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  1. One week until shutdown. Hopefully everyone is making the progress they need to finish. How close is everyone still going for it?
  2. I’m 100% for this. I saw this come up with the FF9 jump rope thing and knew it could be done, but had no desire to try. Any willingness of posting the script up for others to get this done with?
  3. The bowling balls on 3 hit tall enemies. They aren’t meant for frost soldiers. If you have an unchained on wave 3 you can easily take out kobold or priest which is the only time mercenaries can cause issues really. What trap are you not using to utilize the shock zapper again? Also, what kind of times are you pulling down with your switches?
  4. Insane to me you started so late and are already that far. Is drawn to death closing down too?
  5. Finally done. Feels good to put this game away. Hopefully some of you are able to achieve it too before server closure in about a month. Good luck!
  6. You’re crazy! I’ve got 16% to go. Hoping to end my grind this weekend but we’ll see if I have enough playtime to finish by then. Hopefully we see ~10 more people get it done! Good luck all. Stay sane.
  7. Avoid deaths at all cost. Don’t go for coin bags or anything if you’ll die from it. You might play Max until you level up a bit. Although a lot of my gold is from bags and dobbins free 8k, you’ll easily be losing out if you die and don’t maintain your 10%. You might also change out your traits to help your survivability.
  8. Rooting for you. Be sure you aren’t sitting all that time. No reason to die from blood clots for a plat.
  9. My earlier picture of 356k in 9:35 is 37147 coins per minute. I don’t know if that’s my best, it’s just the one I took a pic of to show the spread. Realistically though most of the gold/minute combo is down to rifts and mercenaries. There are things that could edge but they’re all luck dependent. Replacing the health root with firewall bracers or ring of storms could nudge up as those items add to the combo count. They also add damage though and between traps and your own attacks, it’d be a random spread. Congratulations to everyone nearing the end of their grind. Developing and refining this strategy has really kept the game interesting enough for me to want to finish it. I’m at 76% currently and still trudging away at 1% a day but the end is getting closer all the time.
  10. This was my ultimate concern as well whenever the “you didn’t close your previous game” issue popped up. I hope they at least hold up until the end for everyone.
  11. Picture of 356k at 9:35 Just for those wondering the ranges possible.
  12. I’m glad it gave you at least some improvement. The cooldown reduction could be my own confirmation bias but I definitely notice a difference (especially when going unchained).
  13. I try to circumvent the “luck” of coinbags dropping with caffeine potions and a cool down reduction perk (as you see in the video). This allows more tornados/dynamite which equals more coin bags. Good luck everyone.
  14. Video is up with my updated method. This run is for 359k with a time of 9:50. Also, I forgot to build a tunnel! Told you all I’m bad at tunnel jumping. Alright everyone, fine tune it and let’s see if we can push it higher.
  15. I stay near the guardian at gate 4 as my main spot. The power generators at 2 and 3 are for enemies that make it past those traps, of which they’re aren’t a ton but some still do. The 6 traps behind door 2 used to catch these extras but now they go through power generators. The guardian always played clean up at door 3. The extra generators at gate 4, easily get use as there are no damage traps prior to the far stairs. Just me and the guardian. I get frozen after so many hits and usually a couple enemy’s will sneak by at this time. They generate coin and get cleaned up by traps. The ring is 100% for unstable rift clean up. It allows me to stay and attempt for bags longer, then jump to the rift to get to where I need to go faster. It’s especially helpful (to me) for the unstable rift on wave 4. Hopefully everyone succeeds at their goal. Good luck to everyone.