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  1. I used the last truck. Maxed speed and acceleration combined with brakes and handling as good as it could get without killing the last stat (resistance?). Overall it was a close to maxed asphalt truck according to the bar in the top. But the most import thing I noticed: Use the best asphalt/track tires! I had a dirt time trial were I came short 1.5 seconds after struggling in every corner when using dirt tires. Changes the tires to the best asphalt tires and my starting round was already 1 second faster than my fastest so far. Ended up beating the time with 1.5 seconds and I even crashed hard during that round... Somehow the asphalt tires allow you to drift through those dirt corners while dirt tires require you to drive wide and not drift. From halfway the championships until the end I just used the asphalt tires and never had problems since then. Other tricks: Use the first 1-2 rounds to fill your boost meter and then go for a quick round where you use boost after the tight corners or on long straights. Some tracks also allow you to take a shortcut over the grass. Instead of doing a zigzag while turning back the way you came, you could just do one big turn over the grass and win 5 seconds compared to other trucks.
  2. Same here... Should've gone for it when they were back online. First time around they went offline when I was still working on the EA trials...
  3. Same here, saw your topic on ea's forum: http://answers.ea.com/t5/Other-EA-Games/Dante-s-inferno-St-Lucia-servers/td-p/6201894 But I can't comment there, when I click on 'sign in' I get a fault and deleting cookies didn't work..
  4. No, you have to finish 10 stages and win 1 of them. Beware that you have to finish them, so quitting right after the start or not finishing within 30 seconds from the other person, won't count. Good news is that you can do them in private games with a friend and then you can select a short track to get through them quickly.
  5. Same here 😡 The 7th time was the first time I had sun on Nambucca and was also the first time it didn't freeze. Took me another 6-7h after finishing WRC champ to get this damn trophy... Glad this is over! Game always froze first time loading Nambucca as well and it froze so many times on loading a stage or right after starting a stage. I'm taking a break from race games for a while!
  6. All characters are the same, but you're missing some moves. If you turn on the ghosts (pause the game during a challenge and you have the option to show none/friends/all ghosts) you'll see ghosts of people that are slightly better than you. If you get good enough you'll even get to see the ghosts of those ridiculous times... I admit that I can't do those moves either, unless by accident... Even after looking things up like somersault, buzzsaw attack and brake boost jump, I can't do them consistently. A few days ago I thought I was very close to a diamond... but after reloading a few times I got a ghost of a gold cup which had a second less than me, I knew I could shave of maybe 0,5sec at max. So I just gave up on it. Gold it is for me and sometimes silver or bronze because certain types of challenges are not my thing, the dojo being one of them. A whole thread about tips and tricks: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/rayman-legends/212474-daily-challenges-tips-tricks.html Some more reading: https://steamcommunity.com/app/242550/discussions/0/864978109894182866/ Brake boost:
  7. I did the transfer about a month ago. At first I didn't get all trophies as well, the exact ones are fairly easy to see on my profile since there's a gap between those and the rest of the online trophies and I didn't start SP until a while after. I went into an online lobby, wanting to kill someone to get RP and maybe trigger the rest of the trophies. Instead I was killed first but after I respawned all the leftover online trophies (main game and heists) popped. This was with my main online character. You'll see that I don't have all heists trophies, but that's because I didn't have all of them on PS3.
  8. I agree, the game gets boring pretty fast... The 4 controller trick is probably what saved my sanity.
  9. Same here... But I felt it coming. My chars were level 17-19 when I finished my first playthrough and I noticed that I needed way too many skillpoints to max them out. But it was guessing what the actually max level was then.
  10. 2nd level on the boat was what I used. Think it's the one you mentioned and I got about the same amount of ecto. I was lvl 26 with 3 chars and 1 lvl 28 when I started today and after doing the level 2 times all were 30, using 4 controllers. One thing I also did was switch characters, I always played with the character that was the lowest in level. This because I noticed that the character you play with, always gets the most ecto. Right before I picked up the last trap, I turned on and let 3 other controllers join so xp wouldn't be lost. Even the 4-player trophy is possible with 4 controllers without all having real psn-accounts associated. They just need to join before picking up the trap or during the short cutscene after. And only the account starting the game will get the trophy. I used normal PS4-accounts without PSN associated for this trophy, not the guest accounts that disappear when you turn off the PS4.
  11. Gladiator and deadlocked are the same game. Deadlocked is the name used in the US.
  12. There are a few locations that go above 100%. Tulu tree is one of them. If I remember correct it are the locations with the orbs, but not sure. I remember that the location-icon on the map should turn gold when you're finished with all chests. Guide to find all chests: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/guacamelee/195041-guacamelee-trophy-guide-roadmap.html#post3541990 A bit higher in the trophylist is also a guide for the orbs.
  13. If anyone still wonders, you can get it in undead nightmare, even when you have the disc version of undead nightmare it'll unlock. I have the main game and the dlc on separate discs and had no problem unlocking that trophy on the undead nightmare disc.
  14. Since you mentioned it I checked on my ps3. For Lego Harry Potter they show in the right order but for Virtue's Last Reward they're reversed. So even they can't figure it out it seems...
  15. It's possible that it's a vita only problem. I checked some ps3 plats on my list (not all of them) and the ones I checked always had the last trophy in the minute before the minute I got the plat. Maybe the ps3 processes the trophies 1 by 1 when it gets them from a game, while the vita processes them all at once at same timestamp? But even if anything like that is the case, it might still 'break' your trophymilestones. What if I tried to get a vita plat instead of a ps3 plat as trophy 3000? Edit: Sly ninja! So the vita plats get the same timestamp as the last earned trophy it seems. I don't know how the back-end works but a possible solution to this might be checking if trophies on the same timestamps contain a plat and then order them so the plat comes first (also for milestones etc). But I have no idea about the overhead this might create, especially for people with a lot of trophies/games... This overhead might make it close to impossible to fix it.