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  1. Waiting for a price drop or physical as well. Though I just hope that by the time I get it the online isn't populated by no lifers, making five wins in a row impossible 😂 Seems like the perfect game for LRG or somebody to pick up for a release as well.
  2. 5 win streak RIP
  3. Man, you say the PS store is a pain to navigate with all the crap spam, well I used to keep an eye on new releases via the new trophy lists on this website 💀
  4. It's a miracle 😭 I can finally play this game.
  5. The biggest obstacle for me is actually remembering this trophy. I spent the past several years basically ignoring lockers outside of countering BBQ. It definitely is either a throw the match or spend 6 months getting naturally type of trophy lol. Shame Iron Will is getting nerfed, gonna make this even harder :/
  6. This is my thought as well, if we don't get new trophies with 3.0 I imagine we'll not be seeing any more new trophies at all.
  7. It's bugged, you can only get it if you do the patch downgrading stuff I think. I don't have very much confidence that they'll ever fix it either.
  8. Man, if only they could have done a Tip Toe Tournament between the closing of the old game and today :/
  9. The killer trophy is super easy, just farm it with survivors. Hoping to run into some farming killers during the event to get the survivor one done
  10. This is going to involve throwing a lot of matches I think lol
  11. That sucks, I'd have loved to see where the Days Gone story was heading.
  12. Looks about the same as all the other games they've made. Not that I'm complaining.
  13. Wait a supreme pain in the butt. I don't think I want to play PS Vita or PS3 that badly. That's probably their goal. Maybe sometime this summer I'll have the energy to sort this out..
  14. I don't believe so. According to the devs "I asked around, and the answer seems to be that upgrading a gear piece to PL140 or above should trigger the achievement." However it seems like doing that doesn't actually trigger the trophy. Apparently this game has a ton of major bugs that haven't been fixed for ages, so the odds of this actually being patched seems pretty low.
  15. Aw, I always wanted to get SC2 on PS3 but I kept putting it off