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  1. I never found a way to check ingame what game types and gang war modes I had played. But maybe I overlooked something? It was also very useful to find out which weapon I was missing a kill with. Turned out the kill with the LAW on human enemies (and not the truck) didn't register properly. And I was also missing 1 weapon that wasn't mentioned in the trophy guide I was using. Sometimes social club fails to save some sp progress though. I have all sp collectibles, but according to social club I'm missing one.
  2. A buddy had the same, finished the last required gang war mode and no trophy. Did another Payne Killer game and it popped. On social club you should be able to track which modes you played if you go through the stats of all matches played. But it might take awhile before the match stats show up.
  3. Thanks! Too bad the only reason it's ultra rare is because of the trophy glitches... The game plays a lot better after the patch. Before the patch enemies could see you through some doors or shoot you from the other side of the screen or instantly detect you etc. That sort of problems were fixed and that made it a fun game to play. Nope... Apart from the coin guides mentioned in this thread there is no dedicated trophy guide that I could find. That's why I'll at least try and upload video's for the things I did last week to get 100%. Especially the Pacifist trophy in chapter 7 can be annoying to figure out and chapter 6 without being spotted has a hard part to figure out towards the end.
  4. @nkmslr I got 100%! In the end I already had the glitched/unreachable coins on my old save which meant that I didn't even need to downgrade the patch. I remember that I gave up on this back in the day because The Hunted Becomes The Hunter didn't want to pop after the patch. I never tried it on a new save file and that was probably the issue. Thanks for getting me back to this! It really was one of those games that I gave up getting 100% I'll try and upload some video's in the next few days.
  5. @Xetnevs This video explains the out of map glitch better but we didn't use it in the end. It took too long to get up there and if you run out of ammo you'll have to redo it or use a certain mystical (forgot name, it's in video I think). Our main problem was also the siege round and you can't use that glitch during the siege round. In the end it was putting mines in all spots where enemies like to hide or land after jumping the gap was key to make the siege round. For the other rounds, we stood where shorty is standing in his video that's attached to the PSNP guide. Pulling back to the right if things get too hot. Stage 9: Full playlist:
  6. @nkmslr I'm currently trying to get the pacifist trophy in chapter 7 but I seem stuck on the very final part. I'm able to get all the way to the right stairwell, right above the destination where you get in the funicular. I think the correct way is down the ladder at the bottom of the stairwell, right at the moment the enemy is going left (he doesn't go to the right of the ladder). Then I think I should hide at the hiding spot at the door where he goes through and wait until he passes me so I can continue a bit left and go down the final stairwell towards the destination. Problem: When I go in that hiding spot, the enemy always sees me and kills me when he goes back to the right. I also tried going left at the bottom of the stairwell instead of down the ladder, but there's no hiding spot before the point where the enemy patrolling this part, stops and turns. Any suggestions? Edit: Wow... Seems I totally missed the pop-up from the trophy and got it over 2h ago... Conclusion: You can get noticed by this final enemy, just stay close to him and once he's at his turning point to the left, just rush down the stairs towards the destination. The trophy will pop as soon as you're at the big wheel of the funicular or right after the dialogue you have there. I probably missed the trophy pop-up because I didn't expect it to pop at that point, I expected it to pop somewhere after the funicular ride I also did this on my old save, thinking back... maybe I didn't complete it in one go back then but died a few times and reloaded the checkpoint. I'll try and make a new video of what I did once I get over my own stupidity...
  7. Since I now know what might be the reason for not getting that one trophy I got a few days earlier, I decided to check how far I get with the coins on my old save with the patch installed. So far it seems I'm lucky because I was able to get all 20 coins in chapter 4 which means I already picked up the glitched coin before the patch! I know I have one glitched coin of chapter 7 for sure, but not sure about the other one, so I'll do that chapter next. Edit: Even more luck, I got all 20 coins in chapter 7 which means I already had the one in the first small tower. So I won't need to revert to a previous patch! The second small tower can actually be opened: Have Siska stand on the ground next to the ladder and then select the lockpick icon. You might need to get up and down the ladder a bit for the icon to show, but it's possible to select it and open it when standing on the ground. Similar the lockpick at the top of the ladder immediately when you enter the house, can be opened if you stand on the ground above it. Now I miss 30 coins, most of them probably in chapter 5 and 6 as I never searched them thoroughly for collectables. Unsure if I got all in chapter 3, but I'll keep that to last.
