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  1. I'm not sure if the locations in Chumbucket region are shown on the map after building the survey crew in Jeet territory. But those locations (6 if I'm not mistaken) all had at least 1 scrap part or historic relic. If you discover the location, they'll show on the map, but once completed they will no longer be visible on your map. If you're in such a location you can press L3 (or was it R3?) to check the completion progress of that location. Make sure to be in the location because some locations don't show the progress if you're 2 meter outside of the location while others will still show it 10m outside of the location...
  2. Before you actually start all the looting again: Check if the numbers add up so you know if that save is still good! If it's still fine, load it but immediately save in another slot so you don't lose that save if it glitches again There's a total of 227 locations and the challenges have the following tiers: 5 - 13 - 18 - 191 = 227 in total. So if the challenge says: 6/18 locations completed, you know you should have 5 + 13 + 6 = 24 locations according to your stats. If you have more in your stats, you have the glitch.
  3. As I said in the other thread, this was mentioned here on PSNP earlier and was debunked. Check this post:
  4. There's already a thread about this here on PSNP and towards the end someone posted his communication with them in which they state that the challenge and trophy ARE affected by this. In the mail you show they also state 'I will also be forwarding your feedback about the trophy to the game team for further review' which seems to indicate they are not sure and are just answering with a default email template. You can check the second mail in this post:
  5. A bit late but maybe it can help others: Make sure you reach the required amount of XP during the game and not after the game with the xp you get from things like winning the game. You can always quit the game early and start a new one if you won't make it. I remember getting a disconnect, at first the stats didn't seem to count on the website but after finishing another game the stats from both games were added. This also goes for completing a tour with a certain class. If you get the last bit of xp required for the tour on the stats screen, it'll finish the tour but not count it as finished for the trophy. Best is to switch class and manually respawn before the end of the game if you're close to completing a tour. In the top right it'll show a progressbar for this when you're close. Only difference is: If a tour glitches and you know which one, you can still complete it a second time to get the trophy. Or even worse: complete all of them again and still get it. That's not the case with the other trophies mentioned in this thread.
  6. That's entirely correct! But some combat and car challenges are easier if you don't have to search for specific locations that still have sufficient enemies post clean-up. They exist but you have to know where they are... I focused on the combat challenges first, especially for opportunities to get the fill your fury meter in X seconds. Checking them regularly to see what I have left to work on
  7. And another scavenging location in the east of the dune region is visible on your map after unlocking the survey crew in Deep Friah's territory, but not accessible until a certain main mission.
  8. The 2 charbone buzzard vehicles mentioned earlier are also very useful for those challenges especially if you reduced threat a lot and less enemy cars spawn. I remember taking one down with the side burner and by the time I took down the 2nd one with the sideburner, the first one already respawned! For the grinding kill: you can do some damage to the car with the burner before you start grinding them to make it quicker
  9. And some combat challenges are easier once you unlock more skills and upgrade Max. On top of that I would add: First get all 4 scrap crews in the stronghold as well. With only 1 scrap crew you might not make it in time if the functionality stops working at the end of the month. 1 scrap crew caps at 500 scrap it can give in one go. Complete the story up to unlocking Pink Eye's stronghold and then build the scrap crews. No need to do an extra mission to unlock Deep Friah's stronghold. You can select a project in a stronghold to track in which locations the required parts are to speed things up
