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  1. For me it's still there in the store for €39.99. Don't have PS Now so no idea about that. I'm from Belgium.
  2. But will they add them in again before the shutdown on PS3... That's the real question you might try and ask as a reply on that. As you seem to be the only one getting proper responses. They always stated that the modes would be rotated back in from time to time which is annoying but for PS4 it would give a chance for the trophy somewhere in the future. For PS3 the time is ticking away quickly
  3. Can't find that for PS3 though... do you have a socialclub link? People are mainly looking for PS3 methods right now because of the server closure in December.
  4. Did you also complete the final tomb in the lost city? And the cistern tomb is greyed out: This might mean that you didn't pick up the final codex that unlocks an upgrade. Try and complete the tomb again making sure you open that codex/stand thing at the end. You can use fast travel to the campfire of the tomb to quickly get as close as possible to it.
  5. I only got the ads when I was signed out. I kinda expect to see them when I'm signed out because then the site can't figure out if I have premium or not. But I never had ads while signed in, which is as expected.
  6. I did both long before the Gamespy closure but I played GTAIV afterwards to help someone out. Uncharted closure was my wake up call to finish every unearned online trophy for games that were already on my list for a long time. Currently working on the last one: Criminal Mastermind in GTAV
  7. And did you refresh the page after logging in? Making sure it says you're logged in at the top? I just tried another browser without add blocker and when signed out I get your screenshots (even the same add...) and when signed in I get no adds.
  8. GTAIV and RDR1 used the Gamespy servers that closed in 2014. They both got a patch so they became P2P (peer 2 peer) and no longer needed servers. Online progress is now saved on your system. I think leaderboards no longer work but not sure about that. I remember that GTAIV was offline for a few months until the P2P patch. Edit: And @N1NJ4_V4MP1R3 was clearly joking about the shark card
  9. You seem to be logged out on the bottom screenshot. It can only detect that you're premium if you're logged in. So make sure you're logged in and see if it goes away then.
  10. I had it digital and downloaded all hitman 1 episodes. Then I had to boot the game and somewhere to the right there was an option to unlock hitman 1 content in hitman 2. Just select that option and follow up the next steps. I can't remember what exactly happened, but I think it went to the store to buy something for free. Some say it's not needed to download everything and that just the first episode/part is sufficient.
  11. @Jakkal_SWE List is now on PSNP as well so it seems fixed indeed. Usually the devs or sony have to trigger a switch for them to show up. It happens sometimes that trophies are only activated after the release. The restore licenses was just a coincidence
  12. @SepsVampFrench Seems like PS5 trophylist is not yet on PSN?
  13. Yeah, I was very tired when I wrote that and mixed the games up... Thanks for telling
  14. Edit: Never mind I read about the wrong game... Should've gone to bed instead of asking Can you elaborate a little bit more on this, my main questions: 1. Did you play the game fully patched or did you do the nuke trophies before installing the patches? 2. Were you connected to PSN when playing or did you completely disconnect from the internet? If you were connected to PSN, did you reject the user agreement? 3. And what about the trophy for invading an FOB, how to get that offline? I'm just trying to get everything detailed for myself and maybe others want to know as well
  15. Beware that apart from the 2 nuke trophies that there's one other trophy that is online: Invade an online FOB base. So even if the 2 nuke trophies can be done offline if playing without patches, you still need to get that FOB trophy online so getting the platinum requires online! And the info I got is from other people/forums, I wasn't yet able to test this myself