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  1. I do agree with you, at a certain point. But I do not agree if some random person says a game is "shameful", everyone will suddenly think that the game is such. You can't classify a game as "shameful", that's is just your personal opinion. Everyone has a different opinion and I'm sure there are people who enjoyed it. Now, I'm not saying that it's a GOTY, but it's a fun 30-min clicking game, with funny interactions and references. A small game, like other hundreds of small games that are out there, so there's no point in "not considering" this a "game". On the other side, of course you can't compare it to a big gaming franchise. It's like comparing a 10-min Youtube video to a whole Game of Thrones season. The real problem, is shaming people for playing the game, which in my opinion, is disgusting. That's exactly what that dude did up there in the comments. On the other side, I agree that platinums "could" have different "values", unlocking a Mayo plat is not the same as unlocking a AC or BF plat. But that would make trophies more complicated, there are many bronze/silver/gold trophies that are super hard, and others that are super easy. So, I think everything should be as it is right now. In the end, a platinum is always a platinum, it's a matter of rarity.
  2. Who the hell are you to shame a video game? Are you a game tester, developer, anyone with some certification to qualify a game as "shameful"? Hmm, I thought so... You are a just a random person like me, trying to play some games. So, you are telling me that after unlocking platinums for Black Ops 3 and AC Odyssey, which take a great amount of time, I can't enjoy some easy games as well? I'm not a "gamer" because I played My Name Is Mayo, yet most of my platinums take days, weeks or months to achieve? Ridiculous comparisons out of a person who looks educated, at a first glance. You are just being a delusional person who wants to be rewarded because you only play games that are "decent" and take a specific amount of time and skill (according to you). In my opinion, your statements are pretty sad, keep up the good work (you have an amazing profile) and stop caring about what other people play. Also, stop trying to shame people for playing games that they want to, that is none of your concern. I have some hard and ultra rare plats, but I'm not here judging people for stacking ezpz games (which I also enjoy to play and rest from time consuming games, once in a while). There are people who unlock 1 platinum within a month and there are people who unlock 3 or 4 platinums within day, DEAL WITH IT.
  3. After two hours, I found my own way to solve this problem. I unistalled the game and did that part of the mission after waiting some time AFK. It turned out good, and it didn't repeat itself again. I tried to do what people said on Ubisoft forums: Shooting the generators with shotguns didn't work. Leaving the facility before the mission ends also didn't work. Consistently repeating the restart checkpoint and doing the mission also didn't work. Thanks anyway.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm about to finish the last mission on WD2. When it gets to the Wrench part and you finish everything, that part restarts itself once again... It's like a never ending loop of this part of the mission and you can't go back to the open world. I've tried to end the mission in several ways and it always go back to the same part. I'm stuck in this mission and I don't know what to do. Is there any solution? (I saw some people complaining to Ubisoft but it hasn't helped me in any way). Please, if anyone solved this problem, I would appreciate the help (I don't want to start the whole game again...). Thank you!
  5. His time for achieving the trophies might mean something or not. You can't say that his trophies from Rage (because of unlocking timestamps) are ilegitimate or not. There's no proof, and we should wait for a staff member to verify any of this. Anyways, he should post the reasons for the flags.
  6. So true, I didn't buy since FIFA 16, it was my worst decision.
  7. FIFA 20 Why did I buy that crap for 20€ on sale? Worst FIFA ever and the last that I buy for sure.
  8. You can do only the main quest, but you will still need to do some side quests that are required for the main quests. I highly advise you to do two playthroughs in this game. It's very hard to do the Merciful trophy with just one playthrough (You can't kill anyone except Runt, in-game boss), just by the fact that you have to upgrade all your main skills, most of them by fighting, and you also need to kill people for many quests and other trophies. 1st Playthrough: Do everything except Merciful and Virgin trophies. There other missable trophies, pay attention to all of them, but King Charming and Completionist are the most important, they are highly missable. You have 100-150 hours of main quests, side quests and miscellaneous stuff to do. Why shouldn't you do the Virgin trophy in the 1st playthrough? Because you have to interact with Theresa and Lady Stephanie (McLovin and Casanova trophies), and it makes your progress easier when you are in Uzhitz, in a main quest with Father Godwin. 2nd Playthrough: Rush through the entire game not killing anyone (only kill Runt in the siege mission) and not interacting with any female (don't court Theresa and Lady Stephanie, don't drink with Father Godwin in Uzhitz and don't pay for everything in the bath houses), so that you can do Merciful and Virgin trophies. This playthrough could take up to 20 hours. In my case, I even did the Hardcore Mode in this second playthrough, but it's pretty hard, you will have to avoid many combats because you die easily and you can't save that much. Like the person above said, SAVE A LOT! I lost probably 30 or more hours of progress just by dying or glitches/bugs/crashes! This game bugs and crashes MANY TIMES!
