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  1. Hitman 1 worked fine for me last night. Wasn't able to completely finish it but that's more because sometimes, something simple needs a lot of waiting Can't speak for Hitman 2 but I suppose that's fine as well. Officially they said both games would continue to work and that seems the case. As in: They didn't seem to mess anything up by accident with the changes. Most people also think all 3 games/applications use the same servers but we can never be 100% sure about that. Especially since Hitman 1 doesn't use the overall progress level like in Hitman 2 and 3. So if there's still some split up on the servers between the 3 games, it's totally possible they announce a shutdown not long from now for 1 and 2 because less and less people will play it since it's no longer possible to buy it. This is all speculation of course, we don't know the technical details of their backend. Conclusion: Officially it's safe but I wouldn't wait too long to get them over. It's the main reason I finally got on with Hitman 1. I already finished 2 about 2 years ago.
  2. I was working on the last location in Hitman 1 and forgot it was already today it would change, else I would have finished it yesterday to be sure. But I just checked and the game connects online and downloads my profile. If I check the mastery levels, all levels are intact. 20/20 for the completed locations and 7/20 for the last location. So for now Hitman 1 seems fine, I'll finish it when I'm done working. I noticed hitman 3 had an update (paused it for now) so it seems to use the same game/application/install so I guess it'll also be using the same trophylists as before. Fall guys did get a new trophylist with the new launcher and that worried me a bit for hitman 3 as well since nothing was really mentioned about the trophylist.
  3. There might as well just be a timing difference between the time the app got discontinued (removed from all stores) and the backend shutdown. It's also possible that the backend server had different layers or interfaces on top of the actual server and that only the interface for the app was shutdown on December 12 and the whole server later on. To be fair, we're both speculating as to what caused it. Only Rockstar will know if they look into it. Just wanted to point that's it's technically possible for an app to not work properly without the game having issues from that because of that backend server still working properly.
  4. The iFruit app not working properly on newer devices doesn't mean the backend servers are not working properly. The game will connect to those backend servers and not the actual app on your phone. So in the end the app is just a box sending/receiving data to/from a backend and displaying it. But newer versions of Android/iOS broke something inside that box. Now they officially discontinued the app, they probably also turned off those backend servers and probably weren't aware of the effect that has on the game. It's enough that the game checks that server to see if you have played on the app and that this request fails to connect to the server. This failure probably wasn't catched well and unexpected things can happen. If the game would connect properly to the server, the server would send a message back like 'person didn't play on the app', the game would know what to do with it and nothing weird happens.
  5. Problem is that he'll lose access to the game as soon as that offline PS4 goes online now because the game has left PSPlus.
  6. I'm talking to Microids support for awhile now about Marsupilami disc upgrade not working and I also added the Asterix&Obelix games to the conversation. They said earlier all Asterix&Obelix games would also receive a free PS5 upgrade from PS4 disc. This was their last reply from January 9: The free PS5 upgrades from PS4 disc for games published by Microids and that currently work (to my knowledge) are all ones that had the free upgrade on release: - The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf - Garfield Lasagna Party - Asterix & Obelix XXXL The ram from Hibernia Edit: I can pre-order PS5 disc version from the Asterix & Obelix games at my local retailer and they are set to release on 7 February.
  7. But you platted 3 different versions of the game on the same account. @ZACHSP8 Is talking about the same version on 2 different accounts. This might be a specific situation that always crashes as it happened twice to him with both the EU and the US version. If this is a recurring thing you can at least take some precautions like back-ups just before the end and doing the re-install before you start on the other account. This is apart of all the other possible crashes that you can still encounter and seem more random. Also: It's not because your experience went fine that nobody else can have certain problems and that only your experience is the only true one. Some game glitches happen to everyone, others only to a few but it's not because they only happen to a few and not you that they don't exist.
