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  1. My guess is that PS Plus Collection will be sticking around for a while, probably well into the PS5 life cycle. And every 1 or 2 months they will keep on adding games to the collection. This will be the best that Sony can offer to compete with Game Pass for now.
  2. Are you sure the trophies will auto pop for cross save? If true, then this guy seems to have gotten it : nicklesminer
  3. Still no update for me yet. Hopefully during the week I suppose.
  4. My phone is updated. Using Android 10 on a Samsung Galaxy 9 handset. I've just checked the Google Play store now and it is still showing the old 23 March version 19.15.0 that's still in the store. Do different Google Play stores update at different times for different regions? Maybe that's the issue. I'm in South Africa. LoL I just checked on my super old iPhone 5 (spare phone) and the new app is available there (version 20.9.3 - 29 October). Will wait a few more days for the update.
  5. I still have Syndicate on my PS4 Pro and still need to play it. Will try it on PS5 and if it gives issues, I'll have to continue on the PS4.
  6. New app has still not shown up in my Google Play store yet. Even try as you did and deleted the app and then re-download it. Still the old version. On Google Play store still shows update from 23 March 2020. Hopefully new version shows up soon. Will try again tomorrow.
  7. Finally finished all trophies except one. Now only left with Finish Act 5. No glitch for the scavenging locations and no glitch for Up To The Task challenges. I thought I had a glitch for the historic collectables where I was missing just one of them (number 47) and luckily with the help of the internet managed to find the missing one at one of the balloon locations. I have no idea how I missed that, as I usually did not leave a location until the 100% scavenged thing popped up, so that was a bit scary for me. Will finish this one off in the next day or two. Thank goodness this will be behind me. The main game and gameplay was enjoyable and I had fun, but the collectables, scrap and challenges were ridiculous tacked on rubbish to expand the length of the game. Very unnecessary. I hope we don't see too much of this tacked on rubbish going into next gen.
  8. The challenge is really not that difficult. I see you've Platinumed Hollow Knight, so this should be a cake walk. But the glitch still works where if you time the third last puzzle in the challenge correctly, then the timer stops and you can take as much time as you want on the last two puzzles. I tested this on an alt account last year sometime and it works. But if you can get to the third last puzzle in good enough time, then the last two puzzles shouldn't be too much of a challenge.
  9. Thank you to everyone that replied. It was a mission get this challenge. I watched multiple videos, read multiple guide, followed all the suggestions, and I still could not get it right. After 3 hours of trying, I eventually said, screw it, I'm going to carry on with the game and do something. The challenge eventually popped up randomly on it's own at some point, and I can't even remember what I was doing to get it. Now I'm focusing on the car challenges, and those are starting to become tedious and I'm having to look up videos on each of them that aren't clear enough. At least I don't have many left to go. Looked Everywhere and Up To The Task must be the two most stupid trophies I have ever come across in a video game. Both are some of the most tedious collectothons ever and pad out the game for no reason. If the game did not have these two trophies, the game would be a quite an enjoyable Plat.
  10. I'm just about finished the game, just finished Act 4 and got the final act left to go. But I'm really having difficulty with one combat challenge - Rattling Your Dags (Fill the fury meter in 10 seconds or less). I am positive I have done this action plenty of times over the course of my game, and I even tried to do it recently with one of the scrap locations where there are at least 4 guys available. I've looked up guides, who say, find a location with 3 to 4 guys, block and punch each guy twice then roll away, then let your Fury meter run out and then pick up a weapon and kill them with the weapon quickly. I still cannot get this challenge to complete correctly. It is the only challenge I have left in the combat section. I hope this challenge is not glitched in some way. Any suggestions for this challenge?
  11. Anyone know if we will be able to take the PT demo over to the PS5? I've done a backup of my PS4 hard drive, so I've always got a copy for my PS4, but those backups won't work on the PS5. EDIT: So I guess not as per Konami. However, can I transfer the demo off my PS4 onto an external hard drive and then plug it into my PS5? Will have to wait to try it out.
  12. My question is, will the titles available in the PS Plus Collection for PS5, also be playable on people who are still using PS4's? Or are these titles exclusively only for the PS5? I hope that people are not forgetting that ALL The PS4 games that have been released on PS Plus (since however long they have been subscribed to PS Plus) will also work on the PS5 too. https://playstation.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_PlayStation_Plus_games_(North_America)#2013 Out of all the games coming to PS Plus Collection, there are only 3 I'm interested in. Days Gone Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Monster Hunter World (maybe) Hope that they release more each month and hopefully soon some PS5 games, or at least cross play games. I missed out on the PS4's launch PS Plus title Resogun, but bought it on sale soon after and sunk many hours into it. Wish there as a big Resogun type game launching for the PS5 this time round.
