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  1. I turned down the trigger effect intensity so it was at the lowest setting. This way I hope to save the triggers a bit longer because I noticed they could be overused in games like Wreckfest or Maneater. When playing maneater I even turned it off the 2nd day cause my finger hurt the day after, the R2 button is really abused in that game I have 1 DS4 controller that often 'stays on' instead of turning off when not used for too long. It doesn't respond at all then and I also have to reset it to get it to work again.
  2. No auto pop or cross save or online cross play. You have to do both versions from start to finish if you want both platinums.
  3. I feel you... it took me 5,5 years after boosting the mp to finally get back to the sp and get the platinum I really hope the servers come back for all those who still want to complete it.
  4. You're welcome I just checked the store for Belgium and in the description of the season pass they mention for which CUSA the DLC is. In the case of Belgium it's for both CUSA07377 and CUSA07378. The Belgium store in Dutch: https://store.playstation.com/nl-be/product/EP1003-CUSA07377_00-WOLFTWOSPASSEFIS It's even in sale at the moment! So whatever country you go with, lookup the DLC in the store for that country first and see for which CUSA codes it is
  5. Beware that the new account needs to be of the region of your disc. Earlier you mentioned both international and EU. If it's an EU disc, then you need to make an account in any EU country that's not Germany. You should be able to find the region by checking the disc code on the box/disc with the list on this site. Might have to look around a bit more because it's a collection of games you bought. https://serialstation.com/games/4d58b754-1a90-4a56-9605-c3c51b7f9c86 And I think that after buying and downloading the DLC on your playstation through that account, you still need to keep that dummy account on your playstation for verification of the license. The PS4 you're playing on also needs to be the primary PS4 for that account, but I think you get that question while logging in to the account on PS4. 1 PS4 can be the primary PS4 of multiple accounts, so don't worry about that for your main account. But you can play the game with DLC on your main account after installation through the dummy account. Also beware: If you plan to buy the DLC with PSN-cards then make sure you get a PSN card for the right region. Each country is a different region so German PSN cards don't work on an account from Belgium for example.
  6. The disc will work but if the game ever gets DLC, you'll have to buy/download the DLC with an account from the same region as the disc and then play it on your main account. Though I don't think this game will still get DLC now.
  7. Thanks for confirming! Rest assured he went through it with that sheet multiple times following all tips about checking the money after each game and connection checking and so on... But the culprit was found: Bomb da base... He decided to do the coop missions 1 more time because it was the only thing left he only did 3 times while going for AWP and now it popped. He already had the fly the coop trophy for which he did this mission multiple times (before the patch) apart from the times he did it for AWP so it shows something is really off with the tracking, even nowadays all the tricks don't guarantee it. Final conclusion: The save was not completely corrupted from playing both before and after the patch but tracking is still annoying even when following all the tips about having a chat open and checking your money after each game.
  8. Not sure on PS4 but on PS3 you'd almost always get an error when you boot the game saying the game can't connect, but once ingame you could select an online contract for tailing/hacking/racing and still connect to others. PS3 version was also having issues the last few weeks while Ubi wasn't aware of issues, but that works again since yesterday. So maybe the PS4 version also had issues during that time and is now fixed?
  9. Just to make something clear: The save (or set of saves) we're talking about is the savefile from himself on that same account from back in the day. So no imported save from another user and everything was done legit at least 3 times now on that save. 2 times before the patch => socialclub seemed to confirm that and once after the patch. Team games have been done multiple times after the patch. We just don't know if the save keeps track of each trophy that popped or not. That's why we were kinda hoping for a way to read (not alter) the save to see if there's a trophy checkbox or to see what's missing. If the savefiles says 'AWP popped on this file' then we know there's no use of going on using that save because the trophy will never pop. But so far it seems there's no 'simple' way to do that and examples are not GTA4 specific. By the time I figured those examples out he probably already did everything a 4th time, let alone translated it to GTA4. Correction: He just messages that he already did all races a 4th time and still nothing. I know most work around savefiles is usually aimed at auto popping, but that's not our goal. Our profiles are worth too much to lose it to smth so stupid and it would feel bad forever. I think it's better to abandon the idea of reading the savefile and just start over. This is indeed what we're wondering about... He just messaged me that he has done it all a 4th time. He also did the coop missions again, not making the time needed for the fly the coop trophy, just finishing it. Final conclusion: We'll just start over on a clean slate Luckily he can self boost the races with a 2nd PS3.
