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  1. buynee Fuel I played and completed most of the trophies for fuel on my 40gb ps3, I put all my saves into ps plus online storage when I got a new ps3 in 2011. When I loaded the game up on my new ps3 with my online saves the trophies I already earned popped one after each other. This changed the timestamps showing they unlocked right after each other ( the date is even a whole year before I got my new ps3 in 2011) The time stamps only glitched because of my own online saves from ps plus I'm pretty sure the trophies stayed this way because I synced my trophies from my new ps3 again with the wrong time stamps.
  2. I_Eated_a_baby (played against this guy in bf3 a while back and laughed so hard when i saw the name) and in bfbc2 there was someone in a match with a bracket as there name just like ]
  3. a few things that help me: In timouts set 'points of emphesis' to manual by pressing square... then set the offense to "crash offensive boards" (so when you miss you can rebound easily) set defense to "lmit perimiter shots (no easy 3 pointers for your opponent) and set 'flex' to "play physical" ( playing rough so teammates bump the oppenent around so they get nothng inside) for me while playing defense hold L2 and walk into the ball handler, this way you'll defend shots and lock down your opponent well... and not allow them to run to the hoop easily... using square and triangle usually gets you in foul trouble and gives your oponent more oppurtunity ( but don't completely stop using square and trinagle on defense haha just rely more on L2) Also on defense while defending you can call a double team by holding L1... this is useful when you double team a less skilled passer you force them into making a bad pass and turning the ball over making them waste a possesion... using double team in a certain situations can be dangerous... ( just expirement to see whats best for you) ..always use double team when your oppenent gets in the post on offense all I can really say is don't make bad passes ( through traffic) also don't make full court passes either.... and use the shot clock... i like to drain the clock down from 24 seconds to 14-17 seconds and then i'll run my offense always looking for an open player to pass to... also when you miss a shot and your teammate gets a rebound... dont try and lay it up or dunk straight away... pass the ball back out ( as the shot clock will reset to 24 seconds) and start draining the clock again down to 14-17 seconds... (if you find an opening for a quick bucket before you start draining... take the shot e.g on a fast break...) and watch chris smoove on youtube one of the best players out there :
  4. overrated - Cod ( any noob can get good at a cod game), mortal kombat 9, mk vs dc, gta iv, borderlands, crysis 2. Underrated - skate 1, 2and 3, backbreaker and fight night champion ( fn champion is HEAVILY underrated! The controls take getting use to, but the game is amazing still play it today this game has character customisation good story mode, good online variety, training games, ur able to download other people's creates boxers, legacy/career mode and fight now/ quick match AND The game plays in 1080p) Killzone 2/3.
  5. me too.
  6. yea my most recent plat was skyrim too, btw i keep seeing this message on this site "This stuff is disabled, server problems..." when ever i click on a trophy
  7. little kids, racism, homophobics and anybody who plays cod ( most overrated game ever ) .... and guys who have " i'm the sh*t " attitude...
  8. last thing i ate was biscuits and tea ( I'M NOT BRITTISH THOUGH! ) didn't even fill me up. i'm in the mood to eat kfc, mc donalds, fish and chips or something along those lines... at least fish and rice taste good...
  9. me holding the ps1 controller backwards that wasn't pluged in, while button bashing watching my older brother and sister play tekken 1. At the time i thought i was playing...
  10. BOXING!! than rugby irish,wealsh, fiji and new zealand my favourite rugby teams
  11. blu ray? so sony will be making money off the 720 too, if that makes sense???
  12. true... btw i've clocked in 55 hours in four weeks ( it took me 49 hours total to platinum the saboteur and that was over a course of 6 months ) planning to platinum skyrim i'm at 68% and i've already got oblivion walker...
  13. took me almost 3 years to get in fallout 3... rented it the week it came out, then bought the game two years later
  14. My guy's name is BOSS (thats all I could think of ) i'd put a pic up but I don't know how I had another guy named Like a BOSS