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  1. I don't post here much but since I'm feeling very proud about it. 

    Plat #94 and 5000th trophy. 

    Persona 5

  2. Yeah.. two playthoughs minimum are needed for the Platinum. Since you need need to beat Suicide Mission to unlock FUBAR, so cut the "leggit" princess. Also your kinda giving it away you used another game save since no one said you did in the first place. (;
  3. Hey everyone, I'm not on the forum on the site a lot but I am on my consoles quite a bit. I'm very willing to make new friends but ones who would like a conversation and not just filling up a spot on there friends list. Feel free to add me if that's the case. ^^ PSN: DracoRagnarok
  4. Don't be silly, that would mean you would save money and this is Activision we are talking about here. That aside I don't think session passes work like that anyway.
  5. And? Honestly to much focus on framerate and 60fps, can't people stop complaining and just enjoy a game? Nothing is perfect.
  6. If you want? I mean buying a collectors edition of any game means you will get some extra little things and thats about it. Not sure why asking other people on here will help you how you spend your own money.
  7. #50 Dark Souls Well what can I say about this game? Besides it's amazing, I've turned from giving Dark Souls II a try to a full Souls fan. If it wasn't for me picking up the sequel I would have never gotten around to ever playing this game and I'm very glad I did. Everything about this game is great from the little grunts in your way to the bosses who will kill you many times and you will love every second of it. A epic quest to ether kindle the first flame or let the dark finally rule the land of Lordan it up and get some sweet trophies while you die! Trophy Difficulty: 6/10 Fun Factor: 9/10 Draco Rating: Beat/Plat
  8. #49 Bioshock 2 I understand I gained this Plat a month ago but it is still my most recent and one of my more favorite games. I hear a lot of people give this game a lot of crap for being crappy sequel but to me it is the best in the series. Everything fits perfectly together with the original and expanded the world of Rapture for me. More of a touching story as you play as a Big Daddy looking for your little sister, I won't spoil much but it's definitely worth at least one playthrough. Trophy wise it's not to bad some Multiplayer but very doable but to my 100% I had to do even more for reaching level 50 and that takes awhile. Anyway thanks for reading and I'll bring #50 soon hopefully.
  9. Nice seeing a all of zero people will be buying this DLC, honestly though what person would want DLC for such a poorly rushed game? =/
  10. I do not know the ins and outs of the flagging system but this is what I know so far about it. 1. A lot of people look at random profiles from time to time, what normally gives it away is looking up your favorite game and seeing someone beat it in 4 hours when its impossible to do so. 2. What gets flagged is trophies being obtained in a very odd order say getting a trophy for beating the final boss before getting the trophy for starting the game. Also there is other way to tell but that's what commonly used. Use a in game cheat is fare game, its part of the game so why should you be punished for something that the game allows you to do. 3. I don't know but I would say Sly has a system to find out who is legit or not. 4. On your trophy collection when you 100%/Plat a game you will notice it will be a blue colour around the game you have complited. A flagged one has a red border and also you won't have your country rank and world rank on your profile. 5. Kinda explained that in 4. 6. Yes hidding the game you hacked or cheated on does put you back onto the leaderboards. 7. Since it's 8AM for me and I've had no sleep, quite a bit. =P 8. I don't know but I'm sure there is some punishment for flagging people for no reason.
  11. Damn it Alexi, I was working on that too.
  12. Well I just had a look at the flagged game, beating Sasha and beating Alden are only around 20 seconds apart. Very impossible since one is a boss about half way through the game and the other is the final boss. =/ Even if you did use the save from another account also impossible without modding the save and such, still don't explain how you beat the two bosses in a impossible time.
  13. At the end of the day it's a free DLC that the developers put into the game, no one is forcing you to play it, no one is putting a gun to your head telling you to play it. This more sounds like complaing about having to pay full price for a game, yes the UK did have to wait a extra month for the game to come out and you didn't want to wait for it. I rather enjoyed the game and will get around to playing the new content for myself sometime. Also ranting about the game having bad mechanics, no game is perfect I found it to be off putting at times sure but nothing that angers me. Quick edit after reading above: Now that is just uncalled for no need to act like a child to everyone because we give out opinion on things, hate on the game as much as you want. You are meant to be playing the game but by anger and ranting the game is playing you.
  14. I'm unsure the trophies can be obtained on easier levels, but you need to speedrun under 3 hours on normal or hard for the Inf Granade Lancher and the Samurai Edge for the weapon trophies.
  15. First off, the only thing pethetic here is your trophy list. Second, why on earth are you jumping the gun here? Assuming the person wants to know so others can get trophies? It was only a question, needing some wisdom on the matter. As ZeroXOF said, leave the hate at the door, or better yet if you nothing good to say, shut up. =)