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  1. There is no word of a server closure on the official site of EA: https://www.ea.com/service-updates/i-q So I'm not sure if it's really closing or just failing until someone fixes them. I had it happen with Dante's Inferno (also EA) that the servers seemed closed/broken and all of the sudden, months later they worked again. I know the communication with chat support said they were 'sunset' but so far I can't find an official word on it closing and I believe EA usually tells (at least) about 30 days beforehand. If the game is not yet on your profile, I would leave it that way for now. If it already is on your profile, try to get as much as possible now and hope for the best... I guess I was lucky to finally finish it about 2 months ago
  2. A year after this post I was worried a bit because "Master locksmith" popped before "Room service", but in the end exactly the same as this happened to me. "Master locksmith" unlocked when using the 6th option, during that breach I got enough headshots to unlock the 7th option but no "Room service" trophy. On the next door I used the 7th option and then I got "Room service". So apparently it's not uncommon for this to happen. Might depend on when exactly in the story you unlock all breach options and if that is before or after a buddy using the explosive sheet. I was playing mission 11 when I got both trophies and I know I missed quite some headshots on the doors before so it was a late unlock. Maybe if you unlock it way earlier, you get them all before your buddy uses the explosive sheet.
  3. My buddy had the same issue and the solution of @aInnocentSIN fixed it as well! Almost 3 years later, but still thanks for explaining it!
  4. Waiting is probably best indeed since they announced working on it. Alternative would be to figure out after what point in the story the stats stop updating, but that's more luck to find out I think. I didn't start the game yet, my buddy did and is at 7/10 containers. I'm waiting for patch to start it.
  5. A patch is in the works according to a video update. It says 'Fixing a problem where stats don't update accordingly after a certain point in game' Patch is sent to Sony for verification, so lets hope it doesn't take too long to get there!
  6. I had to do my heads run twice as well... What I did: Choose a head option when there is one, if there's 2 just pick one. If there's no head choice but there is a 'Say nothing' option: pick that! If there's no head choice and no 'Say nothing option': Let the timer run out.
  7. We had a problem that after reloading the save, it wouldn't start the game and seemed stuck forever. Friend noticed he didn't see the messages of me changing stuff before we started. It was fixed by both restarting the game. Everytime we loaded that save, we both had to restart the game for it to work.
  8. I was able to find someone who had online co-op savefiles to help me out. He didn't have the secret glitch on him when he was the host. The only difference I noticed between his save and mine: In my savefile secret #12 was picked up by Fliss and in his savefile secret #12 was picked up by Julia. So this might be a similar issue as with secret #20 after the patch where Brad has to pick it up instead of Julia. Glad he helped me out, saved a whole playthrough in the end!
  9. Hmm, hoping for a patch then... Although I also keep wondering what the people did that were able to get the trophy
  10. Thanks! I'm really curious if it'll work! For my buddy it's the last thing for platinum as well...
  11. @XilixiR Bummer Maybe you can try the Mary missions, but it might take a while before you get the right one...
  12. I guess I'll join the club We tried multiple time, I was the host and it never unlocked. My buddy even deleted all of his saves (after back-up) and we tried again, nothing for me but for him it registered. So I have to wait for the curator cut to be available for everyone and do a full playthrough. Or do a full playthrough in co-op again. Or we might get lucky and finally get a patch. But I start to doubt it since it's been 3 weeks at least and the glitch with secret 20 that started in patch 1.01 is not yet fixed in patch 1.10. But for the glitch with secret 20, if you have the disc you can uninstall the game, then install again and don't install the patches (pause it or don't connect to internet). Play that part again from scene selection and you'll get it.
  13. Oh no, it was not about bashing his theory, I'm only trying to verify it for when I start the game! I'm also wondering if there's a container mission that still works after the story. Might be that one mission is not bugged. My buddy doesn't feel like playing the game a 2nd time.
  14. Can you remember if you did all story missions before the side missions? That might or might not support the theory of RehTehTeh.
  15. My buddy got the ADR missions by finishing the story. The last 2 missions from Mary give 3 ADR.