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  1. #36 Epilogue: This War of Mine: The Little Ones What's next? What do we do? Where do we go? This plat wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for all those kids i starved, a big round applause for them. If they're still alive that is.
  2. I'd rather have another Jak game, but hey that's just me.
  3. #32 Rune Factory Master Earn all trophies. Fuck those Coliseum battles. Another fuck for good measure.
  4. It's the PS4 I'm having problems with here. Some days nothing will work on the bleeding thing. Want to check/sync my trophies? Nope. Look at my friends list? Even bigger nope. Check the store? Biggest nope. You'd think instead of all these useless updates we'd get one that actually fixes things.
  5. #30 Bloodborne All trophies acquired. Hats off! I'm not sure about you guys, but my life just won't be the same now without seeing "YOU DIED" a bazzlion times. Ah, sad times.
  6. #29 Wizardry Whiz Awarded for becoming a master magician. Congratulations! You truly are a whiz at wizardry! This game. This bloody game. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a game this much. Now I'm proper hyped for Ni No Kuni II, mun!
  7. Guildering the Lily Awarded for amassing a fortune of half a million guilders. CAPITALISM, HO!
  8. En Guardian! Awarded for defeating the Guardian of the Woods and bringing him back to his senses. I've heard plenty of great things about NNK and now i see why. It's fucking awesome.
  9. What i want for Christmas is another shelf for all my crap. I'm running out of space..
  10. Omniscience For the minder who knows everything. And with that finished i can now go and slezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  11. About bloody time. As insane as it is some people actually do like having a physical copy of a game that they can play whenever they want. I'd love to see some more digital only games get a physical release down the road too. Now where's my wallet..
  12. Ping Pong The Animation Who knew Ping Pong could be this intense? Not me! I've had this in my backlog for far too long and I've never been in the mood to watch it - until now that is. And man, I'm glad i did. This was great. Check it out yo~
  13. I'm In Sales Get 100,000 yen selling. Capitalism, ho!
  14. 4th anniversary? Already? Bloody hell. I can remember the day this was released. I got my copy, started it and just listened to the main theme for ages. And now i suddenly feel old..