  9. I wish we could delete trophies. I have some games that were from my cousin or my neighbour when I created my account. In my personal opinion, I think I should be able to erase these games. I didn't even care about the trophies back then, the games weren't even mine and I didn't have enough time to do like 10% of it's trophies. Not to talk about impossible games like NBA 2K10, which the platinum is unobtainable. Why can't I have the option to delete them? Do I need to create a new account, like many 100% completion trophy hunters do, and lose 10+ years of in-gaming progress? Hell no! For those who don't agree and say the trophies represent your gaming past, that's straight non-sense for me. I've played plenty of games that I didn't like (Bloodborne, Fortnite, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, etc) and I was able to delete them from my list because I had not achieved any trophies, luckily. I should be able to decide if I want that game's trophies displayed in my profile or not, without hidding them. It's funny that the most people that don't agree with this feature are the ones who have at least 90%+ completion, I understand, you don't want to see more people having better completion ratings without the real effort that it takes. In my experience, I don't really care about that, since I'm all about achieving platinums and I won't buy insignificant DLCs or do NG+ playthroughs because of 1/2 trophies, so my completion will never be close to 100%. So, I've been thinking for some time about how they could do a fair method, making everyone happy about deleting trophies. What if you could have your trophies erased but it would require some time to do it? I'll explain, imagine if you could hide your trophies like you normally do, but instead, you would also have an option to selected a game or it's trophies which you desire to be erased and you would have to wait years so that it becomes available to delete them (for example, after 2 or 3 years of waiting). That would be fair, in my opinion, because you would still need to wait years to have them deleted, and not everyone would care enough to wait years to delete trophies. And for example, if your account got hacked and someone tried to delete your trophies, you would still have a decent amount of time to recover the account and it's trophies back. I don't know, it's just an idea, tell me what you think.
  10. Just finished this game yesterday and noticed this... It's really annoying, but I don't care about DLCs at all, screw them all.
  11. It depends, if the person I'm talking usually plays videos games, specially on PS4, I like to tell them what I do or which games I play. If not, I just say that I play them. I have some friends who trophy hunt like me, but we are all more into collecting Platinums instead of trophies itself, we don't care about completion or having all the trophies. WE WANT PLATINUMS! 😁
  12. I mean, I get that the character has heavy armor and it's realism, but jumping some centimeters and breaking both legs? It's a bit overwhelming. Well, the game is really that frustrating and tedious in some parts, and the bugs and crashes make you lose all the will of playing it. It happened to me several times when I was about to save and the game crashed. I felt really enraged, so I would change game and I would play some Call of Duty to chill out. Maybe you're right that it's fair a 5/10, but I think it could be a little higher. The no-kill trophy is just ridiculous, specially in hardcore like I did. Having to do the siege in Talmberg, where Capon and Bernard get surrounded by 5-6 enemies and you can only get their attention with your fists takes so long. In this game environment, this trophy is absolute non-sense like you said (Good anology with Skyrim though). I agree with you in that part, the Monastery was the most boring thing, but it has it's essence. I was caught several times just by walking out of the room, when I was just going for the next step on the quest, ugh. About the Shrines trophy, the guide didn't mention anything about the need of having to interact with them (I created a topic talking about this), which means I had to visit all of them twice, so, more tedious stuff. The herbs, I found an exploit and got them in 15 minutes, not a big problem, it was a place fully crowded with dandelions just north of Rattay.
