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  1. Back to 100% after the latest Minecraft DLC.  Nice little update and always enjoyable jumping back into Minecraft, keep em coming.  The new tutorial world is much improved over the previous versions.  Will continue to explore ...

  2. Back to 100% in Rocket League - Nothing too complicated getting back to 100%.  The new tournaments I don't like and can't see myself playing again (unless they bring out new trophies). Way to much waiting around in lobbies for matches to start.  Life is too short for that crap.


    Rocket League has always been my go to game to play when I have a few free minutes.  Firing up and getting quickly into random online matches is what its appeal has always been to me.

  3. #233 - Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 (#57 of 2018) One of the best games I've ever played. From start to finish even multiple plays I just loved this game. Battles, music, environment and exploration are all just amazing. I'm not finished yet as I want to collect all the coins to get the final sword. My favorite colossus would have to be Avion. Its awesome the way you jump on to him, hanging on for dear life as he soars upwards flapping his wings. Nothing to complicated for platinum. Most time attacks (even on hard) are got on the first attempt and the rest just take some practice. Overall 10/10 enjoyment and 5/10 difficultly
  4. #226 - Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series on PS4 (#50 of 2018) Wow, I normally really enjoy telltale and their story based games but this one was a real chore. The story is all over the place from episode to episode, the voice acting is dreadful, script is boring and visually Gamora & Drax look like plastic action figures. Second worst game from telltale (Game of Thrones is by far the worst). Overall 3/10 enjoyment and 1/10 difficultly
  5. #225 - Super Destronaut DX on PS4 NA (#49 of 2018) #224 - Super Destronaut DX on PS4 EU (#48 of 2018) #223 - Super Destronaut DX on PSVita (#47 of 2018) Fun space invaders type game, very easy and yet lots of fun. Overall 5/10 enjoyment and 1/10 difficultly
  6. Furmins on PSVita Interesting puzzle solver. Kinda like Lemmings (kinda)!. Some of the levels are tricky and frustrating but overall easy enough. Overall 5/10 enjoyment and 3/10 difficultly
  7. I'm nearly 100% sure you have to kill the boss and moreover to that you have to use the same character profile.
  8. #222 - Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 on PS4 (#46 of 2018) Usual telltale story based game, not the worst but by no means the best. I really do like the Minecraft animations, they really do an excellent job of bringing you into that world. Characters are average enough and the story has some funny parts. Enjoyable. Overall 5/10 enjoyment and 1/10 difficultly
  9. Unmechanical Extended on PS4 Okay puzzle solver. Loopist trophy is frustrating due to the game mechanics. Will probably do the PS3 version at some point. Overall 4/10 enjoyment and 2/10 difficultly
  10. #221 - InkSplosion on PS4 NA (#45 of 2018) #220 - InkSplosion on PS4 EU (#44 of 2018) #219 - InkSplosion on PSVita (#43 of 2018) Short and fun twin stick shooter. Plays awful on the PSVita unless you disable the ink visuals (press 0 on the start screen). Has a little replay-ability (beat your high score) but that's it. I gave it a 2 difficultly as you do need a little skill to reach 100,000 points in classic mode but most will reach this without any problem. Overall 4/10 enjoyment and 2/10 difficultly
  11. Nova-111 on PSVita Very enjoyable turn based strategy game with some real-time aspects thrown in. This is one which had been sitting in my backlog for a long time so decided to jump in. Overall its a relaxing game, with some exploration needed to find all the collectibles but levels are short enough so replaying is not a big deal. Plays well for the most part on the PSVita but movement can be a little slow at times which can cause you to take a hit from time to time. Another quality game from curve digital, not as good as stealth inc but a solid game nonetheless. Overall 6/10 enjoyment and 4/10 difficultly
  12. #218 - The Walking Dead: A New Frontier on PS4 (#42 of 2018) Average enough telltale story based game, not the worst but by no means the best. Its a while since I've played anything from telltale and I immediately noticed the new engine is much better, especially with the characters expressions and the game never crashed. Clem easily is the most interesting character and you don't even play as her. Morally lots of interesting choices which does get you thinking, 'What would I do in that situation!'. Anyhow, I'll look forward to seeing where the story eventually takes Clem. Overall 6/10 enjoyment and 1/10 difficultly
  13. #216 - Claire on PSVita (#40 of 2018) #217 - Claire on PS4 (#41 of 2018) Claire is a 2D retro style horror exploring / survival game. Its got collectibles and some side quest aspects to its game play. It reminded me of Lone Survivor so if you played that and liked it you will probably enjoy this game. Overall, I liked the story, style and atmosphere. It was also free on PS+ a while ago. Overall 6/10 enjoyment and 4/10 difficultly
  14. #215 - Until Dawn on PS4 (#39 of 2018) Tremendous game. I really liked the story, enjoyed the collectibles element and having to play through a few times to get the 'save all' or 'kill all' based trophies. I feel telltale could learn from this format as players normally only play one path to the end and fail to experience all the endings. One down point is for the QTE's which can be tedious at some points and the story in parts has its holes but overall this is a very entertaining experience and one I will certainly look back on having fully enjoyed. Overall 8/10 enjoyment and 3/10 difficultly
  15. #214 - Undertale on PSVita (#38 of 2018) Underwhelmed is the only word to describe this game for me. Based on a IGN 10 score review and how everyone raves about this game I was expecting it to be great. I did not hate it but did not really enjoy it either, it just did not hold me. Trophies got and I'm finished with it now, probably won't even complete story as my interest has moved on. Overall 4/10 enjoyment and 3/10 difficultly