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  1. I think the remake needs a remake.
  2. For me it's defiantly the Legacy of Kain series but then again I've lost any hope for the series getting revived especially as Square Enix seems to only care about Final Fantasy series and Kingdom Hearts series.
  3. Platinum 102 Destroy All Humans (Remake) What a blast this was to play! After playing the remasters (not to confuse that game with this one) I did wonder what a remake would be like especially as the original even though enjoyable was quite unforgiving at times, a bit quite clunky to play and seeing Crypto is an alien his powers and weapons were a bit lacking but hey it was a PS2 game which at the time was mind blowing. Anyway back to this game, the game is exacly as the original apart from the graphics which were breathtaking as the environments were so pretty and colourful to look at. Controlling Crypto has never been more smoother to control and thank god for the checkpoints as when you think you've screwed up you don't have to worry about starting the entire mission again which I think the original should have implemented. The weapons in this remake actually are powerful too especially when you max upgrade them then the original which to be honest it should be as he is an Alien! My biggest gripe with the game were the optional objectives and the challanges, the optional objectives in this game, they really didn't have to be included as it's odd because you're an alien seeking to destroy all humans but oh look, there's an objective not to be seen? Why? This isn't Assassins Creed. It kind of makes sense in that game but I don't know, I think it's just was weird to add it in this particular game. With the challanges, how can a third of them be called challanges when they depend heavily on RNG while you're trying to achieve the 3 stars. That's not a challange that's just lets see if you get lucky, if what you need to destroy/kill things could spawn close by you or at the other end of the map. If they do a remake of the second game, I do welcome the challanges but atleast let them be challanges based on being a challange not about getting lucky. I am genuinely suprised that this has got the rarity it's got because damn, the last boss was the hardest thing in the game which at times during the fight I had cover and hope for the best I don't get killed before my shield recharges, it was quite a difficult boss fight to get through, I'm sure there is a specific way to actually kill her more easily then what I did which was just shoot until she does flips all over the place and fly away, panic and find a cover spot πŸ˜‚. Overall it was an enjoyable game to play that stayed true to the original game. Story 6/10 Enjoyement 8/10 Difficulty 6/10
  4. So I've bought this game digitally and I was going to start playing it today but when I load the game up, the 2 company logos come up and then the blue circle loading prompt pops up at the bottom right corner and that's it. A nothing else. I've tried loading the game up numerous of times and waited a good 5 minutes but the main menu refuses to load up? I've uninstalled the game and now redownloading it and hope for the best it loads up this time and if it doesn't, not got a clue what to do 😐. Has this happened to anyone else with this game, or is it just me? πŸ˜‚ EDIT: turns out the game downloaded enough data to start the application but that's it, it still has more downloading do to.This is the second time this has happened, my apologies, as soon as I get the notification that the game can be started, I assumed that I could actually start the game! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
  5. For my 100th platinum milestone I wanted a great game which is Bioshock 2 Remastered: Initially when going into the Bioshock series I didn't think I were going to enjoy it as much as I have which I think mainly because it seemed like a bare bone RPG type shooter game and because it's entirely played in first person (I usually hate first person shooters mainly because I like to see my character and I find it getting into cover, etc. What an amazing game this was too play, as with shooters it can get boring fighting the same enemies overy and over until you finish but with Bioshock 2 you actually have superpowers in a way? This game doesn't restrict you at all with how you approach killing the enemies. I really did like the graphic models/environments used in the game as it reminded me of Alice: Madness Returns with the cartoony (ish) characters and the dark story, except from when you had to travel in the sea to get to a different destination... Oh boy, those segments really did creep me out as I fear open water and the unknown that may be in the water with me and with my suprise with going through a segment with casually looking up to see a great white shark above me! (I've also got a fear about sharks) that led me to pause the game and search if I can be killed by a shark as I just wanted to look at the floor πŸ˜‚ I did find the whole checkpoints weird in this game as you can die and re spawn but there is 0 penalty for dying and the enemies that you killed/injured before stays dead/injured, but hey I'm not complaining that it's easier! As I basically went through 95% of the game using my drill as my weapon on Hard so i didn't no have to worry about ammo/money. Also with the hacking, there were far too many hacking mini games which after a while got pretty annoying especially if I fail one as I don't want to be dealing with the bots for 45 seconds so I just resort to loading up a manual save before I attempted to hack the devices. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 9/10
  6. The only mission I have left to do is the Flying Dutchmann mission, then starts the clean up of collectables before the last boss, I haven't come across the dream seqeunce missions yet and I haven't seen anything to get the mission started. Where do I go? Sorry if it's obvious but I'm just stumbling around looking for the start mission bit πŸ˜‚
  7. It's a shame that Spyro isn't getting the same attention that Crash is currently getting as there's already been an N Sane trilogy and the Nitro Fueled remake, whereas there's only been the Reignited trilogy for Spyro... Granted, the Reignited trilogy came out a year after N Sane. Hopefully after this new Crash game, they will work on a new Spyro game
  8. I'm only asking because of the Research you have to do with them, from what I've read, a few people have encountered a problem about fully researching the Big Sisters to Level 4 before the game finishes and I hope I don't run into this problem too. I've just entered the Dionysus Park level and I'm just about little over half way through the research, so I still need to fight a Big Sister on that level... Hopefully I've not screwed myself, I'm not really a fan of the research camera in this one, way prefer the way it was in the first Bioshock game, it's still been a great game so far nevertheless. Thankyou ☺.
  9. Mines not even as impressive as most on this forum but mine would be achieving the trophy 'Nitro' on Rayman: Origins (completing all the speed run trails). I would say I'm good at Platformers and the occasional time trail goals, but oh boy! I thought it was so tough as the timing can be strict especially if you make a false move.
  10. This is a common issue it seems, if I were you before you achieve a trophy, make a manual save so if it does glitch for you, you can just reload that. That's what I've been doing anyway. I don't think putting your console into rest mode is the issue, I never leave my PS4 in rest mode yet 2 story related and 2 DLC trophies glitched out for me so I had to re attempt them.
  11. Ahh thanks for clearing it up, I know who the person is now πŸ˜‚
  12. At the end of the mission you get an option either automatically taking over a littlr section of the map or recruit Nyte Blade as your homie. With the assassinations being given by your homies is Nyte Blade one of them that gives an assassination challange? So if I decide to take the first option with the ability to take over one section of the map will that lock me out of getting the last remaining assassination contracts? It's been years since I got the platinum this game on the PS3 so I've totally forgotten πŸ˜‚. Thankyou
  13. I've had few instances where some trophies won't unlock the first time in the DLCs resulting me to restart the mission to see if it will unlock when I do it again and instances where some trophies has a huge timing delay when it should unlock. It's a shame really because I think it's a fantastic game and having a blast playing it! However I obviously need to be aware when each trophy should unlock and see to it that it does before proceeding on with the game.
  14. Forgive me if I'm missing something but isn't that just a bit of a ridiculous question? Imagine getting told "oh you've been flagged because you synced late", why does it matter at all when someone syncs up their trophies?
  15. What I did, right after you do that mission where you have to blow up the construction building early into the game, a firetruck appears when the mission finishes (even though you shouldn't be able to get one till the second part of the map), I took that and did it there and then so I was guanteed they a fire wouldn't spawn on the second part of the map which is more trickier to get around.