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  1. It's awhile ago that I played it, but from memory: 1. You play alone but need to be online. 2: There are however 2 trophies about sending and winning 3 challenges. Those you need someone to send challenges to you so you can beat them, but it's also possible to do it with a 2nd account as it doesn't need to be send to you at the same time as you're playing. 2nd account would have to play a bit to get to the point that they can send challenges.
  2. I think those purchases might be registered as a service instead of an item you download. Which might be the reason it takes awhile to be processed properly and show up properly in the game.
  3. Some EA trials were indeed very hard! We also noticed that the small lag could give problems. So the host had to be the one to do all quick time events because the non-host had no chance to get them right in time. And our experience was that it's best to have the best player host it so that player doesn't have lag and can play his own game properly.
  4. Bummer but... understandable, I could only hope for so much
  5. So far I haven't seen anything new apart from the "2021" on the masterlist for all platforms. I would personally just assume it's also shutting down on 1st of June but that's just my feeling and how I would handle it if I still wanted to do the game. There's no support rumor or whatever that says it's going down on the 1st. That would just be me being 'Better safe than sorry' I thought you were talking about Far Cry 2... Misunderstood. But Mad Max is no longer 100% attainable unless you have completed the 2 scrap metal related challenges. And even then you have to be careful to not run into the scavenging glitch but you can make multiple saves and keep 1 save with the scrap metal challenges apart and not overwrite it in case things go wrong. And in general for whatever game with online trophies that are still attainable and that you still want: Do them now as in 'as soon as you can'. We can expect a lot more server closures this year and the next year, especially on PS3 but also older PS4 games might start to go offline more often.
  6. As far as I know Far Cry 2 100% is still possible. The servers were always a mess so some things might go a bit werid and might need a workaround but nothing is impossible. If you want 100% in Far Cry 2, do it before June 1st 2021 if you want to be sure to get it. There's currently mixed information 'in the wild' so it's unsure what's true and what's not. Better be safe than sorry Later on I learned that on Xbox those Shadow of Mordor DLC trophies were actually online... That's probably where the PS4 (mis)information came from at support. But at least Monolith provided a patch for offline leaderboards for both Xbox and PS4 so everybody could get their achievement/trophy after the shutdown And yes... if you want online trophies in whatever game on PS3/PSVita and now even PS4: Go get them now and don't wait until it's too late! I learned my lesson with the shutdown of Tlou/Uncharted2+3 and the 3 months of stress to get them (I made it with 7h left! ). After that shutdown I finished the online for almost all my games that were already on my list. Only Max Payne 3 XP grind to level 50 (currently 38) and GTAV PS4 doomsday elite+mastermind challenges left. Working on both of them. Now I'm going through my unplayed backlog to decide what games with online I still want to finish...
  7. It's just a fair warning for him since he was talking about the vanilla version and not the GOTY. So if he wants 100% an extra investment might be needed
  8. I got a patch when I installed the EU/UK version today. Not sure what version it was again but I think 1.07 Beware that the DLC is delisted in EU. I already bought and downloaded it back in 2012.
  9. It's unclear... It's not on the masterlist but some Ubi support people said it would shut down on all platforms. If you really want the trophies, you should act as if the PS3 servers will close when the PC servers will close. Else you might be disappointed just like many were disappointed with Mad Max because of incorrect info.
  10. Now the PS Vita store stays open longer, is there a chance we'll see this and Roundout on PSVita? I really like playing them on my Vita when I'm on holiday
  11. I recently finished challenge mode with the EU disc version fully updated without any problems. I just replayed the part where he's stuck on in different ways and it always works for me :/
  12. I made a video that's a bit shorter and more 'To the point' as the other video It even has a few extra kills at the end in case you miss one of the earlier ones.
  13. I contacted support and got a very generic answer back with the already known details about the upgrade path from PS4 to PS5. They totally ignored my question about the collector's edition that already has the deluxe content just as the digital deluxe version. I sent back an answer pointing out that they ignored the question about the collector's edition and that it's unfair that the real fans should have to pay twice for the same deluxe content. To be continued...
  14. Yes this was confirmed in the mail people got about the closure of the PS3 and PSVita store. Nothing was mentioned about the PS3 messages. You can also read about it on their 'important notice' page over here: https://www.playstation.com/nl-nl/support/important-notice/ You might need to change the language because whatever I do, I always get redirected to the Dutch version of The Netherlands while I'm from Belgium... To be honest, that whole page is like one long bad news show they don't want on their blog and to me... it reads as the downfall of PlayStation.
  15. Yet the masterlist said that ghost recon future soldier is also shutting down for PS3 'somewhere in 2021'... I guess we can officially say it's a mess...