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  1. Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone! I typically wouldn't do a post like this, but with Rainbow Moon on sale at $2.99 I can't help but wonder if I should pick it up. I'm a fan of a wide variety of games, but have never really sat down and played a turn-based RPG. I know the trophies aren't too difficult and that it's a bit of a grind to the platinum, so those things aside, I was wondering people's impressions of the game and whether or not it's worth the buy?
  2. @madbuk Go finish Arkham City. Fantastic game with a great combat system and collectibles that I think are fun to get.
  3. Would this only be in the EU? I checked out Walmart and Gamestop today after work and they had no copies. Any idea who would have it in stock?
  4. Do y'all know if there will be a physical release for this?
  5. Has this been fixed just yet?
  6. Hi all. Just did this trophy. Figured I'd post in case anyone else finds this thread. I went from the first team alphabetically to the final team. The game actually remembered my old wins from playing online at launch and stuff, so the Titans game was my last one before the trophy popped. I messed with settings and time and difficulty as I went along to keep it interesting. Just keep a tally next to you of who you had completed and not. I had a few games go to overtime and had to redo two games (meaning I lost the first time and won the 2nd).
  7. Loves an ultra-rare variety
  8. It's really just following the puffs of smoke from the floor cracks. If he's getting close you can follow him and steal his popcorn before he does. Otherwise, try to get them close together
  9. At the rate games are given, and assuming you use the online services, yeah, I'd consider them free games.
  10. It's free games. I don't get why all the negative attitudes. Try something new or don't. Personally, I've always wanted to play "What Remains of Edith Finch". I'll have to look into Overcooked. May not be my cup of tea, but might as well download it and try it if I get bored!
  11. @Bloodytears1666 I have a signature sigh that my friends know and "love" What is your favorite aspect of the arts (music, cinema, theatre, etc)?
  12. @Bloodytears1666I've felt the need to take a step back to prevent damaging myself and spreading myself too thin, but I can't say I've taken other steps. What is the greatest obstacle you face when attempting to achieve your goals?
  13. I believe so. A quick search showed a video from April 2018 that makes it appear that the servers are down. Sorry homie
  14. My biggest issue with the PS3 was the clunky UI. While I enjoyed the categorization, execution of each aspect was slow and sometimes frustratingly ineffective.
  15. I'd like to point out this is in the Vita version rather than Table Top Racing: World Tour. My best advice is get the drifting wheels and work to understand at what point the game tries to reset your points. Once you get this, pull the car hard through that area and it should maintain the drift. It's almost better to be safe and bank points in this game rather than to risk it all and lose the big combo. Also remember that the score exponentially rises, meaning that getting many small drifts will pale in comparison to a few well-chained drifts. Hope this helps
  16. I think the blackout mode is a blast, even with all this challenge. Two 2nd place finishes with the requirements done for woods and 1 where I won, but couldn't find a helicopter. Ah well
  17. How are people getting MP 101 with the Torque onboard mission glitched?
  18. Didn't even realize Mad Max is currently unobtainable. Interested to figure out how this works as long as it doesn't require jailbreak or some sketchy USB download thing
  19. There's been a fair share of EU only
  20. Not the place. Go to the gaming sessions area and make a shareplay session
  21. I'd actually like to vary the question if I may. What are some good turn-based RPG's for the Vita that are not in an anime style?
  22. When going for the Helldivers platinum, I used the exploit where you get in a vehicle and rubberband the controller such that you constantly go in a circle and run over bugs in order to up your kill count to 100,000 enemies. Oh! And when doing That's You! for PS4, I had to download and learn how to run 4 emulators so that I could get the 6 player trophy. I didn't want to ashamedly ask my buddies to help me get a trophy because they don't understand it...
  23. Hello! Remember to have some fun out there!
  24. Honestly I don't mind the new layout. Only thing I would change is that if you were at 100%, it drops the X out of Y trophies. However, I don't know anything about programming or website design, so I don't know how tough that would be to implement
  25. Today is a great day for Alpina hole 12! Got all 3 of my condors and finished the game just now! Approximately 15 hours until the conditions change from the time of writing this post