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  1. I'm tired of trying to do this legit! I have a 91-rated squad, most of them are TOTS cards and I can't manage to reach 1250 points... Today I was around 1150 and now I'm around 1030... I'm so demoralized with this game. Most matches I lose is not because they are better, it's because of these ridiculous rebounds or because they shoot once and they score.
  2. I've tried everything you mentioned on private match with a friend (both open and closed lobbies and several maps) and the trophy hasn't unlocked at all... If someone could help me, I would appreciate it. Thanks! EDIT: I got the trophy! Turns out I was searching it on featured, but when I searched for a map name, I was going for other type of maps... I went for the Featured maps you mentioned up there Aceopolis and Martian Return (the ones made by Ubisoft), and I got it!
  3. For sure, we had Shadow of the Tomb Raider on PS Now this summer and we still have Greedfall there... Maneater would have been great on PS4 though. Well, I guess it is another bad month for me!
  4. Insane boosting method man! Just got to level 50! This also helped for the Maniac Driver trophy, since I used the School Bus to wreck Opponents. Afterwards I went to a demolition area because it's much faster! Thank you so much for the tip!
  5. I do agree with you, at a certain point. But I do not agree if some random person says a game is "shameful", everyone will suddenly think that the game is such. You can't classify a game as "shameful", that's is just your personal opinion. Everyone has a different opinion and I'm sure there are people who enjoyed it. Now, I'm not saying that it's a GOTY, but it's a fun 30-min clicking game, with funny interactions and references. A small game, like other hundreds of small games that are out there, so there's no point in "not considering" this a "game". On the other side, of course you can't compare it to a big gaming franchise. It's like comparing a 10-min Youtube video to a whole Game of Thrones season. The real problem, is shaming people for playing the game, which in my opinion, is disgusting. That's exactly what that dude did up there in the comments. On the other side, I agree that platinums "could" have different "values", unlocking a Mayo plat is not the same as unlocking a AC or BF plat. But that would make trophies more complicated, there are many bronze/silver/gold trophies that are super hard, and others that are super easy. So, I think everything should be as it is right now. In the end, a platinum is always a platinum, it's a matter of rarity.
  6. Who the hell are you to shame a video game? Are you a game tester, developer, anyone with some certification to qualify a game as "shameful"? Hmm, I thought so... You are a just a random person like me, trying to play some games. So, you are telling me that after unlocking platinums for Black Ops 3 and AC Odyssey, which take a great amount of time, I can't enjoy some easy games as well? I'm not a "gamer" because I played My Name Is Mayo, yet most of my platinums take days, weeks or months to achieve? Ridiculous comparisons out of a person who looks educated, at a first glance. You are just being a delusional person who wants to be rewarded because you only play games that are "decent" and take a specific amount of time and skill (according to you). In my opinion, your statements are pretty sad, keep up the good work (you have an amazing profile) and stop caring about what other people play. Also, stop trying to shame people for playing games that they want to, that is none of your concern. I have some hard and ultra rare plats, but I'm not here judging people for stacking ezpz games (which I also enjoy to play and rest from time consuming games, once in a while). There are people who unlock 1 platinum within a month and there are people who unlock 3 or 4 platinums within day, DEAL WITH IT.
  7. After two hours, I found my own way to solve this problem. I unistalled the game and did that part of the mission after waiting some time AFK. It turned out good, and it didn't repeat itself again. I tried to do what people said on Ubisoft forums: Shooting the generators with shotguns didn't work. Leaving the facility before the mission ends also didn't work. Consistently repeating the restart checkpoint and doing the mission also didn't work. Thanks anyway.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm about to finish the last mission on WD2. When it gets to the Wrench part and you finish everything, that part restarts itself once again... It's like a never ending loop of this part of the mission and you can't go back to the open world. I've tried to end the mission in several ways and it always go back to the same part. I'm stuck in this mission and I don't know what to do. Is there any solution? (I saw some people complaining to Ubisoft but it hasn't helped me in any way). Please, if anyone solved this problem, I would appreciate the help (I don't want to start the whole game again...). Thank you!
