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  1. It’s already been patched once since it’s release on 12/10 I would expect it to be more than a couple weeks.
  2. I’m not sure yet. Happinet tweeted today that there are issues with PS4 trophies and they’re scheduled to be fixed in the next patch. However, they only cited 3 trophies in that notice - explorer, new encounter, and that was quick. I’m hoping this resolves all glitches but well see.
  3. Has anyone tried to change their language and see if these unlock? I know that’s a difficult prospect, but I’m just seeing if there’s any methods people have tested that I should move past.
  4. DBD has had many, many updates. Trophies regularly break and are fixed many times over. Get what you can, while you can. Once an update hits, or several, you can usually get a once broken trophy.
  5. Platinum has been achieved. Seems like a legit profile too. Let’s hope others figure out how to get those buggy trophies.
  6. Please keep updating. I loved the original and would love to achieve the platinum for this one.
  7. I agree that watcher seems strongest but I had did my ascension 20 prior to that class release (or was too far to bother - can’t remember). I did it with Silent. I feel like Silent gets the biggest boon from proper relics of the first 3 and is less likely to be completely shut down by certain bosses. Even bosses who are made to rock/paper/scissors a build can lose to it with just 1 right relic which I don’t feel like the other classes get as often. I know the right combos of cards/relics get you to the end - but Silent had more wiggle room to me after floor 1.
  8. Can’t agree with this. I’ve gotten a lot of hard trophies over the years. The one that this would be in comparison is from Destiny 1 - Flawless Raider. The first raid was EXTREMELY difficult to get through without a death. Not only yourself but your full 6 man squad. The 2nd raid made it almost trivial. Didn’t bother me or the others I hunt with at all that we got it and they made it easier for others, anecdotal as it may be. Those trophies are for what I achieve and a dev changing the requirements or making the task easier (perhaps via private games) isn’t really my concern. I understand trophy hunters come in all forms (total plats, completion, trophy level, etc.) but someone else’s achievement doesn’t devalue your own. And yes, I do have the plat in Fall Guys.
  9. Anyone willing to dupe me a hacked weapon so I can skip rounds? This is a nightmare I’d like to be done with.
  10. It took 20 minutes for my city slicker and all locations to pop. I didn’t have all of the locations prior. My friend also discovered the areas with me and his popped at normal speed.
  11. I did a 7 card deck with the “enter calm, if already in calm draw 3”, 2 like waters, vigilance, and 3 upgraded pressure points. I also had the fossil relic that grants buffer. Things died VERY QUICKLY. I don’t think I’d ever run pressure points without that relic though.
  12. Really agree here. The Watcher felt very powerful at Ascension 0. Some really quick kill build options too. Didn’t take her to higher ascensions but she seems really fun.
  13. I’d say it’s more with the tracking related issues the site has faced in the previous months. Before, it tracked everyone who started a game. Now, it only tracks those who choose to update or are updated by another user if I understand correctly. You’ll even see this with newer titles in general by having a much lower overall “total owners” even for wildly popular games.
  14. You have to beat them all for the full 200 stars and maybe a couple others. Currently the best options is to spam spearmen (After a wagon on a big map) and emberwings. This will beat almost all strategies. If there’s a map that’s all water, usually level 4 if I remember right, it’s quicker to restart the whole run. You may need to adapt slightly on the fly but usually it’s best to get 2-3 ember wings to push a main tower or enemy commander. If the tower is on a road 2 ember wings kill a tower.
  15. This is good advice. I’d add that “Nurses Calling” perk at rank 2 allows you to see healing survivors at EXACTLY 24 meters. A huge benefit and one I didn’t get to utilize as much as I’d of liked. I also utilized “Deer Stalker” to get used to the distance.