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  1. Star wars battle field is nice... but when you realise what was lost for star wars battlefield to happen. It just makes you sad haha. Silent hills, 1313 and the true BF3 all gone.;/ Fucking sucks man.
  2. lmao £6... Your opinions about the game are your own and I no interest in changing them. But £6 for say 3 hours of entertainment is a good deal, especially when you consider the price of cable TV, movies or a boxset of a TV show. At £6 you really can't expect much.... Hotline Miami for £6 is £6 well spent. Go buy a dvd for £13 if you want and enjoy that fantastic 90 minutes of entertainment. -.-
  3. My body is a temple.

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      are you going to paint the walls?

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      Indiana Jones gonna raid u real good! ;)

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      Galactic Hyper Balls

      get this man a drink

  4. you're now looking at the national champion of joshing.

  5. Absolutely not. The ps3 and 4 have many drawbacks, many things I dislike. As does every other platform, I play for the games.. not for corporations. You should always keep your options open pal.
  6. lol that bad huh? I bought the trilogy for like £3 on the psn store.. I guess I have bullshit to look forward to.
  7. Yeah prototype 2 is not 40 bucks... It's like $5 in bargain buckets everywhere. You don't actually own games either, so it's only a value for you specifically if you were going to buy x game but you were able to play it through ps plus instead.
  8. I've been around and yeah we haven't. ;/ "fallacy of generalization".. umm no. Apparently it never crossed your narrow little mind that people buy consoles for various different reasons. I have, but I'll just sell it on ebay, I'll get more money that way, given the amount of games I have for it already.
  9. Like what? I'm asking because I'm genuinely curious. I'm pretty close to just selling this in the next couple of days.
  10. Well props to you then. Many say it's easy.. yet very few have ever done it legit.
  11. "The Ps4 is designed to be connected to the internet at all times, which would seem like an intelligent decision at this day and age..." .. no, it seems very unintelligent, not everyone has an internet connection at all times. Fanboy's shouldn't enter grown up conversations. The PS3..
  12. I mean I can't see my trophies while offline.. I don't care about the servers being down, I can live with that. And yes if my problems can't be fixed, I absolutely will be selling it.
  13. I got a ps4 yesterday.. I managed to get online for enough time to add my account on it and check out the PS Store. Yeah.. I can't see my trophies while offline. I can't see my previously received messages offline. Furthermore, I can't add another user and hunt offline. Is there anyway to fix this? So far the PS4 seems like a down grade.. it's complete shit. On a side note, the ps4 store UK prices still aren't any better. The UK Store, is still a complete scam to avoided at all costs; aside from renewing ps plus.
  14. So you went into random lobbies on GTA IV with no invited friends and won every type of race on every track two times over? I got news for you, if your friends helped you with that.. you didn't do it legit.
  15. Yeah GTA IV and V are hella easy to boost... try doing that shit completely legit then come back to me and tell me it's easy.