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  1. Here's Johnny! 👹

  2. A friend recently introduced me to Gin Tama, liking it a lot so far,even though I don't get all of the references made to other animes...
  3. Always get those chills while listening to this song
  4. Can't go wrong with some Eastwood...
  5. I'm looking forward to some games, mostly yakuza games. Ace Combat 7 Crash n'sane trilogy Persona 5 Shadow Warrior 2 Yakuza Zero Yakuza Kiwami (summer ish) Yeah I think that's about it...
  6. What's it like I'm still downloading the update. The trophy description made me think it's story coop, I'm assuming it's just the locations seen in story mode is it?
  7. I've been looking forward to it since I've first got wind of it being released on ps4 sometime in the future. I've played the beta to death and it's really a great experience as well as a challenge (unless you play solo and are vastly over-levelled). Anyhow, I'm not so sure about the price, it's 35£ here and I'm not certain if I want it that bad. I mean that's cheaper than a lot of game pre-orders, but it's mostly an multilplayer/co-op game, but that's just my opinion. I'll definitely get it someday. I'm somewhat underwhelmed by the trophy list, it's rather "easy" compared to the steam achievements, though beating it on higher difficulties surely is going to be quite of a challenge.
  8. Far Cry 4, as well as One Piece Pirate Warriors I generally don't do plat, but that b**** of a friend got me hooked It's quite a lot fun at times, though sometimes quite frustrating lol
  9. Found this one among me old cd's... Level 42 - Set Me Up
  10. Yakuza 3 + bonus disc, been looking for this since 2012 So happy I finally got one And MGSV: The Phantom Pain as well as FFXIII
  11. Devin at his best!
  12. ID: JackBottomtooth Systems: PS3, PSP (barely use) Blank FR: Nope I certainly will delete blank requests. I'd like a "I'm from psnp" and if possible a bit about you or why you add me. Looking for ppl to talk with and play games with. Not boosting with ppl I don't know... Edjt: Bit more open to requests, still no blank fr and I usually chat/write with ppl in my list, not a must though. Check my list if we have something in common and feel free to text/add me