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  1. started playing this a few hours ago and I'm quit enjoying it but are the only game modes training and quick play?? I wouldn't mind bit there only seems to be 1 map called Iceland.
  2. are the codes usable on the uk store and does anyone have a spare? I unfortunately didn't receive one from PlayStation on this occasion.
  3. it will probs be out this week then if not then the week after hopefully
  4. tried that but no trophies or anything flashes to buy premium at the bottom of the screen
  5. I've been waiting for this for a bit and now its finally out the free versions nowhere to be found. alot of sites and info about the game said there was a free version and a premium one for $19.99 wich gives you aload of stuff. am i just blind or is it not there
  6. I've got to 2000+ quit a few times and have yet to unlock epic hero. I've resynced the clock to normal time and got to 1200+ with a auto clicker with no time skips and didn't unlock it. (though my mercenaries timer was still broken) How did you manage to get it to unlock? at this rate ill have all the trophies except this one.
  7. ah my bad lol
  8. maybe it's when the games released or he might just have forgot to put it in
  9. my current point total. bronze - 871 = 871 silver - 378 x 2 = 756 gold - 141 x 5 = 705 platinums common - 1 = minus 100 uncommon - 11 x 25 = 275 rare - 5 x 50 = 250 very rare - 6 x 75 450 ultra (4-5%) 1 = 500 ultra (3-4%) 1 = 600 ultra (2-3%) 2 x 700 = 1400 ultra (1-2%) 0 ultra (0-1%) 1 = 1000 total = 6707
  10. id love to join this but lack the post count ☹ unless you lower it to 50 posts or have had a account on psnprofiles for a set time.can still join for fun maybe ill tally mu points and see were I'm at.
  11. gonna try downgrading to single rooms when I get home need 28 more attacks for the trophy. Will leave it on for a hour and see how it goes
  12. is it possible for links to these scripts or if not allowed can you pm me them. I only know of the 1 script from septomer.
  13. quote #1. Life... Dreams... Hope... Where do they come from, and where do they go? None of that junk is enough to fulfill your hearts! ... Destruction is what makes life worth living! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! LET'S DESTROY EVERYTHING! kefka - final fantasy
  14. i get you now i also what i was doing wrong the solver is 2 rows wider than the game grid and i was filling in 2 rows with blanks wich was messing things up i filled 1 row with blanks and click solve a few times and end up with a row of green arrows and a row of blanks (wich would be the 2 rows i don't need)
  15. my trouble seems to be when I'm splitting the grid and restarting it. If i work from top left across/down whatever I'm ok but when i split it and restart on the solver its a new grid looking for 99 bombs instead of how many are left.