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  1. Yeah, I was just wondering if there was a quicker fix then just waiting it out
  2. @sepheroithisgod Do you know if it helps to manually press options and then select the option to sync the trophies? I haven't experienced it myself yet but since you don't get a 'syncing' notification when opening the trophylist after earning a new trophy (like on PS4 or PS3), I always do an extra manual sync to be sure....
  3. I've already read a few times that people unlock a trophy on PS5, also have the screenshot but that it takes awhile to show up in their trophylist. Even up to a few hours. Not sure why... but it's annoying
  4. I can sync trophies again on PS3 and the trophycards also properly load now. Before I always got error 8002A10D when trying to sync trophies or checking a profile card. There was also a - instead of the level on the profilecard.
  5. Speedlimits for trucks and cars are different in Europe... In most of Europe the speedlimit for trucks on the highway is 80-90km/h and trucks are also required to have a speed limiter. General EU-rules say the speed limiter should limit at 90km/h but the exact limit might be lower in countries with a lower speedlimit. Source in Dutch but maybe a google translate can make something readable of it: https://www.wegenwiki.nl/Snelheidsbegrenzer
  6. Thanks for explaining about R&C!


    Topic was already locked so that's why I posted it here :) 

  7. In general PS3 games don't like a PSN name change so yes, there's a chance that's the reason. I thought it only affected online play and stats saved on a server but maybe in some cases it also affects the savefile. The game is partially online so maybe it hangs on trying to get some stats or things from the server? Depending on how far you are, you might just delete the savefile and start from scratch. Else you'd have to undo the name change.
  8. I like how this topic was started on June 11 2020 and the releasedate is June 11 2021 Really looking forward to this game!
  9. No problem, I assumed you already knew what it was because you mentioned the glitch of falling through the ground Good luck though! I know your feeling... :/
  10. From my experience which is explained in more detail at the top of the page: It seems that certain crashes can reset your stats. Especially the crash you get when you let go too early of R1. My advice: Do runs of 2-3h and then go to the tutorial without letting go of R1 so the game saves.
  11. You don't need friends for the social events. Just make sure the wifi icon is there. Apart from that you're always connected to a certain server and within this server there will always be exactly one of each. There are maps available on the internet with all possible spawns for each type. So if you're still missing this by the end of the game you can just connect to a server and then without restarting from main menu or logging in/out, check all the locations until you find what you need. Back in the day people would report where they had seen one and for how long it would be available. It was possible that you didn't see it in your game but after going to main menu and starting the game again it might suddenly be there because you connected to another server.
  12. @RedHotChiliFan1: When you get the browser login on phone, check the URL. Try and go to that URL on your vita and if it works try to login and see what happens. I remember I was in a hotel with such a wifi and that worked in my case. @NERVergoproxy: Most network limitations are hardware related. If the network chip didn't include 5GHz compatibility from the start then you won't just patch it in. If a certain security algorithm is too much for the chip to process, they can't just patch it in because it won't work. Since you're also referring to work: I know anything game related is blocked by the firewall where I work. The vita can connect to the wifi but nothing online works because the firewall blocks it. With the old PS Messages App it would only work if I was logged in before I connected to the wifi at work. The old PS App wouldn't work. No idea how it's now with the new PS App because I have been working from home. I think there's a big chance you have a similar firewall problem because almost all wifi networks today still support 2.4GHz, it's still the most used frequency by far for wifi. Modern 5GHz routers also still include 2.4GHz so unless somebody turns that off on purpose... it should connect.