  13. Hello everyone, today I am about to finish my 2nd playthrough for the platinum and hardcore mode and I have a total time of almost 200 in-game hours. I have been playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance for the past 3 weeks and I would like to give you my opinion about it's difficulty. First of all, I don't know how the author of the trophy guide rated it 5/10, there's nooooo way the game is that easy! It's at least 7/10, if not more. For me there are 4 important points that make this game far more harder than it looks and very frustrating/depressing: 1st - Kingdom Come: Deliverance has incredible and unique features, specially the fighthing, which makes it hard to adapt. You are weak, at least for a while. You go on a road, pass through some brigands, fall from the horse and you're basically dead if you don't have good armor or if you're not skilled enough. You jump a small distance and your character might fall and start bleeding, which causes death easily, the fall damage is ridiculous. Not to talk about that you lose all progress and load on the previous save. I've lost probably more than 30 or 40 hours of progress by forgetting to save or sleep. 2nd - The game is huge, the quests take a ton of time and the cutscenes are, by far, the most time-consuming I've seen in my entire life. This is not a bad thing, yet for many people, it's hard to play a game so many hours without getting bored. It really gets monotonous once in a while, specially if you aren't allowed to use the fast travel like in the hardcore mode. The plot is amazing, but not everyone likes medieval middle-age 15th century games, that I can assure you. 3rd - Adding to this, the worst of all, which are the crashes and bugs, the game crashes and doesn't load all the time! My game has crashed on cutscenes, where I lost many hours of in-game progress. My game has crashed while trying sleep, making me lose even more progress for not being able to save in time. The bugs, oh man, NPCs, quotes and trading do not load decently, same with the entire view of the game sometimes, it's insane how a game of this caliber can be so slow... 4th - It's trophies. They really meant to make us struggle with these achievements, I mean, some of them are so annoying that can make you stop playing for a while. Some are missable and some are grindy. You have many tricky missable trophies, where you can screw up your entire playthrough for not doing following the right path, that's really frustating. The no-kill trophy is also one of the more deppressing ones, being on the 15th century and not being able to kill everyone is by far, much boring than you ever realized. The grind trophies are not that hard, but they take time of course, specially the one about visiting the shrines/crosses or collecting 10,000 herbs. In conclusion, the game really plays and puts everything against you, specially in hardcore mode. It has been one of the most frustating platinums I've seen. Anyways, I really enjoyed the game and I'm glad I bought it on sale. Hope you understand my points of view, comment if you too struggled with this game!
  14. Fortunately it doesn't have the multiplayer, that Abstergo Employee of the Month was a real pain!
  15. Everything you said is so true! I'm now finishing the platinum/hardcore mode playthrough and the game just crashed when I was about to sleep and save... It's probably the 5th time this has happened to me. This is so frustrating, now I have to do the progress 1-hour progress all over again I had before that save. Don't take me wrong, really like the game, but the amount of bugs and crashes is insane. Not to talk about how the bad the game plays itself on PS4, for example, when you get inside the towns, the NPCs don't fully load, you see random floating heads wandering and you have to click several times to interact with the merchants where you can't even start the trade because your character and it's inventory take a ton of time to load. Anyways, I try to enjoy the game, yet I can't wait to finish it so these bugs stop perturbing my life and making me anxious.
  16. Super easy, there are youtube guides where you can watch the whole playthrough and play at same time. You get the platinum in 5 hours or less, guaranteed.
  17. Hello everyone, I've been trying to get this platinum, but there's some trophies where people are not sure how it works and the guide does not fully explain. There's some trophies in which the guide is not correct at all!I know that the guide is pretty old, but I found out some updates and mistakes. I'm here to update you about some important information I've found during my playthrough, which should help you get the trophies from Kingdom Come: Deliverance. King Charming Trophy - Monastery: You CAN get additional REPUTATION on this area later in-game! Spoiler is advised! Pilgrim Trophy - You NEED to INTERACT with the Shrines, Crosses and Wall Art in-game and the NAMES have to APPEAR, or the trophy will not pop!!! When you go to statistics, go to quest see the counter reach 90 on the "Art Objects Found"! Visit the Churches from Rattay, Sasau and Uzhitz and click the Wall Art characters to make this trophy pop even faster, they counts towards the trophy.Master Huntsman Trophy - You can't complete "Hare Hunt" and "Cherchez La Femme" at the same time, this is WRONG! For you to get the trophy, you have to FAIL "Hare Hunt", COMPLETE "Sheep's In Wolf Clothing" and then you UNLOCK and COMPLETE "Cherchez La Femme"!Talmberger Trophy - Another spoiler is advised! EDIT: David Horak Trophy - There's a place above Rattay Mill where you can collect 10,000 herbs within 15-20 min. Just focus on Dandelions, you can sometimes pick up 200+ at a time, it will be easy. Click this clip here to see it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_PJz4S3pwg (All the credit goes to the author of the clip) Thanks for the guide anyways, but I felt the need to inform about this.Be patient and careful guys!
