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  1. Finally came back to this game, PS3 version. Only had the 'No Point in Dying' trophy left. Took me only a couple of attempts after getting myself familiar with the game (first trophy 10 years ago!). Ended up with 5 deaths, 3 of which were real stupid. Was at the very last part of the game and was like 'I hope i don't stuff this up!'. On a side note, this is a really lovely game. I'm about to start the PS4 version.
  2. All in on the Thor stratagy. Only lost 3 games throughout the course of beating all players.
  3. I have the same problem. Apparently this is a known issue. Last trophy to Plat. When fish do spawn in the ocean they immediately disappear when the line is thrown in.
  4. Just upgraded to PS5. Having saw the OG post I kept saves throughout the course of the PS4 playthough at key points. I had slightly different results. What didn't auto pop were the following: Suthese Arc Prophecy Arc Old School Treasure Hunt Completionist All The Way Worthy Flying Eivor Order of the Ancients Not sure about the Fish as i still don't have that on PS4.
  5. Having one this a couple of times without the trophy popping, what worked for me was killing someone whilst on fire, waiting for the flames to go out, then repeat. Worked first time with this method.
  6. Confirming that all trophies auto-pop. Just uploaded my PS4 save file and downloaded on PS5 and everything popped.
  7. Demons Souls. Got into the game very early in its release on the PS3 (before it got any hype) and loved every minute of it. Looks great on the PS5.
  8. Just got the Plat. This fight took me 5 or so tries. Almost did it first try! The 3 or 4 fist slams are annoying but just watch out for them and dodge like hell