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  1. Hello, I don't think it works very good in the Old Town area. I followed this video back in December to get that trophy. I didn't even need to restart the campaign or anything like that. I just kept doing over and over this path shown in the video and I manage to find around 4/5 groups of Rai's men that I was missing, within 1 or 2 hours. I hope that it helps you as well! Link: All credits go to the owner of the video.
  2. 172 Hero Levels and 15 Champion Levels. So yeah, if you include them all, it's 187 Levels. (I got much more Champion Levels after this though, to complete the 50 Hives).
  3. Hey I'm just replying to you again to say that I finally got the 250 Hero Levels Trophy the way you told me! Again, thank you very much for the help! For anyone out there who needs guidance, to achieve the Back In Business Trophy I had: 172 Hero Levels across all characters; Only one Hero with max Lvl 50 (Thor); 15 Champion Levels with one Hero (Thor). The trophy unlocked at the end of the the Elite Heroic Hive for me, while upgrading to Champion Level 15 with Thor. I hope it helps any person who is struggling with this trophy! Thanks!
  4. Play the game... I mean, you also have the 50 cosmetics trophy left, you need to farm Kudos and wait for rotation to get those. In my case, I only have the 50 cosmetics trophy left, so I'm actually playing the game while earning Kudos and helping friends to get qualifications/wins.
  5. Ok, thanks a lot! I guess I will do that!
  6. So you basically only completed the history missions with all characters, got Hawkeye to level 50 and then used him until the trophy popped?
  7. Yeah, I guess so… So far I’ve only done 6 Hive Missions but I’ve got plenty of Cache Strongboxes! Guess I need to continue the grind! Wait what? How did you do that?
  8. Hello. I’ve been playing this game for a while now, and I only have around 150 Hero levels done. I got my Thor leveled up to 50, and now I’m struggling to get missions with enough power to level up most characters, since all of them except Thor are under level 25… What is currently the best XP method in this game? I saw some videos saying the Harm Training/Challenges are the best or Pym’s Faction mission called Day of the Remains in Pacific Northwest. These methods seem a bit outdated though. If anyone could help, I would appreciate! Thank you!
  9. If you're playing the squad mode in Fall Guys, you can be the first to die in Slime Climb or Slimescraper. Doing that will count for the 1st places trophy! As long as your team qualifies for the next round!
  10. It works, I got my 5 first places trophy accidently when I fell down at the beginning of The Slimescraper!
  11. Yes they work, and it's way more fun than getting wins by yourself. I already have 8 wins and I've been doing some first placings in race levels as well. Good luck!
  12. Close app and restart the game after Hex... You get the trophy after restarting the game!
  13. Just got the trophy! Finally something that makes me get back at this game!
  14. I'm tired of trying to do this legit! I have a 91-rated squad, most of them are TOTS cards and I can't manage to reach 1250 points... Today I was around 1150 and now I'm around 1030... I'm so demoralized with this game. Most matches I lose is not because they are better, it's because of these ridiculous rebounds or because they shoot once and they score.
  15. I've tried everything you mentioned on private match with a friend (both open and closed lobbies and several maps) and the trophy hasn't unlocked at all... If someone could help me, I would appreciate it. Thanks! EDIT: I got the trophy! Turns out I was searching it on featured, but when I searched for a map name, I was going for other type of maps... I went for the Featured maps you mentioned up there Aceopolis and Martian Return (the ones made by Ubisoft), and I got it!