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  1. Ahaha I have 0 trophies across 3 months, like 3 times, sometimes I just forget trophy hunting and then I go back at it again after some months.
  2. Bless you, you are a life saver! I was missing an area that was 0/1 with a treasure, thank you for your brightness tip!
  3. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - medium difficulty - 20-30 hours???? There must be something wrong with that, it's a pretty hard platinum and it takes above 100 hours to do it without a doubt
  4. As a super fan of Assassin's Creed series, I must say that this game surprised me too much, I don't really know if I prefer this one or AC III, but one thing is for sure, both of them are my favourites. Since I only have about 20 hours in-game and many people say this is the worst AC ever, I decided to do a list of pros and cons: Pros: Massive graphics and detailed features (In my opinion, the best graphics and detail ever in an AC game) Huge map with many side quests (Many things to complete, I like it and reminds me of The Witcher 3) Good and different RPG combat (Reminds me of Witcher 3 again and it's not like the other AC's where you get attacked by one enemy each time when surrounded by 5) Time period (Many people like the ancient egypt right? There's not many games out there where you can experience this time period...) Difficulty (Not really a pro, but if you are one of those guys that didn't like the fact that this game had no difficulty, well now you can adjust it for you, it's an improvement) Weapon Rarity (Interesting system, it clearly looks like they adopted the weapon rarity system in For Honor: blue - common, purple - rare and yellow - legendary...) Photo System (I don't remember this in any another AC game, the system is quite simple and easy to use, letting users share photos of the amazing views that the game provides) Cons: Leveling system and skills (Leveling looks a bit bad and many skills aren't useful at all, making you just get them to complete the skill tree) Main Quests (The fact that you need to get a certain suggested level to complete quests, you don't really focus on the main mission enough like you used before, instead, you get swallowed by the immense open world and the variety of side quests, forts/camps, caves, etc... I actually like this because I enjoy time consuming games with many quests) Stealth (This is nothing new, we keep seeing the stealth options getting poorer, we don't have many roofs to follow targets, we can't hide in crowds, we only hide in bushes and behind walls) Helix Points (Of course, this is ultimate trash, but it's nothing new, they always try to profit trying to sell new dlcs, outfits, weapons, etc...) Concluding, for me, this is one of the best AC games ever, people just don't like it because it changed many things, they tried to improve the game like when AC III came out, everyone got mad because there was no more Ezio Auditore, that's ridiculous, you just didn't adapt to the change, give the game an opportunity and enjoy it's good things. By the way, you keep criticizing but there are some AC games far worse than this one, like AC: Revelations, Rogue and Unity.
  5. Army of Two: The 40th Day God of War III Eye Pet Tomb Raider: Underworld Bioshock 2 Prototype Singstar NBA 2K10 Resistance 2 Metal Gear Solid 4 Playstation Home Little Big Planet Driveclub Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition They are many... All these were games that I either disliked or some friend borrowed them to me, and the majority of them were many years ago, which makes some of the platinums unobtainable. When I started to collect trophies, specially the platinums, from most of the games I have, it was already too late. My account is from 2009, and I'm not going to drop down so many platinums through all these years of gaming just to work on a 100% Perfect Profile. I really enjoy people who have the skill to make every single trophy from all games, you are the true trophy hunters.
  6. Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Super Meat Boy I Am Bread Star Ocean White Knight Chronicles
  7. Thanks for making this giveaway! I would love to get the lifetime premium!
  8. A good completion rate is between 80% and 100%, even though I'm not an example of that. It's important to have a good completion, but you need to be a BEAST completing games. For someone to get a high % completion it takes a lot of skill, patience, luck and money (and I'm not buying DLC's just to get 100% completion in a game). I have many games that I started to play a long time ago and their platinums are now unobtainable, but usually I try to get the A or S rank on most games. Right now I'm sitting on 64% completion, but on the future I would like to have about 70% or 75%.
  9. Skyrim on PS4 I did the platinum on PS3, and I would do it again on PS4!
  10. This would be very interesting, in my opinion it would be like Heavy Rain. I didn't have the patience to do that platinum, since we needed to finish 10 or 15 different endings (I don't really remember how much they were). So yeah, even though it would be cool for us to enjoy these games more, it would be a pain to finish all the trophies, and not everyone is interested in replaying a choice's game over 10 times, just like me!
  11. Didn't know about that, thank you. But if I buy this game, I would buy it on PS4, since it's the platform I enjoy the most.
  12. Humble Bundle always has great deals both for PC and PS4. Too bad that I already destroyed 3 PS3s, and I'm not planning in buying another soon...
  13. Another game I was looking to buy on Steam, but I guess I will be much more interested in buying it for PS4!
  14. Trophy Icons are awesome, I was thinking in getting this game on Steam, but since it came to PS4, I might buy it here!!!
  15. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Both were so good, I can't choose!