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  1. This initially glitched for me. It didn't trigger when doing all side quests. Even repeated that repeatable one a couple of times to double check. Thought I was totally screwed. Closed the game down and started it again and the trophy popped as soon as the save loaded in-game (i.e. post title screen). Never seen anything like that happen before.
  2. 20 June - Transferred my level 15 character to see what would happen. Nothing popped.
  3. After finishing the campaign and doing tasks only requried for trophies, by the end of it all I was around level 46. I ended up doing the Hunting Grounds 'Heavy Weapons Trial' to get the remaining levels. Kill the Tremortusk for around 5K per kill, rinse and repeat. Did not take long at all.
  4. Yep. The more I think back on the journey from when trophies were implemented... Platinums were (again, as a very general statement), harder to get back in the day. The number of Platinums use to 'mean' more back in the day. With the easier and easier Platinums (and the speed at which they can be obtained), this does trend towards the number of Platinums that someone has as being quite meaningless, when it may have previously.
  5. Yeah an interesting one. As a very general statement, trophies have trended towards being easier from the PS3 to the PS4 and then the PS5. I think the issue here has to do with the fact that people's trophy lists are not created equal and the ultimate number of Platinums someone has clearly does not give an accurate reflection of the difficulty of the Platinums obtained.
  6. I'm a guy and would typically play as a female character.
  7. I think it's more to do with a well designed trophy list should give you a good gaming experience. A poor designed trophy list does have a negative impact on your experience. It can get a little tedious to get some classes of trophies that are considered a grind e.g. leveling up, multiple kills, excessive collectibles. But hey, the age old position since the dawn of trophies remains... you dont have to get the trophy, which is ultimately what it all comes down to.
  8. Sharing some of the sentiments above. What a great game hey. DLC is fun and a bit of a challenge. The more you play the easier it seems. I can't really explain why I think this game is so amazing, but it is. I think I will plat this again on my alternative again.
  9. Thanks for posting this. Currently following the roadmap. Great to get back into this game.
  10. I've always played the Souls games as a mage, so Astrologer.
  11. I did this during a side mission where you are protecting / escorting a tree. Forgot the name. Lots and lots of enemies.
  12. Same situation for me. Can enjoy a no collectibles / no Crushing playt hrough to mop everything up
  13. I have not played the DLC.
  14. Wow, there's a few triggered people here. Look it would have been nice to have 2 Platinums. Yes, it is a somewhat odd decision. Oh well. Looking forward to adding the Plat to the collection. Onwards!