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  1. The answer is they didn't reach it in 6 hours. Note that the rank trophies are the first ones they unlocked. They probably used the reactor infinite hacking method to farm all the xp in 1 match, then the 3 rank trophies popped together at the end of that match, starting the timer for their 100% speedrun. The rest of the trophies were then obtained in 6 hours.
  2. The answer is no, but you can get the trophies to pop within 30 seconds. I think the method is to xp farm all the way to the highest level in 1 match, then the trophies pop together at the end.
  3. If playstation digital games were a little less walled garden I could see some wonderful things coming from this in regards to competition and driving down the price of subscription gaming. Sadly though sony has all the control here, so I doubt we will any dramatic gain or loss for consumers no matter what netflix gaming does with playstation. I certainly don't think that this will kill off or even majorly compete with psnow. I see no benefit to sony of killing off their own service now in favour of an external one run by netflix
  4. Regularly make an external save backup, there are a few glitches, (mostly related to dieing while saving) that stop you getting 100% completion. Never take chances, I saw many people beforeand after shutdown who got hit by these glitches.
  5. I had some issues with this too, got it eventually in the special deathmatch made in heaven playlist, marked man on holding cells. Added advantage of this mode is you only need to die once to get the revenge come up.
  6. The next step here would really be for someone america based to raise the issue with the dispute resolution company that EA is a part of, this unfortunately would cost that person a chunk of cash, so is probably a dead end for most here.
  7. I got my response today from citizens advise. They have refered the case to trading standards who will now look into the matter. Additionally I informed them that the company was not responding to any attempts to make a complaint to escalate the issue, so now I await what they think is the best route to take. I noted that EA is part of an ADR, but it seems to be solely america based, with quite high filing fees.
  8. Just enough to have less than 100
  9. I didn't even know they were retiring my playstation. I used it earlier an went to try to use it again and it was gone. Used it all the time to add and remove friends. So much easier to do than on console fo rme personally.
  10. Whilst in all likelyhood nothing will come of this, that doesn't mean we need backlash for trying. It's not like we are sitting here talking, but doing nothing. It's just that writing a forum post here is instant, but waiting for replys from standards authorities in the real world takes time.
  11. I guess the question of the wording would be up to the court to decide should it every be taken that far. It's just bad practice to use such an ambiguous phrasing.
  12. It get that interpretation, but mine is slightly different. To me the phrase "EA may retire online features after 30 days notice" means that after the 30 days they may retire the features, and not that they may give notice.
  13. As EA failed to provide me a complains email adress I have now raised my issue with the trading standards authority in the UK through citizens advice. My only problem may be that I perchased this game second hand not through EA themselves. I encourage everyone to raise this issue through their own local authorities.
  14. Last response I got from EA_help on twitter was a link to the forum thread where my response was the most recent response.
  15. Thanks for the guide, I will get around to it soon hopefully.