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  1. I enjoyed it anyhow - dark but good.
  2. Closed out 5 of the 'Dragon Ball Z - Battle of Z' online trophies today leaving just 3 online ones left (and the worst 3 at that). I've already completed over online 100 matches and still not managed to get the conditions to get 'Gathering Of Frieza's Army!', 'The Android Party' or 'Hey There! It's Me, Goku!' - have also signed up to a gaming session but not much interest so far.  Will keep trying.

  3. Gutted - I was farming PP in 'Dragon Ball Z - Battle of Z' to get the 'Porunga’s Wish' card which became available this week on what I thought was the weekly lineup but it was actually the golden lineup which only lasts 3 days and NOT a week so I missed the chance to get the card and need to wait for it to come around again (which could take 4 weeks) :-(  Utter crazy game design !!!

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    2. skateak


      That is a wild system they have there. I have only played the demo so I didn't know it was like that.

    3. markcavan


      @skateak the game is crazy - certain cards can only be got from their weekly (and now I know also golden) lineups which cycle over a 4 week period.  There is no other way to get the those specific cards.  But that is not the worst trophies, there are 5 online trophies which to get each of them you need 8 (yes 8) online players.  They also need to be either on PS3 or PSVita and cannot be shared between the two.  These could be a platinum blocker for me as almost no one is playing on the PS3 which is the version I have.

    4. DamagingRob


      Well, as long as the servers are up:


      :P But yeah, I don't know why those cards can't drop somewhere.. That held up my Plat for 2-3 weeks. :/

  4. For anyone who is playing or has played 'Dragon Ball Z - Battle of Z' and needs the 'Porunga’s Wish' card its available from the weekly line up this week 

  5. Flash you can get from and Java from As I say may not be your issue but certainly worth a try.
  6. Probably not the issue but wondering if the site uses flash or java for guide creation actions and you are missing those plug-ins with your browser(s).
  7. I agree with @Brawler here. I've been playing offline solo so far. Later on once I cleared some of the early mission the only hard ones I had trouble with clearing was the last two, 59 and 60. I switched my characters to LSSJ Broly +3 rank 10 Android 18s. I equipped 2 large defense items for them (potential lv3), the largest senzu bean, Indomitable spirit and Berserker Lv3 on Broly. Both missions were a breeze with this setup. For the 50 hour trophy this is really easy but long. I have been doing the max out characters at the same time. What I have been doing is replaying mission 51 using LSSJ Broly with the Passionate Friendship card and then adding three other characters to max up. On those characters I added the potential lv3 and gravity training lv3. I use mission 51 as I'm also farming PP and can get 4,500 each time by getting max energy (I don't have the Porunga’s Wish card yet). However, the same setup can be used on mission 40 using a AFK method for when I get bored. Just start the mission and select up on the D-Pad when the mission starts. Broly is so strong he will never die and the mission will complete in 12-15 minutes without you doing anything at all. You can also decide to select down on the D-Pad and the mission will last 20 minutes but will fail and not net you as much exp but if time is all you going after this is the best method. I'll be looking to do online once this grind is over but I'm playing on PS3 so will setup some gaming sessions when I'm ready to gather players.
  8. About a year ago I was about to restart my profile as I'd some games I was absolutely convinced I'd never complete but eventually just decided to tackle them. I'm now 1 game off a 100% profile. REALLY glad now I didn't restart ...
  9. Solely looking at PS4 games I'd have to say Rocket League. Well after getting platinum and 100% I still play it for fun regularly. No other game on PS4 I can say that about. An absolutely great game if you just just a few minutes to play. You can jump right into an online game and have some fun.
  10. I see exactly the same thing and only started happening within the last few hours. Appears on the homepage on the panel for updating user profiles.
  11. Additional 4 'Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z' trophies got with 16 left - slowly but surely getting there

  12. Couple more 'Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z' trophies got with 20 left to go - Working my way through the offline ones first and the will tackle the online battle mode ones - I also hate the fact some cards restock once a week but I have the Lucky Girl card now which I hope will help

  13. Completely agree with the toothbrush. I give my Vita a weekly clean with wipes for spectacle glasses and toothbrush for around the buttons. It's almost new afterwards.
  14. 6 more 'Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z' trophies got with 27 left to go - think I'm getting the hang of this game now - starting to believe a 100% profile may actually be achievable for me - the 5 online ones will be painful but will worry about them when I get to them ...

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    2. DamagingRob


      It probably isn't, if you are able to get 7 other people to show up to a session. With less, it was a nightmare.. But we somehow pulled it off. Do you have it on PS3 or Vita? I could lend a hand, if it's the latter. No cross-play, unfortunately. 

    3. markcavan


      Thanks @DamagingRob, I'm playing on PS3. I could not find it on the store to buy on the psvita. Would have rather played on Vita so I could grind in the evenings while watching TV. 

    4. DamagingRob


      Well, the upside is you won't have to find a way to keep your Vita from entering sleep mode, while idling out the 50 hour trophy. Lol.

  15. Have not seen any patches been downloaded for this game so would say its not been patched (yet) !