  9. His time for achieving the trophies might mean something or not. You can't say that his trophies from Rage (because of unlocking timestamps) are ilegitimate or not. There's no proof, and we should wait for a staff member to verify any of this. Anyways, he should post the reasons for the flags.
  10. So true, I didn't buy since FIFA 16, it was my worst decision.
  11. FIFA 20 Why did I buy that crap for 20€ on sale? Worst FIFA ever and the last that I buy for sure.
  12. You can do only the main quest, but you will still need to do some side quests that are required for the main quests. I highly advise you to do two playthroughs in this game. It's very hard to do the Merciful trophy with just one playthrough (You can't kill anyone except Runt, in-game boss), just by the fact that you have to upgrade all your main skills, most of them by fighting, and you also need to kill people for many quests and other trophies. 1st Playthrough: Do everything except Merciful and Virgin trophies. There other missable trophies, pay attention to all of them, but King Charming and Completionist are the most important, they are highly missable. You have 100-150 hours of main quests, side quests and miscellaneous stuff to do. Why shouldn't you do the Virgin trophy in the 1st playthrough? Because you have to interact with Theresa and Lady Stephanie (McLovin and Casanova trophies), and it makes your progress easier when you are in Uzhitz, in a main quest with Father Godwin. 2nd Playthrough: Rush through the entire game not killing anyone (only kill Runt in the siege mission) and not interacting with any female (don't court Theresa and Lady Stephanie, don't drink with Father Godwin in Uzhitz and don't pay for everything in the bath houses), so that you can do Merciful and Virgin trophies. This playthrough could take up to 20 hours. In my case, I even did the Hardcore Mode in this second playthrough, but it's pretty hard, you will have to avoid many combats because you die easily and you can't save that much. Like the person above said, SAVE A LOT! I lost probably 30 or more hours of progress just by dying or glitches/bugs/crashes! This game bugs and crashes MANY TIMES!
  13. I wish we could delete trophies. I have some games that were from my cousin or my neighbour when I created my account. In my personal opinion, I think I should be able to erase these games. I didn't even care about the trophies back then, the games weren't even mine and I didn't have enough time to do like 10% of it's trophies. Not to talk about impossible games like NBA 2K10, which the platinum is unobtainable. Why can't I have the option to delete them? Do I need to create a new account, like many 100% completion trophy hunters do, and lose 10+ years of in-gaming progress? Hell no! For those who don't agree and say the trophies represent your gaming past, that's straight non-sense for me. I've played plenty of games that I didn't like (Bloodborne, Fortnite, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, etc) and I was able to delete them from my list because I had not achieved any trophies, luckily. I should be able to decide if I want that game's trophies displayed in my profile or not, without hidding them. It's funny that the most people that don't agree with this feature are the ones who have at least 90%+ completion, I understand, you don't want to see more people having better completion ratings without the real effort that it takes. In my experience, I don't really care about that, since I'm all about achieving platinums and I won't buy insignificant DLCs or do NG+ playthroughs because of 1/2 trophies, so my completion will never be close to 100%. So, I've been thinking for some time about how they could do a fair method, making everyone happy about deleting trophies. What if you could have your trophies erased but it would require some time to do it? I'll explain, imagine if you could hide your trophies like you normally do, but instead, you would also have an option to selected a game or it's trophies which you desire to be erased and you would have to wait years so that it becomes available to delete them (for example, after 2 or 3 years of waiting). That would be fair, in my opinion, because you would still need to wait years to have them deleted, and not everyone would care enough to wait years to delete trophies. And for example, if your account got hacked and someone tried to delete your trophies, you would still have a decent amount of time to recover the account and it's trophies back. I don't know, it's just an idea, tell me what you think.
  14. Just finished this game yesterday and noticed this... It's really annoying, but I don't care about DLCs at all, screw them all.
  15. It depends, if the person I'm talking usually plays videos games, specially on PS4, I like to tell them what I do or which games I play. If not, I just say that I play them. I have some friends who trophy hunt like me, but we are all more into collecting Platinums instead of trophies itself, we don't care about completion or having all the trophies. WE WANT PLATINUMS! 😁