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    I love challenging games, even though I'm not that good at them. There has to be variety in my collection. Experiences are more important than completion % - though I must get an A rank. So if you see lower rank on game, I'm going to return to it at some point. :)

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  1. Normally I would complain more about lack of platinum, but this collection came to me as a complete surprise so excuse me while I try to calm down my inner child screaming from joy. *ahem* These are the 6 favorite games of my childhood. I played all of them several times through as a kid, searching each stage's every corner for secrets. It little disappoints me that there's no trophies for collecting 100% secrets, but speedruns and boss rushes are really nice touch. I still own each NES original, but will definitely get this on launch. Platinum - missed opportunity, just like back on Mega Man Collection. But unlike that collection, I never thought I could get trophies from playing these classics, so I'll take what I can. Shame on you, whoever scrapped the platinum. Too bad I most likely won't have time on launch to compete on first achiever leaderboard, so I will most likely do casually normal runs checking how many secrets I still remember and do speedruns some other time. I recommend people to skip rewind possibility and go through each as originally intended.
  2. You should just ask directly if you want to, years ago I asked them if they could bring Deemo to Vita too (Cytus was available through PlayStation Mobile), they replied really fast and were nice. I have had really good impression of them since. Nice that they finally got chance to bring Deemo to west.
  3. My bad, I totally was under impression it was firmware thing.
  4. 64GB cards have high risk of failing, unless you have Japanese Vita as western Vitas don't support it. Edit: So all cards that are marketed in west should be save bet, I've yet to hear someone corrupting supported sizes with normal use. Edit2: According to cris3f it's not firmware thing, but just 64GB trait. Go figure. :/
  5. SingStarâ„¢, 0,57%, platinum from forced European SingStar XMB I protested against. Jokes on me, it's stain on my rarest trophies list now. I'm known as horrible singer myself, so yeah. I kinda wish it would disappear but every trophy counts lol. I wish my Super Meat Boy and pinball trophies would surpass it (well, one does but it's on Vita as most of my other pinball trophies, plus their rarity % is different than in reality on this site thanks to being dlcs).
  6. Game that got pulled from Steam for dev threatening to kill Gabe Newell... I'm more concerned of that than art style. And if you don't like something, that doesn't mean nobody else wouldn't. No too harsh judging, thanks. Skipping this myself though, for reason I mentioned before. Also, it has very mixed reviews.
  7. Not free here (Finland), atleast atm. Edit: Late for party, gotta pay for it then.
  8. GT still ain't canon, back then Toriyama was "I'm done with Dragon Ball" but people wanted more and somehow GT happened. Meanwhile Super is being real Dragon Ball storywise, full of plot holes like real Toriyama story should. Hey come on, we're talking about comic where next two chapters can negate previous ones as who remembers what happened like few weeks ago. It's cool like that and I find character interactions silly fun as they this far have fit the characters. Edit: Not to say I wasn't disappointed in last fight, but I can deal with this lol.
  9. 80-85%. And I think I'm being optimistic as people tend to stop playing even shorter games that don't take much effort.
  10. I would never want that. Someone accidentally or on purpose deleting my trophy data... "Somebody accessed my account, couldn't buy games as I didn't have payment information so s/he just deleted all my trophy progress, yay" stories could emerge. Sure guys, great idea. Every trophy counts, deal with it. It's funny how some people would rather lose all trophies than have some low % ones on list.
  11. Best part being how hard it's to kill something that's not alive, so it just keeps going.
  12. Should arrive next week. Been clearing backlog a bit, but new Vita games just keep coming.
  13. This reminds me how I bought PS3 to be ready for The Last Guardian and Kingdom Hearts 3...
  14. I'm sorry guys, but I guess "disappointing" PS+ months have been my fault. Every month there's been games I've wanted to try. They must have installed mind reading device in my brains, trying to figure out what gamers want... Too bad they picked me, I guess my taste is... different from masses, to say it kindly (some might just say "shit"). So later this week you can all blame me while I go "yay".
  15. Gamewise, I find game challenging and fun. Unlocking The Kid took retry after retry after retry. Key to success in game is never giving up. Trophywise, this game rips a hole in your soul if you want 100%. I won't be going for Platinum. Completing all levels, fine. Completing them all in row without dying? HELL NO. I want to keep my sanity. Everyone going for it - I salute thee. Good luck, as you need that too with your skills. You monsters.