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  1. You have plenty of games and TV-shows to keep you entertained for God knows how long until Cyberpunk 2077 release and being completely polished. Glitches and bugs free which what every gamer asks for. As for me, I'm not buying Cyberpunk 2077, because I'm not fan of "First Person View". Long live, gamers.
  2. As the title/question says. So... I was wondering. I wanna get rid of BTs permanently in their areas since I'll keep back and forth due to doing deliveries, and the BTs really annoy me and they get on my way and slow me down. Question: Has anyone tested the idea? Has anyone killed the BTs in some area permanently? Or do BTs respawn after you leave?
  3. Ever since I used PULSE Wireless Stereo Headset, I was blown away by the bless of 7.1 Surround Sound. Now I own both GOLD and PLATINUM headsets. I also bought Turtle Beach STEALTH 700, but I have my own issues with this headset, and this would be for other time soon. So far, I experienced just headsets that been made by SONY. There is that coming 2018 GOLD Headset by SONY, but I'll pass. I prefer PULSE over GOLD and PLATINUM for having "BassImpact". I experienced PLATINUM, but not to the fullest. I yet to test its 3D Audio. Another positive of PULSE is that it can have 6 audio modes for gaming, while GOLD and PLATINUM only can upload 2 audio modes. So what about you? What headset you use for gaming currently? Or are you looking for the best?
  4. For now this.
  5. Look at my knockers.
  6. Nintendo didn't bother to think of remastering it to HD on Switch. Let alone their shitty Nintendo Labo that they focus on, and with Konami's business ethics, I wouldn't be surprised if they gave Nintendo the middle finger. They're money suckers, and they would do anything to get their pockets filled.
  7. I have one, and a $200 component cable. 😬
  8. I sent a twitter to KONAMI. 😣
  9. First, I apologize if I posted in the wrong section. Second, I am desperate. I want it to become real. I don't care. I just want it. KONAMI can have my money for that...... with a lap dance too if they asked. 🙄 Spread the word. Make a petition. Whatever. Someone must let KONAMI know what I want. What others want. What we want. Please, guys.
  10. and the number of owners still increasing. Last time I checked it was 950. Now it's over 1200 owners.
  11. What baffles me is that apparently, there are over 900 PSN users owned this rubbish, Survive.