  13. Agreed about the birthday part but location is also important for them as a company. One part has to do with money and taxes being different in different countries. Together with exchange rates it means that having an account in another country might be beneficial. Another problem has to do with what is allowed in all countries. Some countries don't get certain violent or sex related games or have altered versions where the gore is removed. So if they noticed your account region doesn't match your real region... they might decide to close your account as well. A thing about the birthday part: Back in the day it was impossible to change a sub account to a master account. So a lot of people would change their birthday when they made their account because else they would be stuck with a sub account when they turned 18. I know people that were 21 and still had a sub account. They had their trophies and bought stuff on it so it's not a simple 'make a new account' to fix that. Luckily Sony finally understood that but there's still a lot of people with accounts from back then and a wrong birthday. Sony just deactivating those accounts when you call support is also a dick move because they are the cause of the problem and don't allow people to fix the wrong info. They should allow you to change your birthday once if the account was made before they allowed to convert it from sub to master account.
  14. It's only a few weeks that the store redirects me to nl-nl when I'm not logged in. Subdomains like for psplus are doing it since the overhaul of the store even when logged in. I always have to change the URL to get them back to work. In nl-be 'nl' is the language (Dutch/Nederlands) and be is the country (Belgium). In nl-nl the second nl stands for the Netherlands. The first part is the language code and the second part is the country code. So in my case the language is always the same but the country changes. In your case they both change indeed. Weird thing is that my.playstation.com doesnt have a region code but if I click on the 'home' button it redirects to playstation.com/nl-nl/ and if I click on 'Friends' again it shows them as expected. Fair warning: If you call/mail/whatever to PS Support, never say you live in another country than the one of your account. Just say you're temporarily working/studying abroad or something and having problems when you're in that country. Sometimes they can act weird if certain things don't match up like birthday and I can see them doing the same for region of an account. The news sites I can partially understand because they often only have the rights for the video in a certain country. But it's still annoying. I had it with a retail chain that existed in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Behind the curtains of the brand name, it's 2 different companies so the one from the Netherlands didn't deliver to Belgium and vice versa. But there was no way to change your region to the correct one if it didn't detect it correct. It would just redirect you back to the domain of the country it detected. I was aware of the ability for the old store but thanks for mentioning! To me it just proves that they can fix their front end to include everything again. They just want a so called clean and modern look with huge blocks so you only see 1-2 blocks on your screen and have to scroll way too much on PC. The last few years a lot of sites started to use a mobile look on their PC version. I understand that mobile wants big letters on a small screen and big blocks so you don't have to be pixel perfect when tapping a button, but on PC this look is just so annoying... "Oh look, I have a 27 inch screen... I still only see the top header image, menu and just the top half of the banner of the news article. Let's scroll a page... Oh look, I can see the bottom half of the banner and the title. Scroll another page: Finally some text! Only 5 lines though, gotta scroll for the next 5 lines..." *sigh* Sometimes I wonder: Am I getting old for still using a PC to browse the internet?🤔
  15. @baboon_overlord: I have the same problem since I live in border area I presume, but I just fix it by changing the region in the URL of the page. If I go to store.playstation.com when I'm not logged in, it redirects me to the URL: https://store.playstation.com/nl-nl/latest which is the Netherlands. Then I change this to my region: https://store.playstation.com/nl-be/latest which is Belgium. After that I login and the store stays on nl-be until it decides to log me out after a few days/weeks. But if I select PSPlus in the store, it redirects me to the nl-nl page of PSPlus, I have to manually change the URL to nl-be again. No way around that. I don't have problems with my.playstation.com but maybe that's because I was already logged in to the store first before I decided to do something on my.playstation.com. If your account is UK then you would need to change it to 'en-gb'. This avoids installing all kinda programs of which you're never sure what they exactly do... But I agree: Sites should stop trying to be smart about your location... Luckily so far it still works for playstation. I had other sites where it was completely impossible to get the version for the right region. To add some more frustration about the PC version: There's no add-on section like on playstation itself or the app. No PS3/PSVita. I mean... they already have a PS4/PS5 filter, adding the other filters again but just default them to not ticked... it shouldn't matter that much. Or did they have complete different databases for this? Even then... makes no sense to me as a software developer. Now less people will buy old stuff while you barely have to do anything to keep them buying it.