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  1. My expectations for an aniversity celebration were low, but not this low. When will sony learn that most people don't want to play a sport gambling simulator? The other 2 games are good but it's not really made into a celebration level line up by chucking in an extra game.
  2. July Predictions: - Crash Bandicoot - Horizon Zero Dawn
  3. That's a big giveaway, despite the negative press I think I would have to pikt TLoU II out of those options. I really enjoyed the first one and am still looking forward to seeing where the story goes.
  4. This could be fun to try, count me in.
  5. Last time they made significant changes a route to the plat was added back in but it did take some time to be done. If you don't want to wait for any potential issues to be fixed I recommend finishing the plat before the release in september.
  6. June: Horizon zero dawn (I won't give up on this one until they give it!) Hello neighbour (going out of thw box for this one!)
  7. May 2020 predictions: - Crash Bandicoot Trilogy - Horizon Zero Dawn
  8. April 2020 predictions: The order 1886 Doom (2016) watch it turn out to be Horizon now I don't guess it.
  9. 369 and then you finally get the trophy
  10. For march it will be, - crash trilogy (If this is allowed as a guess, if not put doom 2016.) - horizon zero dawn This is just a wish list as this point from me.
  11. I spent 3 hours the other day trying to get my last base ganme trophy for doing challenges, didn't get anywhere because the servers were so bad
  12. My Feb 2020 predictions are: - Doom (2016) - Horizon Zero Dawn Both of these games are about the time they should be coming to plus although maybe I should have investigated what was cheap on the sale to work it out that way.
  13. 180 is the new guess then, these numbers are getting high now
  14. This poll is almost as confusing as some of the quizzes I have participated in.
  15. I would agree that dregen is the most consistent and simplest to get, requires basically just non stop gambit playing. Wayfarer may actually be quicker though but the requirements are more varied and getting an EP group could be hard.