  8. Where the trophies you synced from PSN to the PS4 that would stay offline afterwards, already visible after going offline? The thing is... when playing offline you only see the trophies for the trophylists that are saved/exist locally on that PS4. So when connected to the internet you always see all trophies that are synced to PSN, you could call it 'online mode' like there is on PS3 (freezes and is very slow on PS3 if you have too many trophies so don't use it). When you're not connected to internet or 'offline mode' you'll only see the trophies that are saved locally on that PS4. If you want trophies synced to PSN with PS4 number 1, to show up offline on PS4 number 2, just syncing might not be enough. This syncing will mainly check if there's local trophies that are not yet on PSN. But it won't necessary sync back all trophies from PSN to your PS4, only for the trophylists that are already known on that PS4 it will certainly do that. On PS3 it was easier to check what is known offline because it has an offline mode, on PS4 it can only be done by disconnecting from internet. On PS3 this sync back would still happen for most games, also games that are not yet known locally. But it could happen that a game was skipped and that you started it and a trophy you already earned would pop again (date got fixed to original date when syncing). With the above in mind: You should have probably boot the game on PS4 number 2 so the trophylist is known locally and afterwards sync back the trophies from PSN. Also check after that and when offline if you can see them. All this had to be done before the PS4 went offline to be sure. Right now it's hard to tell what exactly will happen if you earn all the other trophies offline. I suspect if the trophies you see online on the online PS4 and the trophies on the offline PS4 all together mean a full trophylist, that you'll get it when syncing. No idea how that works with the timestamps... but I imagine you won't be the first one with a gap if that's how it works, in that case just lag on your PS4 could already cause this The fact that you could see the trophies on PS4 number 2 means they definitely synced to PSN so you can't lose them like what happened to Long-Ryde.
  9. It was a known bug near release in 2013-2014 but I don't know how good this was fixed by now. And not everyone experienced the bug, just some people had it happen. The guide on here doesn't mention it but the guide on PST.org does: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/rayman-legends/guide/ For older games PST guides\forums often do a better job on the glitches. Might be that it was only on PS3 but still... I like to not take my chances with such things and kept 1 painting untouched until I knew that I had enough online points that the offline points from that painting would push me over to level 11. From the guide on PST.org: Edit: There's actually a topic about this glitch at the bottom of the first page of threads on this subforum. They were able to fix it by deleting their local savefile and starting over. At a certain point the online points would be added and then afterwards they had to re-do the whole singleplayer until they reached level 11.
  10. It's a known bug that the trophy for level 11 might not pop if you reach it with xp from an online challenge. For that reason it's best to keep one painting untouched until you know you have enough online points so the points from that painting will push you over to level 11. Not sure if starting from scratch with the offline part, will still give you the online points from start or if they need to be earned again. If you already knew, then it can be a warning for others
  11. That's actually not usually the case. Especially in the beginning when the 'had to' add a new/recent PS5 game they often only included the PS5 version even if it was a cross-buy game. Some examples: Maquette, Wreckfest, Maneater, Operation Tango, Bugsnax, A Plague tale innocence, Overcooked all you can eat, Ghostrunner. I would guess it's about 50-50 that a cross-buy game gives both versions with PSPlus. But DLC is almost never included unless it's some ultimate edition like Control.
  12. I think you're confusing it with Fallout Shelter, that is a free game but I believe it contains microtransactions or the typical 'you get 3 energy, once you run out you have to wait 30 mins for 1 new energy with a max of 3 at once'. Can't remember exactly
  13. Can't remember but: Can you press the pause button once the loading screen shows? Also: I notice your game (subtitles) are not in English. I don't know if this game chooses them based on your system settings for language or that you can change it ingame. But it has happened before that games crash or have loading problems because there's a problem with certain language files. Can you try putting the subtitles in the game on English and see if that works?
  14. I remember having a problem with a certain chapter that if I started it from chapter select I would fall through the floor because the floor wasn't loaded yet. The fix for that was to pause the game to give it more time to load the environment. Maybe pausing just before the cutscene has to start helps? It's just a wild guess though.
  15. Legends trophies are tied in to your singleplayer saves. Import a save from after you got the legend trophies and all but 2 legend trophies will auto pop including all singleplayer trophies you already got. Without you even needing to enter legends mode. The trophy for winning a rivals match and calling 5 phantoms in a single rivals match won't auto pop and have to be done again on PS5. You could try this but apparently it doesn't pop all legends trophies: