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  1. I did a 7 card deck with the “enter calm, if already in calm draw 3”, 2 like waters, vigilance, and 3 upgraded pressure points. I also had the fossil relic that grants buffer. Things died VERY QUICKLY. I don’t think I’d ever run pressure points without that relic though.
  2. Really agree here. The Watcher felt very powerful at Ascension 0. Some really quick kill build options too. Didn’t take her to higher ascensions but she seems really fun.
  3. I’d say it’s more with the tracking related issues the site has faced in the previous months. Before, it tracked everyone who started a game. Now, it only tracks those who choose to update or are updated by another user if I understand correctly. You’ll even see this with newer titles in general by having a much lower overall “total owners” even for wildly popular games.
  4. You have to beat them all for the full 200 stars and maybe a couple others. Currently the best options is to spam spearmen (After a wagon on a big map) and emberwings. This will beat almost all strategies. If there’s a map that’s all water, usually level 4 if I remember right, it’s quicker to restart the whole run. You may need to adapt slightly on the fly but usually it’s best to get 2-3 ember wings to push a main tower or enemy commander. If the tower is on a road 2 ember wings kill a tower.
  5. This is good advice. I’d add that “Nurses Calling” perk at rank 2 allows you to see healing survivors at EXACTLY 24 meters. A huge benefit and one I didn’t get to utilize as much as I’d of liked. I also utilized “Deer Stalker” to get used to the distance.
  6. Yes. Good people play at those ranks regularly. The only difference between them and red ranks is time investment usually (unless it’s early near reset).
  7. If that happens, all the fountains reset and it gives you the upgraded vomit without drawing from a fountain. But people at higher ranks generally don’t cleanse because they know it makes plague stronger.
  8. Just look through the recent players list and send them a message on PSN. Since it is so quick, most will agree to a quick trade. Worked like a charm when I did it. Online was dead otherwise.
  9. We’re you playing “Survive with Friends” either time? I’ve seen a lot of people attempt and that seems to be a recurring issue. Solos get it but SWF don’t.
  10. Seriously, Dead Cells. I also loved Wizard of Legend.
  11. Did you heal someone from the ground or just injured?
  12. There’s 2 recent achievers now. Maybe they are getting all 50 in one game or something? Every update they seem to fix one thing and bug another.
  13. Please fully read answers. If you see my above comment it’s literally my first statement. You wouldn’t want to try with less than 3 though the absolute minimum is 2. No more than 5.
  14. Not to derail but can’t you do the same thing for Gorod Krovi? Then have someone with all the gate worms for that final Easter egg?
  15. You could boost with as little as 3, but would need no more than 5. The matchmaking is very populated though and most of the trophies are at odds with each other if you’re on killer/survivor. I highly, highly suggest learning both roles as it would be quicker than trying and succeeding in finding a boosted lobby. The bonus though is if you are killer, survivors are very agreeable to boosting by simple in game actions. Hitting generators to notify survivors you’ll let them do them, finding survivors and not chasing them. This game has a boosting mentality due to the blood point economy and survivors are generally quick to agree. The trophies this doesn’t help with are the adept/kill trophies. These forums have several good tips about working toward those too. Again, I believe you’d have a quicker completion of learning both killer/survivor roles to complete than searching for your boosting partners in lobbies.