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  1. I remember playing this in the arcades as a kid. Good memories, a lot of quarters wasted on this game. I don't think I even got to level 3 ever.
  2. Thank you. I wonder if this also applies to the Microsoft store as well? Well I'm waiting to hear back from my little cousins if they still want Minecraft Story Mode and then I will buy the XBox One code from CDKeys and see if the code still works and the episodes download. If they don't, well then I guess I've wasted my money, as CDKeys said that cannot refund me if the code does not work properly. I'll report back once I've tried this.
  3. Glad to see that the new one has a Plat. I still haven't played the first one properly. I think I should get into it this weekend.
  4. Thank you for the feedback. Which game was delisted? So you bought a digital code from some online store and even though the game was no longer available for purchase on the Sony PSN store, you could still redeem the code and the game downloaded without issues? I want to purchase Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 for my little cousins from CD Keys and then give them the code to download on their XBox One. So I am hoping that it will work and they will be able to download all 8 episodes without issues.
  5. Yeah, that's the problem. My little cousins got episode 1, and they enjoyed it, and now the want the rest of the season and when I went to buy them the rest of the season, it is showing not available. Not I'm looking for the disc version with all the episodes on the disc, but it seems pretty rare to find in my country.
  6. Yes, it does still work. I got the trophy on 28 April using the glitch on my alt account. And there have not been any patches since then.
  7. They were removed from all storefronts. US, UK, EU - PS4, XBox, Steam. Everywhere. What I'm curious about is if someone purchases a digital code or say a retails copy with the Season Pass on it, if they are still able to download each episode and play them.
  8. Thank you. I'll want to hear from you. I'm specifically looking to buy a digital code from CDKeys.
  9. It looks like some Telltale games have been removed from all storefronts. https://www.onmsft.com/news/telltale-games-minecraft-storymode-game-of-thrones-walking-dead-video-games-xbox-360-windows-10 So yeah. I've read around that for people who even have the physical disc season pass, that they seem to be unable to download episode episode after the delisting. But not sure if it is 100% true? I also want to know if I purchase a digital code for the season pass from a store like CDKeys or other digital code provider, if I would still be able to download each episode or not? I'm guessing it might be the same as the season pass physical disc? If anyone can confirm, that would be great.
  10. Confirmed glitch is working. Tested it on my alt account and got the Platinum.
  11. Damn. I need to get started on this one. I got this for my PS3 2 to 3 years ago in the bargain bin and haven't even started it yet. Will have to give it ago soon. I played it on 360 years ago and had fun with it.
  12. No rest mode available, only gives you infinite time for the last two pillar puzzles.
  13. Exactly, they have a full library of over 300 PSVR games with more on the way. They can surely dish out 2 PSVR games each month with ease until PS5 releases. If they did that, then it might even increase PSVR sales further. With free PSVR titles given away on PS Plus it should surely make PS Plus subscribers who don't have a PSVR, go out and get one? I bought a PS Vita last year because of the huge library of games I had accumulated on PS Plus. Now my Vita is full of games I've gotten from PS Plus. This whole PS Plus thing only giving away 2 games I feel is total bull. How can you go from 6 games down to 2 games and still charge the same amount each month and there are no other bonuses? They should have kept the PS3 games going and just dropped the Vita games, then at least they would have had 4 games in total each month. Then when PS5 launches, then drop the PS3 games completely. It's not like they ran out of PS3 games to give away. I still play games on my PS3. Not happy with PS Plus lately.
  14. The Challenge is not that difficult, it's just that you're pressed against time. The actual puzzle presented during the challenge are all pretty easy to get through. For people who use a walkthrough to play through the whole game without understanding how the puzzles work, well they will have a tough time doing the challenge.
  15. Yup. You are correct. I was also reading it all over the place too. I thought the US PSN price went up last year. 2017.....time flies. But anyway, personally the current price does not justify myself keeping PS Plus subscription ongoing, especially since I do not use it for Multiplayer or Cloud Storage. And a lot of the games released recently I've either already bought previously on sale or the game is not my cup of tea. Interested to see where PS Plus goes going forward, but do hope that they add more features down the road.