  8. From what I remember there was something with beating a challenge that another player sent to you. But you can easily get that with a second account. Found it: Breach Picus DLC: Now I'm Feeling A Little Motivated Breach: Win 3 Challenges. You're Not Worthy As My Opponent Breach: Send 3 Challenges.
  9. Well... I figured out this part at least. Now I need to play through the whole game again to get the pacifist trophy in the last chapter. Couldn't find a video about it so I'll have to figure it all out again, it's too long ago to remember the whole level
  10. The famous 'I have a <insert family member of friend> who can do this in 1h' comment... As a software developer myself, I see this a lot in our company. The client has a request for an existing application. We estimate it to take 4-8h to implement. The client says 'But my nephew says it's only 1 hour of work so I'll let him do it'. Weeks later they come back to us because the nephew couldn't get it to work so we still have to do it. In the end we need more than 8h because first we need to fix the shit the nephew screwed up before we can actually make the change. Needing twice or more the time that we originally estimated to need and the client being angry because it took longer and also costs more because of that. Some learn their lesson that the nephew isn't as good as a real developer and don't make that fault again. Others keep on making the mistake. It even happened that this nephew opened huge security holes in the application because he simply didn't know what he was doing. PSNP is a complete website with forum, it's not just a matter of changing the theme of the forum which could be done by following a tutorial if you have a good theme, the whole site and forum need a re-design in dark colors together or it'll look very weird and might even break designs as the forum is integrated in an existing site and not standalone. People really underestimate the amount of work that goes in proper web development. I actually think it's amazing what @Sly Ripper has set up on his own. Especially the back-end with so much data, data processing and traffic and still having a quick response time in the end... many other sites could learn from it! It must have been a lot of work to make it that efficient, but on the front end... you don't really see this type of work unless you pay attention to it. I'm not sure if it's his full time job or that this is work he does next to his job, but in both cases it's still amazing.
  11. @pokwey According to the post of Vynzen, they were never removed from UK store. They just unlinked them from the game so you had to search for them manually by the DLC name instead of checking the add-ons on the game page or searching for Mafia. It's been like that for years in the PSN-store from Belgium (EU) and it's still like that now
  12. @nkmslr I just downloaded the game again on my other PS4 and played without downloading my old save file and on the latest patch. So I started a complete clean new game. I fiddled around a bit with the controls as this game is so bad at telling how the controls works. But I managed to get the The Hunted Becomes The Hunter trophy! What I did: The first enemy in the first chapter will walk up some stairs, stay there for awhile, turn around and go back down the stairs. I ran up the stairs behind him, making some noise to fill his alert meter and right before it's full I ran down the stairs. He was alerted (exclamation mark) by the time I reached the base of the stairs. Then I hid to the right of the first set of boxes. The enemy comes up to me still alerted and when he's right next to me I initiated the choke with X. Somehow I failed the choke and he shot me, probably because I moved my joystick a bit which cancels the choke as you'll walk away. But... I still got the trophy! So initiating the choke is sufficient for the trophy, even if you fail to successfully choke the enemy. I captured a video of it and I'll try and upload it later. Since I did this multiple times with my old save file before and after the latest patch and getting no trophy, I suspect that it only works on a save file from after the patch. Probably the old save file had an internal flag checked that I met the requirements for the trophy and got it, while there was a bug with actually popping the trophy. So after the patch, it saw the internal flag checked and didn't pop the trophy either because it assumed I already had it. I'm currently working on other games, but at least this gives me some inspiration to try again for 100%!
  13. You can buy the stuff you actually want with that yellow currency instead of using the chests with random drops I had some from the pre-order back in the day and used it for the asgard shield.
  14. You have to drive as each driver of each team, not just each team. Every driver has a slighty different car then other drivers within the same team: License plate and number on the roof are different.
  15. I guess you were lucky... When I was watching the live teaser of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, people were constantly spamming TLOU2 spoilers. Same the day after with the first trailer of AC. I didn't even get a chance to close the chat after the page loaded to avoid spoilers...