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  1. The Challenge is not that difficult, it's just that you're pressed against time. The actual puzzle presented during the challenge are all pretty easy to get through. For people who use a walkthrough to play through the whole game without understanding how the puzzles work, well they will have a tough time doing the challenge.
  2. Yup. You are correct. I was also reading it all over the place too. I thought the US PSN price went up last year. 2017.....time flies. But anyway, personally the current price does not justify myself keeping PS Plus subscription ongoing, especially since I do not use it for Multiplayer or Cloud Storage. And a lot of the games released recently I've either already bought previously on sale or the game is not my cup of tea. Interested to see where PS Plus goes going forward, but do hope that they add more features down the road.
  3. Bought The Witness on release day. Loved that game. Glad other people get to try it. COD not my cup of tea. But WOW, from 6 games to 2 games. That's not cool. The Witness is an indie game (fantastic game by the way) and COD is a remaster from a PS3 game right? That's a cheek to start off the month like this. Didn't they recently just increase the PS Plus price in the US? And not they do this? XBox has 4 games, Sony should have at least kept 4 games, at minimum 3 PS4 games and 1 PSVR or 1 Playlink game. I wasn't expecting 6 PS4 games from them. They definitely have a huge library of PSVR games available, over 300 PSVR games the last time I checked, so it not like they don't have games to provide on PS Plus. I have been subbed to PS Plus since 2014 and I only subbed to Plus because of the free games. I don't use Plus for multiplayer or cloud storage at all. I wish I had signed up long before when PS Plus was launched because they had some killer games before I signed up. My personal opinion is that they should have only Vita games now and kept the PS3 games available for now. There are still a ton of PS3 games that have not been released on Plus, it's not like they were running out of games to provide. Then when the PS5 is released, then dropped the PS3 games completely. Fortunately I bought a number of years in advance when it was cheaper to have PS Plus, so I'm still subbed for about 6 months in advance. But after that, I have doubts about continuing again unless they fix this. I might leave PS Plus after it expires and come back when the PS5 is released and hopefully we'll have 4 games again. I hope that Sony is able to improve this somehow and hopefully increase the games back to 4. Even it it's 2 extra indie games or 2 old remastered games. Just something better than only 2. For now, I need to try and work through all my PS Plus library of games before my subscription expires.
  4. Great line-up this month. Better than last month. Keen to try Hitman and For Honor.
  5. I'm in the same boat for 2019. I have bought so many "easy platinum" games in the last few months it's getting ridiculous that I'm not getting to my main backlog. So I've made a decision not to buy any more "easy plat" titles until my backlog is completed. And I only want to do 1 or 2 of the easy plat games in-between my backlog "normal" games. Hope I can stick to it. I've got so many PS Plus games I haven't played yet, and so many games that I have bought when there is a sale that I haven't even played yet. I need to seriously stop buying games on sale this year and rather just play the games I've bought first. What frustrates me is when I've bought a game on sale a while back and then later it pops up on PS Plus and I haven't even played it yet. So I'm going to try and avoid the sales this year.
  6. But does this have any stacks? I only see the one list so far. Hope there are more to come, as well as World Of Nubla 2.....haha. Wish both games were released on Vita and PS3 as well....hehe
  7. Not a great month. None of the games peak my interest at all. Was hoping PS Plus 2019 would start off with a bang. But Sony seems to be dumping dead or dying multiplayer games on us each month to try get the player count up. Steep next month, On Rush for December, Bulletstorm in November, Friday the 13th, Destiny 2, Dead by Daylight, Absolver.... If PS Plus does not improve in the coming months, I guess I won't be renewing. And with PS3 and Vita games stopping at the end of March, I really want to see what Sony will be doing to improve the service and make it worth my while to continue. My PS Plus runs out at the end of August 2019, so I have 8 months to try and finish any of the previous PS Plus games I really want to play.
  8. Yaaaassssssss Katya! *thwoooop* Love your avatar. 😍 I don't know who Madison Beer is, but it was cool they go her for the video.
  9. POP/STARS – K/DA ft. Madison Beer - I am loving this new K-pop song. Very catchy tune and I can really get into it. Didn't think I'd enjoy it at first, but after playing it today, it's actually now one of my favourite Beat Saber songs. Apparently it's a song for League of Legends. Hopefully we get more songs like this in the future.
  10. Sounds very much like Japanese pop music inspired, even though they are an American band. The song reminds me of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - PONPONPON except faster. I don't particularly enjoy this track much. I just can't get into the rhythm. The BPMs are too high and I just can't seem to keep up. I can't even finish the song on Normal difficulty.
  11. @iamthedotcom Thank you very much for your services. 🙃
  12. Whatever for though? There are no glitched trophies in Spider-Man? And none that the patches broke? I'm curious?
  13. I just started playing this yesterday and had such a blast. I was nearly at the end of the game without realising it, and took off the headset to take a break. If I had known I was like 4 levels away from the end, I would have kept on playing. So I just played it again by resetting my progress and played start to finish in one go. Was not that long and I still had fun doing it.
  14. Yeah, I got it recently. And definitely cool with PSVR. I feel I actually play a little better using VR. Might have something to do with the higher frame rate in the headset. But overall a really cool experience. Still playing it thought, but I'm not that good.