  13. Managed to finish the Dividend challenge during this week. It was pretty simple. Build 3 scrap crews and carried on playing the game normally every night during the week. Accumulated 2000 very easily no issues. Now onto the Platinum. I'm somewhere in the middle of Act 3, doing jobs for Pink Eye and on my way to Gas Town. Before I started this game, I did uninstall the whole game from my PS4 and re-install from scrap from the PS Plus library and patched up to 1.06. Hopefully I don't run into any glitches, but to far so good. Even managed to get the scrap in Pink Eye's territory where the container would glitch, but did not experience the glitch.
  14. Damn! Disappointed that there are no new trophies for season 2. Was hoping for a bunch of new DLC trophies to go along with the update. Hopefully it's updated more and more over the next few weeks. If only 4 new levels that were added, then that is a little disappointing, hopefully they more in the coming weeks. I loved the variations in Season 1 that they had, but I didn't see them pop up often enough to make a difference. When I did seem them, I got all excited.
  15. I've been playing for the past few nights for an hour or two, and I have not seen any double fame points. And I've only won 1 crown last night and the fame points for me are still around 1300 for winning and around 400 for getting to the final. Are the double fame points only applicable to people who are not on level 40 yet?
  16. I didn't know where to post this. Anyone know if we will be able to take the PT demo over to the PS5? I've done a backup of my PS4 hard drive, so I've always got a copy for my PS4, but those backups won't work on the PS5.
  17. The games that I would like free upgrades to work better on the PS5 with better resolutions, framerates and load times :- Horizon Zero Dawn (New Game Plus before the new one) God of War (New Game Plus before the new one) The Last Of Us Part 2 (second playthough for the Plat) Days Gone (never played) Batman: Arkham Knight (played only a little) Bloodborne (played only a little) Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (never played with improved VR support and visuals) The Last Guardian (go for the Plat) No Man's Sky (with improved VR support and visuals)
  18. I'm in South Africa, and the pre-order pages slowly started to appear on various local retailers in the morning (17 September). Luckily I managed to grab a pre-order just in time. But by 11am, most of the PS5 pre-order pages were no longer working or listed as sold out. I suppose we got a very small batch of units, maybe around 100 or 200 units allocated to the whole of South Africa. Some of the retailers mentioned that there will be a second wave of shipments, but could not say when they would arrive, and might only be next year sometime. Due to import taxes and other taxing bullcrap and markup by local scumbags, here in South Africa we pay US$612 for Digital Edition and US$734 for the Disc version. 😡 Crazy right. So most people opted for the Digital Edition, and those sold out much faster than the Disc versions.
  19. Exactly what I was thinking. I bet some of these games are coming to PS4 PS Plus within the next few months. Will have to wait another week and a bit for October's announcement and see what pops up. I am not too sure about this new benefit for PS Plus users. Is this supposed to be their attempt at game pass? Doubt it. Some of the games on that list have been given away via PS Plus previously on PS4 anyway. Is this how PS Plus is going to work on PS5 going forward? And they will just keep adding two additional PS4 games to the PS Plus library every month for PS5 as well? I wonder if we will be able to play these games on PS4 at all? Or maybe they are planning to release the titles that have never been available on PS Plus before within the coming months. It's nice that they are letting people play all these games at launch, and great for people new to the PS ecosystem (if they sign up for Plus as well). That 825GB of space is going to be used up pretty fast. Of that list, there are two games that I am interested in that I haven't played but want to actually play, which is Days Gone and Resident Evil 7. The rest I've either played, got them on disc, or not interested. Will any of these titles get free upgrade patches at all? Or even a boost mode? It seems unlikely, as some of the games are pretty old and doubt the devs will go back and patch them, but I mean look at The Witcher 3 though. If they could patch older PS4 games to just upres to full 4K and run at 60fps, I'd be happy with that, but probably a pipedream. I was hoping that the PS5 would impliment something similar to what the XBox does with BC and do upscaling, HDR effects, and performance improvements. I was wondering if they will still do the whole 2x free PS4 games per month and then upon PS5 release up it to 2x PS5 (indies) and 2x PS4, so that we go back to 4 titles per month. Hopefully we will hear more details about this closer to the time. I'm hoping that they keep adding more and more games each month. Hoping they keep adding 4 games each month, and after a few months start adding PS5 titles. And hope that they don't remove games from the library completely, like Game Pass does.
  20. 21 wins so far. Liking the new levels. Not sure if I will be able to go for the Infallible, even with the "exploit". Most wins I've ever gotten in a row is 2.
  21. Does anyone know yet if the new PS5 camera is compatible with the PSVR? Or can you only use the old PS4 camera with the PSVR (but you need that special adapter they were talking about)? I would get the new PS5 camera if it was compatible with PSVR, otherwise if only the PS4 camera is compatible with the PSVR then I'll probably skip the PS5 camera.
  22. I played Master Reboot (old PS Plus game) over the weekend and now I'm playing Sly Cooper Thieves in Time. I didn't realise what a chore Sly Cooper would be, but will get through it.