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  1. Hell yea i am going to buy this. Praying for a sudoku game next. Not joking
  2. I earn plenty of trophies using guides. Before I start a game I see if it has any missable. If it dont then I play the game till I am satisfied and then I use a guide to help 100 percent the game. I have small children and if they want to play a game on the ps3 I let them and once they are done I will just go ahead and mind numb out the plat.
  3. Likes kingdom hearts
  4. I am running into the same issue. I did like the video said. On the ps4 version it worked like a charm. No issues. But on the ps3 game I'm missing like 13 mission trophies.
  5. Is it to late to enter?
  6. Dodge dodge dodge. I can't say that enough. I use the hammer and it's dumb slow. I have to wait for a good opportunity to land combos. Unless i have my health regain and rock steady mantle on. Then it's go time. Ps: F*** Kirin
  7. Dammit. March is a big month for me in gaming. Not enough time in the day. Burnout remastered, far cry 5 and now tera.
  8. My list 1) Minecraft story mode 0% 0/51 2) guardians of the galaxy 0% 0/31 3) TWD: A new frontier 0% 0/31 4) The vanishing of ethan Carter 5% 1/14 5) Fez 4% 1/12 6) Unmechanical extended 4% 1/17 7) Flower 14% 3/14 8) Xeodrifter 14% 3/16 9) Limbo 9% 2/13 10) Hitman go 15% 4/17 11) Driveclub 10% 20/128 12) sly 3 2% 2/36 13) destiny 2 2% 1/14 14) Lego marvel super heroes 7% 5/46 15) darksiders 2% 2/43
  9. Psn= Infamousking27 My list so far 1) Minecraft story mode 0% 2)guardians of the galaxy 0% 3)TWD: A new frontier 0% 4)The vanishing of ethan Carter 5% 5) Fez 4% 6) Unmechanical extended 4% 7)Flower 14% 8) Xeodrifter 14% 9) Limbo 9% 10) Hit man go 15%
  10. Sign me up. Psn name infamousking27. I will add my list after doing some research on my back list. Also can I add games that are not In my backlog yet. I'm buying a few games on psn today?
  11. I only killed the necessary amount which is 225 of only the little guys. I killed the boss juggernaut. It takes roughly 5 to 7 mins if u speed thru it. And yes I ran into one cosmic doop.
  12. I grinded for 6.5 hrs in the church of purification op. I got roughly 7 to 9 mill on cosmic killing only the little guys and not the highlighted one. I got over 300 mill in 6 hrs so if can be done just a lot of mindless boring grind. My only suggestion is put on some music to help pass the time and just keep pushing. P.S F*** Gazillion
  13. Wow 2 days left for a grind that they decided to make for players to play the game longer. If they don't pull some magic trick out of there a** I will refuse to buy or play any games from this maker gazillion. The game is going to die. Give us thousands of xp or something for the users who are trying to 100% your sinking ship of a game.
  14. There a small mom and pop store in queens new York that release the game to the public a week ahead of time. My friend was playing fallout 4, 2 weeks before it's release date while he shared played. Some store don't care or regulate the release.
  15. Birth of a nation