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  1. Still one of my favorite racing games after the Underground series.
  2. Was getting ready to buy this, jumped on to see the trophies first and saw this. Thanks for saving me the money!
  3. Wow, can’t believe it has no platinum. Well definitely not a day one buy, wait on a sale or till its free on plus.
  4. I never said I was even a trophy hunter, you the one got butt hurt over me just saying I wanted to see a trophy list before preordering to see if it has mp trophies. So instead of you respecting my opinion and comment, you wanted to push yours down my throat saying I’m in the wrong. If I want to look at a trophy list before ordering, that’s my right not yours to tell me different. Exactly who are you to tell people how to spent their money anyway? If someone wants to look at trophies, reviews or anything before preordering that’s up to them....not you. Seriously you’re like I’m not about trophies blah blah but got 142 plats. I have 5 and you’re saying I’m the one all about trophies because I just wanted to see a trophy list. Come on now........
  5. Still in my opinion the original Darksiders was the best and was way more polished.
  6. I already preordered it got the deluxe that comes with season 1-3, for the price couldn’t beat it. Most games just with a season pass is around 100, Grid you get 3 seasons for 84.99. In my opinion that’s a steal compared to other games with season passes.
  7. .....yeah it’s some of my decision but not the deciding factor. Christ sake you’re on a trophy hunting website, common sense should tell you trophies might make up some of the decision. Love when someone tries to be a smartass and it back fires........
  8. I’m interested in it but also hesitant because of it being EA.......
  9. I was thinking about preordering but waiting closer to see the trophy list, don’t care for a bunch of MP trophies if it has them. Be nice to see what the preorder theme actually looks like.
  10. I was excited......then I saw VR. 😔😔😔
  11. Loved the second but never played the first one but be glad to play both.
  12. Sad to hear the online part is closing but thanks for the info.
  13. Thank you!
  14. I saw you bought it and was wondering about the trophies myself...
  15. I personally think the controls are fine and don’t see any problems.