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  1. yeah, i tried it for more than 4 hours, sadly there's no luck, and now i started playing a new game, i need almost 30 hours again of playing
  2. thanks for the help, finally got it, some moves didn't registered and i had to do it again, it took me 20 or 21 moves, but i'm so happy it's done, now i have to play everything from 0% because this stupid riddler challenge glitched for me
  3. hi guys, are you sure this trophy is not glitched? because i did more than 15 different combat moves in one FreeFlow but the trophy didn't pop. i said it's may glitched because the last riddler trophy glitched for and i have to play the game from 0%, also Harley Quinn Story pack didn't pop when i finished it 100%, what's wrong ? :/
  4. happened to me twice, just press the home Button, go to your trophies check there then on the main menu of the ps4 it will pop, that's what i did for 2 trophies.
  5. too old comment, i got 18 trophy, and 5 left to plat the game, but i gave up.
  6. like any telltale games
  7. i'll give you a tip for how to get these hard trophies for example wants to finish light world 1, there's 20 levels, lets say " level 6, 10, 15 and 19 are the hardest levels " you can play 10 and finish it, then exit to the map chose 15, finish it, exit to the map, and wants to choose 6 finish it then 19, after that play the other easy levels what i mean here you can play any level you want, you don't have to play them 1 to 20, i hope this will help you
  8. do you still planning on releasing this app ?
  9. thanks shostey, have you got all the achievements? and i've finished the game, last level was easy, world 5 was pain in the a$$, i will try to get more trophies
  10. this game needs a god skills, i give up but still trying to finish the game itself at least
  11. i give up at this game, i'm at last world and i won't even think of plating this game
  12. damn do i need to finish all the 20 levels in one run ? because i finished all the 20 levels without dying but not in one run and no trophy :/
  13. this trophy glitched for me, it poped after 5 minutes of getting the scroll, btw i was playing on ps3, so maybe it doesn't happen on ps4, i think it's a rare glitch but if someone playing on ps3 and the trophy didn't pop you should wait 5 minutes at least to get it
  14. same as i did lol, but i got 150k only once then i've spend 400K but i didn't get 150K anymore, does it work once in a day ?