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  1. Kinda dissapointed, but Nothing to but deal with it. Although I'm quite surprised, didn't see it coming.
  2. Playing toukiden kiwami, bloodborne, and others. I have Ps4, and Ps3, looking for people to add.
  3. I had a dream I was reading a book, but at the same time I was writing the book, while hearing, and seeing what was being written in the book. I was in the void, before creation, and The most high was returning from a journey so long it was beyond human comprehension, and with him were 13, but it was actually less than 13, and they were the only ones to ever be with him, or do his work. Then the most high dreamed of man, and proceeded to create the world. Another dream I had, I was watching a girl, and an older man standing on a windy plain, in front of a temple, it turned out the old man was a wizard. Then I was suddenly seeing what was inside the temple, and inside there was a strange well, it had strange images carved all over it, with another well on the ceiling directly above the first well. Suddenly blood came out between both wells, and it took a strange form, that I can't describe, it was a God taking form. Later the wizard, and the girl (who I realized was his daughter) entered the temple, then the God said the greatest sorcerer on the earth was going to be sent to hell, then I saw the old man wizard get thrown into a weird red substance, it seemed vaguely like blood, but it was a lot more sickening to look at. The old man turned into a demon as he fell into that substance, and I woke up, I felt sick most of the mourning, almost threw up when I woke up.
  4. Goku, Luffy and Natsu from fairy tail. I was inspired to get in shape, harden my resolve, and try harder in everything. I mean, what kind of man am I, if I sit there looking at a guy with rock hard abs, a nice look, and a strong will, while I waste away, getting weaker by the day? So now I look like an athlete, I'm sharp as a whip, I have a nice look, and I took up manga. Thanks goku, and the others!
  5. I never considered that....mind blowing....
  6. I'm the talkative type, I like joking with people, and having a good time, etc. Heck, I like talking so much I'm willing to type enough paragraphs a day to fill a book, that being said, I almost never talk to anyone I don't know in person through a mic. My main reason, is people these days usually aren't the type of people I really wanna hold a serious conversation with, not to mention hearing they're voices ruins the mental image, I mean, anonymity has a certain charm to it. I guess I'm not against using mic's exactly, I just need to genuinely like the person on the other end, or it starts feeling like a really long call from a guy named ted, who happens to be incredibly boring, with a voice like sandpaper, I can't put my ears through that.... Also I'm not the type to use vulgar language, and most people drop F-bombs faster than you can blink, so I usually just avoid talking to them.
  7. I...I never knew....I guess that's why I'm just a part time nerd...
  8. perhaps one of the creepiest things I've heard yet... That furry proceeded to ask around looking for me after I deleted him, dude was looking for around a month or two... Almost forgot the funniest part, the reason I knew it was a cross dressing furry, he actually sent some incredibly creepy pictures of himself to me, and one of my friends. He actually thought that was a girl, even after I warned them, he decided it must have been his sister Ha, maybe it was the same guy lol. I assure you I'm not on drugs, although the people I run into probably are.....
  9. So I was talking to some long time PSN friends, reminiscing about some of our interesting online adventures, and the topic quickly switched to who had the weirdest experiences on PSN. So after that..uhhh...enlightening conversation, I figured I'd ask you good people of psnprofiles what the weirdest thing that happened to you on PSN was. For me it's between the time a guy was telling me I'm something called an indigo child, and I have to bring in a new age of prosperity, or the time a cross dressing furry tried to seduce me, after that failed, the furry in question proceeded to seduce several of my friends.....To be clear, I did warn them...after they finished drooling of course .... Definitely some interesting people on ps3.
  10. Neko_Majin_Sama_ obviously. It's my favorite simply because it fits me oh so well....
  11. Several thousand I believe, never really cared for trophies, do people get something for earning a ton of them or something?
  12. Ehh, I'd sell my account for maybe $300 or $400, but not my current account......Love my name too much....
  13. Love this game!! Also I'll be getting DBZ Xenoverse Monday night, or early Tuesday. Also I got this:
  14. Still looking for people to add, and play Xenoverse with. Just need about 2-3 people, you can create whoever/whatever you want, and being really skilled isn't necessary, it's for fun, unless we're in the ranked matches.

  15. Also, just to be clear, anyone who wants to join can, you can create whatever type of character you like, not specifically a character based on a Ginyu Force member. So go wild in creation, as long as it's not some obscene abomination, anything goes.