  10. I had it in my backlog for a long time, even before it became a PSPlus game. So the shutdown was definitely a trigger to finally get on with it And since the game is back in the charts of 'most popular games this week' since the announcement, I was clearly not the only one! I also did the whole game in one go and not just the scrap challenges because of the possibility that the scavenging locations and a container in Pink Eye territory could glitch. Had no trophy related glitches or glitches that required to replay a part of the game, but I got some other glitches that I found a solution for in the end. 1. No storms: I got no storms for over 20h and the reason was probably because I had a main mission in Act 3 active with the objective 'Go to the underdune'. Since that's at the other side of the map I left it unfinished for over 20h and started clean-up. Only after I finally finished that main mission I got storms again. First one was after finishing the mission, travelling to Jeet, leaving his stronghold and only a few minutes later I got one. From then on I got 1-2 storms every session I played. 2. There's a challenge about destroying large sniper towers. I still needed 2 towers for that challenge while I only had 1 red sniper on my map. Thing is: those large sniper towers are the towers in front of camps and you can destroy them by shooting or harpoon pulling the cables that keep them up. I only killed the sniper without taking down the tower in a few cases. So it has nothing to do with the snipers you have to kill to reduce threat. 3. Gum shoe challenge to kill cars of Stank Gum legion. Those cars only spawn in Deep Friah's territory. Not a single car of them spawned whatever I tried. But I was playing for a long time in that session in which I also completed the final mission in Act 4 with Stank Gum. I think that mission triggers a 'not spawning' for those vehicles. Completing Act 5 didn't fix it but in the end I only had to restart the game. Since then I got them every time within a minute after leaving Deep Friah's stronghold. It took me about 2 weeks to finish by playing a few hours after work every day and playing most of the weekends
  11. I had this problem with the Gum Shoe challenge that no Stank Gum cars would spawn in Deep Friah's region. Tried everything and the solution was to restart the game and since then they always spawned within a few minutes after leaving Deep Friah's stronghold. I think the problem was that I was playing for a long time without turning the game off and in which I also finished act 4. Last mission of act 4 has to do with stank gum and that might trigger the 'not spawning' of the vehicles. Even finishing Act 5 didn't solve the problem, it was solved once I finally restarted my game. It took me 2-3h to resolve to that until I read some youtube comment about restarting the game to get them to spawn again :/
  12. You can always check if you used/unlocked a balloon by checking if you can use if for fast travel. If you can fast travel to it, you have it unlocked Similar with races: As soon as you go up the ladder once and get the menu for the race, you can fast travel to the location of the race. Opening the menu is sufficient, no need to actually start a race. I discoverd that very late in the game! To check which races you won or got legendary in with archangels, check the collectible menu.
  13. I played this game awhile ago on a different account and had no problem unlocking the trophy there once I knew how to manual. This was on patch 1.04. Now I started the game on my main account and I couldn't get this trophy. I'm not sure if something changed in patch 1.05 but in the end I found my problem and solution. Once in a manual, I would first press the joystick completely down before I let go of it do get the ollie/pop needed for a fliptrick.This is more or less how you do it in real life. But this move actually ends your combo in the game. Instead you have to just let go of the joystick from the manual and it'll already pop so you can do your fliptrick. I found it easiest to start with a harder flip (laser flip, tre flip, ...) and land in a manual followed by a heelflip, manual, kickflip and land. The heelflip and kickflip only need 1 joystick to flip so it's easier to complete them from a manual than other fliptricks that require 2 joysticks. Shovit tricks don't count for this!
  14. I got the grinding 40m and 1km total grinding on the map with the big ramp. From the default starting point, use the roll in of the halfpipe and when you reach the other side, press up on the joystick of your back foot. It'll lock into a grind (usually nose or crooked grind) along the coping of the halfpipe. To get out of the grind without bailing do a nollie. Depending on your speed and the angle you go up the halfpipe, you can even make it all the way to the end of the half pipe without the need for a nollie. But you don't need to go all the way for the 40m trophy. Most important is that you don't need to aim and time your ollie to get on the rail in this game, just hold the joystick up before you reach the coping and it'll just lock in when it reaches the coping. This makes it very easy and quick. I got my 5 different grinds on this map as well by locking in on the coping the same way a few times without bailing or resetting in between.
  15. Are there other people with the same problem? I have about 100GB free on my 1TB Pro but with that sort of size changes, that won't be enough... Currently Hitman 2 is already 125GB and with a similar balloon rate that would already add 50GB on it's own For now I'm holding off with the update until at least tonight. After that I'll see if Hitman 2 still connects to the servers (not the co-op part) to decide if I install it or not. Might play on PS3 if Hitman 2 doesn't connect properly.