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  1. Don't mind me, just doing my monthly lurking through this game's forums. Unrelated, but Fall Guys has gotten insanely competitive since I last played, games are so hard to win now. Good luck getting this trophy legit Kings.

  3. doom eternals new expansion is incredible

  4. Every few weeks I tune into this game's forums just to see what chaos is unfolding.... This takes the cake, I hope they use the opportunity to rework this trophy.
  5. loving the new fall guys season, they updated the graphics and framerate to be the same as PC!


  6. made a pact not to get a PS5 until god of war 5, would kill to play demons souls tho

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    2. kingdrake2


      since the ps5 can play ps4 games. i'm going to wait till it becomes more common (after the first shipments).

      could be the 15th or 30th etc. then it will be time.

    3. Lorajet


      Eh, I preordered the PS5.  For once I wanted a launch console. Besides, my old launch PS4 (didn't preorder it)  is starting to show its' age.

    4. Cobbsquatch


      It's more like God of War 8.. 5 was released years back :P 

  7. microsofts move to nab bethesda is gnarly but then i remembered game pass is also on PC 😎

  8. There's never gonna be a reason to uninstall this game because it uses like no storage. I'll play it off and on for sure.
  9. Fall Guys platted! I'd like to thank my sponsor, unpatched trophy exploits™️ for getting infallible 😤

  10. Guys it STILL WORKS in NA just earned it! I won three in a row normally, left two, and got a back to back hexagone win! IM SO HAPPY HURRY GET IT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE
  11. Yall this topic is killing me because there isnt a single solid answer, but if it's any indication I just quit a round of tag team and I didnt receive any credits, I'm in NA.
  12. The Last Guardian platted! breathtaking game but WHOA that trophy list was so boring

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    2. ihadalifeb4this




      Ha, that's why i have Treasure Hunter  from FF13 in my trophy cabinet.  😴

    3. Grample_Gust


      lololol brilliant 

    4. MidnightDragon
  13. fall guys out tomorrow! dont tell anyone but im hoping theres a way to cheese the 5 wins in a row

    1. Grample_Gust


      i wonder if you can like, preserve your win-streak by turning off your PS4 before losing a match or sumn LOL

    2. IntroPhenom


      If there is a way, someone will discover it.

    3. Grample_Gust


      LOL my wish came true

  14. Trophies this hard/luck dependent only ever hurt sales for these games. Trophy hunters make up less than a one-percent of gamer's, we're the only audience that cares which means it's not difficult to research and get a consensus on what trophies we do and don't enjoy hunting. I'm still looking forward to this game, it's going to be a blast. I'll give them credit, they are meme'ing on us pretty hard about it.
  15. completed Styx: Shards of Darkness, i think i found my favorite stealth game

    1. Grample_Gust


      im one step closer to fully completing my collection of games, just red dead 2 and the last guardian left, those games are intimidating as heck though may wait until im exceptionally bored before i bite

    2. ihadalifeb4this