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  1. Some of the faces look odd to me, very cartoonish like, however, I'm actually suprised by this as it does look like they've actually put some effort into it and not just do a port like the other PS4 versions got.
  2. such a shame it runs like this on PS5 and nothings been done about it. Excluding the Ezio/Desmond games this was the next best Assassins Creed game... Was for me anyway 😂
  3. I fully agree with the OP, you can tell with how the game is, it was not intended to be speedrun through as for example especially the A.I. It's is way too unpredictable as one action you do one time might not work the second time and whether the AI notices you is tempermental.
  4. I remember searching about this a couple weeks ago to find out it PC got a remastered version and thst got me thinking why not PlayStation and Xbox?!? Great news! Loved playing these as kid... Just hope it's not as hard as I remember as they were pretty hard games without using cheats, then again I was a kid 😂.
  5. But the thing is when a game bugs out/glitches or just outright freezes meaning you need to reset your console, that's not the players fault yet they get punished for it.
  6. i always just try and focus on one game at a time because iv'e noticed when i try to do more than one game, I either mix up the controls or I forget the controls and the storyline itself 😄
  7. I've been wanting to play this game for ages as I've never played it, people made this mini game seem so hard. I know what people find hard is subjective but I didn't think it was hard at all. I got it first try with 9 seconds left on the clock. I personally don't understand why people are having a hard time with it tbh, try stay in the middle and when you see a soldier target point the directional button towards him and hit. You also get a split second too when they're coming up to see what colour the target is, if it's a bright green, don't hit it.
  8. Didn't EA once make a statement about doing remakes or remasters for older games feels like you've ran out of ideas? That's EA for you 😂
  9. i kind of understand with companies like Rockstar only caring about online and microtransactions because that brings them the big bucks, but I find it funny that without the fans who made them as big as they now, they wouldn't be successful to begin with yet now they couldn't care less...
  10. i thought the whole reboot trilogy was a mess to be honest, fans of the original and the first reboot Tomb Raider weren't even thought of when these games were being made, because Uncharted was really successful and made Naughty Dog a lot of money, they tried to copy that. Lara in this reboot is just such a whiney spoilt rich girl. They did such a good job with the first reboot because they made Lara more humanised with flaws and meaning with her journey with her finding out what happened to her mother an then trying to find her mother, the story was great while feeling like a Tomb Raider game! This reboot however didn't, it was just about her basically walking in her fathers shoes and then finding how how he died but the rest of the plot was a mess that I didn't feel invested at all. i agree with the OP, I thought the game was quite shit to play anyway but then they made it shiiter with the hardest difficulty maling it cheap nonsense where Lara would fail to do what you're telling her to do 😃😃😃
  11. Ooooo intersting, having her presense in the game even really minor is better then anything i guess, hopefully Ubisoft can make a way for her to actually come back somehow, but they probably won't. yup, I only found out when I first completed Origins and I were like where the hell was Juno as from Syndicate I thought she was close to actually being able to return to a physical form and not just being stuck in the Aminus, but nope, basically the main antagonist in the videogames was resorted to a comic book ending for her character. Such a shame too as I thought she was the best 'baddie' with the series building up for her return.
  12. I know she's dead in the modern day (from 2018) but does she appear in this game at all? I really liked it when she made an appearance here and there through the series even though Ubisoft wasted an opportunity to make her a really powerful Isu and building her story up, just to end up killing her off in the comics. 🙈 If she does *maybe spoilers* as I've not played the game yet but I saw a clip on YouTube, and the character 'Hyrrokkin' seemed to have shared a similar story with her lover and weirdly enough sounded a lot like Juno.
  13. Platinum 115: Alien Isolation I was a little worried about this game when first heading into it as I heard the game was really difficult and higher difficulties with the Alien, but being a massive fan of the alien films (even the prequels), it was inevitable that I had to pick this game up even if I couldn't platinum it, and oh boy! What a game this was to play. It's rare with me when playing a game that I get shocked with the game itself and with this game, it had the looks, the atmosphere and the music from the original Alien film which you can tell a lot of thought and care went into making it as when going to different locations I wanted to explore and look around the station but obviously because I wanted to achieve the No Deaths trophy on my first playthough, I had to back off a bit and just stick with going from A to B. If you're unfamiliar with what Alien is, it's a film series (not the prequels) that follows main character Ellen Ripley in the Sci fi horror/action aspect and the films is basically where she has to deal with an Alien(s) creature called a xenomorph. This game follows her daughter Amanda Ripley (taking place where the first Alien film ended but only the directors cut of Aliens (2) is when Amanda is ever mentioned in the film series). So they had a lot of wiggle room with what to do with her character. With this game following the horror aspect of the franchise, is the game scary? Personally I didn't find it scary at all, it did get me really paranoid and tense (especially towards the end of the game) as you know one little mistake will end up in death where the xenomorph is concerned. But the xenomorph itself is a massive creature who's always lurking around, trying to hunt you down. It did however make me jump a few times through non scripted scenes, for instance, sometimes when I walked into a room, it was just there at the door. With the difficulty I actually didn't find the game hard at all, just more annoying, but the thing I made sure to do was not the let the Alien A.I learn so I just made my way through the game without hardly using any devices or hiding spots or the flame flower against the xenomorph as apparently in the game the AI learns from your actions. Don't get me wrong though, there were parts that took me 40 minutes to beat because I kept dying over and over. One thing I think I do have to call out and call BS on were the androids. I absolutely loathed these so much, they were just too smart and always just there and would spot you so easily, even the Alien had to take a second to see you, but nope, not the androids, if it looks at you even if you're hiding behind an object, it will see you, which towards the end of the game, it was just you sitting there for ages so you could get past the android, luckily though, they don't over stay their welcome as you know it's an Alien game at the end of the day. Story: 8/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 4/10
  14. I ran into the same issue myself, I thought it was really werid just for last boss only, backward dodges activated the Adrenaline dodge no other directions
  15. After seeing the 25 minutes of gameplay that IGN posted, this game looks like it should be a 'Free to play' game, it looks so average, quite boring.and bland with the Aliens not being scary and just dumb. I'm currently playing Isolation and that seems like a true alien game with passion involved taking inspiration from the films, this just looks like a lack luster shooter game with Aliens in, kind of like an updated version of Colonial Marines on PS3