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  1. Hmm, wanted to get the DLC trophies a bit later.. .well, at least I'll get some hard drive space after deleting it
  2. No MP trophies, only co-op
  3. No difficulty related trophies, no MP trophies, no collectibles, straight as F. Looks like 2K got themselves one more preorder, definitely buying it
  4. Finally finished with AMG DLC, The most challenging thing was to remember how to drive properly after a month break (haven't played it since finished the previous dlc). Damn Evolution, why can't you release new tours each 2 weeks
  5. I'd say it is relatively easy plat, just time consuming, This one will need more time than other trophies by far (especiialy if you have no high tier prem tanks): Tanks With Benefits Fully train at least 5 crew perks or skills on one crew member. P.S. No way I'm gonna play it again after PC
  6. No way I'm gonna buy another "jerk off 100500 DLC stars" crap.
  7. Thanks guys. will try to do ii at highest speed possible. @dalailama1989, Cars with longer handling bar are just sharper when taking corners, try to be more gentle with them. Ariel Atom has low handling stats - and it really sucks in corners, and opposite to it BAC Mono with near perfect handling bar is just awesome to drive.
  8. Any help is appreciated Wanna crash that vaccum cleaner on wheels so bad.