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  1. Thanks
  2. I have both X and X2 HD platinums, so it's Lightning Sidekick for me
  3. Sign me up for Fan \o/ I have the plat for Re;birth1 and I'm almost done with Re;birth2's Stella Dungeon (second nep-plat). I'll take a while to become a super fan tough.
  4. Mine came from Bleach (manga). I was out of ideas, so I decided to read the chapter that was just released. The name of the chapter was "The Last Nine Days" and I thought "man, this is awesome \o/", and that's it. It's not because I love the manga or anything (but I actually do), it was just cool.
  5. Man this is so frustrating... I play on consoles, so a Steam is totally useless to me. Well, they said this free key is just to keep us busy, so maybe they really are working on the patch and it'll probably have a big improvement when this new version is released, as I suppose they are working on the "new" game. Let's hope this is the case.
  6. It's available only on JP and HK PSN, not sure if it will come to the west. It seems the HK version is in english, so no big deal
  7. So, it's possible to unlock it on Vita using this backup "trick"? If we keep trying it'll unlock at some point?
  8. Well, i read the post, but it wasn't clear for me anyway Thanks for answering. It's good to know they are localizing this new series from the start, hope it sells enough to keep these games coming.
  9. Hey guys, I have a question: the Trails in the Sky's store page says it's the first game of trilogy, so... Trails of Cold Steel is the third game? Or there is a third game in Trails in the Sky series that is not out in US yet? We only have Trails in the Sky and Trails in the Sky SC right now.