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  1. When I first saw the trophy guides popping up stating it was difficult and that it was a 8/10 or around there, I got a little concerned, as I am not a hardcore gamer who is particularly good at difficult games. But I thought, what the heck, let me give it a try and and see how far I can get. The only other Housemarque game I've ever Platinumed was Resogun, and I am considering doing the Platinum for Stardust Ultra and Nex Machina sometime soon as well. I can't remember struggling that much in the first biome, as I was playing it pretty safe. I can't even remember if I died or not. I do remember that I beat the boss on the first try, but that was because I had an astronaut figure with me, which I got from my first visit to the house. Then I remember in biome 2, I struggled a little bit and I definitely died a few times trying to beat the second boss, but I think I managed to get past him on my forth or fifth attempt. In biome 3, I did not struggle that much, until I accidently entered the challenge room and died on the first attempt and then avoided that room for the next few runs. I think I died at least twice on the biome 3 boss, and beat it on my third try. Then after Act 1 (biome 3), I seemed to fly right through the rest of the game. Completed biome 4, and 5, and most of 6 on my first try without much effort, and that was because I found a Hollowseeker with a Portal Beam in those biomes, which helped immensely in my runs. I died for the first time in biome 6 when you need to get the key and you face that major enemy that rushes you and swipes at you. But afterwards, also beat the boss on the first try. The way I played during at the beginning definitely changed after biome 4 and I just felt more comfortable with the gameplay, and was definitely more managable in terms of difficulty. Right now, I do not believe it is an 8/10 difficulty, and I would personally rate it a 4/10 or at max a 5/10. I believe as you play the game more and more, you start to recognise patterns and then adjust your gameplay, and everything seems to become a bit easier. And now I am flying through the stages with ease, even clearing the challenge rooms and redoing bosses again just for fun (and ether), and mostly just looking for ciphers and scout logs for the Platinum. I really enjoyed the gameplay loop of this, and in a couple of years time, I will definitely be going for the Platinum again on one of my alternate accounts, just for fun.
  2. Fixed. Well for me.
  3. It's fixed a lot of the RNG elements with the new patch. You still have to do multiple runs to see all the rooms, but they are spawning much more often than before. I did a run yesterday of a few biomes and rooms that I never saw before spawned in one run where I collected 6 ciphers and 3 audio logs that I never got before in previous runs. So I've very close to the Platinum with 2 ciphers and 1 audio log remaining, could probably get it in the next run, which I'll try soon.
  4. If the friend pass does work between PS5 and PS4 version? And it's just the demo version that the PS4 person is downloading, then does that mean that the person that is using the friend pass on PS4 does not earn any trophies? I see that people have played it in PS4 version but no Platinum yet? Maybe I'm wrong?
  5. Seems like it could be fun. I played We Were Here on PS4 when it was free on PS4 with a friend and has a blast playing it. Really enjoy these types of co-op type games. Was thinking of getting the other We Were Here games in the series.
  6. Definitely. This "exploit" was not intentional. So people better hurry on up and get it before it's too late. Good luck out there.
  7. They have now made this trophy DEAD EASY with custom game! There should be no more complaining about Infallible ever again. Just popped the trophy for 3 friends tonight. Minimum number of players required is 4, time needed - less than 5 minutes for each person. So f-ing simple now, it actually feels stupid.
  8. Awesome! Thanks for the huge heads up. This will be helpful for the Plat. I never used the reconstructor in the first biome because I never had enough ether and killed the first boss in my first attempt, so I thought I would never have to use that first reconstructor.
  9. Don't give up. Just try to find a really good squad as that really helps. But winning 5 in a row is really doable now with Squads.
  10. Finally managed to get this trophy after 4 long seasons! 😁😁 Definitely need a good squad that supports each other. Luckily I was invited to a good team of players from Germany who were streaming on Twitch who helped me out big time and managed to get 5 wins on our first try. They did manage to go on and help another person as well, as they racked up 12 wins in a row by the time I stopped watching their stream. Even though I've got the Platinum now, I am still going to continue playing with my friends regularly as I still enjoy the game. My friends also are looking to get the trophy still and I would say that we're a group of average players, but most we have ever gotten together as a squad is 2 wins in a row.
  11. I've also experienced this on Wall Guys, but not as bad as you are showing in the video. That's really bad. Usually my grab doesn't work about 3 or 4 times, and then it eventually grabs. Very frustrating, hopefully they fix it soon.
  12. Definitely need to play it with team mates you know are good, including yourself. Playing with randoms will not make this any easier. I played a few games with randoms and it's a nightmare. Some guys just don't know how to play or they might be children or they just quit (or disconnect) halfway through the game.
  13. Was with playing with two guys last night, one was streaming on Twitch, and they both got the trophy using the new Squads mode, so it should be doable. Only issue I have is that it shows Squads mode only available for the next 13 days. But I hope it becomes a permanent feature.
  14. One of the best months in a while. 2x PS5 games and 2x PS4 games. Really awesome! Been holding off on Control for such a long time because of all the performance issues on PS4, and I was actually going to purchase a PS5 disc version once it released. So I'm so glad that they are giving away the Ultimate Edition which includes the PS5 upgrade. Also had Concrete Genie on my list for a while now, and heard great things about it along with good reviews. So definitely keen to check it out. And of course been waiting to see what this Destruction All Stars is all about. It was supposed to be a launch PS5 title, so I'm eager to see what all the fuss is about. I am hoping that is similar to Rocket League and Fall Guys where it's just jump in and play a few rounds and have some fun.
  15. I'm about to start this soon, perhaps over the weekend. From the guide it only needs 3 playthroughs, only bad response playthrough, only good response playthrough, and silent playthrough. Is there something we are missing @butt_mane