PS3 version, my apologies l, I'm playing on PS4 where I've encountered these minor issues