  10. I also have AWP but I got it way before the gamespy servers closed. We're also not looking for a save to autopop it, we don't want to cheat at all. Rather wondering if it would be possible to check the content of a save to see what is missing so we can do the missing ones legit. We're mainly wondering if it can even work on a save that had done it all twice before the P2P (even according to social club when that still worked) but didn't pop the trophy for unknown reasons. Or that there's some general checkbox in the savefile that was checked back then because the trophy should've popped but didn't and is now keeping him from earning the trophy again. Or if back then not everything was gotten and socialclub was wrong, that you need to do it all over again after that patch or that it was possible to do a part before and a part after the patch, without doing the part before the patch twice. And if you have to do it again, has it to be done on a new profile save or can you continue on that old save. But so far we're not getting useful answers unfortunately. We were hoping there were some people that played around the time of the shutdown/patches and could give some more answers from their own experience. Most people playing nowadays never played the game before those patches.
  11. Look up what P2P means and how it works, it means peer to peer, no servers needed except the ones needed to login to PSN but they never track game progress. Or do you really think they would keep the PS3 servers for GTAIV up longer than the ones for GTAV and Max Payne 3? Socialclub and servers for GTAIV and Red dead redemption went down when the gamespy servers went down. They fixed both to be P2P and that's the only reason they still work today and will keep on working as long as PSN on PS3 works. Progress is now saved on your savefile but you still need to go through it all legit, no shortcut (apart maybe from cheating with CFW or so). Read section 2B in this thread for more details: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/topic/242968-gta-iv-magnificent-multiplayer-mega-guide-not-a-boosting-thread/
  12. I was referring to what would happen with the GMP you had before the shutdown on the moment of shutdown not with newly earned GMP. Like would it take what you had as offline when you turned off the game before the shutdown, as your new amount of offline GMP (possibly negative!) or would it still recalculate it to 10% offline and 90% online meaning you'll have 10% of the total you had the moment you turned off the game. It would depend on how the data is saved and if the savefile keeps track of the online part (and updates it from time to time with the server) or not. I know I turned on the game once during maintenance (small heart attack at the time because I didn't knew about that) but I can't remember how my GMP was calculated when the game booted. So it's not possible to upgrade your FOB after shutdown... That's a big oof. You could have twice as many soldiers that way, making the 'all platforms level 50' trophy a lot easier.
  13. GTAIV used the gamespy servers and when they closed the game got a patch so it became P2P. From then on the progress for AWP is tracked in your savefile and no longer on a server. Our main question is: Are there people who played the game before that P2P patch and started AWP before that patch, but finished it after the patch without wiping their saves and without re-doing the stuff they did before the patch. He has done everything twice before the patch and social club said he had won everything. He also redid everything after the patch but on the same savefiles. We're wondering if it's possible that there's some 'AWP completed checkbox' checked on the savefile that he has the trophy (maybe from before the patch) and that it's keeping him from getting the trophy because the game thinks he already has it so it no longer tells the PS3 to pop the trophy.
  14. It's possible to have negative offline GMP but at certain points things would be calculated again to a 10% offline and 90% online part. Not sure how that will be calculated now the servers are offline. Might depend on the last status before shutdown.
  15. I just noticed it also says 'unavailable for purchase' when I check it while logged in on my own account and the right region of the page. Maybe check your library on PS4 again to see if it's already there? Sometimes when buying smth on the PC/app, it takes awhile to show. Ordering from A-Z might make the search easier if you have a lot of games. And if you contact support, you might want to contact playstation support as it's an issue with the store. In the transaction list you should be able to find out when you bought the season pass.