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  1. Deep Rock Galactic finally platinumed!!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. ihadalifeb4this




      Looks like good co-op too bad i don't have friends. 

    3. HuntingFever


      @ihadalifeb4this Outside of the online only trophies, I did the entire game solo and had no issues :).

    4. Grample_Gust



      Looks like good co-op too bad i don't have friends. 



      Here's the truth, neither do I! I hosted public lobbies where random people could drop in & never added a single person to my friends list lmao


      It's a real blast, easily the best co-op game I've ever played.

  2. After 50 hours of playtime, I finally managed to hunt down all of the RNG trophies in Spire. My absolute biggest piece of advice is to watch videos on how someone else managed to acquire the achievement you're after. While no two runs of the spire are the same & you're practically guaranteed to land in an entirely different sets of circumstances, there are plenty of tips & tricks you can pick up from watching someone else's run. The most difficult for me by far was getting a sub-twenty minute run. I was getting to the end consistently but usually just a minute or two above par, then I watched Baalorlord's speedrun guide & within two more attempts, I managed a 16 minute run. Taking on Act 1 elites made the difference, they're not much slower than the regular fights & the extra relics will give you an edge during Act 2/3. I found out the hard way that you can't use the mind-bloom event in Act 3 (Fight a boss from Act 1 for a relic) to get the "Kill a boss in 1 turn" trophy. Imagine getting - Whirlwind (Deal 8 Dmg per energy spent) - Double Tap (Your next attack is played twice) - A ton of energy increasing potions/cards - Akebeko (Your first attack deals 8 more damage) - Bottled Lightning & Flame (Start your first turn with Double Tap & Whirlwind in hand) Then blowing all of your potions to absolutely eviscerate the slime boss... but the achievement doesn't pop. Now go deeper. You realize that had you saved your potions, you would have been guaranteed to kill the final act 3 boss in one turn anyways. Fattest L of my year. I went to bed pithed off. Woke up the next day & got the trophy on the first try anyways. Dub.
  3. gonna get my Deep Rock Galactic plat soon 👏👺

    1. Grample_Gust


      just one promotion left for each class, 225 hours played and counting, could easily see this being my rarest plat for years if not forever

  4. Back to Slay the Spire, this game is so endlessly fun

  5. Red Dead 2 Multiplayer trophies done!

    1. Grample_Gust


      It'll be years before I reinstall & go for the platinum, this is the most antiquated & uninspired multiplayer I've ever played


      It's literally just you completing unengaging menial chores for 20+ hours. Thankfully I hopped on during a double XP window & speed-ran the grind. I spent maybe 25 hours tops! I'll take what I can get 😭

    2. AJ_Radio


      I generally hear the multiplayer takes around 40 to 50 hours normally. Glad to hear you got it done.

    3. MidnightDragon


      At least it's done.

  6. Decided to do Red Dead 2 multiplayer trophies, zzzzz 😂

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    2. KingGuy420


      @AJ_Radio They're easy and kinda fun now imo. Back in the day when there was no content they were boring but with the jobs there's always something fun to do.


      The way double xp works this month too, takes it from a 40 hour endeavor to a 20 hour, that's over in a couple days though.

    3. Grample_Gust


      oh yeah that too, rn the most efficient way to earn XP just got a 2x this month, ends on the 5th, planning on grinding out hard for it

    4. MidnightDragon


      I did them at the beginning. It’s way easier now. Should’ve waited, but I wanted to just get it done.

  7. Crash Bandicoot 4 Platinumed!👏👏👏



    1. Grample_Gust


      Loved it! I knew about its legendary completion requirements going in, it's just as bloated as they say, but the core gameplay was addictive enough that I didn't mind.


      Final time was 59 hours played! Highly recommend it.


    2. Deluziion90


      Congrats! Welcome to the club :D

    3. ihadalifeb4this



  8. Platinum time limits themselves are usually forgiving, problem is, it takes dozens if not hundreds of tries just to reach the finish line once with some of these levels. My biggest tip is to focus on survival, you'll be surprised what you can get away with. For example: Crash Landed was my last time trial and I beat it with nearly 20 seconds to spare after fumbling multiple boxes. Perfect relics are difficult in a different way. Whereas Time trial difficulty comes from mastering the triple spin/triple slide spins & exploiting razor-thin hazard rotation timings to ensure you make it through levels quickly, Perfect relics require knowledge of extremely obscure hidden crates & your ability to scour otherwise optional & often dangerous paths through a level, not to mention some levels have awkward on-rails sections that you either one-shot or instantly fail. I don't think either one is necessarily easier than the other. Some levels, like Toxic Tunnels, took me literally just as much time to complete the perfect relic for as it did to achieve the platinum. Other times, like with The Crate Escape, I struggled with the perfect far more than the platinum.
  9. Loving Crash 4 the more I play, gives a feeling of mastery

    1. Grample_Gust


      glad i started off with the time-trials first, finishing levels w/o dying feels like a total cake walk after getting platinum relics

  10. Holy smokes I don't think I'm ready to 106% Crash 4 LOL


    decided to complete dingo diles stage first, got the dev-time relic on my first try by complete luck, gave me a false sense of security, tried one of the crash levels and my hand is cramping getting gold 

    1. LC-Fraggers


      I'm 9 levels away from the plat and things are starting to get ugly fast 😅

      I started out slide dashing everywhere but if you can get the triple spin timing down, it saves your thumbs a lot of abuse.

    2. Grample_Gust


      gl king, im 9 platinum relics deep so far


      i looked up a vid comparing the two and it looks like slide dashing is always faster during long stretches, but if theres any jumping involved the triple spin is goated

  11. Crash Bandicoot 4 is honestly so amazing


    every level is like the designers were trolling with the box/enemy placements, you really have to be patient with it haha

  12. officially half way through the deep rock plat grind 👏

    1. Grample_Gust


      favorite PS+ freebie ever, in a weird way im glad the plat takes so long bc i enjoy it so much

  13. all the ps+ games this year have such extreme long plats haha

    1. MidnightDragon


      Not necessarily a bad thing. :) 

  14. the more i play Deep Rock Galactic the more i love it

    1. Grample_Gust


      The big draw for me is how easy it is to just fire up and play, it fits perfectly into a rotation while waiting between big releases

  15. love the new fall guys revamp, winning has very little reward so u can just mess around

    1. Grample_Gust


      they finally realized what modes are fun, team games no longer appear unless you queue squads & all the new levels are races/survival