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  1. What's up undrey?

    1. UndreyVITA


      Yo! I didn't see this.

  2. Almost have the HM plat, just waiting for a patch to fix the trophies.

  3. Finally got A+ on all levels and all masks. I love this game!

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    2. Undrey


      And wear headphones while playing.

    3. Dr_Mayus


      Is it easier on Vita? also why wear headphones :o

    4. Undrey


      I don't know, I tried it for like a minute on the PS3, it's definitely more suitable for a handheld, but the Vita's stick might make aiming a little weird.

      And because of the soundtrack, to enjoy it to its fullest. It says that it's for a better experience when you start the game

  4. I now know what voice I will choose for Saint's Row IV.

  5. Well, then I'll change accounts.
  6. Boosting again for UC2, reminds me of last year, oh goodness this will be annoying.

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    2. Rowdi



      I have a group that boosts U2 once or twice a week, but it's prolly too late for you to join us at the time we met up.

    3. Rowdi
    4. Malik


      what time is that ?

  7. Any idea when Sony's Gamescom conference is? Gamescom is from 21-25 August, but when are the conferences?

    1. Undrey


      Because Gamescom 2012 was amazing for the Vita.

    2. Kurorac


      I heard they are holding a conference on the 20th only for press people.

    3. Undrey


      As long as they stream it, I'm happy.

      Thanks :)

  8. UC2 still has some of the best MP.

  9. Oh no, I have to get the MP trophies for UC2 again, I hate switching accounts, that game took so much time to 100%.

  10. GODDAMNIT IGN Just saw a spoiler on YouTube for 400 days. Wow, what a surprise.

  11. I don't know why, but replaying the whole level after getting killed in Hotline Miami isn't frustrating.

  12. By theme I mean like desert, forest, mountains, snowy area etc. Mine would definitely be snowy areas I love them in every game that has them.
  13. Yes, but it isn't for the US so I guess I was half right