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  1. It's a continuous, uninterrupted 1 hour of real world time. I turned up the sensitivity back to normal (had it turned down for GT7) and set the controller down between my two cats sleeping next to me and they really loved it.
  2. I have some interesting evidence regarding this trophy. If you lose online connectivity during the race, it boots you out to the offline world map screen. This happened to me twice. When you reconnect, in my case once my ISP got its s*** together, the sport race counter under your in-game profile stats will have gone up like you finished the race, but it will not count. I kept in mind I may have to do two more races afterwards, and sure enough, once I got to race 50 the trophy did not pop. Two races later it dinged. The latest update improved connectivity in all three online race modes so hopefully this should not be a problem on the GT servers' end at least.
  3. Man, I don’t even notice what kinds of tires my pitcrew is holding. 😂 GG to you all for picking up on the details.
  4. Good to know. I decided to make the post since the general expectation would be that everything would work on PS5 except that list of 10 or so games that don’t work. I just now thought to check the store page and it doesn’t say anything about the companion app not working. Just that general warning on PS4 games that some features may be absent when playing on PS5. Yeah I read posts like this from others. I speculate that it’s a very YMMV situation. Maybe it depends on the distance between your phone/tablet, the router, and the console, but I have no clue. Again, pure speculation. For me, I felt like if I was going to be using my DS4 touchpad anyways (I’m avoiding using the DualSense for PS4 games) I might as well experiment with the companion app. My first playthrough went great using my iPad. Only weirdness was having to swipe across the screen multiple times to complete what I thought should have been one motion (turning knobs, pencil motions etc etc). I did lose connection a few times during the 2nd and 3rd playthrough I think it was, but that was it. Maybe I got lucky, who knows?
  5. I just wanted to post a warning to anyone interested in playing this game on PS5 that the Erica Companion App is not compatible. Apparently, it only wants to look for PS4s either over Wi-fi or via hotspot that the app lets you setup. The iOS version let me get so far as setting up a PS5 hotspot but there was no connection to the game. I did not test the Android version on my phone, so try that out, but I strongly doubt it would work there either.
  6. It literally costs nothing to be a communicative and helpful boosting partner.  When someone joins a boosting session, and they message you a bunch of questions?  Answer those questions.  Be helpful letting them know that the game session time is just a placeholder.  It's a small part of becoming a Decent Human Being.  The trophy I needed took less than 5 minutes for me and another friend to unlock for the both of us, and we both had all the trophies we intended to boost in less than an hour.  Simple communication skills means trophies for the both us.  Who knew? 

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    2. AJ_Radio


      It's a problem, because of the fact most of us just communicate online or barely even text so we don't even look at boosting sessions too well.


      I boosted last month with @MidnightDragon and she was there to help. Co-op is fine. But when it gets to four people or more there starts to be issues.

    3. ResoluteRock


      Part of the reason the person didn’t respond to your messages is because it was sent in the friend request. I don’t know which system they responded on, but I know you can view and accept a friend request without seeing any of the message attached to it. That’s probably what happened; they might not have been ignoring you, but simply didn’t see the message included with the friend request.


      In the future, I’d play it safe and message them separate of the friend request to make sure that they read it and that it’s not going to disappear anytime soon. There’s still going to be some people who don’t respond, but it could prevent issues like that as well.


      Just a theory, maybe they did see it after all and ignored it, but I think it might’ve just been that they didn’t see it at all

    4. sonata-allegro


      @Spaz Agreed. 

      @ResoluteRock This sounds very plausible, and I will remember this for the future.  Thank you.

  7. As of the time of this post, only x = 1 to 12 are now working. All the rest in the post before and after this one in this thread no longer work. It's a shame too, since most just need account verification to work again. But thanks to these accounts, I am now finished with the Create trophy.
  8. There's an update for Portal 2 simply titled Update 4, and I can't find anything on what the crap it's for. Urgh, hopefully if fixes the online connectivity issues. I'm not working on this game right now, but it would be great to actually have a functioning online mode.

    1. sonata-allegro


      Okay, update: I think it might be for the free Peer Review DLC they added or something. It took a while to log in to Steam but I don't think anything's fixed though.

  9. This depends on if you plan to use glitches the speedrunning community has found like journal air walking, stumble journal air elevation, and infinite airwalking to skip parts of chapters (there are glitch tutorials in a post on PST). I used those three glitches I learned from YouTube on Hard and the kicker is you can't use glitches that skip chapters. Well, I assume you can't. I tried that with UDF remastered and the speedrun trophy didn't pop. Since I couldn't skip chapters, I managed a time of only 3:10:XX. You can skip a lot like the tough early fights in Borneo and The Dig, but the firefights you can't skip like on the train levels and The Monastery and Reunion and likely Shambhala will eat up too much of your time. Ch. 18 and 19 alone were 40 minutes combined on hard with a few minor skips using glitches. Most speedruns are on Explorer or Very Easy. They just run and hipfire the whole time since Drake is a freaking tank on the lower difficulties. If you don't intend to do a glitched speedrun, wow... All the props to you if you manage to achieve it...and faster than my run!