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  1. This poll is almost as confusing as some of the quizzes I have participated in.
  2. I would agree that dregen is the most consistent and simplest to get, requires basically just non stop gambit playing. Wayfarer may actually be quicker though but the requirements are more varied and getting an EP group could be hard.
  3. January predictions: Horizon Zero Dawn Marvel's Spider-Man
  4. 170 it'll have to be then. I was so close last time that it has to be crrect this time.
  5. Entry #2: a time skip/flashback power. Think life is strange etc. so I can fix lifes mistakes.
  6. I want to fly around using the exo suit from cod AW. It would just be so fun!
  7. The answer is 112 matches and you know it!
  8. The definition of challenges/flashpoints changed after year 1. When in the director look for the yellow star things next to planets, these indicate challenges (some "daily" some weekly. 1 of these challenges will be the flashpoint which changes planet every week. Additionally those guardians you speak of will be at the tower not the farm. After story completion the tower becomes the main social space instead. But you won't get the challenges or flashpoints you want from them.
  9. I didn't have any issue of not having an online pass myself. Either I got one in the dlc bundle or I never actually needed one to play.
  10. I would say I was playing the multiplayer 5 hours a day maybe.
  11. I did the online in 4 days total with groups I found. Mainly spending time in interregation mode for quick wins. It wasn't that bad and even if you can't find groups then skip method makes it easy.
  12. Nomally the large "september" updates for destiny have a set of trophies yes. I'm excited to see if they have anything slightly more exciting than get 10 exotics.
  13. I started the UC3 DLC on the 3rd of july and finished on the 17th so 2 weeks to get it all done, during this time I almost always had a dedicated extra ps3 to play with for treasure farming and I played against full teams of extra ps3's for the elimination and and 3TDM trophies. This means that what you are aiming to do could be possible but is certainly not advisable. This is of course only if you happen to not have a job.
  14. I would not start this late, you could get most done but it is quite likely that the treasures would catch you out at this stage.
  15. With my group we waited bottom left and did AO3+cluster, killed all with the one cluster and the trophy popped. The hardest part was finishing the level after as the sniper on the wings kept hiding from us.