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  1. If this was for a multiplayer game, I would totally understand all the complaints but this is a singleplayer game. It doesn't mean because someone got the platinum differently then you that it's a bad thing? I do agree it's not good practise but I don't get all the moaning...
  2. I know I'm not adding anything to the topic as I haven't played either RE7 or RE2:Remake but I do know about the games and how they play, I think this reaction is hilarious to the OP! 😂😂😂
  3. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey It took me a while to platinum this game (around 95 hours over the better part of nearly 3 months) I didn't like this game as much as the last entry even though it's a copy and paste formula but with a different background and timeline. The reason I didn't like this game as much as the last entry was because roughly 63 hours of the game was just me running to the different ? around the map which became really tedious to do after a while as the game is so much bigger then Origins because once you've seen a camp/cave/fort, you've seen them all. However, I do like the story a lot more than Origins as it wasn't entirely about 'oh, my family died, let's get vengeance', it did mix it up near the end with the first civilisation and past games... But that's spoiler territory so I won't go into detail. I thought the 'present timeline' were improved upon and the main girl (forgot her name) seems more involved with the story and the first civilisation and not just being a puppet that goes into the Animus and replay memories of an Asassasin from the past, I do think it's a shame though that they can't include Shaun and Rebecca characters that appeared in previous games into the 'present timeline' as they're still alive and working with the Assassins. I did notice too thoughout playing and going from location to location that most buildings/assets are identical but just placed in a different places which to me is pretty lazy. The voice acting in the game was really well done too as I played Kassandra, at first her voice grated on me but overtime I did end up liking her voice work in the game and the secondary characters. Storywise the game is pretty meh as it's just you trying to fix the past and hunting down the cultists except when it delved into the 'first civilisation' which I really enjoyed and hoping the storyline with them will be more present in the next game but no doubt they won't as Juno was killed off in the comics (you kidding me Ubisoft?!?). Difficulty - 3/10 Enjoyment - 6.5/10 Story -5/10
  4. According to the guide it states that you get these missions during sequence 7, I'm on sequence 6 and have unlocked doing the respective missions to get the trophy, if I do these quests and get the trophy without getting the sequence 6 trophy will I get flagged as the guide says the missions unlock during sequence 7? Thankyou 😊
  5. Literally just got the trophy, it was when I left a party after doing the quests for the leader ☺☺
  6. A little spoilers ahead... According to the trophy guide the trophy should unlock when finishing the little argument with Demios after you upgraded the spear. I am already past this and at the part where you're looking for your mother and currently doing some tasks for a leader (forgot his name) and I haven't got the trophy, is it glitched?
  7. .The Legacy of Kain series .Tomb Raider Trilogy (Legend, Anniversary and Underworld) .The Legend of Spyro Trilogy
  8. And that's exactly what a robot would say also, to throw us off guard and not suspect you being one ... 😉
  9. I've not played the game, even but out of curiosity what is the maximum trophy number/points and DLCS can a game have because I've never seen a game with 28 DLC trophies (even though it is around 2 per DLC) before?
  10. I've now done every ? On the map at 65 hours, every ? Has been the exact same with no difference with the objectives and with the exterior, it is copy and pasted... Pretty lazy game design
  11. So the way I've been playing the game is to do every ? And leave the main missions until everything side quest wise is completed (to the episode currently that I'm on). I've only got 1 small island to 100% then I've done them all game wise but my question is about the additional feature quests and how to unlock those. I've done 2 of them (defeating the large cyclops at the shipwreck and in the lava pit) and I've not got any of the others available to do? Do I have to have completed a certain episode/sequence for them to unlock like the First Blade DLC story?
  12. I'm 50 hours in and done no main missions since you got the ship and still got 4 small islands left. I agree it's too big but the main issue for me is once you've seen a bandit camp, you've seen them all which it is feeling tedious at this point now as theyre all the same.
  13. You like your story and action oriented games ☺
  14. I'm on level 42 episode 2 and I'm about 40 hours in, I haven't used the XP boost but I've got about 1/3rd of the map ? Lef, I've not even done many of the side quests too... you really don't need it if you just play the game as intended ☺
  15. Where did you buy a map that displays them all? Sorry if it's an obvious answer 😁😁