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  1. Ok I hope that's it I see
  2. I bought wolfenstein last night digitally from PS store but can only download about a quarter of the game has this happened to anyone else
  3. Unity was OK but I think I'm done with AC unless Ubi makes one in feudal Japan Unity was OK but I think I'm done with AC unless Ubi makes one in feudal Japan
  4. Basketball and a close second is MBA then American football Basketball and a close second is MMA then American football
  5. I'm on the beginning of episode to when you get sensen fury when it says press and hold L2 to open pressed wheel but it won't open can anyone help me out with suggestions besides restarting the whole game
  6. Me almost identical to you lol I just upgraded skill and learned to keep plenty lockpicks
  7. Mk9 and injustice
  8. The night time for so many reasons 1)no glare 2)Internet all to myself 3)best competition for games I play is usually on in that time frame
  9. AC Unity seems easy enough
  10. It's good so far I like it the new parlour is frustrating right now but I'll get used to it the fighting is slower but not that big of deal to me haven't had any framerate issues but it is buggy and the co-op is really really fun the brightest spot of the game imo
  11. PS3 Arkham Asylum & Thomas Was Alone PS4 CoD At & AC Unity
  12. I have retail also yeah that campaign lol took me a couple days to beat I kept falling asleep lol but I like co-op and MP tho
  13. have you tried yet mines is glitches to I might try 1 sitting if it works for you