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  1. I do have the PS4 cam attached to the PS5 and all works fine in VR. I tried all different stuff to easily get a "perfect" having the move controller just laying somewhere, but it never reported a "perfect", with or without camera.
  2. The game really is a lot of fun - it even makes me wish the Platinum trophy wouldn't have been that fast!
  3. How do you get a "perfect" with the move controller? So far I only get "good", even when I am putting the move controller on some surface in front of the camera. I understand it should not move - and it doesn't. But still, "good" is all I get. Any help? Edit: I suspect my move controller to "report" micro movements as I see the little green dot shaking a bit. But still I would expect this to be a "perfect". I mean how would you stand still without moving even the slightest bit? You are not petrify yourself, right?
  4. At some point I was more or less wildly waving around the move controller spamming the button to open doors. At some point the trophy popped. Must doors are quite obvious, expect in that last castle level.
  5. Alright, I get your point; maybe I should rephrase my question: Can I still earn this trophy after completing all missions? Then again I think you already answered this with no.
  6. I am wondering if "You do plan to have dinosaurs, right?" from the "Return to Jurassic Park" is missable since I finished all the missions and kept on expanding the park until I had 18 different dinosaurs species - but the trophy did not pop up. So now I am wondering if "Construct a tour that can see at least 18 species in Jurassic Park Campaign or Challenge mode" means, do this before you finish the campaign? This would make this trophy kind of missable just as "Ranger Danger" obviously is, right?
  7. I actually enjoy this game a lot, if you are careful, you even don’t really need that much luck. I actually wish, there’d be more Mahjong games like this – and please with a Platinum trophy!
  8. Some weeks ago I noted this new item in the store: "The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition", which is probably just a collection of the two previous Telltale-Batman games. But unlike with some of the various re-releases for the "The Walking Dead" games, there does not seem to be a new trophy list. So, can anyone confirm, if these games share the same trophy list or not?
  9. I just started a new game and I can confirm "Berries" and "Bedroom story" can be achieved now. I am still missing the trophy related to open all doors; I'll replay some levels now to find out if I am just missing something so far. Edit: I can confirm that all trophies can be earned with the current patch. At least when you start a new game. Opening all doors is a little strange, but at some point this trophy popped too.
  10. Alright, thank you for the information. I'll keep my eye on upcoming updates then. According to this site, not so many people have bought / played this game on PSVR. It's kind of cute, but it should be way cheaper. 4,99 $ would be fine, since you've actually seen everything in 30 - 60 Minutes. And of course the trophies should not be buggy.
  11. I just played this game and found all pets and all coins; I received all related trophies and "Fort Knox" as well. "True Ending" popped up for me, too, but strangely enough I did not get "Bedroom story" for completing the game. Even though, of course, I did. (Well, I did not see that little shortcut in the magic theater though) I am also missing "Berries" and "Open all doors". Of course I might have missed something here, but since I found all coins, I certainly did a lot of looking up on all areas. And berries only seem to be in the first two levels. So, are this the unobtainable trophies right now or do you have other information?
  12. I know, this is not a challenge, but where would be a good level for the "Mind the gap!" Trophy?
  13. Thanks for encouraging me on the fishing mini game! I already tried quite some time, sure – also fished some easier fishes. Those are not a problem. Just the river guardian already drives me nuts. I’m about to give it some more tries; can’t do it too long though. Too dangerous for me beloved Vita!
  14. Hello everyone! I started Persona 4 Golden on my Vita in October 2014 – and I am still on it. Currently I am doing not so bad on my second playthrough concentrating on getting the S-Links maxed out. But then, there is this … fishing mini game! I even don’t get the river guardian! I am really bad at this, I don’t even seem to get close to draw that river guardian closer. Of course I read that other book and I can use Triangle for a little boost – but instantly the fish goes back again. This is extremely annoying and getting on my nerves. Are there any other tricks about catching these guardians? Like a special time or items or whatever? Maybe I am even moving the pointer wrongly, but it just gets so hectic and almost out of control, so it bounces to the total end of the meter completely in the red area. Any experience on this anyone?