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  1. No I meant what's the point doing it at all then if they don't care with "collecting virtual trinkets" in the slightest, they obviously must care about their points to do it in the first place
  2. Then why do it in the first place? 😂
  3. Nah, that's a shame. Nevermind 😃 Yes, this was it! When I searched it yesterday this was the only website I read that mentioned trophies, so I took that with a grain of salt resulting me asking here, thanks 😊
  4. The new PS+ has released for Europe and have noticed Toy story 2 is on the store. I've searched whether it has trophies and I found a 'expanded edition' that does I think. Is this it? I'm a little confused I've already got the game on PS1 so don't want to waste my money buying this if there's no trophies attached. Thanks 🙂
  5. Platinum 126: LEGO Star Wars the Skywalker Saga: I had been waiting years for this to come out since the complete saga version was sadly never released on the PS4 and I didn't have high hopes that a remake would happen that included the sequels also. The day the Skywalker Saga was Announced, I was proper excited for it as the Complete Saga was and still is my favourite Lego game. What a massive let down this game was and how rushed it felt. Most levels in game takes around 5-10 minutes to complete with less levels than what was in the Complete Saga so the story kept jumping forward drastically that it felt it was missing story content (I understand they had to do all 9 films) But they could have got rid of the Side Mission's and added more story missions instead. Out of my entire experience with the game, it was the 140 side missions that were a problem for me as it became an absolute slog going through them all as most takes around 10-15 minutes to complete a single side mission. What makes it even lazier is that most of them are just copy and paste. I didn't mind collecting the Kyber bricks however because most were straightforward and didn't take too much time complete. Thank god! As there were 1166 (now 1200) in the game. While in the open world I also experienced some annoyances, such as your secondary character will just refuse to follow you at times and you're always getting stuck on everything, it's unreal how many times I'd get stuck on a little step 😂. Every open world area however, I was really impressed with due to the scale and the amount of detail. If only they gave the other elements in the game with more love like they did with the environments. Finally, when going for the Kyber Bricks, I encountered a glitch where I needed these Jedi boxes to stack so I can get C3PO in the little hole but the boxes didn't spawn at all (probably because I completed a side mission in that area that involved the boxes) but I wanted to do one task at a time as we all know lego games can be very glitchy. Luckily in that area there were random boxes in the area which if it weren't for them. That would have been my 100 hours wasted (it was in the Hive open world) Overall such a let down with too many copy and paste mission's/ activities. Before starting playing it I was adamant I will be playing the PS5 version also, but now I've done everything which took about 120 hours... Never again 😂 Story (missions) : 5/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment:5/10
  6. Or you could just play the game again to get the trophies... I know, crazy right?!? 😲
  7. The amount of games like these that's been released within the past couple week, I really didn't expect. Why Sony will allow platinums for all these cash grab games also astonishes me, I guess Playstation is turning out like steam, no quality control... But each to thier own I guess
  8. Up to now all I have left is collecting everything on every planet but oh boy! All of the side missions is where my problem is, it were all padding, a lot taking about 10 minutes each to complete (including load times) and there are 140... Overkill and just dull.
  9. I thought the exact same as well espeically with it's high completion rate. I lost count with how many deaths I had in it 😅, just stick with it and you'll eventually get there
  10. That's great news! As i'm paying £50 yearly for PS plus but to go to Premium it's a total of £100 yearly which is excessive I think and was worried i'd that i'd have to upgrade to the etxra/premium membeeship just to have a chance playing and platinuming them
  11. The thing im curious about are these games locked behind the extra/premium plus memberships or can they be bought too if you're not on one of those?
  12. All the lego games iv'e played has had an in game timer showing how long you've been on the game for. i can't find one in this one anywhere? Not a big deal or anything but i did like to see how long a lego game had taken me when completing it for some reason 😃
  13. Iv'e never heard of the Embracer Group before but anything seems better then being owned by SE. All they care about are the Kingdom Heart and Final Fantasy games, while neglecting their other IP's... I hope Tomb Raider goes back to its roots and for them to revive the Legacy of Kain series (I'd even be happy with simple ports for both of the older games in both franchsies)
  14. No doubt this will probably a glitchy mess like Mafia 3 and Mafia 2 HD and instead of fixing it they'll move on to make Mafia 5 😅
  15. Iv'e only played 4 levels so I can't fully judge what the games going to be like but I have an idea how it will be. Up to now I'm dissapointed with the game, the levels themselves have only been 5-10 minutes long and most of the collectables seem to be in the open world area, not in the levels themselves. I expected a lot of the collectables to be in the open world areas but not most of them which at first was overwhemling as I was thinking when is a level actually going to start, instead of traveling to different planets (hubs). Navigating through the menus too is a real hastle too. I was hoping it were going to be more like the complete saga on the PS3 but bigger as to me that is the best Lego game iv'e played, but no, a lot of it looks like it's just filler... I may be wrong as iv'e not played through the game fully.