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  1. Just look through the recent players list and send them a message on PSN. Since it is so quick, most will agree to a quick trade. Worked like a charm when I did it. Online was dead otherwise.
  2. We’re you playing “Survive with Friends” either time? I’ve seen a lot of people attempt and that seems to be a recurring issue. Solos get it but SWF don’t.
  3. Seriously, Dead Cells. I also loved Wizard of Legend.
  4. Did you heal someone from the ground or just injured?
  5. There’s 2 recent achievers now. Maybe they are getting all 50 in one game or something? Every update they seem to fix one thing and bug another.
  6. Please fully read answers. If you see my above comment it’s literally my first statement. You wouldn’t want to try with less than 3 though the absolute minimum is 2. No more than 5.
  7. Not to derail but can’t you do the same thing for Gorod Krovi? Then have someone with all the gate worms for that final Easter egg?
  8. You could boost with as little as 3, but would need no more than 5. The matchmaking is very populated though and most of the trophies are at odds with each other if you’re on killer/survivor. I highly, highly suggest learning both roles as it would be quicker than trying and succeeding in finding a boosted lobby. The bonus though is if you are killer, survivors are very agreeable to boosting by simple in game actions. Hitting generators to notify survivors you’ll let them do them, finding survivors and not chasing them. This game has a boosting mentality due to the blood point economy and survivors are generally quick to agree. The trophies this doesn’t help with are the adept/kill trophies. These forums have several good tips about working toward those too. Again, I believe you’d have a quicker completion of learning both killer/survivor roles to complete than searching for your boosting partners in lobbies.
  9. Absolutely. You’re going to patrol gens once you have someone hooked. As soon as they’re unhooked, you know there is 2 survivors at that location and you return to the hook (what I mean by tunneling). If you happen upon someone else on the way back, chase that person (as losing people in a chase is bad for emblems). Patrolling gens is hit or miss as you may not always find a survivor but if you return after an unhook you are all but guaranteed to find 2 people due to scratch marks and most likely trying to heal. You see this a lot at lower ranks, if you are in higher ranks you probably don’t need help with the adept trophies in the first place.
  10. At the end of the match when it’s tallying your score there’s a red bar on the emblem screen that has little hashes. Those hashes are referred to as pips. If your going for the adepts here are some basic tips: 1. Don’t camp. This drives down your emblem score and makes it not possible to get gold/iridescent (bright red) emblems. 2. Win your chases. Every time someone is able to escape it’ll degrade an emblem. 3. Use your abilities a LOT. Learn what gives you points and constantly do it. For example, Hillbilly gets points for chainsawing anywhere not just in a chase. Plague gets them for throwing up on any interactive item. 4. A controversial one. Tunnel survivors. If you catch someone early in a match and hook them, when they get unhooked, hunt them down. They’ll be injured so you’ll win a chase and if they’re being healed it helps another emblem, you’ll take away time from generators getting done which helps your gatekeeper emblem, and if they’re left to die on the hook it helps your sacrifice emblem. It might take a few matches but eventually you’ll catch a survivor early and start putting a lot of pressure on which will lead to your adept trophy. There’s a lot more you can learn but I see a lot of people asking about the emblem/pips so this is a good basic starting point. Good luck everyone.
  11. I’m going to disagree. I played BL1 on release and loved it. I returned to it for the remaster and it is just not as nearly as fun I remember. The characters are less interesting than 2, the humor doesn’t hit as well, and the gameplay/guns aren’t as refined. Moxxi’s Underdome is also the worst DLC by a wide margin.
  12. I’ve did it a couple of times and plan to again. I can go years without hitting 100% but then I’ll go for it again. Giving long breaks to games I’ve grown tired of really makes it enjoyable to go hunting again.
  13. One week until shutdown. Hopefully everyone is making the progress they need to finish. How close is everyone still going for it?
  14. I’m 100% for this. I saw this come up with the FF9 jump rope thing and knew it could be done, but had no desire to try. Any willingness of posting the script up for others to get this done with?
  15. The bowling balls on 3 hit tall enemies. They aren’t meant for frost soldiers. If you have an unchained on wave 3 you can easily take out kobold or priest which is the only time mercenaries can cause issues really. What trap are you not using to utilize the shock zapper again? Also, what kind of times are you pulling down with your switches?