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  1. He is right though, when a question gets asked and someone answers that question, someone else will ask the same question yet if they looked through the thread they'd see the question has already been answered. It's just common sense to read the thread first but no, let's ask the same question that has already been answered that they didn't bother to check the other replies first πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜žπŸ˜ž
  2. With people moaning that this game seems unfinished and glitchy on the PS4, what did you expect? I have no interest to buy this game in the near future and I even knew that it was going to be a mess, from what the developers said about struggling with the PS4 version to fix the game
  3. Oooo I'd like your opinions on mine but mine is more causalish games so I've not got like 100s of UR trophies , that's if yous are still accepting more as you're probably swamped. ☺
  4. I never played GTA 3 as a kid, I played Vice City and San Andreas a ton of times as a kid. Going for the platinum was the first time i actually played it, I found the game the easiest out of the 3 as it had less side activities to do and when I start any game I always got much of the side content out the way before the story anyway. I actually thought it played nearly identical to Vice City
  5. I'm only on the fourth chapter but I've encountered some issues already On chapter 3 Father and Son, where you have to follow a schedule for Shaun, there's a trophy for completing it correctly but after asking shaun about dinner the refrigerator prompt wouldn't show so I had to restart that chapter. The trophy you suppose to get after the mall didn't pop so on the father and Son chapter I just clicked continue and then it popped with the Happy Birthday trophy which I thought weren't suppose to pop till after the Father and Son chapter? I've played their other games before and not countered any issues? EDIT: Oh my god I'm such an Idiot, I thought I was on the PS4 version of the forum not the PS3 version, my apologies l, I'm playing on PS4 where I've encountered these minor issues
  6. Platinum 109: Gris What a fun little gem this way to play! The game is really short and easy to get the platinum, it took me around 6 hours to platinum, you get to play as a silent girl called Gris who one day when singing to a female statue, the statue collapses and this is when you get to play, the game is a platformer but an easy and relaxing one, the main focus is with the story. Also the collectables are really easy to come by, that's if you look everywhere during a level in which case you won't have any issues finding them. The art style is a beauty to look at with all its painted colours and hand drawn designs. Just a warning though, in level 4 (the underwater level) there is a scripted jumpscare which proper got me proper good (spoilers: after feeling from the eel, you have to swim and try and find your way out of the caves in the dark while you hear the eel surrounding you, so as I fear open water and the unknown, I just wanted to get straight out but to my suprise the eel pops out the bottom of the cave to try and get you again). With the ending there are a couple of interpretations of what it could mean as the story is told via the visuals, no actual dialog and as it deals with the 5 stages of grief. My interpretation of seeing the secret ending Spoilers (It's you that is dead and not the woman who is your mother and the darkness that surrounds you throughout the game is in fact your mother's grief taking over the loss of you and at the end when you help the statue rebuilds itself, I took that as that your mother has accepted that you're dead and now is ready to move on but that you will always be with her.) I know it may be a little far fetched how I came to that conclusion but with a game that only can tell a story via its visuals with no dialog, it's up to the audience to decide what they think what the ending means, especially the secret ending. Story 8/10 Enjoyment 9/10 Difficulty 2/10
  7. Isn't that like asking what's your favourite movie of 2021 is on January 11th 2021? Atleast wait till more games come out first as there aren't any wide selection of games out yet
  8. Who would have thought a thread about a game that is called My Name is Mayo 2 has a serious one all of a sudden πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  9. Platinum 107: Vampyr This timeline and that you play as a vampire really did have the opportunity for a great story but sadly the story was generic and wasted it's potential mixed in with repetitive gameplay, I was hoping that it was going to be great as I love The Legacy of Kain series and liked the Blood Rayne series. The gameplay is basically is a standard RPG with vampire powers, sadly due the ridiculous trophy 'Not even once' I only stuck with one weapon and minimal power path as you can't feed on civilians to get hugh EXP (I stuck with health, stamina and Ultimate Abyss). At first I really did enjoy the game but the more I played the more I saw it's flaws that made the game more frustrating to play. The game crashed on my around 40-45 times while going for the platinum which is ridiculous and the load times were about 35 seconds long, I felt like I were waiting to play the game more than I did actually play it. The enemy scaling is a little bonkers at the beginning as if you're a level 5, you'll start fighting level 17-19 enemies but the more you level the less scaling the enemies become as I was a level 28 fighting level 32 enemies. However I think the difficulty spike was with the bosses who could kill you in 4 hits and can stun lock you killing you, so I just resorted to spamming my Ultimate Abyss while dodging, so they weren't an issue for me. The main reason why this game sucked the fun out of it for me was with the constant crashes and when you're fighting multiple enemies near you the game lags really bad, I think it's the worst playable game I've played in terms with crashing and lagging. I actually liked the whole citizen members side plot as you have to talk to them to get hints about your side quests and other people in the town, also the people in the town becomes sick when you go to your bed so you're always healing them with the ingredients you pick up when you're playing through the game. So it's essential to look everwhereewhen you're at a location. I think the game is unfair to new players as basically the more citizens you keep alive, the more easier the final boss becomes but the more you kill the harder she'll be yet the game doesn't tell you that and it constantly encorages you to embrace and kill the civilians. Story 4/10 Enjoyment 3.5/10 Difficulty 4/10
  10. Well I think its the worst performing game that I've played, long long load times and it's crashed about 30 times for me. It runs like crap tbh πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  11. Where did it say that every PS4 game would get a new list for PS5? It does say most PS4 games are compatible with the PS5 console so hense you will still be getting the PS4 trophies when earned when played on a PS5
  12. I initially was going to turn him but didn't realise you had to unlock a hint to turn him (what a moronic thing to unlock as you're a vampire) The district is now at 36%, 3 people are missing but no one is sick. I've read that they can still kill residents if they come near their place. If I just leave them Be in their little area will I still get the trophy for 'Not even once'? I've been reading many different opinions that it WILL lock you out of getting the trophy and that it WON'T Lock you out of getting the trophy. I just can't believe that this is a trophy at all.
  13. I'm basically just going through the map at the moment and trying to get a handle on enemies attacks as I don't want to be sleeping that much especially as people get sick when you do. I've come across a woman called Enid Gillingham but she is Unknown, she has that sick logo at the bottom of her picture s I've been searching for her and can not find her. If I decided to play the game still and try finding her later could she die if I don't know the woman?
  14. I understand that there are some scinarios in the game where you can embrace civilians but do the bad guys, the enemies in the game (aside from the bosses) considered a civilian? Sorry if its a stupid question but I've been tempted to play this game for a while but never understood this particular trophy? Thanks.
  15. Grand Theft Auto 5 is way over rated and doesn't deserve the attention it gets.