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  1. Enhance ! Enhance ! ENHANCE ! I personally only play games I like , so for example doing ng+ or ng++ runs of dark souls would never cross my mind normally but i need it for trophies and its just so much fun , thank you trophies !
  2. I love trophies , they are goals which are set by others at pretty much random , some might be easy peasy , some absolutely impossible. You can show them off and come back to reminisce the moments from the game at any time. It's an absolute win-win situation , but some people still manage to put some kind of fake pressure on themselves to complete trophies and games they not only dislike but hate and then come here and rant about it like it wasnt their fault.
  3. JEDLander why did you buy yakuza 0 ?
  4. Are you talking about the scavenging spot ? Becouse this bug happened to me so I retraced couple scavenging spots and found one unmarked , invisible spot , that I still could interact with and I got my trophy.
  5. Mafia II or/and III
  6. Perfect excuse for me to enjoy this beautiful masterpiece once again.
  7. Control. The wolf among us or Risk of rain 1
  8. What did the guides say ? For this trophy you literally have to depend on others 100%. Try to freeroam , getting collectibles etc at like 8-10pm your local time and pray to god someone still play this game and tail you , maybe you'll get lucky.
  9. Beautiful but shallow vibes
  10. PSN: Dodolis Looking for 2-3 ppl who would like to try platting any 4 player coop game such as : Ghost recon wild lands , vermintide 1 , generation zero and etc. Preferably from europe ping-wise
  11. While there are co-op trophies and misc stuff to do together , main story trophies are only for the host. And yes campaign progression only saves for the host while the co-op partner only get to keep unlocked skills/perks. My friend likes to rush things , so playing a second time at chill rate was an absolute bliss.
  12. My friend... my brother... have you never played an old game with janky controlls which constantly pissed you off ? See uncharted drakes fortune IS VERY FIRST GAME in which I DIED IN A CUTSCENE. Not much point in takin a piss for a silly trophy , this game has some of the worst 100% accuracy +80 damage enemies and that level with water mobile ? I just dont have enough luck to beat that one on crushed guaranteed.
  13. Uncharted drakes fortune - crushing difficulty , aint even gonna attempt , I know its possible and not the hardest but its really not worth getting upset over. Hotline miami - get a life (A rank on each chapter) didnt feel like trying , enjoyed the game and felt like I wanted to leave it on that note. Ashen - children of sissna (hard mode) me mate pussied out and I didnt have the strength to go at it alone
  14. Cole Macgrath and Delsin rowe saving the world together ( from infamous series)
  15. Hilarious opinion , but it almost gave me cancer