  18. Ahaha I have 0 trophies across 3 months, like 3 times, sometimes I just forget trophy hunting and then I go back at it again after some months.
  19. Bless you, you are a life saver! I was missing an area that was 0/1 with a treasure, thank you for your brightness tip!
  20. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - medium difficulty - 20-30 hours???? There must be something wrong with that, it's a pretty hard platinum and it takes above 100 hours to do it without a doubt
  21. As a super fan of Assassin's Creed series, I must say that this game surprised me too much, I don't really know if I prefer this one or AC III, but one thing is for sure, both of them are my favourites. Since I only have about 20 hours in-game and many people say this is the worst AC ever, I decided to do a list of pros and cons: Pros: Massive graphics and detailed features (In my opinion, the best graphics and detail ever in an AC game) Huge map with many side quests (Many things to complete, I like it and reminds me of The Witcher 3) Good and different RPG combat (Reminds me of Witcher 3 again and it's not like the other AC's where you get attacked by one enemy each time when surrounded by 5) Time period (Many people like the ancient egypt right? There's not many games out there where you can experience this time period...) Difficulty (Not really a pro, but if you are one of those guys that didn't like the fact that this game had no difficulty, well now you can adjust it for you, it's an improvement) Weapon Rarity (Interesting system, it clearly looks like they adopted the weapon rarity system in For Honor: blue - common, purple - rare and yellow - legendary...) Photo System (I don't remember this in any another AC game, the system is quite simple and easy to use, letting users share photos of the amazing views that the game provides) Cons: Leveling system and skills (Leveling looks a bit bad and many skills aren't useful at all, making you just get them to complete the skill tree) Main Quests (The fact that you need to get a certain suggested level to complete quests, you don't really focus on the main mission enough like you used before, instead, you get swallowed by the immense open world and the variety of side quests, forts/camps, caves, etc... I actually like this because I enjoy time consuming games with many quests) Stealth (This is nothing new, we keep seeing the stealth options getting poorer, we don't have many roofs to follow targets, we can't hide in crowds, we only hide in bushes and behind walls) Helix Points (Of course, this is ultimate trash, but it's nothing new, they always try to profit trying to sell new dlcs, outfits, weapons, etc...) Concluding, for me, this is one of the best AC games ever, people just don't like it because it changed many things, they tried to improve the game like when AC III came out, everyone got mad because there was no more Ezio Auditore, that's ridiculous, you just didn't adapt to the change, give the game an opportunity and enjoy it's good things. By the way, you keep criticizing but there are some AC games far worse than this one, like AC: Revelations, Rogue and Unity.
  22. Army of Two: The 40th Day God of War III Eye Pet Tomb Raider: Underworld Bioshock 2 Prototype Singstar NBA 2K10 Resistance 2 Metal Gear Solid 4 Playstation Home Little Big Planet Driveclub Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition They are many... All these were games that I either disliked or some friend borrowed them to me, and the majority of them were many years ago, which makes some of the platinums unobtainable. When I started to collect trophies, specially the platinums, from most of the games I have, it was already too late. My account is from 2009, and I'm not going to drop down so many platinums through all these years of gaming just to work on a 100% Perfect Profile. I really enjoy people who have the skill to make every single trophy from all games, you are the true trophy hunters.
  23. Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Super Meat Boy I Am Bread Star Ocean White Knight Chronicles
  24. Thanks for making this giveaway! I would love to get the lifetime premium!