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  1. Any game I actually start playing I add and sync trophies right away but have many games I own via plus that's I've not started yet.
  2. I've been running plex for years on ubuntu. I have my media (movies, TV etc...) on an external WD My Cloud drive which my plex server is configured against. Looking at the rights on my files I have them setup as my local user (mcurran) in my case with read and right access for that user (-rw-r--r--) and read access for everyone else. I would suggest you change the ownership (chown) off root to a local user if you have it setup like that and rights (chmod) on the files and folders to ensure all users have access as an initial start to get things working. Plex runs on its own user (plex:plex) so if you files in your library are owned by root with only root access that could be your problem as the plex user might not be able to see them. Hope this helps ...
  3. Actually psnprofiles has a pretty good sorting system to give you some of the easy games, have a look here -> You can then filter on console. I check this myself every now and again as new games pop up all the time. Yes some games will be Japan VN but you can scroll past them if they are of no interest to you. Also, this video is a pretty good as source for quick and easy platinum's for the PS4.
  4. 100% #226 - Hue played on PSVita One of the best puzzle games I've played in a while, absolutely loved this game. Few more puzzles and a platinum would have been nice but I'll not complain.
  5. Watched 'Your Name' last night with the family. Excellent animated movie, visually spectacular with a well written and heart warming story. Would be in my top 10 animated movies of all time and probably my 2nd favorite anime movie behind 'Wolf Children'. Go watch if you've not seen it already...
  6. Really enjoying 'Hue' - @Deceptrox think this is a game you may like yourself and is free on PS+ this month - plays very well on the Vita also

    1. Deceptrox


      I'll check out after I'm done with Dead Nation.

  7. If this is really important to you then just disconnect the PS4 from the internet so it will not sync your trophies - simple :-)
  8. I have very mixed feelings on this game. The main story is good, its almost like playing inside a animated movie and during the main story there is some grinding to level up your familiars so they can fight battles etc... and progress the game. All this I liked. Even the errands and bounty hunts were fun. But the post story game play is awful when going for platinum, especially the pokemon trophy (find 250 familiars) and the worst of all alchemizing 120 different items. What the hell was the point! No added enjoyment or progression to the game. Its just run around, find familiars, try and catch them and try and steal or get drops of rare items for alchemy. Rinse & repeat for 20-30 hours. Terrible game design. 5/10 for difficultly taking me 91 hours to complete.
  9. #163 - Demetrios on PS4 (40th plat of 2017) - 80.69% COMMON #162 - Demetrios on PSVita (39th plat of 2017) - 71.49% COMMON I really enjoyed the story and humor of this short point and click adventure. Its an easy platinum and also is cross buy with a separate set of trophies PSVita and PS4. Overall 6/10 enjoyment with a 2/10 for difficultly #161 - 36 Fragments of Midnight on PSVita (38th plat of 2017) - 70.00% COMMON Paid a few euros for this one and got a few hours of fun out the game for a easy platinum. Simple enough 1 level platformer type game. Overall 4/10 enjoyment with a 2/10 for difficultly
  10. The Vita does not support user profiles like PS3/PS4, its locked into one account at any time. So if you Vita is registered with your current account you cannot access content from your other account on it. Well, if you really wanted you could wipe your Vita and register it against your US account but I'm guessing that is not what you want :-)
  11. I understand - why not 1) hide the game you are playing then or 2) disable the sync on your PSVita/PS3 or PS4 until you want it added to your public profile.
  12. I for one don't like this idea/suggestion as it would make the leader-boards more inaccurate. The faster gamers profiles are updated then the more accurate the leader-boards are and that to me is more important than limiting the updates.
  13. Hit PSN level 36 last night - might just make my 2017 goal of level 38 by year end - we'll see 

    1. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍 I hit Level 28 a couple of days ago. Good luck with achieving level 38. :)

    2. Ditto


      Congrats! Hope you make it to 38 by year's end.

  14. #160 - Back to the Future: The Game on PS4 (37th plat of 2017) - 47.92% UNCOMMON OMG, this game was excellent on the PS3 and thought it would be just as good if not better on the PS4 after they remastered it but boy was I wrong. Every time (and yes I mean EVERY TIME) the game tried to auto save or switch between scenes it crashed sending you back to the last time it auto saved which could be anything up to 30 minutes earlier. It was just awful by the end and I was sick to death of it. Anyhow, done with it now so moving on ... Overall 1/10 enjoyment with a 5/10 for difficultly for pure frustration
  15. Back to the Future: The Game on PS4 crashes every time the scene changes or when the auto save kicks in - I thought Game of Thrones from Telltale was bad but this is a whole other level of piss poor quality