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  1. Possible - yes I believe but I didn't check EVERY trophy. You absolutely would need to boost for each of the trophies though. It would be such a narrow case to boost too. One trophy I say might be impossible to miss is Broken Bodies as I'm not sure if sacrificed survivors count as injured or not.
  2. I appreciate your follow up.
  3. Does this method still work on PS5?
  4. I've had a deep love for this game for many years. Excited to see its release here with trophies. None of the trophies should be difficult. Hidden Talents (3 Victory Points from Development Cards) Will have some RNG as there are only 5 in a standard edition deck if I remember correctly so you'll have to buy a lot of development cards and have RNG on your side. Surprise Victory (win 5 games by revealing development cards) is the only other one that probably won't come naturally in just a few games. The game allows for local coop so if your ultimate goal is a platinum, this will be a quick one to put away. Be aware there are many expansions for the board game though and I'd expect this version to get several updates.
  5. I had this same issue. I settled for just putting my 5 rarest plats in my trophy cabinet. This would most likely be the case for everyone as the plat is going to be the rarest trophy barring games with no plat.
  6. There aren’t checkpoints but if you are in solo you can hit the start/options button and leave game and it’ll keep you on whatever level you were on. Just do it before your entire team dies and you get the out of continued screen.
  7. Its difficult in learning where to take hordes but nothing too bad. A little patience and luck and you’ll get it. I used a temp health/shotgun Mom build and I could tank hits from bosses and tall boys while maintaining 200+ health. Level 3 of the act is the big hurdle with a drop into an ogre (use him to farm temp health) and the final arena (keep your back to the wall and backpedal all the way around). I’ve included my deck suggestion for anyone interested: Motorcycle Jacket Padded Suit Motorcycle Helmet Scar Tissue Numb Body Armor Sadist Face Your Fears Buckshot Bruiser Pumped Up Mag Coupler Scattergun Skills Ammo Stash Quick Kill Optics Enthusiast Use the Belgium with infinite ammo and just walk through a lot of levels (not literally, just play smart). Looking back I’d probably drop Face Your Fears for Shredder/Confident Killer.
  8. With chapter select and a dedicated partner who already finished the game it’d be relatively easy. Load up the chapter select, do the trophy tied to its section and quit to the next one. You cut out a lot of time as well as many sections of levels don’t have trophies, including the last level as a whole.
  9. Just a heads up to help people on this one. You can use the aspect “Damned” at the beginning of custom runs (guy is right below where you select your boss cell) and you only take and deal double damage with that aspect on. Manual saves also of course help but the aspect simplifies things so much.
  10. Don’t worry, it took me hours to figure that one out. Glad to see it helping!
  11. I wanted to let everyone know about an easy way to access the developer menu and to help in achieving the platinum for this game. All you need to do is plug in a keyboard to your PlayStation (I did it to PS5 but I presume PS4 worked as well) and press the 0 key. From there you can give yourself any number of items, skulls - with re-rolling your skills, dark quartz, money, 10k health, and also give yourself no cooldown on skills. You can also skip to any chapter you want. I’d suggest an Archlich skull with the following: Death Trap skill - other skills are really irrelevant with 0 cooldown activated. 8x Master Fighter Helm (this) 1x Mana Bone (this) This setup will 1 shot the bosses but you can also dashboard and close out the game if you are hit for some reason. I know people did this with Jak and Daxter and wanted to let others know about the option for this game. I had a great time with it and love roguelikes as a whole but know some people can have a hard time with these games. Good luck to those of you going for the platinum.
  12. There are some easy options to get the no hit boss trophies. First off in each room prior to a boss upload your save to the cloud if you have PS+. Check the save time of your autosave to make sure it triggered properly. You can use thief who has a smoke bomb with multiple charges if you want to fight and learn their patterns. Otherwise use the Archlich with Deathtrap skill and try to get the infinite bone item (30% chance for instant skill reset). With a little luck and patience you don't even need to learn boss patterns and can "one shot" each boss (realistically you're relying on the 30% proc chance to 2-3 shot the bosses). I'd suggest learning the bosses actual patterns at least a little if using this method so you aren't trying to chain 5-6 deathtraps against St. Joan II or The Last Hero.
  13. They mention on the discord they are fixed but failed to add them to the patch notes. Take that info with a grain of salt until we see trophies reported on popping.
  14. I think one of the updates may have bugged or reset multiple trophies. I’ve been helping my friend with the plat and his enhancements trophy is his only unearned and we’ve played the last few days with that as our only goal and still haven’t achieved it. We’ve been hitting blacksmith every game multiple times and have a 20% win rate so we’re going deep in these games and he still hasn’t earned it. Hopefully this was a simple reset of stats and not a full bugging of some of these trophies.
  15. Maybe I’m confused but what are you all afking for? I didn’t see a clear explanation in the thread.